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  1. Never invested into one. I should , would love watching my shit grow. Your build and love cg work hand in hand (no pun intended).
  2. My two cents. I am a gay man who has fluctuated over the years in body weight and muscle size, but has always maintained a desire for a more muscular thicker body. Over the years I've been in relationships with skinny and average guys. When I've been single I've had the chance or two to have sex with muscular men. I am now in an LTR with a young muscle man. Regardless of their muscularity or lack there of i find myself still masturbating to muscle men anywhere between lean to huge off-season pro builder types. It's the actual muscle, growth, and transformation that seems to be a turn on whether on myself or on others. It's even more of a turn on if it's my own actual growth, or envisioning myself as a massive muscle god heavy with muscle and getting off to the changes with in me. Here's a twist. For a long time I did nothing but keep to myself and masturbate to muscle porn and even fantasy muscle growth. In ways when trying to have sex with men who weren't into the same thing, who were average or even muscular body types at times ... it would be difficult for me to be or get aroused. I was so use to pleasing myself and focused on visual aspects and thoughts of muscle and muscle growth that in a way it took away the pleasure, excitement, and the ability to maintain an erection with whoever my partner is or was. To this day from time to time I still have problems with that (to a degree), but being in a loving relationship with someone I've been able to rewire myself a bit and connect with them not only a physical level but a mental one in bed. I've got a lot of things going on as you can see. LOL. Yet I keep pushing forward and make the effort to move toward something that's happy and healthy. Sure I love muscle and muscle growth still, but I just didn't want to condition myself that way forever and miss out on the possibilities. I'm a work in progress as everyone here is as well.
  3. for every pound of muscle added ... the more aroused one gets. gotta love busting one to your size. 

  4. when that gym starts making your muscles pop out more and you get hard as fuck for more mass ...

  5. Gotta work for what you want... believe me I've made my gains. Yet you ever hope that one morning you'd get up 120 lbs heavier with underclothing either super tight or in tatters on the bed? 

  6. what's on my mind is pretty much what's on a lot of people's minds in this forum ... muscle :)

  7. need more mass ... more muscle ... thicker... BIGGER!

  8. immense urge to feel 100 lbs added to my frame and break out of my clothes. Make me bigger!

    1. roboprobo


      *hands you dumbells* well, get to it.

    2. hulkout4me


      If you hulk out of your shirts, please let us watch! :)

  9. envisioning thick massive muscle on my frame and blowing loads to it ;)

    1. JoeM242


      Nice, the more muscle the better to blow at.

  10. nyricanmuscle


    fuck your growth pics get me aroused
  11. It's even better when you envision your package expanding as well ... just saying
  12. There have been numerous occasions where during sex or masturbation the thought or vision of myself expanding in thick massive muscle everywhere drives that inate beast to come out of me. Then once you ejaculate the orgasm is much more intense because of the thought of 20, 30, 40, 50...100, 500 lbs being added to your frame fills you ... side effects ... tensed pumped muscles, toe curling, deep vocal groan, deep belting primal vocalization for more size and power ... Anyone had that happen or still do from time to time?
  13. ever woke up with a hard on thinking you gained so much muscle you broke your bed?

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