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  1. You and your surprises. A new man in the coat, isn't it?
  2. I'm ratifying the opinion that you must be this years new Prize Nobel for Literature @muscleaddict!
  3. Stop reading my mind, but I hope MA is prepping more chapters.
  4. I'm really impressed to see you back with a new story in the making. This time staring a guy educating about building bulging muscles. @muscleaddict, you must be a postulant for the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  5. I answered you about threads on individuals.

  6. Hi!  I sent you a message!  It was about my post that you replied to.

  7. @TQuintA, thanks for the story. It's a great find to me today!
  8. I back this comment, please more chapters!
  9. SO, more possibilities in this story? You just read my mind!
  10. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    @brawnygods, This image was impressing and amazing at the same time. Thanks to you!
  11. Here's some great story to read. How idiot I was to not discover that?
  12. Imagine that thing controlling their growth rythm and their sexual desires.......mmmmm....... @GymJunkieMuscle, pleas explore more posibilities of a romance. I think this is comming through the door!!!!
  13. This story is interesting, remembering you of similar ones on Metabods. I'm glad knowing you again!
  14. I don't know why this story isn't popular. I love this type of writing @BGryphon18.
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