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  1. As someone that has dealt with depression & bipolar disorder his whole life I want to endorse taking nature hikes and spending time in the sunlight each day. Here in Las Vegas, the Winter days can be short and sometimes we have gray weather, so I also use a full spectrum light (mine is branded as a "Happy Light") In the end, results are about consistency. You need to consistently go to the gym, even f you don't feel like it. Some days I just go to scope out some beef, and then I just do some exercises so as not to look like a creeper. I find volume training is good for depression (when I am depressed it is difficult to push the really heavy weight and the insane pumps help a LOT!) In the end, please remember that you are not alone. Plenty of us deal with depression. You are in good company and lots of us care about you. Stop judging yourself and go have fun with the gym. If anyone judges you, just say screw out and move on!
  2. What kind of escort are you looking for? Sex/prostitution is illegal in Clark County, but the city is awash in muscle if you want some arm-candy.
  3. One of my boyfriends is a few inches and nearly 100 lbs lighter than me. Being a 300 lbs weightlifter, you get catered to and people are constantly intimidated by my size. It is so nice to get home and have someone that knows how to dominate me. I think little dudes are great! I keep wishing I could find a local (Las Vegas area) little dude (like 120-135 lbs) to make some videos with. Maybe one day.
  4. I used to love doing this and intend to try it now that we have recreational distribution in Nevada.
  5. Great advice above, especially consulting a good trainer & your doctor if possible. I always advise people to make it a habit first. You won't stick to a WORKout. Have fun at your (health)club. For the first week or two I wouldn't worry about exercise: play in the pools, sauna, whatever looks enjoyable. Make a habit of going there & packing a gym bag daily. Then the next two weeks I suggest light cardio. The next two weeks crank up the intensity a little & try one weight machine daily. Machines usually are grouped by body part & generally have a sign of how to use it. Try different settings & weights. Ask to work-in if someone looks bored - they smight be willing to teach you stuff. Every couple weeks take it up a notch and before you know it you will be a seasoned pro. Don't be frightened, intimidated or start second guessing yourself. Also do not give up on your dreams. There will be set-backs because a transformation takes a few years & life happens. When a set-back occurs, do not be discouraged: just get back as soon as you can. Soon, when you have the 20" guns, 6 pack, and a hot bodybuilder boyfriend. Please come back here & encourage others!
  6. Shop around. Sometimes a whole, cooked chicken is cheap. Sometimes you come out better buying frozen breasts, sometimes fresh thighs. I buy (and usually freeze) what I find cheap. Get to know your butcher & ask when he puts the sales meats out. Liver is cheap & nutritionally dense. Anything you have leftover, turn into broth. I cook up the bones, skin, etc into soup. Also, load up on seasonal vegetables. I found cabbage today 67¢ per pound. I shredded a few heads for coleslaw & homemade sauerkraut. I also found some giant cucumbers for 50¢ a piece. I tossed those cucumbers in saltwater so soon I will have amazing & cheap pickles. All this prep took less than half a hour! Pumpkins are cheap right now too. They are huge, easy to prepare many ways & full of nutrients. Just walk the perimeter of your local market, then search the Internet for various recipes & soon you will look & feel great. Your budget will look great too! As cheap as good food is, you can't afford to eat unhealthy.
  7. I have never been there but it seems to me that like the US, the UK is a union. It is powerful as a unit. This isn't like Texas trying to leave the Union, population wise it would be closer to Minnesota leaving the Union. Hopefully some good dialogue might emerge from this.
  8. brutus

    Cobra Lats

    Beast mode, your lays look thick & very well developed, I did note a strong anterior rotation in your pectoral girdle. Look at Swolegoal's shoulders & look at how yours curve in. If you were here in Las Vegas I could work a long time on your pecs, rhomboidal, etc. In the meantime, keep stretching your pecs and watch this video: I think you'd be amazed at how big you really are already.
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