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  1. So, almost a year later I just came back with this story, waiting its time for a complex evolution and (finally) having an oportunity to continue and rebuild this: Chapter 3 – The double life of Maria and Markus: Raising Markus’s child (and other lies / 2nd part) If all mentioned in the last part before this wasn’t enough, the nightmare begins to Günther, who doesn’t know what was really happening. He was hired to his very first job as an accountant assistant in an important bank in the Ludwigshafen office, just across Mannheim, feeling a huge happiness in his heart, without knowing the surprise coming into his own life. Maria had planned making a family with Markus, dreaming a future with him and her son, but when she told him she was pregnant, things went awkward. At the same time, Markus was searching a new space to live because he got new problems with the dealers, but with more questions than answers about him and his future. The moment she revealed her pregnancy to his boyfriend Ingo he said: ‘That’s not my boy, it’s someone else. So, it’s not my problem’, announcing the break-up, leaving her with huge doubts about her and her son’s immediate future. Maria encountered herself in a crossroad about her life, questioning about her lifestyle and decisions, even her romance with Markus, with a bad end, when he left her in the bench the were talking, and crying: ‘Why are you leaving me with your son?’, she shouted up against him, ‘You must assume your responsibility on this, you can’t leave me’. ‘Das ist nicht mein problem’ he replied, with an uncomfortable gesture in his face. ‘Markus, Markus, you can’t leave me’, she continued shouting in front of everyone in front of the park. Ten minutes later, after she tried to cal herself, began to call to her intimate friend Manuela Schultzberg, who recived her in her home for a few weeks and guided her to her new life: ‘Manuela, can you hear me?’ She said, but Manuela asked: ‘what happened?’, after that she began to tell all the facts about her and her romance with Markus. ‘Oh dear, I’m sorry I didn’t respond before, I was into an interview’, Manuela said with a sad tone felt at the handy sound, deceptioned with her friend. After Maria came to Manuela’s house, both friends had a long conversation about Maria’s problems, starting with the child (who doesn’t have a father, for the moment) suggesting a strange possibility: Using Günther as the dad of the child, with a special objective: to save the papers. With her musical career almost destroyed in part by Marcus’ Ambition but also a present lack of quality in her singing style. If it wasn’t enough Manuela is hiding another secret to Maria and is her ‘friendliness’ with Markus, I mean, business with drug dealers. One of them was known within eastern European gangs, tall, athletic but not huge, with blue stormy eyes that can make a weak to many, rude and with an aggressive tone of voice. His name was Viktor, with some estrange friends inside his crew, but he has a conflict with Markus because of a bad management of a trade that ended wrong. Manuela at first had reasonable doubts about Maria’s comments but choose to help her at this uncomfortable moment, giving her a space to ear her problems and a place to live at those scaring days. But this won’t last for a long time, until a new tragedy collapses Günther’s family in the face of everyone. This time is with Markus, who is victim of an attack that ended him in hospital in the next days.
  2. Love your story @muscleaddict, with all the evolutions and situations!
  3. Happy new year to all.

    Fröhes neues jahr zu alle!

    1. Hialmar


      Ich wünsche Ihr ein fröhes neues Jahr!

      I hope, that I translated that correctly. German is a difficult language, compared to English.

  4. You and your surprises. A new man in the coat, isn't it?
  5. I'm ratifying the opinion that you must be this years new Prize Nobel for Literature @muscleaddict!
  6. Stop reading my mind, but I hope MA is prepping more chapters.
  7. I'm really impressed to see you back with a new story in the making. This time staring a guy educating about building bulging muscles. @muscleaddict, you must be a postulant for the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  8. I answered you about threads on individuals.

  9. Hi!  I sent you a message!  It was about my post that you replied to.

  10. @TQuintA, thanks for the story. It's a great find to me today!
  11. I back this comment, please more chapters!
  12. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    @brawnygods, This image was impressing and amazing at the same time. Thanks to you!
  13. Here's some great story to read. How idiot I was to not discover that?
  14. Imagine that thing controlling their growth rythm and their sexual desires.......mmmmm....... @GymJunkieMuscle, pleas explore more posibilities of a romance. I think this is comming through the door!!!!
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