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  1. Amazing! Would love a continuation of this one !!
  2. This is great londonboy!
  3. Men of Montreal The muscular model is Christian Power
  4. Hey guys, it’s been a while since the last instalment. Hope you enjoy! I had very little time to relax but was so thankful these two gods were here to guide me through this muscle worshippers dream. My hole was stretched open and was slowly dribbling Colt's superior cum out. I was laying down on the bed between these two hunks, completely overshadowed by their existence. I had to keep reminding myself that these two possessed more than eight times my meager body weight in muscle. That thought mixed with the thought that they could do anything they wanted to me was intoxicating. Both Colt and Ox were on their sides looking down at me, their big hands caressing my tiny legs. It looked like they could wrap their hands around my thigh if they wanted to. "Are you fading on us? We're going to have to work on your stamina little guy." Ox's tone had sofetned a bit now that Colt and I had come down from our climax. "After all, you still haven't experienced the bucking bronco!" I was a bit confused as to what he was talking about and it showed in my face. "The bucking bronco?" I said, nearly in a whisper. "Oh yes, I can tell by the way you look at our herculean bodies, this is something you will enjoy!" Ox said, "Athough, because I can tell you're weak right now, I am going to have to give you some extra support. You mind if I take him for a spin Colt?" Stil lying down, the spent Colt sat up a bit. His muscular body shifted up and his big pecs hung a few inches over his ripped abs. "Nah, this I'd like to watch. I don't think we've ever had someone quite as small as little Alex to play with. Our big muscles are a playground for the little runt." Colt bounced his pecs with that last sentence and lo and behold, my small cock started to rise again. Transfixed by the site of Colt's pillow-like pecs, I hadn't noticed that Ox had stood up to his full 6'10" height. He reached over and grabbed my body like a regular person grabs a peice of clothing. I was still tired but excited for what this muscle god had planned for my small, 5'1", 95 lbs body. He quickly manuevered me exactly where he wanted and suddenly the 'bucking bronco' made sense. There I was, straddling Ox's huge bicep, both my legs were stretched wide as my dripping hole continued to leak Colt's cum onto this hulk's gargantuan right arm. I was facing a vein-filled forearm that I was pretty sure had more muscle in it than I did in my whole body. I braced myself up against Ox's forearm as he brought his arm up in an awesome bicep flex. My whole body moved as the bicep between my legs grew twice as large and I felt my used hole stretch to accomodate this rock hard bicep. I moaned as I came to the realization of what was going to happen next, Ox was going to fuck me with his bicep. "H-how big?" I said with a wide-eyed expression on my face. I was hugging the huge forearm in front of me that seemed to dwarf my body. "This old bad-boy?" Ox said as he flexed a few times. My body jerked violoently and my hole was stretched by the vein on his bicep. "You'll get to measure them later but last time I got a runt like you to measure them they were at 32"." I gasped at the number. How was it that Ox had an arm so large? An arm capable of doing whatever it wanted to anyone on earth. "My arm is ready to fuck you Alex, do you feel it twitching?" I did. I felt the power in that arm and quaked with anticipation. "First, I'm going to provide a little more support," said Ox as his hand cupped my head. I was now sat on this flex arm, hand on my head, with my arms reached out and hugging the large muscular forearm in front of me. "And adjust this little guy." My cock was previosuly wedged in an awkward position between my leg and his arm but now it was free to run up and down the veiny forearm. He gave a few more test flexes and I cried out in pleasure. How was it that this god of a man was able to provide such pleasure with his muscles? The jerking was a bit more controlled with his hand firmly resting on my head, keeping me in place. Other areas of my body were less controlled however. Ox had doused his left hand with salivia and rubbed it all around my cock and his right forearm. This relieved some of the friction and sent me into ecstasy as he started to increase the pace. He brought his arm down from the 90 degree pose and had me lean forward on his forearm. "Yeah, you like when even my bicep dominates you completely don't you runt? Take a ride on a man's arm and feel the power!" Ox said with enthusiasm. THe flexing was now relentless, I didn't know where I was as my whole body felt like a can of paint being mixed in a paint can shaker. My hole was spasming as the sweaty bicep, mixed with Colt's cum was overwhelming my senses. "Tell your muscle god you like it when he fucks you with his muscles!" Ox demanded. "I love it sir, please don't stop! You are a god who deserves to do whatever you want with my body!" My speech was partially muffled by the big forearm I was leaning onto for support. My poor cock didn't know how to feel as Ox's forearm acted as a solid wall of muscle. I looked down and saw through my blurred vision that Ox was jerking his own cock off, excited by my moans of adoration. "Yeah, work that huge cock bro!" said Colt from the bed. "Please sir, cover me in your muscle god cum. I am not worthy but would be blessed!" "Ahhh fuck, seing your puny little body fly up and down is so fucking hot you little shrimp! You cum when daddy tells you to" "Yes daddy!" I yelled. My hole was stretched wide by this huge arm and my cock was aching for release as it rubbed up and down Ox's forearm. "Ahhhhhhh fuck! Cum you little runt!" I came in another violent orgasm as Ox showered me in his sweet cum. The ecstasy I felt was unreal. I was able to provide some level of pleasure to these gods and I felt absolutely intoxicated. My spent body colasped on Ox's arm. I had a little bit of time to rest before Colt and Ox moved onto the shower...
  5. gingy123

    Wee Jock

    I just can’t help but keep revisiting this story! You have a great descriptive style. Looking forward to more ;)!
  6. gingy123

    Wee Jock

    Love where this is going! Great writing :)!
  7. gingy123

    Wee Jock

    Wow! That was absolutely incredible. Great writing and fantastic storytelling :). Hope to keep reading great scenes like this with hot strength and muscle worship scenarios!
  8. gingy123

    Wee Jock

    Great story! Really enjoy your writing, descriptions, and how this is progressing. I’d personally like to see more feats of strength by Sir with Wee Jock. Sir could lift Wee Jock up no problem and subject him to some interesting circumstances. Maybe run Wee Jock’s cock between his pecs and against his abs ;).
  9. Great story! You should definitely continue one recommendation would be to include measurements. How tall is Mike, how tall is Ryan, etc. It helps emphasize the size difference which we all find so hot
  10. I apologize for the extremely long delay and for the absence of responses. I am grateful for all the positive comments from my last two chapters of this story. Hopefully this short addition will be able to tide you over for a while ;). Let me know what you'd like to see next! Part 3 I was still impaled on Colt’s hard cock. I rightly guessed that Colt had the stamina of a horse and would likely stay hard the entire weekend. My feet were about a foot off the ground and every so often, Colt would pulse his member to give me extra pleasure. I was in perpetual ecstasy, having this giant cock fill me up and leave me with a sense of security. The back of my head was nestled between his huge pecs and he had his right arm draped over me in a protective embrace. Ox had taken a few steps back and was now staring at me with intensity. His cock was out of his skintight jeans and the button up shirt he wore was a bit of mess from the romp we just had. Ox reached down and scooped my cum off of his jeans and Colt tensed his pecs around my head. As my head was forced tightly in one position, Ox brought his huge index finger to my mouth and fed my cum. This god of a man was so hot and I could do nothing but look up at him as he worked his finger in and out of my mouth. With that Ox again took a few steps back. He asked, “Are you ready Alex?” “Yes, sir,” I replied in a very submissive tone. Colt leaned his head down to my ear, grabbed my cock and tensed his own cock inside my ass. He whispered, “I’ll be taking charge of this for the show.” He cupped my cock for extra emphasis. I again replied “Yes, of course sir” Ox folded his arms and said, “Alex, I want you to beg me to take off my clothes. Show me that my muscles are worthy of your affection. Convince me.” “Please, sir. I have never wanted anything more in my entire life. You two are gods among men and I am nothing but a weak bitch in your presence. I will show your muscles the attention they command and deserve. Please give me the chance to serve you and pleasure you. My being is yours to do with as you please.” “Damn straight,” Ox replied. “That will do I guess but you have to work on your adulation. I guess I will have to inspire you.” He ended that sentence with a grin. With that he brought his hands up to the collar of his shirt and ripped it clean off his body. My eyes nearly rolled in the back of their sockets as Colt started to lightly play with my cock. When I was able to refocus I was staring at a brick wall of 8 protruding abdominal muscles framed with concrete obliques and big full pecs. My mouth started to water and drool began to escape it. Before I could say anything, Ox quickly walked over to me and proceeded to stick my small head between the valley in his full chest. With that I heard a ripping behind me and knew that Colt had just ripped off his shirt as well. Ox walked closer to Colt and I was once again in a blissful muscle sandwich. My body was surrounded my muscle on all sides. My hole was plugged with a huge, thick, muscle cock. My dick was leaking in the enormous hand of Colt who had complete control. My head was surrounded by the valley that Ox and Colt’s pecs made and all I could do was reach up and grab on to Ox’s dark nipples. My shoulders came just under the overhang of both of these god’s pecs. Colt let go of my crotch and instead grabbed a hold of my hips. I missed his strong hand around my cock but quickly felt what he was doing next. He started to rub my hard little cock up and down Ox’s 8 pack while fucking my ass with his dripping cock. I could do nothing but look up at my two gods as they smiled down at me. I was in heaven. As Colt began to pick up the pace, my cock and prostate where being hyper stimulated. Ox leaned down and began to make out with my small little mouth. He forced his tongue down my throat and held my head with his huge hands. He continued to do this for a few minutes while tears of joy streamed down my face. Feeling my gratitude, Ox removed his tongue from my mouth and began to whisper words of encouragement in my ear. “You belong to us little man. You feel these abs rubbing up and down your cock? Feel what happens when I start to flex them” Suddenly my cock was surrounded by his abdominals. They actually jutted out far enough that they were able to take in my small little cock. With Colt’s hands on my hips he began to encourage me as well. “Yeah squirt. Fuck Ox’s abs as I fuck your small little hole. I don’t want you to cum until I tell you, you understand?” I turned my head around to see the intensity in Colt’s eyes. I nodded and said “Yes, sir”. “Fuck, your submissiveness turns me on. I am going to destroy your hole!” With that he increased the pace tenfold and I could do nothing but moan. I leaned forward into Ox’s pecs and moaned as I was hole was pistoned by Colt’s cock. My cock was buried in Ox’s abs being tortured rubbing up and down the bumpy surface. Ox started flexing his pecs hard around my head. Almost to the point where I thought he wanted to crush my skull. “Oh fuck, I ‘m going to cum little man!” shouted Colt. “Cum when I tell you” he said as my hold was being reamed. I felt his balls slapping my ass firm up as his grip tightened on my hips. “3…2…1.. CUM!!” My body was thankful to obey his command and I came all over Ox’s 8 pack. My legs were flailing from the intensity of the orgasm but that didn’t matter to either of them. I heard the smacking sounds of Colt’s strong pelvis as it made contact with my ass but the intensity didn’t register as I had begun to get numb down there. After a few moments he came too and my prostate felt his pulsing cock unload the contents in my body. Colt carried me over to the bed and Ox followed suit. He pulled me off his cock and placed me in the middle of the two. I was in a delirium and more then ready for a cuddle break. Little did I know what Ox had planned…
  11. The Muscle Sandwich: Part 2 Switched to the first person as I found it easier to write from Alex’s perspective . So there I was with 800lbs of muscle, 8 times my own bodyweight, and I was absolutely speechless. Once they carried me through the door they set me down and dropped off their large duffle bags. The man who carried me through the door was Colt. He introduced himself to me and then introduced his massive partner Ox. Colt looked stunning with a shaved head of black hair, blue eyes, and a small soul patch. Ox was equally as beautiful rocking a head full of thick brown hair, green eyes, and a 5 o’clock shadow. Like the ad mentioned their physiques were nearly identical. They were both extremely tall at 6’10” and absolutely massive with 400lbs apiece of muscle on them. Colt’s pecs were straining against his tight white t-shirt while I could actually see the detail of Ox’s legs through his skintight jeans. Both had significant bulges in their pants, which made my eyes bulge in the same fashion. These gods were perfect and all mine for the weekend! “Okay, let’s lay down some ground rules little man,” said Colt. “Ox and I are going to have a great time toying with you this weekend.” Ox nodded. “The best.” His voice was even deeper than Colt’s and hearing this sent shivers down my spine. “First rule,” Colt started off, “is that your feet will not touch the ground this entire weekend. We are going to make sure that after this little discussion is through, our muscles constantly lift you. Ox and I can rotate it up pretty easily, hell we can throw you between one another but your feet will not touch the floor. How does that sound?” My mind was racing; one of my earliest fantasies was going to come to life. These hot musclegods were going to ensure that they used me for every task. “That sounds amazing Colt, sir. But how about showering?” I had asked this question partially knowing the answer but I just wanted to hear him say it out loud. “We are going to use you as a washcloth, squirt. Lather you up with soap and stick you between our muscled bodies. You’re going to get squeaky clean no problem when we rub you up and down our washboards” Colt once again was smiling and winked at me. Even though my cock was straining in my shorts, it redoubled its efforts and was vying for release. Ox started to speak this time and I was starting to notice he had a bit of a midwestern accent which just rounded out this hot image of him as a young farmhand. “Second rule,” he said, “Is that you are ours for the weekend, we own you and you will do everything we say. If we tell you to suck, you suck. If I tell you to stick your dick between my ripped pecs, or Colt tells you to sit in the palm of his hand while he fingers your hole there will be no objections. Am I understood?” Once again, I again I felt like I was going to faint but instead nodded meekly. “Okay then” Colt announced, “Well with that let’s get on with the show.” I was immediately lifted up by one of Ox’s arm and he quickly tore off all my clothes. I was amazed at the speed and efficiency of his actions and just how easily he had me suspended in the air. I could feel his palm cupping my tender little ass and shivered at the thought of what was to come next. “You won’t be needing these,” said Ox as he tossed my clothes aside. “Oh damn, we should have added that to the rules Colt! Okay well, new rule little man, you are always to be naked in our presence, you do not need clothes this weekend.” “O-okay,” I said. I was a little embarrassed with my small slender frame being totally exposed to these gods but had already prepared myself mentally for this. Colt then looked right at me and started bouncing his huge pecs through his strained shirt. I didn’t know where to look, in the intensity of his eyes or the huge muscles dancing back and forth. He smiled and said to Ox, “Well looks like someone is happy we’re here”. He then reached out with his large hands and flicked my dick. I quickly noticed that his pinky was about the same size and length as my 5-inch cock. I started moaning as Colt lightly played with my cock, engulfing it in his huge hands. Meanwhile Ox had taken to stimulating my prostate by slowly massaging my perineum with his middle finger and started to lightly flick my nipples with the tip of his tongue. I was in absolute heaven. I didn’t know where to put my hands so I just decided to put one on Colt’s still bouncing clothed pecs and the other around Ox’s traps as his head came down to my chest. Their muscles felt very different. Ox’s traps were extremely hard and warm while Colt’s pecs were almost like sand bags while they were unflexed before quickly changing to marble once flexed. Colt looked at Ox and asked, “How do you want to initiate our little friend here?” Ox replied chucking, “I’m thinking rotisserie style.” I started to wonder what that meant when Ox turned me upside down while holding my ankles. My head was now at the height of their cocks and I was given one simple direction from Colt, “Suck.” I reached out to touch their large cocks through their straining pants and was immediately shocked to feel just how big their packages were. I could envision 12 inches but somehow it’s not the same as feeling a growing python of cock beneath a layer of fabric. I somehow managed to unzip both of their pants and pull out their growing members. I was amazed at the girth of their semi-hard cocks and obediently begin to lap at Colt’s cock while massaging Ox’s. Colt put his huge hand at the back of my head and encouraged me to deep throat his cock, which I happily obliged. Ox let go of one of ankles and encased his large hand around my dainty one. He then began to squeeze both my hand and his cock as he moved his own hand up and down. Feeling his hand squeezing my own around his hard cock while deepthroating Colt was a definite turn on and I began to leak pre-cum. I then switched and began to suck Ox’s hardening cock and play with Colt’s almost rigid member. After spending 5 minutes in upside-down cock heaven, Colt started to play with my hole. My moans were muffled by the still hardening cocks jammed down my throat as Colt slowly inserted his middle finger in my hole. His middle finger alone was larger than any cock I had taken prior. My eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets when he inserted a second finger and began to play with my prostate. Rubbing it up and down before I very nearly exploded. Sensing this, Colt inserted a third finger and really concentrated on opening me up as much as possible. “Man you have one tight ass,” said Colt. “It’s a shame it will never be this tight again!” With that Ox handed me over to Colt and he flipped me so my body was now parallel to the floor and my ass with his cock. My feet dangled a foot of the ground as Colt completely encircled my hips with his hands. Ox’s huge dick came in to my field of vision and I hungrily reached out and began to suck on it. Colt had lubed up his dick with some saliva and was pressing the engorged head to my hole. Colt began to slowly apply more and more pressure with his strong arms until the head popped in. It was agonizing but I wanted his huge cock more than anything. He slowly began to tease his cock in and out of hole until it became easier and easier and I opened up fully. He started thrusting the entire length of his cock in an out of my hole. With that Ox asked, “Hey Alex, you ever been spit-roasted by two muscle gods?” Colt’s hands fell away and I was completely supported by his huge cock in my ass and Ox’s rod in my throat. They began to taunt me as I lay there, suspended in mid air in an incredibly erotic display. “Yeah Alex, you feel this cock in your ass boy? This ass belongs to me!” Colt yelled. Ox taunted, “Do you want see what happens when we spin you on our cocks?” I tried to respond but couldn’t with Ox’s cock in my throat. The only coherent sound I could make was a muffled “Melth”. “What’s that?” Ox asked as he bent down, “I couldn’t hear you.” “I think that’s a yes Ox,” said Colt. I then nodded my head up and down which Ox felt. “Okay, you asked for it,” said Ox. With that he reached down and slowly began to rotate me with his hands. I slowly turned on their cocks and my prostate was in pure bliss as Colt’s rotating shaft massaged it. With Ox and Colt laughing, Colt brought his hands down once again to my waist and began to thrust the entire length of his cock in and out of my stretched hole as Ox began to rotate me quicker. By this time Ox’s cock had fallen out because of the angle and my cries of bliss were no longer muffled. Colt started to power fuck my ass and I was completely unable to stop him. I could feel Colt drawing close to finishing in my ass and he jerked me upright on his cock. With that Ox brought his body forward and the two began to make out with one another. My body was completely wedged between the two muscle gods and I could do nothing as Colt continued to pump me up and down his huge cock. Ox then brought his huge quad between my thighs and my own dick finally had something to rub against. As Colt would bring me up all the way to the end of his cock, my head would be smashed against the bottom of both Colt and Ox’s pecs. Until I was violently dragged back down by Colt’s hands and my head rubbed against their abs. I was holding on for dear life to Ox’s huge rod to support myself and jack him off with the movement of Colt’s thrusts. Meanwhile, my cock was in pure bliss as it had settled in a deep ridge on Ox’s flexed thigh. My whole pelvis was being worked back and forth by Colt’s hands on Ox’s huge quad and it wasn’t long before I exploded all over Ox’s pants. A few moments later Colt increased the speed of his powerful thrusts and unleashed what felt like a gallon of cum up my ass. With that, Ox reached down and gave his own tool a few quick thrusts before he unloaded all over my tiny little body. After a few moments and with his hard cock still to the hilt in me, Colt brought down his head and said, “Well that was round one tiny, ready for round two?” Ox then said, “Yeah, you ready for us to take off these clothes and show you the fucking hot muscles behind this power?” I was in complete delirium. I had just had the most intense orgasm of my entire life with these two muscle gods and neither of them had shown me a single unclothed muscle. “Yes, sirs,” I squeaked as they came in for another tight embrace with me in the middle. __________________________________ Please let me know if there are any errors that need correcting and any constructive criticism is welcome Enjoy!
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