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    Muscle growth, hyper muscle growth, muscle worship, giant men, and cock growth. Did I mention growth?
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    Perhaps someone to engage in a bit of roleplay over YIM or in messages
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    Bigger than planets
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    Muscle growth, Muscle worship, Macrophilia, Cock growth, ect.

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  1. Constantly growing. Overpowering everyone. I'm going to need to buy new clothes soon.

    1. argomac


      keep growing man! 

    2. MuscleStrengthFreak


      So, get over here and overpower me! 


  2. I can feel this desire to grow more and more pulsing in side of me. I want to be big. Bigger than anyone. Bigger than buildings. I want CITIES to worship me.

    1. MegaGiantMuscleGodFan


      You will continued to grow and it's not cities but the entire planet who will worship you !

  3. That's right, make me fucking HUGE.

    1. Bigdave


      You'll never be too big! Just keep growing!

  4. My clothes hardly fit me anymore...I can feel my muscles swelling... stretching out the fabric... I'm getting so fucking big. And I'm only gonna get bigger...

    1. Bigdave


      I want to hear the ripping and tearing and see the massive, muscle, shredded beast emerge!

  5. Mmmmgh.... Bigger and Bigger. I never wanna stop. I'm gonna be the biggest.

    1. roboprobo


      keep blowing up man

    2. SMASHOR


      Get that roof lifted off the gym man...

  6. Starting to get harder to fit in doorways now. I'm getting too fucking big... and I don't wanna stop.

    1. Bigdave


      Don't stop whatever you do. Just alter the house!

    2. 1138abc


      Just outgrow the "dollhouse" ;)

  7. Is it me... or is everything around me starting to get...smaller.

    1. 1138abc


      Seems like we all are compared to you XD

    2. cutlerfan


      Yes things seem smaller because you are bigger!

  8. Bigger and bigger... no fuckin' way I'm ever gonna stop. Gonna be too big to fit in doorways soon.

    1. 1138abc


      Don't stop for nothing! :D

    2. Bigdave


      Keep on growing! Just alter the house if need be!

    3. muscle12


      please show photots

  9. I just keep getting bigger and bigger. My old shirts keep tearing off my body. Fuck man, I never wanna stop...

    1. Buffaj
    2. goremeridian


      Wow, first time I ever boned up from a status update, lol

    3. 1138abc


      Keep growing man ^_^

  10. Damn, my bicep just tore through my damn sleeve. This shirt fit me just a few days ago too.

    1. Bigdave


      Well done! Keep up the good work and post photos!

  11. Mmmggh, I think this shirt is getting a bit tight...

    1. Bigdave


      That's what we like to hear. How about a shirt ripping vid!

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