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  1. Woooow, you're soooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm impressed by you, BULLL!

    1. HungBull


      Thanks buddy!  Many years of hard work.  Glad you like, and appreciate the compliment!

  2. Raven, what a brilliant story I read today!!!!!! Please, write more. Imagine your own quality, remembering of your first one on tumblr!!!!!!!1
  3. Thanks BULL for the inspiration you gave me!!!!! Love your story MY BULL!!!!!!!
  4. I'm really impressed by your own transformation. Keep up that way!!!!!

  5. Thanks Tom, you and many others are a great inspiration for me and the whole forum! Keep strong my friend!!!!!!!!

    1. Mdlftr


      Hear hear!  TomofUtah -kicking butt and keeping strong!

      Ps Great guy!

  6. @BigBigger, deine letze folge ist einfach sooooo super geil und interessant, sehr gut machen das!
  7. Sorry for the delay, because of problems with my computer and my life outside of the forum. For those who stayed alert, pleas forgive me and after 3 months of delay, a new chapter has arrived, at the same time I watch TV before getting to bed. Chapter 2 – The double life of Maria and Markus: His special night and Ingo (1st part) Maria, while accusing Günther of lying about his job, she was also hiding secrets from his husband. Taking back memories from his last teen days, back in the 80’s, she was chating a lot with Markus, a truck driver who (at nights) was also a drug dealer becoming more known in the Rhein-Neckar region at one of the most complicated moment of his young life when knowing he was possibly having a son with her. At first he pretended to hide anything related to them, but the truth came through the door, when she said: ‘Honey, we have problems right now, my dad can’t know we’re going out’. Markus had at those moments a gymnast build, very buffy sometimes, a bubble-shaped ass, a great easiness to get women and a big ability to create lies in no time, but his face didn’t help him too much, although his nose was very appealing and attractive to chicks. At the time, he was 22 and she was 18, with their hormones in a high rqage, and with a huge sexual flame growing in both is no wonder that the next step is in the bed. He was leaning her in his arms, coming to the bed, putting her down like a rose, kissing them with such intensity like eating an ice cream, while she was giving him a handjob, wanting to be loved all night long as a kinky couple, loving to explore the dark side of sex. Those night he was doing with handcuffs and strains with his lover, always in search of pleasure, needy of comfortable sensations that help to avoid his rough reality in the roads. After that, he was giving her a blowjob in her clit that she won’t forget for the years to come, something that became a great frustration with his husband Günther in the later times. She screamed: ‘I love being fucked like this, ……. Fuck …………… your mouth is soooooo good’, before moaning because of the pleasure receiving moment living in front of her eyes when rollercoasted back falling in love with him. After this, Markus opened her legs and began his way to penetrate her love channel and fuck riding her for the next three hours, when Markus’ dads weren’t in his home in Sinsheim. Maria, while receiving the sexual pleasure, began to lick his jucy tits, something that he loved and because of that, his sensibility in this area just increased a lot, with the permanent sucking, just like a cow being milked. The increasing softness sensation was accompanied with a couple of glass with wine he robbed from a friend in the Weinstraβe, near Worms. If this wasn’t enough, his dads didn’t even know about the drug dealing he was doing, but also didn’t ever her. At the end of the big moment of satisfaction, she tells him: ‘WOW, you big fuck lover! I’ve never felt anything good like this before!’ and he replied: ‘I loved this special moment for you, with my only intention to be happy with you!’. While the couple were into spooning each other, a special message came with a brick hitting the window: ‘We know you’re passing info to Pfeiffer, you face the consequences’. There was a surprise to both, with Markus feeling scared about that, but saying a lie with the objective to save his relationship and continuing with the moment. But Marie screamed very frightened from what she saw and began to ask him: ‘How do you know about him?’, but he replied: ‘It’s nothing, I don’t know what was saying’. She believed all his lies, without even knowing what was going on for her life and her future. At the next day, she wanted to vomit because of the alcohol she was consuming, needing a bath to do this without feeling shame abouth last night. As obviously, she bought one of the very first pregnancy test kits available at the market, just in case of feeling doubts about if she was pregnant or not. At the second day, she used inside her home but hidden the test from his family keeping it in her bedroom. The results were positive<: she was pregnant, a bad signal for her and her family. The rest is part of the secret, but wait for more.
  8. Happy new year my bull!!!!!!!!

  9. neuheimeer

    John's Growth Log

    Woooow!!!! What a great chapter!!!!!!!!
  10. Woooow!!! How its possible for me missing your blog!!!!!!!!! That's great news for me!!!!!!
  11. I'm currently working on my first story, that contains a special community growth!!!!!
  12. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    And with the life........
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