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    5´6 and 177 lbs of pure musclee
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    Looking for people to worship and be worship XD and chat with anyone who wants ;)
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    Muescle growth, pecs

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  1. MuscleClod

    Muscle suit version 2

    either that or increase everything by 50 percent so it looks more real XD
  2. Im not that muscular myself but i love beging complimented by anyone either if i know them or not , im usually really shy and i found difficlt to start conversation with anybody, but if that person approaches me and complimments me its more likely ill get more comfortable to start a conversation
  3. MuscleClod


    Hello guys, if anyone interested i just made my first instragram account, ill post most of my progress in these account and i would love to follow you guys as well 💪😆

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