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  1. It's by Erinbby. He does great work I can't remember the exact name but it's definitely his as I have read it a thousand times
  2. I have always loved your work man. Thanks again
  3. Not the side stories or the first few chapters. Believe me I try.
  4. How's it hanging? Thanks for checking out my profile.

  5. The humiliation was natural as he was feeling big and huge. We've all been there and it's relative to each person. I just am wondering where this will take the story. My brain jumps to two big openings: 1. He drives away his powerful underling which a guy like him is very valuable for multiple reasons and 2. It could drive his underling to want to surpass him more than ever. Very interesting twist.
  6. I would love to try a sponsorship discussion

  7. Yea I would like those stories posted here also if possible.
  8. Very interesting. I will be anxious to see where you take this always a fan of the this series.
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