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  1. Very similar description to one of my dreams, actually!
  2. Wow, your story is brilliant. Can't wait another update from Henry's adventures and more from Peru.
  3. Ok, this story was previously posted here, but now for known and security reasons, this will be posted here. Introduction Andreas Baumgartner is a 19 yo student in his gymnasium, ending his basic general studies (and preparing for uni). He was some kind of a nerd who was a love for science and a secret desire for muscles, a thing that no one knew in his home. His notes and grades were the best in the course (ok, except PE that was aceptable, pretty average but no so good as his classmates) as a result of a hard-work ethic teached in his family. Sadly his dad was a drunk-aggressive guy that betrays his own mom and brothers, having Little money as a result of this, living with permanent conflicts, until the last day of high school. During nights he was dreaming with comming out with superheroes helping him to escape from this hell from his home. In recent times was suffering with depression, although he managed to mantain his grades, having the best grade, and receiving his high school certificate in flying colors. But in this last day of high school, the time bomb from his family exploded in all the intensity he didn´t even knew; in this moment his dad screamed out to him: ‘Get out of the house, YOU FUCKING BURDEN-DOUCHEBAG!’ and attacked him with punchs and knocks, so strong that hit him on the floor, leaving it unconsciously of the facts occuring at the hall of the high school and causing an pathetic mayhem that need to evacuate him to the Heidelberger Universitätsklinikum. Shortly after, one of the teachers called to the police commenting the circunstances occurring at that moment. Inside the hospital, the doctors did the clinical exams to check and diagnose him about his situation, because he also suffered from migraines needing to ingest pills in the nights in order to sleep in a correct way to respond his studies and his family (giving him a lot of pressure to cope). In his dreams, he was seeing a lot of muscle men giving him help and guiding to a new stage, living with them in a special palace in the middle of the alps with a secret bunker where the men live inside, having a huge gym, remembering the mythical Golden Gym in California or the Cammel crew Gym in Kuwait, a library that contains millions of books, magazines and Works realized by these men and from the outside world; a special room that contains laboratories making scientific studies in many areas (including sport and muscle, obviously), bedrooms where the men sleep, and many features. The palace was located near to river Rot in Switzerland, above a hill, being built in a late-gothical style, with a tower at its centre, and four Little ones, each one in different directions, surrounded by wáter in artificial channels developed in the late middle age. In one of the sides, there was stairs, that connects the castle with the outside square in front of the artificial cannel barrier, being used ocassionally on weekends. At the other side, there was the barracks, being used as wineries, libraries and laboratories, only accesible by a secret door to subterranean floors. In one of the dreams, inside of the room in the hospital, he saw one of the men looking at him with concerns about his health and his lifepath, quenstioning him what are he doing there, and he didn´t know what to answer. He felt that the doctors planned to move him to the social protection unit because of his personal and family record considering that he is in risk state, according to reports sending there about that. But he didn’t understand what was really happening until he wake up two days after the incident that he Heard from one of his Friends what was really happening, but the pathway that he must take to his new life is long and full of difficulties to cope and handle with positive results…… and big surprises. But before, we must take a retrospective Chapter 1 - A secret in the house ‘Damm it, I have problems with Harz-III’ screamed Günther, Andreas’s dad when looked the tax acquittance he recived from the regional tax direction. His social payment to cope with the general Budget have been cut off and the family hadn’t a good year. That was 2001, a complicated year for many German households. Even for the Baumgartners, who have been a pretty typical Baden-Würtembergische low middle-class family with social and internal problems this was a very difficult moment to live for. At those days, arguments were a common thing every morning, with both parents screaming against each other in front of their children. Andreas was the second of three sons, all men, but with dificulties in every day life, as many other teens, being an average teen with 1,56 m measuring height, short light-browny hair, gray eyes, greek classical nose and a very skinny body with a relative-long torso and long legs and arms, specially for a 13-year-old boy. He was a nerdy boy who liked of comics, specially Superman, that considered his model and inspiration, being a frequent reader of this while doing his schoolwork at the library. His days was passing literally beetwen the Gymnasium, the library and home, when continue problems are waiting inside the door. At his academic activities he was one of the best students out there, with a (very posible) brilliant future if it wasn’t for his family, that became his main obstacle beetwen him and his future profesional career. But, speaking abhout having Friends, there was another story, because he didn´t have much of this. His best friend was also a good student who spares time with. At free times, when we has Reading comics, he was fantasising about muscle men who were saving his life from the nightmare that became his own home and his studies. But at the same time, he was starting to feel atractions to the sports magazines because of the hunks posted at the front covers. At the same time, he started to work on weekends at a restaurant for tourists wit the objective of obtaining some money for him, because of the –then– current situation, giving him a posibility to continue with his studies without major financial conflicts. After Günther recived the dead-line notice from the tax authority, he decided to talk to his family about the situation. Günther wasn’t a good speaker either, specially when he had been in financial troubles since 2 years before when he was sacked from his position as a designer from an important electronics company. After that, he was incorpored into Media Markt, working as a salesman from the Mannheim store, but earning less money than in his last position, forcing to the whole family into a new dinamic but with continue problems. The conversation started with the explanations about the situation and the notices that had been reciving in the last months before, a situation that put him in an uncomfortable position. In this time, he was lying to his family about what was really happening with him, with the intention of mantaining a normal family life. His wife, Maria, was suspecting about his doubble life for the last 5 years before that moment. The tension was really captable at first sight, with him feeling nerviously at one side, and his wife and children with the other, with her sreaming out at him: ‘You are a big fail and the biggest mistke of my life, you were lying to me hiding the notices’. He need to explain the whole truth to his family. He couldn’t hide the problem for so much time without a break-up and long arguments, the truth was hitting his own door feeling overwhelmed to him, who couldn’t sleep in days. He returned to her an strange explanation of what he was doing with the money, something that didn’t conviced to the family, and the nighmare have just begun. He said that he invested the money in a special fund for crisis moments, and that they were living with the profits he was obtaining with ‘this’. ‘And if I didn’t do that we just couldn´t live in a well level’, he said in a laconic tone. That was enough for his wife that said: ‘Wha were you doing with our money Günther?, Do you have really any idea of what are you doing and the risks?’ ‘First, you lost the job, I knew that last week, and now you came with that theatrical version that you wasted the money we earned with years of hard work, specially for me that I sacrified all that I liked just for you?’ ‘Honey, I’m feeling very sorry for our realtionship and for our family, so just please forgive me!’ He said in response, crying. ‘But you are lying the whole time, that I don’t even know who reallyy you are, our family needs a real change for good’, she said, also crying but being angry from what she Heard. The children were standing quiet, no one tried to talk. The parents said to them: ‘Go out to the garden while we talk’. The rest of the fight is history, the coupple decided to take a few days in the summer to think about their future, while their children come to the summer camp. It wasn’t an esay one, after many discussions, arguments and fights beetwen tham, that have been affecting to all, even for Maria, a sales manager in a regional car store. Maria, who were 3 years minor from his husband, married with high expectations, that couldn’t be reached. She was really frustated about her marriage life and her job itself, dreaming of becoming a schlager-singer, because of her soft-velvet voice, that become more rough as she was having Günther’s sons and frequent smashes with him. Sometimes, she was chatting at him with his cousin, Markus, a truck-driver that resembles of Franz Meersdonk from Auf Achse. One of the three sons, Ingo, the major, was really the son of this relationship. At the same time, Günther was dating out with his workmate, Gisela Reichmann-Bauer, becoming even more than just Friends, and he didn’t know that his wife was also cheating him. Gisela was a blond woman with beautiful emmerald-green eyes and a perky skin that was looking for a new space in the city, because she was a newcomer from Heilbronn. He offered her a bedroom into his house, but he didn’t even know also that his wife spied his handy and discovered the romance. That was the main reason for the discussion, but there are more surprises. Chapter 2 – The double life of Maria and Markus: His special night and Ingo (1st part) Maria, while accusing Günther of lying about his job, she was also hiding secrets from his husband. Taking back memories from his last teen days, back in the 80’s, she was chating a lot with Markus, a truck driver who (at nights) was also a drug dealer becoming more known in the Rhein-Neckar region at one of the most complicated moment of his young life when knowing he was possibly having a son with her. At first he pretended to hide anything related to them, but the truth came through the door, when she said: ‘Honey, we have problems right now, my dad can’t know we’re going out’. Markus had at those moments a gymnast build, very buffy sometimes, a bubble-shaped ass, a great easiness to get women and a big ability to create lies in no time, but his face didn’t help him too much, although his nose was very appealing and attractive to chicks. At the time, he was 22 and she was 18, with their hormones in a high rqage, and with a huge sexual flame growing in both is no wonder that the next step is in the bed. He was leaning her in his arms, coming to the bed, putting her down like a rose, kissing them with such intensity like eating an ice cream, while she was giving him a handjob, wanting to be loved all night long as a kinky couple, loving to explore the dark side of sex. Those night he was doing with handcuffs and strains with his lover, always in search of pleasure, needy of comfortable sensations that help to avoid his rough reality in the roads. After that, he was giving her a blowjob in her clit that she won’t forget for the years to come, something that became a great frustration with his husband Günther in the later times. She screamed: ‘I love being fucked like this, ……. Fuck …………… your mouth is soooooo good’, before moaning because of the pleasure receiving moment living in front of her eyes when rollercoasted back falling in love with him. After this, Markus opened her legs and began his way to penetrate her love channel and fuck riding her for the next three hours, when Markus’ dads weren’t in his home in Sinsheim. Maria, while receiving the sexual pleasure, began to lick his jucy tits, something that he loved and because of that, his sensibility in this area just increased a lot, with the permanent sucking, just like a cow being milked. The increasing softness sensation was accompanied with a couple of glass with wine he robbed from a friend in the Weinstraβe, near Worms. If this wasn’t enough, his dads didn’t even know about the drug dealing he was doing, but also didn’t ever her. At the end of the big moment of satisfaction, she tells him: ‘WOW, you big fuck lover! I’ve never felt anything good like this before!’ and he replied: ‘I loved this special moment for you, with my only intention to be happy with you!’. While the couple were into spooning each other, a special message came with a brick hitting the window: ‘We know you’re passing info to Pfeiffer, you face the consequences’. There was a surprise to both, with Markus feeling scared about that, but saying a lie with the objective to save his relationship and continuing with the moment. But Marie screamed very frightened from what she saw and began to ask him: ‘How do you know about him?’, but he replied: ‘It’s nothing, I don’t know what was saying’. She believed all his lies, without even knowing what was going on for her life and her future. At the next day, she wanted to vomit because of the alcohol she was consuming, needing a bath to do this without feeling shame abouth last night. As obviously, she bought one of the very first pregnancy test kits available at the market, just in case of feeling doubts about if she was pregnant or not. At the second day, she used inside her home but hidden the test from his family keeping it in her bedroom. The results were positive<: she was pregnant, a bad signal for her and her family. The rest is part of the secret, but wait for more. Chapter 3 – The double life of Maria and Markus: Raising Markus’s child (and other lies / 2nd part) If all mentioned in the last part before this wasn’t enough, the nightmare begins to Günther, who doesn’t know what was really happening. He was hired to his very first job as an accountant assistant in an important bank in the Ludwigshafen office, just across Mannheim, feeling a huge happiness in his heart, without knowing the surprise coming into his own life. Maria had planned making a family with Markus, dreaming a future with him and her son, but when she told him she was pregnant, things went awkward. At the same time, Markus was searching a new space to live because he got new problems with the dealers, but with more questions than answers about him and his future. The moment she revealed her pregnancy to his boyfriend Ingo he said: ‘That’s not my boy, it’s someone else. So, it’s not my problem’, announcing the break-up, leaving her with huge doubts about her and her son’s immediate future. Maria encountered herself in a crossroad about her life, questioning about her lifestyle and decisions, even her romance with Markus, with a bad end, when he left her in the bench the were talking, and crying: ‘Why are you leaving me with your son?’, she shouted up against him, ‘You must assume your responsibility on this, you can’t leave me’. ‘Das ist nicht mein problem’ he replied, with an uncomfortable gesture in his face. ‘Markus, Markus, you can’t leave me’, she continued shouting in front of everyone in front of the park. Ten minutes later, after she tried to cal herself, began to call to her intimate friend Manuela Schultzberg, who recived her in her home for a few weeks and guided her to her new life: ‘Manuela, can you hear me?’ She said, but Manuela asked: ‘what happened?’, after that she began to tell all the facts about her and her romance with Markus. ‘Oh dear, I’m sorry I didn’t respond before, I was into an interview’, Manuela said with a sad tone felt at the handy sound, deceptioned with her friend. After Maria came to Manuela’s house, both friends had a long conversation about Maria’s problems, starting with the child (who doesn’t have a father, for the moment) suggesting a strange possibility: Using Günther as the dad of the child, with a special objective: to save the papers. With her musical career almost destroyed in part by Marcus’ Ambition but also a present lack of quality in her singing style. If it wasn’t enough Manuela is hiding another secret to Maria and is her ‘friendliness’ with Markus, I mean, business with drug dealers. One of them was known within eastern European gangs, tall, athletic but not huge, with blue stormy eyes that can make a weak to many, rude and with an aggressive tone of voice. His name was Viktor, with some estrange friends inside his crew, but he has a conflict with Markus because of a bad management of a trade that ended wrong. Manuela at first had reasonable doubts about Maria’s comments but choose to help her at this uncomfortable moment, giving her a space to ear her problems and a place to live at those scaring days. But this won’t last for a long time, until a new tragedy collapses Günther’s family in the face of everyone. This time is with Markus, who is victim of an attack that ended him in hospital in the next days. Chapter 4 - The double life of Maria and Markus: Raising Markus’s child (and other lies / 3rd part) Markus was ending a really lucrative workday at the middle of the night, but life can turn in a very rare way. He was in company with his two mates: Joachim and Franz (who invited him to became part of the ‘business’), planning a deal in beneficial terms for both parts. While both of them were doing space for their new product, his ‘partners,’ two Romanian guys were planning a tramp with a clear intention: steal the product and create a new gang band, something new in the late 80’s Germany, but were a concern signal to the Mannheim police at the time. One of them were Nikola and Jiri, who had a bad reputation at the police because of their actions. Jiri has a friend at the Communist Party in Bucharest, who collaborates with him and other gags. Nikola didn´t say anything but started to shout in direction to Franz, although Markus was in the middle of the attacks. Joachim died first as a result of the impacts, and his other two friends survived, albeit in a really bad health state. Markus was really complicated as he was headed to the Universitätsklinikum near to the Quadrate in need of surgery for retiring the bullet, which was detected near his neck and didn’t touched the column (being him luckily). Jiri was retained in place but Nikola escaped so fast in his black car, without knowing that his ‘friend’ could delate him in interrogatory, something that Nikola didn’t calculate nor reserved. One of the officials collected the gun, which has a silencer and its code indicated that came from the old Czechoslovakia. This aspect came from further crime investigation and review from Nikola’s documents and previous paths. -Nikola promised me a huge pay if I shooted Markus ‘cause I need a living. He always stay in trouble and knowing about my situation I felt like he used me.- Jiri said, with a red face, feeling nervous about his future. -How much he paid to you? – asked the main officer -650 DM. – This answer shouted another surprise, and it’s about the money he paid, because Nikola hasn’t had a good reputation in his normal ‘pays’ and ‘rewards’. -Do you know any reason about Nikola trying to kill Markus? -He didn’t tell me the reasons. When Maria received the bad news, she cried a lot: ‘Where’s him? I need to talk with him’ she insisted to the officer. ‘We know that he’s on Universitätsklinikum, but his current state is unclear’, the officer answered. Maria, without thinking any second, packed a bag and ran into the hospital, with her face showing concerning and sad signals, like a dog was prosecuting her. Gunther was at his previous work at the electronic company, but he was at a meeting that he had to postpone -in the last part- for another occasion. Günther had a lot of questions raising in his mind, but having a strong fear from Markus’s secrets which can be revealed, meaning that an earthquake into the family and for some people a new headache in the way, one of them is his origin, because Markus doesn’t know that he was adopted from a really wealthy family related to the Hohenzollerns, a real time bomb.
  4. Thanks for the waiting, and for all the friends I've gained throught this days. Danke für alle auf der Ausgansperre, hoffe alles gut!
  5. Hi!  I sent you a message!  It was about my post that you replied to.

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