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    I am all about muscle, love building muscle. I've just past my 5th year lifting anniversary (Sept '14). Every time I step in the gym I push to do better than the last. I go and I go to grow. Currently hovering around 200 pounds, have some fat to shed and muscle to shred.

    https://www.advocare.com/130646422/ (My partner and I use and distribute for Advocare, for those interested in a great line of sports supplements which I use and enjoy)
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    5'8", 200lbs, growing hard and strong
  • What are you seeking?
    Muscle, I love seeing it and reading about it. If anyone is interested in helping a meathead grow, I am open to assistance. Contact me and we can discuss it.
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    Just keep growing until I can't grow more...then grow anyway.
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    Superheroes, leather, muscle, magic, super powered fights, muscle growth, Superhero capture/battles, transformations
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Alex Shabunya, Phil Heath, Dan Decker, Jay Cutler, Antione Valiant, and many more.
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    Muscle growth, superhero, leather, super powers...more muscle :), Dom/sub, sports gear.

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  1. Where do you like to lift? My primary gym is Knockout Fitness on Atlantic but I have an Anytime Fitness membership (for now) and I use Nova Fitness on Atlantic with my trainer.
  2. Growing, it's just going to be.

  3. Nice start, I love superhero stories . Thank you for this addition.
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