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  1. RJRAC

    Demon Birthday Growth Limited

    That is it! Thank you!
  2. I cannot for the life of me find this story, Someone has a birthday and is allowed to grow via demonic methods, but based on a contract, is limited. Eventually he breaks the limit and grows even more. Does anyone remember? Other possible details (not sure if it is how it went): Took place in California Guy's name starts with a D
  3. RJRAC

    Brother asks to grow from Santa

    I am pretty sure this is it: https://www.metabods.com/stories/i-wanna-get-huge "I wanna get huge" by JayPat
  4. RJRAC

    Member Intro

    Moving to NYC in August. I've been a runner for a couple of years, hoping to get into lifting. I Nice to meet you all.
  5. RJRAC

    Growing others thru curse?

    I know this isn't the story you are looking for, but a great curse related muscle story. https://www.gayspiralstories.com/newStory/show/3349 Also, thank you @citizenies! I had trouble finding the website for the above story, but I had a feeling the links you included were of the website and it was!