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    Fifth Circle of Hell
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    real profile.
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    If you wanna know about me, then talk to me.
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    6'3", 270lbs, hazel, long, curly, dark-blonde
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    not sure. love chattin with heavily hung and muscled dudes, any age as long as they're adult.
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    8', 400lbs, a little cut and ripped.
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    Hunter, Ari's Balls, Playing With FanTCMan's Toys, Pollination,
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Chocolate Thunder, Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson, Kai Green, Brad Hollibraugh, Muscle Eddie, Rogan Richards, Sergio Olivia, Dorian Yates, Robby Robinson, Chris Cormier, Ulysses, among others.
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    muscle, hairy depending on mood, huge junk, dominant

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  1. BigJake

    Muscle Scent- MGSS

    Not too bad. An interesting start.
  2. Thanks for joining the Club

  3. YES! THIS IS IT! However; the story I read was complete. Does anyone know where the other parts can be found?
  4. Hey all, looking for an immobile muscle Beast story that contains a scene where his cock is super calloused and has to be vigorously stimulated by being rubbed with rough burlap sacks by four or five massive bodybuilders, then is given a workout with a special made flesh light that contains ball bearings. His cock swells so thick that's it bursts the flesh light, and scatters the bearings everywhere. The calloused skin of his cock cracks showing new raw skin in the cracks. It was a fantastic read, but I can't remember the name, or where I found it. has anyone ever heard of it?
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