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  1. SinewyPendels

    Jeff: Ab workout

    There is not enough abs in this world to begin with, my friend owo/ There must be MORE
  2. SinewyPendels

    Jeff: Ab workout

    The moment I saw this on my notifications, I stopped everything that I did and started reading~ As abs are my most favorite muscle ever (showing bias here lol), this is few of the many phenomenal stories I've ever read, amazing job!
  3. I feel like there is not enough people on this forum who are into inhumanly massive, pumpingly vascular, and mindblowinglly extremely-conditioned shredded beef.

    1. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      And I think you haven't talked to enough people on here. I'm sure there are lots of people that are into that.

    2. SinewyPendels


      I guess so, yeah. Shouldn't really be a lurker around here lol

  4. Unfortunately, I am not yet old enough to see this yet. Mind if you put the stories in a site where I can read it?
  5. This is probably a challenge but usually most growth and bodybuilding flex stories are ment to be written in a sequence, where the growth starts from the first muscle part, ends at the last and the protagonist gives a good flex. I would like to see if people had made good descriptions and details on stories that only focus on ONE muscle part. Whether it may be pecs (Part 1 of Rick is a good example), biceps, abs (I want to see these stories mostly) or legs. If you can't find one, lets see if you can MAKE one! Let me be linguistically aroused by your writing skills.
  6. I am a curious cat waiting for an answer to a question. Does anyone still have the download link for the old MuscleGrowth forum archives? I actually enjoyed some of the stories there, but for some reason I lost it in my hard drive. So I am asking it again if anyone has it.
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