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    Muscle, writing stories, Harry Potter, horror, supernatural, Rping, manly guys, trying new things, Anime, books, making friends, muscle growth stories, history
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    Friends, rp partners, good people, people who share kinks with me
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    The jocking, The superflu, the hypertrophic pandemic,, Knothole high, LABELS: Gay Neat-Freak to Dumb Straight Bro, Soul mate charm series, Summer research, Skeeters cleaners, The farm, jocks change a geek

    i love stories from sofurry, FA, The NCMC, CYOC, Metabods, O'mel,and right here on MG
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    a whole list that Ill reveal if requested some I'd love in real life while others shall remain in rp

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  1. Hi I’m looking for a story that involves men riding on a bus and falling asleep. While they sleep they turn into huge thick bears from a musky smell.
  2. I know this isn't a story but I can't find it anywhere. A white guy gets his huge cock and muscles syfined in a lab and given to a black man. He pleasures and has sex with a woman right after. Drains his balls and extra size producing many babies. It's a sequence that I can't find again help.
  3. Great  Avatar!

  4. Hey dude what's up is it really you in the photos 

  5. https://www.gayspiralstories.com/newAuthor/show/8594 check out some of this guys stuff I think he has some gay to straight. Thanks so much for the title of that story
  6. Hey I'm looking for a story about 4 straight friends becoming gay stereotypes though masturbation.
  7. Thanks, it's still very nice that you would offer
  8. hey man.  nice profile and avatar!  let's chat on skype if you're into the stuff in my profile...esp. extreme muscle/power/rough play.

  9. Thanks lid! I forgot the name and just couldn't think of it
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a muscle growth story centered around a guys who drinks a potion that makes him grow. It causes him to produce pheromones which makes others grow as well. Including a cab driver and a school trip of underdeveloped 18 year olds
  11. My semester is over and I'm free for a while

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. muskypits


      Thanks man, I'm gonna try adding some stories here 

    3. cutlerfan


      Please do! We always need more MG stories. I hope you have a restful Christmas! Peace, CF

    4. muskypits


      Thanks cutler, I'm gonna try mate. I have a few ideas. You too

  12. Heyo, going back to college in a week. Setting up a diet and exercise plan. Gonna be a beast!

    1. Muscleinatl


      Go for it!  Your first homework assignment is weekly updates.

  13. That dog is so cute! The owners not bad either ?

    1. Scriptboy


      Yeah, I really liked that morph a lot. All of HardTrainer's morphs are awesome!


    2. muskypits


      Definitely looks like it

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