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    Weightlifting, Computers, Video Games. Currently a computer science major but considering changing to business.
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    5'3, 165 lbs.
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    Relationship wise and friendship wise, a guy with an appreciation for muscle would be nice. Having unexpectly become a weightlifter (lol) it's become rather annoying to justify my love of muscle to non-lifters.
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    Dreamwise? Huge. I'm realistic about my training goals, but I have a VERY vivid imagination, lol.
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    Most anything by Aardvark, Freaky
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    Flex Lewis, Arnold
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    Growing muscles, getting bigger, filling up shirts

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  1. buffdragon77


    How did I not discovered this post? Any gaymer that wants to add me feel free: Switch: SW-5454-5093-7812 PSN: purpledragon77 XB Live: Hulksmash1381 Steam: Hulksmash81 Battle.net: hulksmash81#11432 Feel free to add me!
  2. buffdragon77

    Testosterone Bomb- MGSS

    I love this! It reminds me of when I went to the Arnold for the first time and made the comment "this feels like comic-con, except someone set off several testosterone bombs in the crowd"
  3. buffdragon77

    Trump ruining muscle for me

    A personal trainer I knew posted a few days before the election that he was voting Trump, which ended up blowing up in his face because a lot of his clientele (a large chunk of which were female) ripped him a new one then dropped him as a trainer. He was butthurt for days afterward. I don't think he agrees with everything about Trump, but he is very much the stereotypical meathead sadly, get him outside of the gym and training and he's pretty much "duh, what? What's a racist?" (I'm exaggerating but you get the idea). Him being a source of eye candy for me was kind of ruined by the whole thing though.
  4. buffdragon77

    Hiring a pro coach / trainer

    I say go for it. Speaking as a loner working with a trainer was a tough choice for me but it's paid dividends and complimented my loner training style
  5. buffdragon77

    Too many non-bodybuilders

    I lurked on this site (and it's predecessor) for years as a skinny nerdy guy with a secret fetish before finally hitting the gym and writing my own growth story. I'm willing to bet there are others here that can make a similar claim.
  6. Feeling a little... buff....

    2016-08-21 18.23.01.jpg

    1. sub4biceps


      damn man, great work!

  7. buffdragon77


    I think the fact that I got the below shirt as a gift says it all. Seriously though, my love of muscle growth was literally born from bullying. Constantly imagining myself growing bigger than the guys that bullied me. I wasn't the violent type, I would just visualize getting huge and just scaring them away by flexing.
  8. buffdragon77

    Comic Book Heroes

    So I'm trying to get a list of superheroes/villains that had no muscle to speak of prior to getting their powers (or had them and they grew much larger). So far I have the following: The Hulk Captain America Bane Prime Hardcase I know I'm forgetting some. Anyone else come to mind?
  9. I was bullied in school and one of my chief fantasies growing up was going through a growth sequence based on the very first Hulk movie in the mens locker room, complete with visuals and sound effects. I thought I outgrew them, no pun intended, but all those thoughts immediately returned to the forefront as an adult when I actually started lifting.
  10. buffdragon77

    Is there a 'too young'

    While we're on the subject, don't interact with anyone on the bodybuilding.com forum for the next 4 years either. Or ever. Those people are scary.
  11. buffdragon77

    German Stripper Story

  12. buffdragon77

    Toronto Pro SuperShow 2016

    I was considering it. Didn't realize the date was so close, lol
  13. buffdragon77

    Short Bodybuilders

    As I'm 5'3 I approve this topic lol
  14. buffdragon77

    Way Too Big by F_R_Eaky

    Awesome story! I immediately thought of this comic when I read it lol
  15. buffdragon77

    How did YOU get into muscle growth/bodybuilding?

    For me, one of my first experiences was that milk commercial with the kid in the green shirt growing. At the time I didn't realize I was getting off on it, but as I got older I started wanted to see more scenes of that type. I was also bullied in grade school, which led to a lot of fantasies about me growing huge muscles in the locker room and looking so intimidating that nobody ever teased me again. However I always maintained the mentality that I was fated to be a nerdy book/gamer nerd and those types of people simply did not grow muscles. Through my 20s I briefly dabbled in lifting because I had a few friends that went through that "must lift to attract girls" phrase, but I only went sporadically when they dragged me to the gym. It was about that time I actually started becoming aware of my sexuality, because I started wondering why seeing well built men in the gym gave me warm and fuzzy feelings lol. Ultimate it was the stress and depression from my coming out that drove me back into the gym purely to keep myself sane, and this time around, it took root. All those suppressed fantasies that I previously though were only possible within the realms of this website started forcing their way into my favorite gaming t-shirts, forcing Mario and Yoshi to compete with newly grown pecs and formely loose sleeves to ride up newly sprouted biceps while I tried to concentrate on my RPG. From there, powerlifting and bodybuilding thoughts starting entering my brain, and before I realized it the gamer nerd "without an athletic bone in my body" (my own catch phrase when someone tried to get me to participate in physical activity) become the "team adonis" on his softball league.

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