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  1. Wow leather, smoke, erotic and massive growth ! what a nice start hitting my triggers for sur can't wait for next part !
  2. thanks for the rep on Bedding a Hero

  3. Thanks for reading and liking my story.  Cheers!

  4. Wow such a nice muscle bull fantasy story! Keep it up!
  5. Agreed I wanna read that too!
  6. Loved that last story but wouldn't mind more growth and sex hehe!
  7. Mmmm my favorites! Any more of these?
  8. I'm looking forward the next part of this story, good job!
  9. Just wow ! you created a story about the perfect man I would like to serve and be raised from into a muscle smoker!
  10. Yes !!! Been coming everyday to see if a new part has been added, keep it rolling I love your mind!
  11. Bro keep going love the smoke into it that's the extra most stories don't have!
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