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  1. y063banana71

    brother power swap story

    Thank you so much! This is it!!
  2. y063banana71

    brother power swap story

    Hey team, I read a story a while ago about two brothers. One is a famous sport player (rugby?) and the other acts as his assistant and is very jealous of his brother. Over time the younger brother either hypnotises his brother or controls him somehow ... but he ends up taking his place as the powerful athlete while his once powerful brother becomes his slave to some extent. Does this ring any bells? I've been searching for it for ages!
  3. y063banana71

    Office Bully

    That;s the one! The link worked for me though ... You could try just going to Omelissokomos' site >> stories >> authors >> John D and find it in there?
  4. y063banana71

    Office Bully

    I'm not sure if it was on this site (had a brief look in the archive) but I thought someone might know anyway. Essentially there's a new intern at this guy's office who is huge and the object of lust for everyone in the office. He targets the main character and shows he's actually quite good at his job - better even. Eventually he has sex with the main boss and gets a massive promotion over the character - moves into a bigger office and makes a lot more money etc. It's not the humiliated by office boy story (http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/authoritarian/humiliated-by-office-boy/) but is very similar...... Any ideas?

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