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    non-stop growth, getting as big as I can, more mass, more power
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  1. for every pound of muscle added ... the more aroused one gets. gotta love busting one to your size. 

  2. when that gym starts making your muscles pop out more and you get hard as fuck for more mass ...

  3. Gotta work for what you want... believe me I've made my gains. Yet you ever hope that one morning you'd get up 120 lbs heavier with underclothing either super tight or in tatters on the bed? 

  4. what's on my mind is pretty much what's on a lot of people's minds in this forum ... muscle :)

  5. need more mass ... more muscle ... thicker... BIGGER!

  6. immense urge to feel 100 lbs added to my frame and break out of my clothes. Make me bigger!

    1. roboprobo


      *hands you dumbells* well, get to it.

    2. hulkout4me


      If you hulk out of your shirts, please let us watch! :)

  7. envisioning thick massive muscle on my frame and blowing loads to it ;)

    1. JoeM242


      Nice, the more muscle the better to blow at.

  8. ever woke up with a hard on thinking you gained so much muscle you broke your bed?

  9. craving thick powerful mass on my frame ... MORE! BIGGER!

  10. pure growth ... need to get huge

    1. musclenerd


      Same force the mass on !!

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