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  1. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    Yeah, this and the posing trunks story provided me some inspiration. You're a great writer. I don't know how I didn't read you before. And the ,,Marienhof" aura is very evident.
  2. neuheimeer

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Bitte, eine folge mehr!!!!!!!!!
  3. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    I think so, but he has to balance that with his career and his family. Wait until next chapters, @muscleaddict has a great story to enjoy (and probably has a surprise to us).
  4. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    The emotional part was good enough to understand the heart of both men, taking a real conflict view. This is not easy because each character has is own elements to reach a proper evolution. And that's a part that I learned during the building of my own story in the making. For my part, keep the good way work. I think you take some "Marienhof" aura, with all the drama that involves in.
  5. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    Hey @muscleaddict, you've written that good this time, inspiring me to develop on my own story fiction. Sadly I didn't have the time to do before, but I think das ist der moment.
  6. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    I hope so!!!!!!
  7. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    @muscleaddict glad to see this new chapter. As I suspected, AJ is becomming a full-time muscle bull.
  8. neuheimeer

    Best power hungry stories!

    You have to look this: https://www.metabods.com/stories/admiring-the-changes
  9. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    Imagine that AJ becomes Noah's sexual slave @muscleaddict. At the end, I personally think that the becomes his muscle vull and loves orgies and long nights.
  10. neuheimeer

    Danny's Gym Anniversary

    Love this 😍
  11. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    Comming the new bull im rot!!!!
  12. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    Thanks @muscleaddict, I'm enjoying the story since chapter one in your blog!
  13. Ben, hope you have a nice day. You deserve this!!! Keep comming big my bull!

  14. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    Adict, your story is so brilliant! Can't wait for more chapters to see whats AJ becoming!
  15. neuheimeer

    Looking for metabods story

    And the whole story is interesting!

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