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    Springfield, OH
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    real profile.
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  • What are your interests?
    Muscle (obviously) and size, mythology, fantasy, stories of all kinds really.
  • What are your stats?
    Unknown. Haven't measured myself.
  • What are you seeking?
    Gym buddy who can help me grow or that I can help grow (would have to be through motivation, I have no money to actually help sadly) friends and such
  • What are your dream stats?
    I'm leaving this one blank because I'm horrible at judging sizes and such and they would probably have to be to large to measure anyways. Lol
  • Favorite Stories
    Any that involves growth, of any kind, preferably clean, but more just love the growth stories.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Bruno Moraes Cunha, Antoine Vaillant, Besim Trena, and several others that gradually change over time
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    muscle growth, inflation, immobility, growing out of clothes (tearing them off with bare hands doesn't count, has to be flexed out of), uniforms

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  1. Hey, thanks for the follow man!

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      No problem man

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  3. Thanks for the follow.

  4. Just actually felt my chest engage for the first time while following some tips for fixing common chest mistakes! I've never felt that before and I didn't even have weights in my hands! 

  5. I started a new Patreon page where I will be writing muscle growth and weight gainer stories. Right now there is only one support tier which will give access to all of my short stories as they become available, but I would like everyone's opinions on if I should add a second tier of support and what you would like to see come with that tier. Possibilities for the second tier would be things like being able to ask me about my writings, making suggestions for upcoming stories, things like that or you could suggest something completely different. Let me know what you guys think.

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