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  1. Super... something. I know this story... Is it Super-Responder?
  2. m3atpuppet

    Searching for an Author - Tekuno

    He was part of a falling out and he's on the other site. If I post the link, this comment will be taken down.
  3. m3atpuppet

    "My body is cumming"

    Thank you much
  4. m3atpuppet

    "My body is cumming"

    Two college roommates participate in a drug trial. The narrator gets a low dose but thinks he's gotten the placebo, the roommate gets dosed. Muscle growth. The roommate makes allusions to his body feeling like a cock and not being able to "cum". Eventually does. Any help?
  5. m3atpuppet

    Serving Muscle Daddy chapter 1

    An incest tag perhaps? You do your thing and more power to you but I (and I'm sure I'm not alone in this) would appreciate a heads up with this sort of theme. No offense intended. You do you. Thanks for considering the squick-thresholds of others in the future. "Daddy" can mean a number of things. I didn't realize that "daddy" meant literal daddy until I was in too deep. Again, I mean no disrespect to what you're doing and into but accurate tagging helps us all getting along with each other here.
  6. m3atpuppet


    Thanks for reminding me of "The Rivalry". Wish I could be more help.
  7. m3atpuppet


    Apparently, not soon. Please come back to this one. Please?
  8. Thanks for reading and liking my story. Cheers!

  9. m3atpuppet

    Musclebound Monster Makes Normal Guy Huge

    I Wish He'd Go Away by Tekuno. It's on the other forum.
  10. m3atpuppet

    Musclebound Monster Makes Normal Guy Huge

    No link. Old question. The other cite that we aren't allowed to post the link to. Story questions. Asked and answered.
  11. m3atpuppet

    Musclebound Monster Makes Normal Guy Huge

    Okay, so I know where (.org & what we're here for & the gender of the thing) and I think I've figured out who but I'm not sure of the title so I can't find it. Anyone have a title?
  12. m3atpuppet

    Musclebound Monster Makes Normal Guy Huge

    link please
  13. m3atpuppet

    The Chest


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