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    Springfield, OH
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    real profile.
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    Muscle (obviously) and size, mythology, fantasy, stories of all kinds really.
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    Unknown. Haven't measured myself.
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    Gym buddy who can help me grow or that I can help grow (would have to be through motivation, I have no money to actually help sadly) friends and such
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    I'm leaving this one blank because I'm horrible at judging sizes and such and they would probably have to be to large to measure anyways. Lol
  • Favorite Stories
    Any that involves growth, of any kind, preferably clean, but more just love the growth stories.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Bruno Moraes Cunha, Antoine Vaillant, Besim Trena, and several others that gradually change over time
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    muscle growth, inflation, immobility, growing out of clothes (tearing them off with bare hands doesn't count, has to be flexed out of), uniforms

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  1. Hey, thanks for the follow man!

    1. Collocateme


      No problem man

  2. Thanks for the follow goremeridian!

  3. I do agree with you AlMacArthur, I just meant that form should be the first focus because heavy weights with bad form is much more likely to cause injury and not be that beneficial. Very true that you do have to actually push yourself to see gains, that I'm not disagreeing with, just that form is as, if not SLIGHTLY more, important as pushing yourself. As for pushing myself, I tend to go to hard or not nearly hard enough if I don't have a partner. Very bad situation for someone like me that has trouble socializing in person.
  4. Guys, you might as well stop commenting on posts by this guy. This is the third topic he's started about this, all in different areas of the forum, and he doesn't respond much to any of them.
  5. I have felt the same way going to the gym though not because of depression, to be honest. It's now been a couple years since I went to the gym, but when I was going, I found that timing for when I went was very important, as were the exercises I was doing. I don't mean that physically either. If I was there when the gym was full, I was like you, so I tried to go when it was empty. Something else I did was make sure I had headphones in so I wouldn't be aware of others there until I actually saw them but even then, it made it easier not to keep looking. Quick question about your coach. Has he ever gone and actually done anything to help with your form or anything? The reason I ask, and I'm certain many on here will confirm this, is that improper form can deaden any potential gains and many coaches/trainers anymore don't really seem to know or care if your form is correct, so I was wondering on that part. I never worked in person with a coach, so form was never something I could turn to others for but I have found some very good trainers on YouTube that explain how to make sure you have good form even if you are training yourself.
  6. Looking for someone to push me and help me grow bigger then that. A lot bigger. And I'm very serious about that! If anyone wants to help me grow for real, whether it be by helping with diet, advising a workout plan, daily checkups that I've worked out or whatever, send me a message! I can use all the help I can get!
  7. Thanks for the follow.

  8. Just actually felt my chest engage for the first time while following some tips for fixing common chest mistakes! I've never felt that before and I didn't even have weights in my hands! 

  9. Just watched a Mike Thurston video on common mistakes when working out the chest and was following his instructions and damn! I could actually feel my chest engaging on the ones I could do and that was both while sitting up (he was doing bench press) and without weights!
  10. The only gym I have access to is my home gym, dumbbells and a shaky bench press. I sometimes watch AthleanX and you are right there. Mike Thurston is one I'm checking out right now that and he has at least one really good one on form for a dumbbell shoulder workout WITHOUT doing dumbbell overhead presses. And thanks for the advice so far guys. I might have to start using the Wii Fit for yoga again to start starting form.
  11. I'm going to be starting a new workout program soon, don't know which one yet, but one thing in the past is that I've always worked out alone so was never sure how I was doing with form. Could anyone give me tips on how I could work on or make sure my form is good or improving? I'm working out at home so don't have access to a mirror to check either.
  12. I started a new Patreon page where I will be writing muscle growth and weight gainer stories. Right now there is only one support tier which will give access to all of my short stories as they become available, but I would like everyone's opinions on if I should add a second tier of support and what you would like to see come with that tier. Possibilities for the second tier would be things like being able to ask me about my writings, making suggestions for upcoming stories, things like that or you could suggest something completely different. Let me know what you guys think.

  13. I know the struggle BriBear. I too want to make lifestyle changes in order to get fit, nay, massively muscled and ripped. I'll be keeping an eye on this topic myself.
  14. I think I got hit because of the muscle magazines in the book and magazine sections of the grocery stores I went to. Around the age of ten if I remember correctly, though it could have been closer to 14. I suppressed so much of myself during that time that I really don't remember much of it. I still have a large collection of such photos on Deviantart though, though checking that date, my account should be much older. Not sure what's up with that.
  15. I agree. Some of the most painful opportunities are those not taken. And when it comes to talking to other people, those opportunities can hurt whether they are intimidatingly big or not. I thankfully did not miss my opportunity, but I would have regretted it if I had.
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