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  1. I think I can honestly say, I'd read the telephone book if you wrote it. Just write more, dammit! (JK) Seriously, you didnt ask us about your ideas when you were writing the original AJ and Noah and you hit it out of the park. I have faith you'd put together a brilliant sequel, alternative history/future story, body swap tale or anything else you decided upon. If you write it, we will come.
  2. Wrestlejock646


    Love this story!
  3. muscleaddict, thank you for this awesome ride! It was great from the very start. The ending was all any fan, heavily invested in AJ and Noah, could ask for. I think you gave us all the best pre-Christmas Christmas present possible--a happy ending for two of the most endearing characters presented on this forum in a very long time. After the last couple of chapters, I didn't know what to expect in this finale. You made me smile a mile wide the last half of this chapter. I know this story is at its end, but I hope, somehow, sometime, we get to see AJ and Noah again, maybe when Noah becomes the shredded muscle beast Cookie Monster of his and AJ's dreams. But if not, you did both of them proud. Thanks again for writing this story and sharing it with us all. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  4. That depends on the remaining chapter(s). 😧 Just kidding--kinda, sorta, no, seriously.
  5. All that was good has gone to shit. I'm beyond sad. For them both. Your writing is top notch; I wouldn't feel this bad if not for your skills as a writer. Count me in for the support group meeting.
  6. Ohhhhh daaaaaaamn!!!! I am pounding my fists on the desk wanting the big make up scene you teasing bastard!!!  Bjort, me too!
  7. muscleaddict, do you accept bribes for sneak peek previews? These cliff-hangers are killing me--in the best way. I was filled with dread after you wrote earlier that the next few chapters were going to be up and down, yet excited to find out what was going to happen next. As always, you didn't disappoint! If Noah fears what could happen with AJ unleashed in London pubs, I have to wonder what will be swirling around in his head with AJ on display in Ibiza and an island full of Dales ready to pounce. By the way, I really despise Dale. And I hope we see more of him too <G>. I want to keep binge reading this story all weekend long. I need Chapter Thirty Seven sooner than I expect you'll post it. Like, right now.
  8. That was amazing. A real, honest to goodness roller coaster of some of the emotions of a new love; infatuation, a little jealousy, establishing trust and feeling it tested and reaffirmed, uncertainty, discovery of commitment and more. I can honestly say I've had those same internal conflicts and conversations going on in my head before. I've been Noah with those insecurities of "not good enough" and I've been AJ enjoying the attention of the Chelsea crowd when I moved to NYC as a jacked strength & conditioning coach and personal trainer. Your writing in this chapter hit the nail on the head with both these guys. I felt them each as if I was reliving some past experiences of my own. Kudos.
  9. I totally agree. Seeing a new story from Mike is always a treat! Thanks BBMikeNJ!
  10. Thank you so much, Sithspawn! Time flies. I didn't remember it started way back in 2004--hence my unsuccessful search leading me think I had the wrong title. Again, THANKS!
  11. Hey all, It's been quite a few years since this story was posted, I think on the original MMG forum, but does anybody know where I could locate the epically long story with JP (?), the primary protagonist? I can't remember the name of the author or the actual title, unless the title was, in fact, "JP". Any help?
  12. I've been onboard with this from the beginning and it's all been a great ride....but this chapter, for whatever reason, has me wrapped up even tighter and completely absorbed in this world of AJ and Noah. I fckn love this story, enough that I check back a couple times a day to see if the page count has gone up, signalling another installment being posted. I've seen pg 46 for a couple of days, so I was awesomely surprised to find a 4 hour old new chapter. I expect another couple of pages of comments (well deserved praise for the writing and the author) before the weekend. <G> This is one of those stories, like 'The Gardener,' that you just want to go on and on. So, muscleaddict, keep posting, keep writing and thanks for bringing these guys to life. THANKS!
  13. I sense a rival to Ethan on the horizon. A potentially hot development.
  14. Great to see a new Shade story arise on the forums. Awesome!
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