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  1. Wrestlejock646

    Scotty's Family Trouble

    Great to see a new Shade story arise on the forums. Awesome!
  2. Wrestlejock646

    The Commando

    Yeah, love this one too!
  3. Wrestlejock646

    Worship Session, Accident part 3, resolution

    Really, truly, a great story from start to finish. Thanks for the hard work of writing characters who came to life in this story. I hope you no longer worry about posting stories--many of the rest of us look forward to anything you decide to write and share. Thanks again for a great ride with Curly, Jay and all the rest!
  4. Wrestlejock646

    Toy Time, part 3, Rescue

    That was incredible....thanks! Can't wait for the next chapter and another roller coaster of a ride!
  5. Wrestlejock646

    Worship session, Accident part 2

    Awesome! Great chapter to move the narrative. Can't wait for Chapter 3!
  6. Wrestlejock646

    Derrick and Me ***OLD. LOOK IN UPDATE***

    The first question on my mind would have been, "Where the hell did you go and why?" Hopefully answered in the next installment. Yes, I hope for more!
  7. Wrestlejock646

    The Librarian - Chapter 4

    Overdue? Yes. Worth the wait? Absofukinlutely! That was one incredible day in the life of Tom! Wow. I hope you have more in the can ready to post. I think Ron would have enjoyed that action in the posing room too!
  8. glad to have you as part of the Superstrength & Crushing Club.  Have fun, and be sure to contribute and comment.

    1. kurrt2005


      Crushing power being used opn prey---BONES me. Love it long,, slow and insanely damaging to a guy's rib cage.

  9. Wrestlejock646

    Blue Pill Part 20

    This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that you continued this story! I hope there's more to come.
  10. Wrestlejock646

    The Passing of Bodybuilder Dallas McCarver

    The GoFundMe foundation was set up within 24 hours of Dallas' death by Dallas' girlfriend of several months and Aaron Singerman, CEO of RedCon1, for whom Dallas worked. Originally, only his girfriend, CEO Aaron Singerman and his chief of staff at RedCon1 were listed as foundation administrators. None of Dallas' family were involved as they had set up a memorial fund with St. Jude on behalf of Dallas. Supposedly, and after much controversy, Aaron Singerman is removing himself and any RedCon1 personnel from the GoFundMe foundation and it will, according to Singerman, be under the administration of Dallas' girlfriend and parents. Singerman is supposed to be making this transfer after the funeral today. But to answer your question, the GoFundMe Dallas McCarver foundation was not established by his family.
  11. Wrestlejock646

    The Passing of Bodybuilder Dallas McCarver

    There's a bit of controversy swirling around the GoFundMe Dallas McCarver Foundation. Questions have arisen as to whether it is in fact a 503c non-profit and some other controversies, given the haste in which it was set up and by whom. Some of the questions remain unanswered. Per Dallas' family's wishes, if you're so inclined, please consider donating to the St. Jude Children Hospital Dallas McCarver Memorial. St. Jude is certainly a first rate non-profit with unquestioned integrity.
  12. Wrestlejock646

    The Rider

    Happy Birthday RPJ--and thanks for the great gift, but shouldn't it have been the other way around?
  13. Wrestlejock646

    Dork to Beast , Pt 2

    Love it!
  14. Wrestlejock646

    From Dork to Beast

    Nothing better than unexpectedly finding a new bbmikenj story on the site! Yes, this was awesome!