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  1. Hello everyone! My apologies for the loooonnnngggg delay. Life has been busy - and this sort of writing is challenging. Much thanks to everyone for being so very kind and supportive. And very special thanks to Xyggurat for pushing (gently) and also for being the inspiration for this story in the first place - you really should read Xyggurat's "The Roommate" series. If you haven't ready Chapters 1 through 13 - here are links: Chapter 1-7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1689-the-symbiote-war/ Chapter 8: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4428-the-symbiote-war-chapter-8/ Chapters 9-10: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5517-the-symbiote-war-chps-9-10-and-eventually-the-rest/ Chapter 11 is on page 3 of the previous thread. Chapter 12 is on page 4 of the previous thread. Chapter 13 is on page 5 of the previous thread. And finally... Here is chapter 14. Chapter 14: Sunday – Caught! It’s Sunday morning and I’m leaving Mark’s apartment with all the feelz; the warm fuzzies from having spent the night cuddling with this hot boy, exuberance at this budding relationship, amazement from having met such a wonderful man, but then also trepidation of what’s waiting for me – not just with Shawn, but with my future. Will there ever be an end to this growth ability? Would I want this to end? Because it’s Sunday morning, I know Shawn will be in the gym. So I head back to our dorm room to shower and make plans for the day. As I open the door, the first thing that hits me is the air. It’s hot and musky-sweet smelling (more musky than sweet). That catches me off-guard and I hesitate with the door half opened. But then a meaty arm reaches through the opening, grabs my wrist, and before I can even gasp, pulls me in. “Hey Little Buddy! Where’ve you been?” Shawn’s body is radiating heat, his hand on my wrist is warm…and potentially crushing the bones in my wrist. I’m staring at his massive chest. He’s shirtless, his pecs look pumped and swollen – red and sweaty – and the striations are criss-crossed with veins. So fucking hot! I would totally be enjoying this if only the bones in my wrist would stop complaining. “Shawn, you’re breaking my wrist.” “Sorry buddy.” As he finishes pulling me into the room he lets go of my wrist as he closes the door. “I’m still getting used to being this strong.” He tosses out that line casually, as if it isn’t the weirdest, sexiest, freakiest, hottest fucking thing ever. “Shouldn’t you be in the gym on a Sunday morning?” “I spent the whole day there yesterday, when I wasn’t looking for you. Where have you been hiding?” I certainly don’t want to share my secret hiding spot, so I try to re-direct the conversation. “Why would you be looking for me? And again, shouldn’t you be in the gym?” Ok, admittedly that was not my best re-direction work. In my defense, I was caught off-guard by Shawn being in the room, and I’m having trouble concentrating with these slabs of delicious pec meat heaving in my face. “Yeah I’ve been waiting here for you to come back. I’ve been passing the time doing body-weight exercises, but they’re not really a challenge anymore. I’m waiting for you so that I can get back to the gym. I spent the whole day there yesterday – and after getting a boost from you Friday night and yesterday morning, it was a fucking amazing gym day. I blew through all my personal bests on every exercise. I can’t describe how much of a turn-on it is to be this strong and be able to throw around so much weight!” He doesn’t really have to try. Just listening to him talk about being so strong has me hard as a rock. I’m beginning to perceive a problem… “Shawn…” I try to start some sort of argument to try and extract myself from this situation. “I want another day like that. I want another day full of blowing through all my PB’s. And you’re going to help me with that.” My balls churn at the thought. “Shawn…” I swear I’m trying to come up with some sort of argument, but my brain is not helping me here – maybe because all my blood is somewhere else… In a bit of a surprise move, Shawn picks me up. He’s hugging me tight and carrying me over to the bed. Part of me is screaming. But my hands are clamped on his striated deltoids and I’m already grinding my boner into his chest. So obviously, part of me is revelling in this sexy beast. Shawn throws me down on my bed and immediately he’s on top of me – taking off my clothes. Not only am I not trying to resist, I’m actually helping to get my clothes off. Shawn kicks off his shorts, freeing his cock to swing like a pendulum – a big, thick pendulum that I want to put in my mouth. He’s holding himself over me with one arm and caressing my boner with a big meaty hand. I am already leaking. My hands are everywhere; trying to dent his biceps, exploring the crevasse between his pecs, reaching down to grab hold of his muscle-y bubble-butt, and stroking his hot cock. He lowers himself down onto me, his hot pecs pressing firmly into mine. And I can feel our cocks grinding together between our abs – and I can tell that his is bigger, harder, and hotter than mine. It’s all too much, my balls churn and I’m over the edge. I can feel the cum rocketing from my cock – slicking up the space between our bodies – our abs and cocks now gliding smoothly from the lubrication. I’m locked in orgasm, but Shawn is still thrusting on top of me. I can feel his growth – his pecs are pushing into mine, his body widens and lengthens, his hard cock takes up more space between us, pushing harder into my abs and crawling farther up my chest. And as this is happening, I can feel the lubrication disappearing as my cum is soaked up into his body – until we’re left dry humping again. “Oh fuck yeah!” Shawn breathes. “Corrigan, you are amazing.” He pushes himself up a bit and so I get a better look at his body. His arms look like pillars of marble. The striations of muscle in his shoulders ripple as they fight for space under his skin. His pecs are larger than they were before, and from this angle, I get a glorious view of his bulging abs and obliques – at least what’s not being obscured by his cock. His cock is sticking up between us and it’s beyond belief – thick and meaty and wrapped in veins. I’m drooling. Shawn can see the lust in my eyes, and responds with a cute smile and a gleam in his eye. “One more dose before the gym.” “But I just came!” “I’ve got that covered.” “You’ve what?!” “Drink this.” And before I can even register a stunned expression, Shawn has plastic juice bottle up to my lips. I’m instantly reaching up to get this out of my face, but Shawn easily holds my hands at bay. “Drink this nicely, this doesn’t have to get unpleasant.” There’s no contest – I can’t even fight my way past one of his arms. I drink. “What was that?” “It turns out that one of the advantages of being a muscle stud is that people will do anything for a feel. I caught a pharmacist lusting after me in the gym yesterday. He was more than happy to help me out, and I convinced him to get me a little something. I don’t think this drug is actually on the legal market, but it’s supposed to be quite effective – a little something to help me get a second dose without having to wait for your refractory period to end.” I can feel myself getting flushed. Maybe it’s just embarrassment. Maybe it’s the drug. Maybe it’s just me being turned on by this muscle stud kneeling over me with his boner on my abs? And in less than a minute, I have my answer. I can feel the “flush” intensifying and centering on my cock – my boner feels as if it’s a beating heart. I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard in my whole life. “What the hell did you give me?” “No idea. But clearly it’s working.” Shawn gives my boner a squeeze. A tiny drop of pre-cum forms on the tip. “You’re such a sexy little fucker.” “Ummm…. Thanks?” Shawn leans in and pops my boner in his mouth. His mouth is warm – my cock is on fire. He’s sucking hard – I can see the muscles in his neck flexing. I run my hands through his hair, over his muscular traps, and clamp on to the striations in his massive deltoids. “Unnnggg…” His vacuuming on my boner is so intense it’s both ecstasy and agony. I can feel his shoulders widening, the already hard muscles pushing against my hands. Shawn reaches up and cups my balls in his hand – gently kneading. It’s all too much – my climax is coming from somewhere deep inside me and I can feel it slowly building in intensity. It starts at the base of my penis, my balls clench up, my cock expands in anticipation. Shawn can feel that I’m about to cum, he clenches a little tighter on my balls and jams my cock deeper down his throat. And with that, it’s an explosion. I’ve never had such a climax, my cock felt like an out-of-control firehose. Shawn eagerly did his best to take it all. At the end I was completely spent, but even though my balls were drained, my cock was still throbbing as if it couldn’t help but continue to try and give up more. Shawn slowly pulls back, my still hard erection is now visible, it looks swollen. But I have no time for that, it’s Shawn that’s stealing the show. Standing up straight, I can see growth everywhere. His physical…presence is filling the room. His head is inching toward the ceiling, resting on top of a spectacular mountain of traps. His deltoid muscles stand out impressively, looking as if they are fighting for space with his chest. All of this is framed by the massive wide V of his back and the cobblestones of his obliques. Shawn’s quads are so wide that he’s standing in that bodybuilder stance where he has to have his legs slightly spread. And that cock! Shawn clearly has a semi, but it’s thick as my wrist, and even draped over his impressive balls it is slowly inching down closer to his knees. “It’s been a while. Let’s do this.” He throws a tape measure at me. I am unable to process all of this; it’s too much to take in. I am exhausted, and my mind is spinning so fast in so many directions that it’s standing still. I am in awe of Shawn’s body; this “god of muscle” is standing before me, and all I want to do is spend eternity worshiping. My formerly smaller roommate is now towering over me, and all I can see is hard, rippling muscle in every direction – and I am both turned on and frightened. Not necessarily frightened of Shawn, but frightened by how much I want to give him more growth. What have I become? Fortunately, Shawn is oblivious to my whirlwind of thoughts. “Let’s start with height. The world feels different from up here.” I pull on my underwear before we get going – but no time for anything more – Shawn is too eager. As I’m trying to unravel the tape measure, I realize that there’s no way I’m going to be able to measure something that tall – I can reach up there, but I can’t actually see the mark on the tape measure. I grab my rickety collapsible metal study chair from my desk – it wobbles a bit as I climb up to reach Shawn’s head. “It looks as if you’ve hit six feet and two inches according to the tape measure.” “Almost a whole foot taller! No wonder everything looks so different. Let’s move to chest.” I can’t reach around his chest, so I wrap the tape measure around his waist. “32 inches.” Shawn flexes his abs – it looks as if a brick wall just exploded under his skin – the ridges of the abdominals and obliques stand out sharply. I re-measure his waist. “Still 32 inches.” But there’s not an ounce of fat anywhere – it’s all solid muscle. And then with some effort, I shimmy/slide the tape up to his chest. Shawn stands at attention and flexes his chest and back – I almost drop the tape. “58 inches! That’s thick.” And to paraphrase a meme: I’m not drooling! You’re drooling! I wrap the tape measure around his thigh – it’s thick and I can feel the striations in the muscle moving around under his skin. “30-inch thighs!” Shawn’s not fully hard, but he definitely has more than just a semi. The tape measure shows 14 inches, with 10 inches of girth. “And now my biceps.” Shawn raises his right arm – keeping it straight out from his body. I wrap the tape measure around the bicep – he’s not flexing, but the arm is already impressively thick. I can see veins running along the bicep and connecting to a roadmap in his forearms. Shawn flexes his bicep. I just want to lick it. “Are you gonna measure that?” Shawn’s amused. “Oh yeah, sure.” I grasp one end of the tape measure and pull the other end: “22 fucking inches.” “Excellent. This is fucking amazing! I need to go throw some serious weight around.” “Shawn, I don’t think the gym’s going to have enough weights to challenge you.” “We’ll see about that.” He seems pleased and amused and has a bit of a far-off look in his eye. “But after the gym, I’m going to want another round with you. But you seem to keep disappearing on me.” “Shawn…” He’s looking around the room – and fixates on my rickety metal study chair. “This will do.” Shawn picks up the chair and proceeds to rip it apart with his bare hands. “Shawn! That’s my chair!” “I want you here when I get back. And so… Get on the bed.” I hesitate, wondering if I can make a run for it. But I’m just in my underwear, I haven’t had time to get dressed. “I’m being nice here, giving you the opportunity to have a comfortable place. Or, we can do this in a less comfortable spot.” Realizing that I’m not getting out of the room, I climb onto my bed. Shawn easily manipulates the metal frame into a makeshift set of rings. “Reach up, I’m tying you to the bedframe.” He wraps one of the rings around the bedframe and then around my wrist – initially getting it uncomfortably tight, but he sees the look of pain run across my face and adjusts the metal ring so that it’s tight but not pinching. He does the same with the other ring. I am now lying on my back with one arm tied to each bedpost. In any other circumstance, this would be insanely hot. People would pay money for this! But for some reason, I can’t seem to appreciate that right now. “Shawn. You can’t tie me up against my will. This isn’t right, and you know it.” “Listen little buddy. I need you to be here. And if you would just stop running away, I wouldn’t have to do this. Besides, I am going to go and blow through my lifts and pump these muscles to their max – and then me and my sweaty, pumped muscles are going to come right back here and rescue you.” Ok. Ok! I admit it. I’m turned on. Even my spent dick stirred at the thought of Shawn coming back sweaty and pumped. Shawn struggles to put on his workout clothes. Nothing fits and everything looks ridiculous on his gigantic frame. He settles on a muscle shirt that hides nothing and a pair of basketball shorts that now look like spandex. And nothing is capable of hiding his massive package. “I’ll be back. You wait here little buddy.” Shawn gives me a wink and a smile that somehow, in spite of the fact that he’s just tied me up, still manages to give me butterflies. I can hear him lock the door from the other side. I’m alone. “Fuck.”
  2. Hot & sexy! Love your stories.
  3. Xyg! Thanks for the story! Always love your writing.
  4. Love this! I like all the possibilities.
  5. Chapter 13: Found. The sun has gone down. I have spent the entire day in the library pretending that I’m reading the same page of the same book – but really my mind is a cross between a worried mess and an empty blank. Shawn hasn’t discovered that this is my hiding spot, and I’m wondering if I can just spend the rest of my life hiding here. But then I’m discovered… I barely have time to let out a gasp as a pair of arms reach around from behind me and wrap around my neck. “Hey sexy.” It’s Mark. Is it too late to un-pee my pants? I’m torn between immediate relief that it’s not Shawn, frustration at being startled (albeit unintentionally), and turned on by Mark’s touch. Mark slides in to the chair next to me. “Whoa. You look like you’ve had a tough day. What’s going on?” There is a look of genuine concern in his eyes, and his concern makes him even more endearing. “…And what the fuck?!” Mark’s noticed the mark on my neck. He reaches up and shifts the collar of my shirt to reveal the full bite mark. “What’s this? Are you ok? Corrigan, what’s going on?” A flurry of questions that I don’t know how to answer. I can see the concern in his beautiful blue eyes… His beautiful blue eyes… I could linger here forever… Mark is genuinely concerned, and I need to talk to someone. “Maybe we should go somewhere else to have this conversation.” “Yes. Let’s go back to my place. You can tell me everything.” We leave the library and walk back to Mark’s apartment. It’s a cute one bedroom just off campus – nicely decorated – with the sort of care for detail that you’d expect from someone doing his doctorate. Mark whips up some leftovers and we sit down on the couch together – shoulder-to-shoulder and hip-to-hip. I can feel his warmth. We eat in silence – and I realize that Mark’s giving me time to start my story when I’m ready. After we finish eating, I tell him everything. Mark was amazing; he accepted it all without doubting my sanity. We just sat there on the couch together – Mark with his arms wrapped around me – and I realize that I’m feeling safe for the first time since this whole thing started. “That’s a lot for one person to have to deal with. At least Shawn hasn’t turned violent. But if you ever need some space, you are most certainly welcome to crash here anytime – I’ve got a spare key that you can have. And at least it’s a bit better than trying to live in the library.” I’m exhausted – and Mark can see it in my eyes. “You’re drifting off to sleep. Let’s get you tucked in to bed.” I’m too tired to argue, but I hesitate a bit as I’m stripping down – how’s this going to work? However, I decide that keeping my briefs on will be enough to keep things under control. Mark strips down naked, and puts on a set of boxers for sleeping. Even tired as I am, I still can’t resist checking him out – he’s got a nice lean body – a bit more muscle than I might have expected from a geek, but still on the lean side. I catch a glimpse of his adorable little butt, and a fairly impressive cock and balls – looking pretty flaccid, but maybe he’s slightly chubbed up – even so, hanging over an impressively large set of balls, his cock’s got to be about four inches and somewhat girthy. We crawl in to his bed. Not wanting to create any problems, I curl up on my side facing away from Mark. He spoons in behind me and hugs me in tight. His warmth, both physical and emotional, is everything – and I’m instantly asleep. I hear the sound of running water and realize that I’m awake and listening to the faucet in the bathroom. I can feel the emptiness in the bed behind me – so I know that Mark’s up. The curtains are closed in the bedroom, but I can see that there are rays of sunshine lighting up the living room. I’m feeling well rested, so I drag myself out of bed. Mark’s got the door open and I can see that he’s brushing his teeth. He’s put on a pair of loose fitting cotton pyjama bottoms tied loosely around the waist. They’re hanging low so I can see his adorable little butt peeking out the top. He’s shirtless, so I can also see the muscles in his back flexing while he’s brushing. I haven’t had this view before, so I’m impressed that he’s got a bit of a v-taper going. I’m also impressed by his arm – I can see a bit of a horseshoe tricep fighting against a bicep that although small, shows some tight muscle and a surprising peak. Has he always had such an impressive little baseball of muscle in his biceps? Mark spots me in the mirror and rinses his mouth. “Busted! I was hoping to surprise you with my awesome minty-fresh morning breath!” He turns around and looks me in the eye. Maybe I’m hallucinating, but I feel as if I’m looking straight across into his eyes, whereas I would normally be looking just slightly down. “How are you doing? Did you sleep all right?” “I feel great. And yes I slept well. Thank you.” “I also slept well. I feel like I could take on the world. But how about we start with some breakfast?” His smile is irresistible, and he’s got a twinkle in his blue eyes. Now that he’s turned around, I can see that he looks a little pumped – as if he’s been awake doing pushups and situps for a while. “Have you been working out this morning?” “No. I just got out of bed.” He grabs me around the waist and with surprising strength draws me in for a kiss. Is it possible that I somehow got some cum on Mark? …But whoa he’s such a good kisser. His lips feel closer in height to mine than before. …His breath is minty-fresh, and his tongue is probing my mouth eagerly. He’s grinding his hips against mine with a surprising amount of force – more force than I would expect from a twinky geek. …And I can feel the hardness of his erection against my leg – I can feel a solid mass running halfway down my thigh. Damn! I want him bad. But have I already grown him? All the evidence seems to be there. What happens if we fool around now? My one hand is caressing the muscles in his back and my other hand is clamped on the tight muscles in his ass. I’m hard and my balls are starting to churn – I’m sure I’m leaking pre-cum. And with Mark firmly clamped on me like a lamprey, there’s no way to avoid getting it on him. “Strp.” It’s tough to articulate with someone’s tongue in your mouth. “Stop. We have to stop. I can’t.” Mark’s got me pinned against the wall fairly hard, but I’ve been hitting the gym all semester so I manage to get him to pull back. “Sorry Corr. I really find you adorable, and for me that’s irresistible.” But thankfully he does stop before things get awkward. I glance down at our bodies. My boner is stretched along my hip, and I don’t see any pre-cum – but as I’m watching, I see a wet spot start to form. I don’t see any wet spot on Mark – but that could be because anything would have been absorbed quickly. Does it look like his abs are tighter than a moment ago? His pecs might be a bit more pumped than they were, but that could just be my imagination. I can see his erection through his PJ bottoms, it look big and firm running down his thigh and I can clearly see the outline of the flared head through the fabric. Fuck, he’s sexy. “I need to slow things down and think.” “Definitely. And sorry if I tried to rush things.” “No. No need to apologize. And if it weren’t for what’s happening, I would be the one trying to rush things. You’re incredibly hot and I’m really attracted to you.” “How about we have some breakfast.” “Maybe I should just get going.” After I got dressed, Mark gave me the key he had mentioned last night. “Just in case. I want you to feel that you have a safe space here.” “Thanks.” He leaned in and gave me a kiss – and then wrapped his arms around me and turned it in to a hug. “Let’s agree to catch up on where things are at later this evening.” “I’d like that.” And with that, I headed back to my dorm room.
  6. Sorry for the loooonnnnngggg delay. The school year was crazy. Chapter 12: Saturday – Going Into Hiding. The morning sun shining through the window turns my eyelids a warm orange. It’s peaceful lying here with my eyes closed, and that makes it easy to forget all of the turmoil on the other side of those eyelids. But I can hear Shawn’s bulk shifting in his bed, and so I crack open my eyes to see what awaits me. Shawn appears to still be sleeping. During the night, he’s kicked off the sheets, and the rays of the sun highlight his impressive muscles; even asleep he looks as if he’s flexing. The ridges of his abdominals are gently undulating with his breathing, and the shelf of his firm, meaty pecs, eclipses them. The shoulder facing me looks swollen and densely packed with muscle, the striations evident even while he’s asleep. There is barely a gap between the muscles of his shoulder and the impressive muscles of his arm; a horseshoe tricep and a solid rock of a bicep are competing to stretch the arm in two directions. The prominent vein running down the bicep is visible from across the room, and connects with a roadmap of veins running along his forearm. Shawn has his hand in his briefs, and he’s cupping his semi – and even though he’s got his chubby in his hand, I can clearly see the head sticking out all the way to his hip. “Like what you see?” He’s awake. Of course yes I like what I see, but let’s not think about that right now. “Shouldn’t you be running off to the gym?” “Yes I will. But I’m thinking today is a good day for some really big personal bests in the gym. And then afterwards I can drive Travis insane when I fuck him with this slab of meat.” “So… a busy day?” I’m trying to refocus his attention, because I can see in his eyes that he’s a bit too focused on me right now. Shawn gives his chubby a squeeze and I can see it firming up and lengthening – stretching past his hip and creating a tent in his briefs. “Sure. But I want to make sure I get this day started right, and that’s where you come in little Buddy.” Little Buddy? Is that how things are now? Shawn must have noticed the look in my eyes at the new moniker, because he lightens up a bit. “Come on Corrigan! This body is hot, and you know you love it. If this was reversed, I would take every opportunity possible to enjoy my muscle-bound roomie. And of course, continue to build more muscle.” Before I can really move from my bed, or even consider mounting any sort of defense, Shawn has crossed the space between our bunks. His body is even more impressive up close. My hands are up, and pushing on his firm pecs, but I might as well be trying to prevent a wall from collapsing. Shawn’s stubble rubs across my cheek, and I can feel his warm breath on my neck. His body is hot. Temperature hot. As if his muscles are burning like a furnace. And hard. So hard. Hot, hard muscles everywhere. My boner is hard as a rock, and I’m already leaking pre-cum. Shawn easily gets my arms pinned, but it doesn’t matter as he’s so strong that I can’t move him off me. He gets his briefs off and kicks off all the sheets. His boner feels like a pendulum bouncing on my abs. My balls churn. Shawn spits on his hand. My eyes grow wide. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” “Relax. You know you want me.” Yes, but… He lubes up his cock and lowers himself into position. I can feel the solid head, hot to the touch, push it’s way up toward my hole. Shawn pauses for a moment. I can feel every muscle in his body tensing. My boner is being crushed between his solid wall of abs and my own weaker abs, and the pre-cum that’s being squeezed out is fuelling his growth. And then he starts to push in. His member is hot, and so hard I can feel the veins on the shaft as he’s slowly entering me. Thankfully he’s going slow allowing me time to adjust. I can feel the hardness of his pecs pressed against mine; he’s slowly pushing forward, grinding me into the bed. I can feel the hard ridges of his abdominals as they run along my shaft pinned between us. My cock is rock hard and leaking pre-cum, which is being soaked up quickly by his abs. I can feel his weight increasing, his pecs crushing mine as they expand with new muscle. I can feel his mushroom head flaring inside me as his shaft stretches my tight hole. He’s still pushing in deeper – we’re eye-to-eye – his blue eyes are glazed over in ecstasy. In his bliss, he’s let go of my arms, which frees me to run my hands along his growing muscles. My right hand is clamped tight on his left bicep – it’s too big to grab the entire muscle, and so hard I can’t make a dent. My left hand is on his massive right shoulder – I can feel the individual striations of each deltoid fighting for space. Shawn’s head nuzzles into my neck, a very sensual moment, but it also reminded me of the bite mark from last night – the memory makes my balls churn out more pre-cum. “I don’t even have to push.” He whispers. “My boner’s going deeper just from the growth.” He was right, Shawn was holding still and yet I could feel his cock pushing deeper inside me – the growth fuelled by my pre-cum. That realization sends me over the edge. My legs clamp tightly around his body as I’m rocked with the power of my orgasm. My cum sprays up between our bodies, covering our abs and pecs. Now I can feel Shawn’s growth accelerate – his weight increasing, his pecs pushing further in to mine. My hands are clamped on his shoulders, and I can feel them expanding with new layers of muscle. I can feel his massive cock surge inside me – and then suddenly I can feel his powerful jets of cum deep inside my ass. After a few moments his growth subsides. “Fucking amazing! I feel huge.” We’re face-to-face, and I can see the gleam in his eyes. “Corrigan, this is awesome. You’re awesome.” “Ummm… Thanks, I think.” What do you say in this sort of situation? I’m totally turned on by this stud, but where is this going? Shawn starts to pull out. Even post-orgasm, his boner is still hard as a rock – I can feel the mushroom head as it slides out. “Fuck. This thing is huge.” He was right, everything about him was huge. His still-hard cock looks to be at least 12 inches, and resting on top of a giant set of balls the size of a pair of apricots. He has to be about six feet tall, but his body is packed with muscle. He’s looking like a professional physique competitor – his skin stretched tight in an attempt to contain his dense muscles and a web of veins. “I’m going to need a cold shower to get this monster to go down before I head to the gym. I’ll see you after the gym…little buddy.” He gives me a little wink and a seductive smile, and then heads off to the showers. I must confess, everything about Shawn is sexy: his beautiful eyes, his boyish face, his sexy-mischievous smile, all of that resting on top of a god-like frame. However, it is obvious that Shawn is now comfortable with just taking what he wants, when he wants it. And I’m worried about this change in our relationship, and what it might mean for me and my future. I can’t think clearly – but all I know is that I want a bit of time to myself to try and clear my head. So I’m heading off to the library to hide.
  7. Chapter 11: Date Night! Friday has finally arrived; date night. I’m an excited bundle of nervousness. I could hardly concentrate through my classes. Mark has texted and we’ve agreed to meet at a pub just off campus. After classes, I hit the gym for a while to work off some of my nervous energy – and yes, to also get a good body pump going for my date (who doesn’t want to look their best?). After my shower I find that I’m having a tough time choosing what to wear. I finally select a sexy Andrew Christian jock that both cups my ass as well as accentuates my package. These work well with my “sexy jeans” that hug my glutes and also accentuate my bulge. I choose a fairly simple polo shirt in solid pastel orange that hugs my pecs and cuts tight across my biceps. I may not be a doctoral student like Mark, but I could at least show off my best assets. (insert shy grin) A pair of brown suede shoes with blue trim finishes off the look. I arrive right on time and find Mark looking casual and sexy standing out front of the pub. He’s so cute! He’s wearing a short-sleeve blue plaid button-down shirt, a pair of tight green casual pants with the cuffs rolled up at the bottom, and orange converse shoes. The pants are hugging his sexy ass nicely – and he’s certainly sporting a mouth-watering bulge in front. He’s adorable. “Hey! Orange!” And as soon as that leaves my mouth, I feel like an idiot. He’s doing his doctoral degree – I’m going to have to raise my game here, or he’s going to see me for the fool that I am. “I’m sure it’s a sign that we’re going to have a lovely evening together.” He’s so calm and inviting – not the slightest hint of judgement. Maybe I just need to relax and enjoy the flow. We’re lead to an out-of-the-way booth in the pub. The service is fine; the food is fine. But I’m not really paying any attention to those; my focus is on Mark. We’re having a great time. I manage to find my tongue (it was hanging out with my chin). The conversation flows well, and we share a ton of laughs. I can’t stop gazing into his lovely blue eyes – and I think I’ve had a chubby all night. Under the booth, our legs are crisscrossed, and I can feel the warmth of Mark’s legs against my own. Every now and then he gives my leg a squeeze, which sends a thrum of excitement through my body and makes my balls churn. We talk about everything: family, our hometowns, school, work, politics, music, movies, TV, faviourite books, dating history, everything. Everything except the one biggest thing in my life – I can’t bring myself to broach that topic with Mark. Not yet. We close the pub. We’re the last ones to leave – our very kind server could clearly see we were on a date, and so she was trying not to rush us out. We walk slowly back to campus together, enjoying each other’s company. Eventually we arrive at the point where we have to part ways. We linger for a while, but it really is quite late. “Corr… You’re adorable.” It’s dark, so I’m hoping that he can’t see me blushing. “I’ve had a great time tonight, and I hope you’re ok with us doing this again.” “The feeling’s mutual.” We’re holding hands. Mark leans in closer; our hips are locked together. I can feel his erection pushing against mine. He smells great. But I’m feeling both nervous excitement, as well as a mountain of trepidation, at what might happen here. How can I have a boyfriend? Or even a one-night stand? How would that even work? “Can we do this again next week?” I ask. I can see a flutter of questions in Mark’s eyes. I think he was hoping we might go a bit further tonight. But he recovers well. “Of course. That would be delightful. How about Monday night? That’s technically next week.” He’s sporting a sly grin. And as he’s saying it, he has his arms wrapped around my waist and he’s grinding against me. I can feel his boner pressed against me, and my own erection is pounding with excitement. “Monday would be great.” Mark leans in a bit closer, and all of a sudden his lips are pressed against mine. He tastes delicious. His tongue is teasing me inside my mouth, and he breaks off the kiss with a little nibble on my lower lip. Fuck that was hot – is he doing his Ph.D. in kissing? We say our good nights and head off. My head is in the clouds as I wander back to the dorm. The dorm room is dark as I enter, the thin stream of light from the streetlamp coming through the blinds is enough to show me that Shawn is sound asleep in bed. He is lying on his stomach and he’s kicked off all the covers. He’s only wearing a pair of thin tighty-whities, and they are straining to contain those glorious globes of his solid ass. As my eyes adjust to the thin light streaming in, I can make out the lines of muscle everywhere on his body. He has really been pounding away at the gym, and his body is showing it well. Even asleep, his muscles look taught and pumped. His hamstrings and quads give a nice rounded bulge to his upper legs, and are capped off by his amazing glutes straining his briefs. Above those, his lats are starting to look a bit like wings flaring out from his narrow waist. His traps create an impressive set of mounds leading toward the hills of his shoulders. He is sleeping with both of his hands above his head, and I can see the impressive bulges of one arm before it disappears underneath his pillow. I am trying to be quiet as a mouse so as not to wake Shawn. I strip off all my clothes, including my sexy jock with a noticeable wet spot from the chubby I’ve been sporting all evening. My belt makes a bit of a “clink” but thankfully doesn’t wake him up. I put on some comfortable boxers; thinking I might need to jack off to get my hard-on to go down (staring at Shawn’s sleeping body has only made me even hornier). However, as I’m climbing into bed the bedsprings betray me with some muted squeaks and this is enough to disturb Shawn’s sleep. He rolls over, and I am treated to a view of his massive balls and a semi fighting for space in his briefs. I’m trying to get under the covers quickly to hide my erection, while also keeping the squeaking to a minimum. But no luck. Shawn cracks a sleepy eye open, and manages to get a view of my boner before I get under the covers. “Hey Buddy.” His voice is full of sleep. “You’re getting in late.” But he’s waking up fast. Both his eyes are open now, and I can see them fixated on my boner. “How was your date? Must have been good, based on how late you’re getting in…and…well…” His voice trailed off, he didn’t need to say what he was thinking; I could see where his eyes were focused. “Good night Shawn.” I was hoping to end this and get to bed. But I can already tell that I’m too late. Shawn is now fully awake, and he’s getting out of bed. “Good night Shawn.” I say with a bit more emphasis. But I can already see his semi growing into a full hard-on, pushing its way toward his hip. “Let me help you with that thing. You know you’ll enjoy it, and we both know that I’ll enjoy it as well.” “Shawn, you can’t keep taking from me.” He’s crossed the space between our beds. I start to try and sit up in bed. “That’s ok. You can give it to me.” He reaches over and grabs one of my arms, I manage to keep the other arm free, but only for a moment. Within seconds he has both of my arms locked down – gods he’s strong, his grip is firm on my wrists. In spite of all of my efforts at the gym, I am no longer a match for Shawn’s strength, but at least I can still put up a good struggle. However, I’m not really committed to the struggle; I’m horny as hell, and my new bigger muscle-y roommate is a total turn on for me. Shawn is now fully on my bed, his weight is sitting on my chest, with one arm he has both of my arms pinned above my head, leaving his other hand free to struggle to rip off his own briefs. His pendulous erection slaps against my chest, and I can feel the weight of his balls against my sternum. He doesn’t have the reach to take off my boxers, but he pulls them below my balls, allowing my raging boner to slap up against my abs. I am hard as a rock, and already leaking the fuel that Shawn is so eager to obtain. Shawn caresses my balls and gives a few firm strokes to my shaft, and then he swipes his hand across the tip of my boner, swirling the pre-cum around to add to the sensation. However, the pre-cum is quickly absorbed into his hand. Can I already see him swelling a bit larger? Or is that just him leaning in closer? It feels as if he’s getting heavier, but that could just be his legs squeezing my chest with a bit of newly added strength. Shawn leans in a bit closer; I can see the excitement gleaming in his eyes, and I can smell a mix of shower gel, cologne, and a bit of musky sweat. Shawn leans forward and nuzzles his face against my neck – I can feel his throbbing erection pressed against my chest. “Oh fuck Corrigan. I want this muscle, I want to be huge.” He breathes into my neck, his teeth against my trap muscle. “Fuck me and make me huge.” He’s already out-powered me, and the thought of him growing huge has me painfully hard. Shawn spits on his hand and reaches around and lubes up my cock. At this point, I don’t think I’m struggling any more, but he still has my arms pinned above my head. I can feel his balls dragging down my abs as he slowly lowers himself down toward my waiting member. Shawn guides the tip of my boner toward his waiting hole. I can feel the pressure as he pushes against the head. And then I’m in. And I know that I am past the point of no return; no matter what, I am fucking his glorious, muscular, bubble-butt. Shawn continues to push, and my shaft slides deeper into his ass. Is he getting larger from my pre-cum? Probably, but I’m in too much ecstasy to notice. His hands are clamped painfully on my forearms. His face is just inches from my own, and I can feel his hot breath – he leans in and gives my neck a bit of a nibble. His boner is smearing pre-cum across my abs; an iron bar being crushed between our bodies. I’m fully inside him – balls deep. He starts riding my cock, slowly at first, savouring the moment. Shawn starts flexing the muscles in his ass; giving me the glorious sensation of having my cock milked. I can tell that I’m leaking pre-cum because I can feel his body swelling. His cock is pushing forward into my abs as it lengthens. And I can feel his thighs crushing my hips as they expand with further muscle. “Oh fuck!” I gasp. “Give it to me Corrigan. Make me huge.” He’s picking up speed, riding my cock with force. His ass is tight around my boner, the muscles squeezing harder as they flex and grow. I’m right on the edge, my mind is spinning with ecstasy. And all of a sudden, I am cumming. “Oh Fuck!” I yell. “Augh!” I yell louder. In the height of my orgasm, Shawn has leaned in and bitten me on the neck. I have never cum so hard in my life – my cock felt like a cannon in his ass; the cum was spewing forth like a fire hose. And Shawn was cumming as well – huge ropes of cum were shooting up between our abs and covering my chest, neck and face. I felt as if I came for a full minute – several huge, toe-curling volleys, followed by several more weaker shots. The pain in my neck – that bite is going to leave a mark. But all I can focus on is Shawn’s eyes, as they are inching upwards – and I’m having to adjust my angle to stare into them. This was a big dose, and hence more growth. I can feel him getting heavier on my abs. I can also feel his balls expanding and taking up more space as they push against my abs with their growth. His post-orgasm boner is still raging, standing straight up, and with new growth, I can see the large head pushing its way into my line of sight. “Why’d you bite me?” “You liked it. I bet you’ve never cum like that before.” He had a point – but still – ouch. Shawn made a point of lingering for a several moments, ensuring that he soaked up all the cum from my cock. He even flexed his ass muscles a few times to squeeze out any last drops of cum – and of course, my cock rewarded him with a few more drops. Eventually Shawn dismounts, and even with the dim light, it is clear that he’s been well-rewarded with some stunning growth. He has to be at least 5’10 and moving toward 5’11, and his body looks hard and swollen like a college wrestler who spends a lot of time in the gym. His traps are a pair of mountains along side his neck, and they are matched by thick bulging deltoids that make his shoulders look like a pair of striated bowling balls. He raises his arms into a double-bi pose – and his biceps explode into a pair of mountains that would put a softball to shame – and they are equally matched by his full bodied, horseshoe triceps. But his pose only serves to make his cock bounce, and that brings both our attentions to that monster. It has to be over 10 inches, and could be 11. It is standing straight up, the thick shaft is wrapped in veins, and capped with a full mushroom head. His cock is matched by a pair of amazing balls that look to be the size of pool balls, in spite of the fact that he just finished cumming. I am practically drooling at my Adonis of a roommate. Shawn reaches down – his arms are wrapped in a roadmap of veins. His meaty hands can barely wrap around his thick shaft, and even with both hands there is plenty of cock still exposed. He gives it a good squeeze – it looks as if his cock is swelling in his hands. “Come here and suck me off.” It’s not a request, but he’s so fucking hot I would have begged to do so. I quickly climb out of bed and I’m on my knees staring up at him. Past his cobblestone abs, and his shelf of a chest, I can see his eyes glowing with lust. Up close, his cock is huge. I have to squeeze tight to get my hands around it – and it feels as if I’m trying to squeeze stone. I’m hungry for this – I want his cock in my mouth. I lunge like a snake – my jaws spread wide. It fills up my mouth and stretches my throat. I can feel the ridges of the veins as they pass my lips. His cock is so engorged that even the veins are hard – and it’s hot in my mouth. Shawn is now so large that I start to gag with just over half in my mouth. I back off a bit and start sucking and playing with the head – wrapping my tongue around it and giving it the occasional flick. My hands are busy working the shaft and pulling on his engorged balls. Shawn starts moaning. He grabs my head with both hands and starts fucking my face. Even though he just came moments ago, I can already feel his cock swelling in anticipation of orgasm. And then with a final surge, his cock swells larger, and Shawn’s grip on my head tightens, forcing more of his cock down my throat, and he’s cumming. A torrent spews down my throat, and I eagerly drink down every last drop. Shawn eventually relaxes, and he releases my head. I give his balls one last squeeze, and take one final suck on his cock as he’s pulling it out of my mouth. “Whew! That was awesome. Thanks Buddy!” He has a post-orgasm grin on his face. Shawn grabs his briefs, wraps a towel around his waist and heads to the showers. I watch in silence – every movement is a chorus of bulging muscles, and the towel does nothing to hide the size of his cock. Shawn exits the room, and I’m left alone with my thoughts. What had started out as a lovely date night ended up turning into… Into what? Was this a terrible thing? Do I feel as if I might have been unfaithful to Mark? We only had one date. Am I worried about Shawn getting out of control? I don’t think I can deny the fact that I am turned on by the new Adonis-Shawn. But is this what I want? It’s very late and I’m too tired to think straight. Tomorrow is another day and I just need some sleep.
  8. Sorry Alf! I'm just a slow writer. But I will definitely finish this story.
  9. Hello everyone! Thanks for your patience. My hectic semester is officially over, and I am hoping to get this story done before we get too far into the summer. Thank you very much for everyone who has provided support, comments and feedback. You really helped motivate me to work on this. Here is a link to chapters 1-7: http://muscle-growth...e-symbiote-war/ Here is a link to chapter 8: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4428-the-symbiote-war-chapter-8/ I have finally managed to finish chapters 9 and 10. Just for the record, I will post all of the remaining chapters in this thread. Chapter 9: Unexpected: A friend and a monster. “Hey… Hey! Hellloooo? Are you there? Everything ok?” My eyes come back into focus, and I find that I’m staring at a very cute face that is surprisingly close to my own. The last couple of days have gone by in a blur – I’m feeling depressed, isolated, and confused. I guess I had sort of zoned out while studying in the library – and someone noticed. Not just anyone, but the adorably cute boy that seems to spend as much time here as I do. I’ve caught him checking me out – almost as often as he’s caught me checking him out. “Welcome back to planet earth.” He says with a shy grin. I’m still staring into his blue eyes. Although we’ve spent a fair bit of time in the library together, we haven’t met, and we haven’t been this close. “Sorry. Must have drifted off.” “Is everything ok? You’re far too cute to be so glum.” I suppose that’s his way of coming out to me – but it was unnecessary, as we’ve already caught each other sneaking glances. Although he isn’t my usual “type” (I don’t know if I have a “type” anymore), he is adorably cute. He’s got this ridiculous mess of light brown hair, cool-blue eyes, and a smile that warms the room. He’s about my height, lean, and with a really cute little butt. “Mark.” He introduces himself to bridge the silence. “Corrigan.” “Cool name! Care to grab a cup of coffee and tell me how your parents came up with that one?” And that’s how I met Mark. It was unexpected. Our coffee date lasted all afternoon. He’s a good talker, and he’s fascinating. He’s doing his doctorate in Social Policy. He’s a smarty-pants, but doesn’t show it – he’s easy to talk to. He’s energetic and passionate about a number of topics, and he’s downright adorable when he’s really excited about a topic. He’s also a good listener, and it really didn’t take long for him to sift through my vague replies to figure out that something is going on with my roommate, or specifically, between my roommate and me. “Come on Corr! Spill the beans! Is he a psycho? Does he steal your stuff?” I just didn’t know how to broach the topic. Nothing that’s been happening makes any sense, and I didn’t want Mark to think I was nuts. Mark could tell that I was uncomfortable and fumbling. “Ok. You don’t have to say anything if you’re not ready. But just tell me that you will talk to me, or to somebody, if you’re ever in need of help.” I could agree to that. Our wonderful afternoon eventually came to an end. Mark had to get to class. “Ok – my interplanetary traveller. I want to see you later. How about Friday for supper?” There’s no way I could refuse him. We made plans. We hugged – he smelled great – one of those warm, close hugs – and just as we were disengaging, he gave my ass a squeeze. I was in a great mood. I decided to head to the gym to work out some of my energy. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the gym was fairly deserted. These were always my favourite times to work out – mindlessly enjoying my tunes and not having to wait for any of the machines to come available. I was having a pretty good day at the gym; the buzz of my positive mood from my date with Mark was translating into a great pump from my workout. I was really enjoying how solid my body was getting from a semester of working hard to keep ahead of Shawn. However, as I thought that, I mentally noted that the purpose of my workouts now was to try and keep up with Shawn. I finished my gruelling shoulders and arms session, capped off with some abs at the end, and headed to the locker room for a shower. I stripped off my sweaty clothes, wrapped a towel around my waist, and headed for the showers. Because there was no one else in the locker room, I stopped in front of the mirrors to admire my great pump. Shawn might have surpassed me, but my gains were without any “assistance” and my body was looking great. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I was turning myself on and starting to pitch a tent in my towel. And that’s when Greg walked in. You may remember Greg as the “victim” of my experiment. He was now easily a 6’1 muscle-bound stud. He was wearing his workout gear, a muscle shirt and a pair of workout shorts. His handsome face was now three inches closer to the ceiling than it was before our last meeting. The growth from my cum had turned him into an Adonis with a cock that any porn star would envy. And since our last meeting, he had clearly been hitting the weights with force. His broad shoulders were rounded globes that stretched the skin tight over the striations in the muscles. His arms hung wide to accommodate the bulging muscles of his V-tapered back. A powerful vein snaked down each bicep; serving as a roadmap to highlight the incredible size of his arms. Greg’s powerful legs, flexing with each step, filled up the legs of his workout shorts. However, it was tough to notice because my attention was drawn to the obscene bulge made by his enormous cock and balls. I was instantly awestruck by the presence of this stud, and my rapidly growing erection almost made me drop my towel. Greg immediately recognized me and I could see by the look on his face that he had been looking for me. A few quick strides of his powerful legs and he had me pinned against the wall. “Tell me what you know.” “Uhhh….”. His strong hands were firmly gripping my shoulders, pinning me against the wall. I wasn’t able to form words. “You did this to me! Tell me how!” His chest was right in front of my eyes, and I could count the striations in his meaty pecs. One… Two… Three… Four… I was fully erect. “I want more. Tell me how you did it.” I could feel his warm breath. His hands tightened on my shoulders. My balls churned. If he kept this up, he was going to get his answer without me saying anything. “It’s…it’s a curse.” I finally managed to stammer. I’m usually an excellent talker. But apparently that’s conditional… “This isn’t a curse! This is awesome. Tell me how it works.” And apparently I’m terrible under pressure – because before my brain knew what I was doing, I found myself saying… “It’s my cum. It makes people grow.” Oh shit! What have I done? That’s all he needed. He ripped the towel from my body and knelt down. He had one hand centered on my chest, pinning me firmly to the wall, and his other hand wrapped around my balls and the base of my erection. He popped the head of my cock in his mouth and started sucking as if his life depended on it. I mean seriously, I thought he might suck it right off my body. It was both painful and insanely pleasurable. Any attempt I made at trying to struggle was met with a firm thrust against the wall. Greg was quite adept at working my balls and shaft with his one hand; he was gently kneading my balls while also squeezing and tugging on the base of my boner. His tongue was eagerly exploring and teasing my cockhead, all while maintaining a powerful vacuum. I was so turned on by him, this muscle beast servicing my cock. I felt the moment when I gave over to the idea of making him grow even more – turning him into a massive muscle monster. I grabbed his head with both hand and started fucking his face. “Take it and grow!” I growled. Greg could tell I was on the edge, my balls started to tighten up. He let go of my shaft, released my chest, and grabbed my ass with both hands. He rammed my entire cock in his mouth – and I could feel the muscles in his throat milking the head. It was glorious. I let out a feral growl as my load spewed forth. I could feel his throat twitching as he sucked out every last drop. The growth was already starting as he pulled my cock out of his mouth and stood up. He already towered over me, but he was gaining more height, pushing closer to the ceiling. Greg quickly stripped out of everything. The first thing I noticed, because they were right in front of my eyes were his pecs, the muscles were undulating as each striation fought for space under the stretched skin. His abdominals clenched and expanded with each breath, but each time they did they expanded a bit larger – the bricks pushing a bit farther out. Greg raised his arms into a double bi pose, and as my gaze was drawn up, I noticed the massive V of his back, capped by a pair of rock hard, mountainous shoulders. Greg’s arms were massive, but as he brought his biceps into full flex, they exploded out into a pair of truly impressive peaks. “Of fuck yeah!” He growled. “Awesome.” I was star struck. Our attention was drawn down to Greg’s boner. It was easily twelve inches, and sticking straight out from his body; looking as if he was ready to spear me through the chest. Hard, massive, wrapped in veins, and leaking pre-cum. I leaned forward and gave the head a lick; savouring the pre-cum from this stud that I had created. Greg’s massive balls clenched up tight and he was immediately spewing forth a geyser of cum; it was everywhere, but mostly all over me. “Time to test out this new body. I have a feeling my workout’s going to be amazing.” He struggled to get his clothes back on. His muscle shirt clearly no longer fit his new size, it was stretched to breaking across his wide frame, and this pulled it up to expose his waist. His workout shorts were completely inadequate, they were straining at the seams, and the tightness only accentuated Greg’s massive chubby running down his right thigh. He clearly needed new clothes but who was going to criticize this massive muscle stud? I am feeling both physically and emotionally drained. This was something right out of my fantasies, but it is also a scary situation – a second person now knows what I can do. Are my worst fears coming true? Or my deepest fantasies? Chapter 10: Schoolboy Pin. I can’t believe what they did to me today. I knew Shawn was fooling around with one of his wrestling buddies. Travis used to be in Shawn’s weight category, but whereas Shawn had grown into a new weight category, Travis had hit a plateau. I’ve seen them hanging around outside of wrestling practice, and I’ve seen Travis leaving our room – only to walk into a dorm room filled with a pungent post-sex mix of sweat and cum. Apparently, Travis had hounded him about his growth and Shawn had let slip the secret. Travis was a lean and well-muscled wrestler, his light brown hair, hazel eyes and cut jaw line making him immediately attractive. He only stood at about 5’6, but his lean musculature made him look impressive. I guess that wasn’t enough, and his hunger for more brought him, and Shawn, to me. It started innocently enough. I was studying in the room when they entered. We chatted it up a bit. Then without warning, they flipped my chair over backwards and had me pinned on the floor. I struggled, but with no luck. Shawn had me in a schoolboy pin. He was sitting on my chest, his legs pinning my arms against the floor. And with his hands clamped on my forearms, I was essentially immobilized. This left Travis to take what he wanted. He was sitting on my legs, his hands kneading my growing bulge. He unzipped my jeans and worked them down to my ankles, and then hiked my briefs under my balls. My growing erection was starting to stand on end. Shawn shifted his weight, bringing his own swelling bulge closer to my face. Travis worked my balls and my shaft, slowly bringing me to full hardness. I feel embarrassed to admit that this was incredibly hot. But the idea of creating yet another muscle monster prevented me from really enjoying the experience. Travis knew what he wanted, and he sucked on my balls and licked my shaft, sending me into toe-curling bliss. He worked my hard cock slowly – sucking the head, deep throating the shaft, sticking his tongue in my piss slit – bringing me close to orgasm on a couple of occasions – but backing off in order to prolong the experience and maximize my eventual orgasm. Shawn wasn’t one to let my humiliation go to waste. “You know you’re enjoying this.” He said. “You’re going to make Travis into a wrestling machine.” He shifted his crotch closer to my face. His erection was plainly visible through his sweats, and a visible stain was forming. He saw me checking him out and shifted his weight so that he could free his hard member from its confines. From this angle, it looked ridiculously large. The purple head was engorged and glistening with pre-cum. The thick shaft was wrapped in veins – and at this proximity, I swear I could see his heart beating. Shawn leaned forward so that his hot cock brushed my lips. Fuck. My balls churned. And before I knew it, my cock was thrumming with my orgasm. Spurt after spurt. And Travis was there for the ride. His mouth was a vacuum on my rock hard cock, and he was kneading my balls for every last drop. He drank it all – the seed of his growth. How many times did I cum? Enough to move him up one weight category? Or two? Shawn was loving it – “Fuck yeah!” After what felt like an eternity, I stopped cumming. Travis took one last long suck on my still hard cock, and then stood up. His shirt was off and his pants were down around his ankles. His muscles glistened with sweat in the afternoon sun streaming through the window. I could see the growth catalyst working its way through his already lean muscled body. Was he standing taller? No. He was growing – he had to be at least 5’8 now. His already taught abdominals and serratus muscles appeared to be flexing, but without returning to their pre-flexed state. His striated pecs rippled as they added on a new layer of muscle. His rounded delts widened, adding to his already impressive V-shaped body. His biceps swelled, each one pushing out from the arm and forcing a vein to snake along the length like a drop of water cascading down his arm. The muscles in his legs rippled as they expanded with lean muscle. But I was particularly drawn to his beautiful cock and balls. His balls were tight and looked swollen with cum, easily the size of a pair of plums. His cock stood straight out from his body, the head was throbbing as if he were dry cumming, but each flex added new length and girth. It looked as if the veins were being pushed out from the inside. Apparently Shawn also found this irresistible. He stood up off of me, knelt in front of Travis and gulped down his cock. It looked as if he was struggling with Travis’s growing tool. However, they must have both found this to be too arousing, and after only a few moments, they were both cumming. Travis let out an animalistic roar, grabbed Shawn’s head, and rammed his spurting cock down Shawn’s throat. At the same time, Shawn’s own impressive member blew several huge shots all over Travis’s legs and the floor. After the orgasm subsided, Travis let go of Shawn’s head. Shawn slowly backed off his cock – the thick shaft emerging from his mouth, inch after inch after inch. Damn, it was obviously bigger – it had to be at least nine full inches, and as big around as my wrist. There would be no hiding that impressive bulge in his wrestler’s singlet. Staring directly into Travis’s still tumescent member, Shawn must have felt that Travis’s growth was impinging on his territory, because he quickly twisted around and lunged onto my still hard member – taking the entire shaft in one gulp. The surprise, combined with my arousal at watching Travis’s growth, caused me to immediately orgasm, and I shot one huge volley down Shawn’s throat. After a good hard suck, Shawn came up smiling, and I could see his traps expanding a bit more at the neck of his shirt while his delts widened ever so slightly. “Fucking awesome.” Clearly Travis was impressed with his new muscles. He kept running his hands over his body, flexing every muscle, and grabbing his swollen cock and balls. “Let’s hit the gym and see what these things can do.” Looking over at me with an evil and mischievous grin, Shawn agreed. They dressed and headed out. Feeling defeated. I got up from the floor and headed down the hall to the bathroom. This is starting to get out of hand; three people now know my secret. At the very least, I’d never be left alone. At worst, I could be kidnapped, locked up, and milked for the remainder of my sad existence. So why does all of this turn me on?
  10. Great start! I am definitely looking forward to more. Thanks!
  11. Yeah - this isn't really a "pure theft" story. Once I get this one wrapped up (and I do have an end point in mind), I have an idea for a different story that is more of a true theft story. ;-)
  12. Hello Varg! If you haven't read Xyggurat's "The Roommate" story - then you absolutely must drop everything and read that immediately. It's incredible. Plus, it will help this story here make sense - as I am using his idea (his universe) as the basis for this story. Corrigan isn't growing because he does not have a symbiote implanted, nor is he being dosed by someone else who is also "a source" like he is. When "the behemoth" dosed Corrigan - it was cum from someone who had a symbiote - and this has made his cum into a source for growth for others. But being dosed with cum from someone who has a symbiote causes the person to shrink (muscle and size) - so this is why Corrigan did experience a bit of shrinking at the start of this story. FYI - the chapter 1 opener was a quote from Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  13. My sincere apologies for the looooonnnng delay. The past several months have been truly nuts. Here is a link to chapters 1-7: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1689-the-symbiote-war/ And here is chapter 8. I have chapter 10 finished, but I've been struggling with chapter 9 - but I'm working on it. Chapter 8: The Day I Had Been Dreading… What I had been dreading has finally happened. After a long day of school, working out at the gym, and studying in the library, I had returned to our room and was lying in bed surfing the web on my laptop (Ok! Ok! I’ll admit it… I was surfing for porn). I was just getting heated up when Shawn walked in. “Hey Buddy!” He exclaimed. “Hey Shawn.” I replied, hastily closing my browser’s tabs. He looked great. He was still a bit sweaty, and his muscles looked swollen – pumped full of blood. “Were you just at the gym? And weren’t you there earlier today?” “Yes. And yes. I can’t get enough. I think I might finally be getting close to your size.” “Your progress has been amazing. And those muscles look great on you.” Ogling his muscles was doing nothing to help my erection go down. Thankfully, my boner was hidden under my sheets. “Thanks. This ride is a blast – and I have you to thank for it.” He’s looking at me with a gleam in his eye, and a cute grin on his face. He’s so adorable – my balls churn just looking at him. “We should check my progress – see how I measure up against you.” As he’s saying this, he’s rummaging around his desk looking for something. “I found a measuring tape in a sewing kit. I’ve never used the kit, but the measuring tape will come in handy.” He pulls out the measuring tape. I’m already feeling nervous about where this is going. For starters, he’s probably going to expect me to climb out of bed – and then it’ll be obvious that I’ve got a bit more than a chubby in my boxers. “Corrigan, come and help me out.” I can see the small, defined bricks of his tight abdominal muscles and his obliques flexing as he’s taking his shirt off. As the shirt goes over his head, it highlights the V-shape made by his nicely developed lats – they’re small, but on his lean frame they really stand out. He drops his shirt to the floor and turns to do a most-muscular pose in the mirror. My balls churn again at the sight of his tight pecs and bulging shoulders capped with two mounded lats as he’s flexing them in the mirror. Even with his jeans still on, there is no mistaking that glorious bubble butt that he’s been developing. The jeans are tight around his glutes and bulging crotch, but loose around his waist. “Get out of bed you lazy bum! I can’t measure myself!” He’s struggling to get his jeans down past the firm globes of his ass. I might weigh a bit more than him, but that would only be because of my slight height advantage and the fact that I am not as lean as he is. His lean form really highlights his newly developed, tight muscles. I finally consent and crawl out of bed. My boner has barely gone down and it’s still tenting my boxers. Shawn sees this and gives me a grin and a wink – totally adorable – my balls churn again. Shawn’s wearing a pair of sexy white briefs. They are stretched across his firm ass and revealing the slightest hint of crack. But in the front they are struggling to contain his erection. It looks plump and full, pointing all the way toward his hip, the line of the flared head is clearly visible through the thin fabric. “Let’s start with arms.” He says as he’s handing me the tape measure. He flexes his right arm a few times and holds it up for me to measure. His bicep feels warm and hard as a rock as I wrap the tape around. “14 and a half.” He might have been a bit over fourteen and a half, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. “Not bad, considering just a short while ago, I didn’t have any arms to speak of. Now let’s measure you.” I hand over the tape and hold up my arm. I flex as hard as I can, attempting to make up for the fact that, unlike Shawn, it’s been several hours since I was at the gym. “Impressive. 15 inches.” I might have a bit of size on Shawn, but my arm doesn’t have the same impressive baseball shape that he’s developed. Still, I’m proud of my recent gains in the gym. “Here, help me get this around my chest.” I help him wrap the tape around his chest, and then I almost drop it as he flexes and pulls the tape out of my hands. We get it back in place, and he relaxes so that I can measure. “41 inches.” “And you.” He grabs the tape from my hand and wraps it around my chest. “42 inches. Still a bit bigger than me.” His waist is 29 inches, and mine is 31. Both our thighs measure in at 21 inches. Then we measure heights. I’m hardly five foot seven inches – clearly not the same as before, because I’m sure I used to be exactly five-seven. Shawn is just under five-six and a half – hardly a half-inch difference between our heights. No wonder I’m feeling that I’m looking straight across into his eyes – he’s gained two and a half inches of height since the semester started. What a crazy semester this has been. My mind stops wandering and I see that Shawn has hiked his briefs under his large balls and he’s got the tape measure up against his rock-hard cock. The shaft looks hard as iron, and wrapped in thick veins. He’s stroking and flexing as he holds the tape along the shaft. “Yeah! Look Corrigan! Eight inches. This is so fucking hot!” The excited smile on his face is genuine, and cute. And once again, my cock throbs and my balls churn. “Now let’s measure you.” I don’t know why, but I hesitated. We’ve slept together, and we’ve seen each other naked in our room, so this shouldn’t be an issue. But maybe it’s because I know that I’m no longer nine inches, and I don’t want to have to confront that fact with a tape measure. Or maybe I just don’t want Shawn getting so close to the fuel for surpassing me. But regardless, I hesitated and started to back off. But Shawn wasn’t going to let me do that. “Come on buddy! I know you’re packing – let’s check it out!” He’s reaching for the tent in my boxers, but I grab his arm. He grabs my other arm. And then all of a sudden, we’re serious. Shawn wants access, and I want to prevent him from getting the upper hand. He’s incredibly strong and I’m having a difficult time keeping him away. We struggle for a moment – Shawn’s getting closer. And then I manage to push him over – and we both tumble onto the floor. Shawn’s wrestling experience pays off and he manages to wind up on top. I’m on my back, holding onto one of his arms, and he’s lying on top of me holding onto my other arm. We’re struggling for several moments – neither one making any headway – an even match. But then Shawn changes strategies. With a mischievous look in his eye, and cute grin, he starts thrusting against me. I can feel his hard-on and large balls in his briefs rubbing up and down against my stomach. He even leans in and licks my neck! I’m wondering what’s going on. But it’s so hot that I almost don’t care. My boner is throbbing in my boxers – and because of the thrusting, it is now poking out of the leg. I’ve been hard for a while now, and so I’m leaking pre-cum – I can feel the slick wetness against my leg. But then Shawn’s thigh rubs against it and I can feel the wetness dissipate. And that’s when I realize what’s happening. Shawn lets out a little moan of pleasure and I can feel his grip on my arm tightening. I can feel his cock pressed against my abs hardening and stretching. His pecs are pushing against my chest as they expand with the slightest bit of extra muscle. I can’t hold back as my balls churn again and another gush of pre-cum pours forth. Shawn’s thigh is right there to soak it all up. “Oh fuck yeah.” He moans. I’m getting tired from our struggling, but Shawn’s new growth is giving him new energy. His grip on my arm is getting tighter and he’s fighting less to control me. Even my grip on his other arm is failing – I can feel the muscles in his forearm tightening and growing with new muscle. He easily breaks my grip – and now he’s got both of my arms pinned. He renews his thrusting, and I can feel my balls clenching up, ready to explode with cum. I’m trying desperately to break free, but he’s clearly stronger. And with more pre-cum leaking out, I can feel his body growing as he’s got me pinned to the floor. And then, with an air of certainty, Shawn makes eye contact – I can see the excitement – “It’s time.” He says. And that air of superiority is all it takes. My cock flexes, my balls churn, and I’m exploding with cum. The first shot comes out like a geyser. Shawn quickly repositions and gets my gushing cock in his mouth. Shot after massive shot is quickly sucked up and swallowed. I can feel his hand on my thigh digging in painfully as it grows. His other hand is wrapped around my shaft, working out every last drop of cum. He continues vacuuming until I’m completely dry, and he even makes sure to lick up the leftovers of the first shot down my thigh. Shawn stands up, and I can clearly see that he’s taller. And as I’m watching, he still seems to be stretching toward the ceiling. His muscles are clenching and tightening, and each time they flex a bit larger. His shoulders are adding an impressive width to his frame, and are topped by the mounds of his traps. I can see the V of his back widening, but keeping the narrow, tight waist. And from my angle, lying on the floor, it is easy to see the growth of his chest. Shawn is flexing his pecs – the striations of lean muscle appear to be fighting to push through his skin as they expand. Shawn then lifts his arms into a double bi pose – and baseballs of muscle explode out of his arms. Even with all of the other growth, those arms are impressive. But then we both turn our attention to Shawn’s cock and balls. His balls are so large, they are taking up all the space in his tight briefs, and this has caused his massive boner to pop out. Shawn glances around and grabs the tape measure. His cock looks to be as thick as my wrist. He gives it a few strokes, his hand barely wrapping around the thick shaft. He presses the tape along his cock – “Nine inches. More than that, it’s over nine. It feels fucking amazing.” He drops the tape measure and grabs his cock with both hands – even with both hands wrapped around the shaft, the large purple head is sticking out. Shawn starts jacking with one hand, while the other alternates between cupping his massive balls and feeling up his newly muscled pecs and abs. I’m frozen with awe – staring at the stud that my roommate has become. And then Shawn starts clenching, his muscles straining and standing out taut. His tool, already impressively swollen, appears to swell larger, and his balls clench up. And with a grunt of pure pleasure, he’s spurting forth a geyser of cum – it’s spraying everywhere. In my position, still on the floor, I’m covered in spunk. Fuck that was hot. “Ohh yuck! I’m covered.” I lied – it was a total turn on to be cum-showered by my Adonis of a roommate. “Oh god that was awesome!” Shawn had a post-orgasm, blissful-dumb grin on his face. “I feel so amazing.” “I need a shower.” I stood up. I’m definitely looking up at Shawn – he’s got to be at least 5’8 or 5’8 and a half – and his body looks solid with muscle – almost as if his whole body is a boner. He hands me the tape measure and raises a bicep. He doesn’t have to say anything, I know what he wants. I wrap the tape measure around the baseball of his bicep. “15 and a half.” “Awesome. Now, chest.” I can tell he’s wider, because I’m struggling to reach around his back and grab the tape with my other hand. We’re so close I can feel his hot breath on my neck. As I finally manage to grab the tape, I’ve leaned in so close that his boner brushes against my abs and mine swipes across his thigh – which furthers the realization that Shawn is now taller than me. “43…no, 43 and a half.” “I feel bigger.” He clenches up into a most muscular pose, and I can see the tape stretching toward 44 inches. I lower the tape to his waist. “About 29 and a half.” His tight waist stands in contrast to the shelf of his bubble butt. “Thighs… 22 and a half inches.” I can barely get this measurement, as I can’t keep my eyes off his over nine-inch tool poking well above the waist band of his tighty-whities and easily touching his belly button. “And finally, let’s check my height.” “5’8 and a half.” “That’s four and a half inches since the start of the term. This is fucking awesome.” “I think can get an hour in at the gym before they close. Gotta run. Thanks buddy!” He’s grabbing his clothes and trying to stuff his post-orgasm chubby back into his now-too-small briefs. And then he’s out the door. And I’m alone with my thoughts. What is happening to my life?
  14. The story is by Helliot. It's called A Mother's Curse: Lucas and Connor. It's in the archive of the old Evolution Forum site. Loved that story - it was hot!
  15. Thanks guys! I appreciate the push. I've sort of been stuck, but thanks to some helpful comments from Xyggurat, I at least have a direction (now I just need to find the time).
  16. Hello everyone! Chapters 1 through 4 were originally posted on the old site. I'll start this thread by posting them again. The new chapters are posted after chapter 4. This story is really just a tribute to the truly amazing writing of Xyggurat - hoping to get him back into writing (some of his writing can be found at O'Melissokomos's site). If you haven't read Xyggurat's The Roommate series, then you really should. The ideas in The Symbiote War are derived from the ideas created by Xyggurat. Chapter 1: New School, New Roommate. “As I must do something or go mad, I write this diary.” Will someone ever read this? If so, will they ever believe my story? I don’t believe what’s been happening – why would I expect anyone else to believe this? But I have to write this out, even if it’s just to preserve my own sanity. I was really looking forward to university. Sure, San Cristobal had a reputation for being a bit...weird, but still, it was going to be the start of something new and exciting. I was a fool. The last weekend of Summer was move-in day for the dorms. I had just finished hauling my stuff up the stairs and was lying on my bed, hoping that my crap would just unpack itself. No luck. That’s when my new roommate walked in. In a moment of silence we quickly sized each other up. He was kind of cute; short-cropped and messy ginger-blond hair and blue eyes. He was quite short, and rather lean, but I could tell that he at least made a bit of an attempt at the gym. I stood up to introduce myself and was surprised – he was probably 5’4 or maybe 5’5. In my moment of hesitation, he stuck out his hand – “Shawn” he said with a shy smile. Yes, he was cute. “Corrigan” I replied. Turns out we were quite similar, and this caused us to hit it off a bit too quickly. He was here for a business degree; I’m here for statistics. He’s a ginger-blonde; I’m a dirty blonde. We both had blue eyes. And while I’m not all that tall at 5’7, I was certainly a bit better off than Shawn’s 5’4. We both worked out fairly regularly, but not too seriously. We’re both on the lean side, and although we both wanted a bit more muscle, we were hard-gainers, and neither one of us was really willing to put in the kind of time it would take to seriously bulk up. But I didn’t just have a height advantage over Shawn, I also had a bit more musculature. We were both into muscular guys. Oh, did I mention we’re both gay? This was immediately obvious – and disastrous. We didn’t even wait a day. That first night, we fucked and sucked our brains out. He was definitely impressed by my nine-inch tool. Ok, it was nine on a good day, but certainly above eight and a half. His five incher was not as impressive, but still looked good on his smaller frame. But after that first night it got awkward. Neither one of us was really what the other was looking for, and it was a bit weird to be rooming with a one-night-stand. Oh we were still fast friends. But there was that underlying tension – each expecting that we might do it again, but not really being all that into the idea. Don’t get me wrong. He was cute. But I was looking for a guy with muscles that filled out his shirt. So was Shawn. In the first few weeks of university, my schedule sorted itself out into routine: classes, surfing for porn, studying, porn, making new friends, porn, hanging out, porn, and hitting the gym. Did I mention I was always horny? I liked the university atmosphere as well as all the hot guys on campus, and I liked the university’s gym facilities (which included a buffet of hot guys). So I found myself establishing quite a regular gym routine, and I could already see results – I was clearly a bit buffer for my few weeks of solid effort. Ok, it was barely noticeable. But at least I could tell that I was putting on a bit of muscle, and I managed to raise my max for many of my lifts. Shawn was also hitting the gym – and if anything, he was a bit more ferocious than I was – I could see some improvement on his body as well. Don’t get me wrong, he was still lean, but his subtle musculature was ever-so-slightly more pronounced. After having broken the ice so vigorously, we really weren’t shy about our bodies around each other, so we often lounged in our dorm room in just our underwear. I preferred sexier briefs for going out, but just regular boxers for lounging around the room. Shawn always wore tighty-whities – but not loose cheap ones, they were the good ones that really hugged his package and accentuated his tight ass. I could see that his few weeks of pounding away at the gym were starting to fill out his form nicely. And from the bulge at the front, he seemed to be sporting a perpetual chubby. We were getting along well, and I was beginning to feel that the residual tension from our earlier one-night stand would eventually fade away completely. We were both horny buggers, but we had established a good routine of letting the other have some private time in the room at least a couple of times every day. Shawn was quite the horn dog – his tight balls could pump out a lot of cum – and it was a rare day that he wouldn’t jack off at least twice. But like I said, we had our routine, and things were sailing along smoothly. But in one night, all that ended. Chapter 2: The night it began. We had been having quite the hot spell – hot for late September. It wasn’t just hot; it was unusually humid as well. The dorm air conditioners were struggling to keep up, but due to their failure Shawn and I had taken to sleeping on top of the sheets. The goof had even tried sleeping with a zip lock bag of ice, which inevitably broke and soaked his bed. This particular night came after another hot, humid day. The evening was particularly still – no wind, and it felt as if everything living had left the campus for some cooler climate. Shawn and I spent the evening in our dorm room, studying in nothing but our underwear. Shawn called it quits first and crawled into bed, or rather on top of bed. Our dorm room was decent sized; two beds with room at the foot of each for a fair sized desk, and a generous cabinet and closet lining each side of the hall heading toward the door of our room. However, the layout did make it uncomfortable for one person to try and sleep while the other studied. Thus, I headed to bed shortly after Shawn. I was having trouble sleeping with the heat, and so I lay on top of the sheets for a while thinking about...well, everything. Shawn had managed to drift off, and in his tossing and turning he had turned over flat on his back. In the dim campus light streaming through the blind I could see that he was sporting wood. His hard cock must have been at full mast because it was creating quite an impressive tent in his tighty whities, almost pulling the waistband away from his abs. As my gaze swept over his body, I was again reminded of the gains he had been making in the gym these past few weeks. I could see a bit of swelling in his pecs, and I could almost see some abdominal ridges. That must have gotten my mind off school and I quickly drifted off to sleep. I don’t recall waking up. I don’t recall hearing a sound. But all of a sudden I was awake and aware that something was in the room. I cracked my eyes open and let out a gasp. Shawn must have also awakened, because he sat bolt upright in bed. We were both stunned into silence. The thing in our room was gargantuan. I thought that some monstrous animal must have escaped from the San Diego Zoo, or perhaps some experiment from Camp Pendleton had stumbled into our dorm room. The thing was huge; and it was a man. A gigantic, bulging, muscular beast of a man. His pale skin was offset by his short black hair and black eyes. His neck was thick, supported by a pair of mountainous traps. He was wearing some sort of cape or cloak; a bit weird, but in hindsight I imagine it would have been tough to find clothes to fit that gigantic bulk. He was breathing. Normally that wouldn’t be remarkable, but on him it was incredible. His bulging muscles, writhing with veins, appeared to expand and swell with every breath. It was mesmerizing. His cloak rose and fell with the movement of his massive pecs; and through the split in the front, it was clear that in spite of their size, they were packed with lean, striated muscle. His hands clenched, and I could see the veins writhing under the skin of his bulging forearms – impossibly thick with muscle. Given that he had invaded our room, Shawn or I should probably have said something. But we were too stunned...or awestruck, to speak. But then he spoke, and the deep rumble of his voice sent reverberations through my chest: “A war is raging; a war that we should have won some time ago. The old ones are trying to exterminate us, but we have a right to exist. We will be dominant in this struggle. Our tribe will rule.” Ummm...cryptic much? Still too stunned to speak. “We have a plan that will win the war, but it will take time. They have been taking out our new forces before they mature. But our plan is to build our vessels first, in secret. And when they are ready, when they show that they are worthy, we will bestow upon them our divinity, and welcome them into our ranks. Tonight, one of you will become the chosen. You will be given a chance to demonstrate that you are worthy of our gift. And if you build yourself into a worthy vessel, you will be granted a power that is beyond imagining, and you will take your place among us as rulers of all the rest. The other will become the source, and will be granted the gift of watching as the chosen grows into godhood.” I would have thought this was some joke, but this man was just too big to be possible. Shawn spoke first “What do you mean? Who will be chosen? What is this source?” “There will be combat. The one who dominates will be chosen. He will receive the opportunity and the means of joining our ranks.” And as if to accentuate his point, he shifted his cloak and revealed a bit more of his body – it was stunning, muscles on top of muscles, wrapped in a web of veins, and they looked hard as rocks. This was too much for me. “What do you mean, ‘the one who dominates’? Why are you in our room?” But I almost didn’t get that last question out. It was as if something in Shawn had snapped. I knew he wanted muscles, so did I. But what was happening here was not possible, this behemoth couldn’t be taken seriously. We should have been phoning campus security. But without warning Shawn was flying across the room and landed on top of me, knocking the wind out of me with a knee to my chest. Even in the dim light, I could see the intensity on his face and the hunger burning like fire in his blue eyes. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. How could Shawn be taking this seriously? And why was he beating the crap out of me? By the time I came around to realizing the seriousness of the situation, Shawn had already battered me about the head and upper body fairly well. He must have been fully into a berserker rage, because these hits were really hurting. Crap, his efforts at the gym were really paying off – but I just wish it wasn’t at my expense. I was really having a tough time getting my wits about me. I tried defending myself, but I was still pinned to my bed by his weight, and he was effectively preventing me from mounting any counter. I finally managed to roll us both off the bed, and fortunately I managed to land on top of Shawn, which at least slowed him down temporarily. I tried pinning his arms to the floor, trying to use my larger bulk to subdue him. But he managed to bring a knee up and gave me a solid hit to the groin. I momentarily saw stars, and by the time I re-focused, I had lost my advantage. Shawn was out from underneath and to make matters worse, he was climbing on top of me with my chest pinned to the floor – making it quite impossible for me to block any of his blows. I tried pushing both of us up off the floor in hopes of getting us flipped over, I was making some headway before Shawn gave me a solid blow to the kidney – and that took all the fight out of me. It was clear that he had dominated me, and I gave up. I could hear his growl of approval in my ear, and now that we were settled, I could feel the hardness of his erection along my back. We were both sweating and panting. Shawn slowly crawled off me, and I slowly crawled my way up to a sitting position. “Excellent. Your hunger will make you a suitable candidate” he said to Shawn. Shawn was glowing with excitement. I was holding my breath. “You will need to build your body into a worthy vessel. We will give you the means to do so. When we return, if you have demonstrated that you are ready, then you will be elevated to our ranks.” I could hear Shawn’s breathless “Yes.” The behemoth turned to me “You will obey my command. You will not run and hide. You will become the source. And from your seed, our army will be built.” He reached inside his cloak and pulled out a vial, it looked tiny in his hands. “Come here and kneel before me” he said. I don’t know why, but my body moved over and knelt in front of him – it didn’t feel like my own body – it felt as if I was a marionette being moved by someone else’s hands. As I knelt, I looked up at his giant frame towering over me. He cracked open the vial and poured a drop onto my forehead. The liquid inside felt cool, and it quickly evaporated, or soaked into my skin. If I knew what was going on, I would have been screaming. My whole body felt a shudder – ripples running up and down my spine, and it felt as if my skin was crawling. I felt as if I swooned a little, and the room around me seemed to waver and sway. And it looked as if the behemoth in front of me was swelling even larger. “Now you are prepared. Stand up. Bring yourself to orgasm, and catch the seed in your hand.” I wasn’t embarrassed, I was mortified. I’m supposed to masturbate in front of this guy and Shawn? But even as one part of my mind was rebelling, another part of my mind and my body were already doing as I was told. My boxers were under my balls, and my hands were already at work bringing myself to full erection. Shawn was silent; staring intently. I closed my eyes as one hand worked the shaft while the other caressed my balls. And in spite of the fact that my erection didn’t feel up to its full self, I still managed to cum fairly quickly. I cupped my hand to catch every drop as it spewed forth. I stood there in a moment of uncertainty. “Come Chosen One, to receive your gift.” Shawn moved over to stand in front of me. I looked down at his naked body – had he lost his briefs in the fight, or had he dropped them in anticipation? His lean muscles were glistening with a bit of sweat, and his smooth chest was slowly rising and falling with his breathing. His erection was standing straight out from his body, it was clearly at full attention, and was looking impressively thick and full. “Apply your seed to the Chosen One.” Gross. But I watched as my hand reached out and swiped my cum across Shawn’s chest; some of it cascaded down his abs, and the final drops landed at the base of his cock. The cum sparkled in the light, but quickly disappeared, absorbing into his skin at an abnormal rate. Shawn let out a grunt, and then a moan that sounded almost like pleasure. His hips flexed, causing his cock to bob, and if anything it appeared to be getting harder, rising above horizontal and beginning to angle toward his abs. His abdominal muscles were tensing. Or were they? They appeared to harden under his skin, the faint ridges pushing out slightly more than before. But they didn’t un-flex – the faint ridges remained. I blinked. But my eyes weren’t deceiving me – a barely-visible four-pack of abdominals had just appeared. Shawn gave out a soft noise somewhere between a grunt and a moan. My eyes wandered up to his face, which seemed to be a bit closer than before. Was he standing taller? It couldn’t be possible, but it appeared that he was taller. He was still short, but he didn’t seem to be his usual 5’4. His eyes seemed to be moving closer, as if he was standing on the balls of his feet. If he wasn’t a full inch taller, then he was at least 5’4 and a half, and still growing. I glanced down to the rest of his body, noticing that the growth wasn’t limited to height. His pecs, which were thin and barely noticeable, were pushing out from his body with small, but noticeable striations of muscle. His traps were adding the slightest of curves to the connection between his shoulder and neck, and were accentuated by the slightly expanding deltoids which were rounding out his shoulders. His arms were still thin, but as I watched, they appeared to swell, the biceps mounding out of the arms, looking as if he had suddenly developed a good pump after a hard work out. I glanced down to his legs to see that they were also thickening with some new muscles, giving Shawn the look of someone who did a bit of running. But this also brought my attention to his hard cock bobbing between us – it was still bobbing, but it looked swollen, as if he were about to cum. It was clearly a bit thicker, as well as longer. The beginning of a vein had appeared along the length, and the head, wet with a big drop of pre-cum, was forming a slightly larger mushroom. His balls also looked swollen, as if he hadn’t cum in a few days, and they were drawn up tight into a ball that was maybe the size of a plum. Another moan of pleasure, and his swollen cock expanded a bit more, and then yet again – it was impressive. But then quite suddenly, his balls clenched up, his hips bucked, and his cock shot out a geyser of hot cum that splattered across my abs and chest. Even thinking back on it, I can’t decide if I was grossed out or turned on. However, the erection that I’m sporting as I write this leads me to believe that it was hot. Shawn was changed. The changes were slight, but because I’d had plenty of opportunity to see him naked over the past weeks, I could certainly see the difference. He was slightly taller, maybe not quite 5’5, but close. His muscles bulged out a bit more, drawing his skin a bit tighter around the newly formed striations. And his cock was certainly larger – I couldn’t tell for certain, but it might have been a full, meaty, six inches. With an exhale, Shawn quietly breathed “Oh fuck.” When it was over, the behemoth spoke “You are being given an opportunity, do not waste it. You must use the source to build your body into a vessel that is suitable for ruling at our side. When we return, if you have demonstrated your worthiness, you will be given great power, and we will be dominant.” I should have been speaking, I should have been asking questions, or yelling for help. But I was too stunned. “Sleep” was the behemoth’s final word to the two of us, and I don’t even recall collapsing into bed. Chapter 3: The next morning: Measuring up. I woke instantly. It was clearly mid-morning, as the full sun was shining in through the open blinds, making the room too bright for my newly woken eyes. I couldn’t see, but I could hear a forced breathing, coming fast. I forced myself to squint, and saw that Shawn was already up. He was doing push-ups in the gap between the beds, and the fast breathing was coming from him. I must have let out a bit of a groan, because he stopped and got up. “Rise and shine! I just woke up a few minutes ago. Welcome to our new life.” He sounded cheerful. “So it wasn’t a dream?” I asked. “Not unless we had the same dream.” He replied. That got me thinking – if it wasn’t a dream, then something very unnatural had occurred last night. I forced myself to take a good look at Shawn. He looked great. His body had a slight sheen from the push-ups, and his chest looked red and swollen with an amazing pump. “I’ve never been able to do more than fifteen at a time. But I’ve just done three sets of thirty.” He said as he flexed his pecs. Flexed his pecs? Shawn was scrawny, but now he had pecs. Granted, they were still small, but there was enough muscle there to show off his pump. I slowly crawled out of bed and stood up. Was he taller? It sort of seemed as if there was a slight change in our relative heights; as if I was slouching a bit and he was standing up a bit straighter. Or, as if I was barefoot and he was wearing a thin-heeled shoe – only we were both barefoot. My suspicions from last night were right; he had to be closer to 5’5 than his previous 5’4. I glanced down. Shawn was semi-hard in his briefs, and his tumescent cock was aimed toward his hip, looking quite plump and full considering that he wasn’t fully hard. “Do you think what happened last night was real?” He asked. “Are you really some sort of ‘source’? Did your cum really have an effect on me?” “I’m not sure. You might be a bit taller. It’s tough to tell.” I lied, I was pretty sure I could tell that he was a bit taller. “I think we should put it to the test.” “I don’t think so.” “Come on Corrigan. Admit it – you’re just as curious as I am. We can test to see if your cum works on you first – but if it does, then I get the second dose.” I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. But I have to admit, I was curious. Fascinated, really. In hindsight, this was my “Elmer Fudd staring into the barrel of his own shotgun” moment. Maybe I didn’t believe it could be true. Maybe I was turned on by the idea that my cum could turn Shawn into a muscle monster. Maybe I was hoping that my cum would do that to me. Or maybe I was just convinced by Shawn’s cute boyish smile and his deep blue eyes staring up at me. But I found myself agreeing to the idea. My cock was already starting to tent my boxers. I sat back on my bed, pulled my boxers off and lay down. I was clearly eager – my erection was already at full mast. I cupped my balls, they felt big and full, and I stroked my hard cock. It felt fully hard, but it didn’t quite fill up my hand the way I was used to, and I don’t think it was close to nine inches anymore. Had I shrunk? That got me worried. I was still over eight and a half, but still, if you can hit nine on a ruler – who would want to lose that? I asked Shawn for a ruler. He rummaged around in his desk and managed to find one of those ones that comes along with a three-ring binder. I held it up to my cock, gave a few more strokes, and a bit of a squeeze. I was still over eight and a half, but I was not going to hit nine inches. What did that behemoth do to me? Was this going to be permanent? Could I reverse this? While my brain was running, Shawn took the ruler back. He was standing beside the bed, his briefs hiked below his balls – his cock was at full mast – it looked thick and full, and his balls were clenched up tight like a swollen plum. He pressed the ruler up to his erection – it didn’t hit the six inch mark, but it was certainly close. He gave it several strokes, his cock had a thick vein running up the side and a drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip. He massaged his pecs while stroking his cock. He was even cuter with the hint of added muscle. He had a mischievous gleam in his eyes, and was absently-mindedly biting his lower lip as he felt himself up. Was I falling for my scrawny roommate? Or, was I falling for the possibility of what he might become if all this turned out to be true? My swollen balls clenched up further and my hard cock swelled with the anticipation of orgasm. My mixed feelings prevented me from cumming too hard – instead, it just pooled on my abs and filled my bellybutton. Shawn stopped his stroking, and we both silently watched what happened. Nothing. Nothing happened. A pool of cum on my abs – not going anywhere – not absorbing into my skin in the same rapid fashion that it did for Shawn last night. Shawn reached out tentatively with a finger toward the pool of cum. I held my breath. He stuck his finger into the pool, near the head of my still hard cock. He let out a quiet gasp and removed his finger – it was dry. My balls tightened up a bit, and a drop of cum oozed out the tip of my boner. I couldn’t see any difference in his body, but maybe it wasn’t enough to make a noticeable change. But I did notice that his cock bobbed once in anticipation. With a hungry look on his face, Shawn eagerly bent over, leaned in, and took a good slurp of cum from my abs. He let out a moan of pleasure. I could already see the small thin muscles in his shoulder flexing and rippling as they expanded with growth. Shawn’s tongue went to work cleaning my abs of cum; and when he stuck his tongue in my bellybutton to clean it out, it sent a ripple of pleasure across my body, and caused me to shoot one more load right into the side of his face. He leaned over and popped the head of my cock in his mouth. He gave a good suck as his tongue caressed the head, and another few drops leaked out and were eagerly sucked away. He stopped and stood up. I could see that the side of his face was already dry; the cum had been absorbed quickly. My eyes roamed over his changing body. He was clearly growing larger – he had to be over 5’5 and looked as if he was coming close to 5’6. His already pumped pecs were filling out even further, beginning to stand out from his abs and showing some fair striations of muscle. His abs clenched and tightened as he breathed; with each breath revealing slightly more definition in his abdominal muscles. His shoulders were broadening and filling out to the point where I could see the line where the shoulder meets the traps and also the separation between shoulder and bicep. Shawn flexed his arms; they were lean, and that helped highlight the bulges of his biceps and triceps. I could see a bit of a horseshoe shape in his expanding triceps, and I thought I could almost see a split between the two heads of his bulging, and no longer quite-so-small biceps. Shawn turned his attention to his cock, it was clearly bigger. The growth of his cock was impressive, it looked to be close to seven inches, and it was getting thick. The vein running along the top was standing out hard, engorged with blood, and a couple more veins were wrapping themselves around the base. The head was full of blood, shiny and red – a good solid mushroom on top of his growing shaft. He gave his cock a few strokes, his balls clenched – they were clearly larger and looked like a large plum. With one hand stroking his cock, he raised the other arm to flex his solid bicep. A grunt of pleasure was the only warning I had – and all of a sudden he was cumming all over the place. His initial volleys rocketed across my bed to splatter against the wall beside me. And the next several shots covered me and my bed with jizz. “Fucking awesome!” He exclaimed. “Eww... you’ve covered me in cum” was my reply. “This is so amazing. I... I...feel stronger, and I can tell that I’m taller.” He reached down, picked up the ruler and pressed it up to his cock. Even post-orgasm, his dick easily touched seven inches. “This is beyond just getting a good pump at the gym. I’ve never felt like this. It’s so hot.” He was flexing and feeling up his body. The gleam in his eyes and his grin were quite adorable – combined with his newly grown muscles, he was turning into quite the hottie. “I’ve got to see how strong I am now. I’m heading to the gym. You should come along.” I couldn’t refuse, I have to admit I was beyond curious; I was intrigued and turned on. We cleaned up and headed over to the campus gym. Chapter 4: Hitting the gym. I had gotten smaller. It was barely noticeable, and if it weren’t for all the other stuff going on – the behemoth visitor and Shawn’s growth – I don’t know if I would have noticed. But because of all that, I was very sensitive to the slightest change. My hand on my cock could tell me that my erection was just a bit less full – still impressive at slightly more than eight and a half inches, but I would not be reaching nine inches again. And I think I was a bit shorter too – things like the top of my desk and the height of a light switch just felt a bit...“off.” Heading to the gym also confirmed that I had lost a bit of muscle as well. In the past few weeks at school, I had been hitting the gym regularly and had been making some noticeable improvements. But today Shawn and I hit the gym and I was struggling to reach my max on pretty much every lift. Shawn, on the other hand, was having a great day. “Yeah! Another new max! I could only do military presses with 25’s before, and I just did two sets with 35’s. This is so hot!” The smile on his face and his boyish happiness helped me to feel a bit less bitter about the underlying reason for his growth. His body looked good too, he would normally be swimming in his clothes, but now his new musculature was actually slightly visible beneath his shirt. He was also filling out his shorts nicely too. Thanks to his new muscle, he was developing a bit of a bubble butt, and in addition the new mass added to his cock and balls were creating an impressive bulge in the front. However, some of that could be attributed to his perpetual erection. I don’t think it’s gone down since this morning. He’s been strutting around the gym all morning with a boner clearly outlined in his gym shorts. Eventually, we both ended up in front of the racks of dumbbells doing bicep curls. We were both facing the mirrored wall. I was trying to focus on controlling my lifts, but I was struggling. Just this past week, I had finally managed to do a set of bicep curls with 45’s, but today I was maxing out at 40’s. I kept glancing over at Shawn, to see how much he had gained. I know that previously he had been proud of being able to do clean curls with 25’s, but today he was trying a pair of 35’s. I gained some satisfaction that even with his new growth, he was overwhelmed by 35’s while I was still doing fine at 40’s. I’d be back to 45’s in no time. However, Shawn had another idea. He dropped his 35’s, took off his shirt and did several flexes in the mirror so that I could see. He was still short and lean, but I would no longer call him “scrawny.” He was slightly sweaty, and his muscles had a truly amazing pump from his morning of tirelessly bouncing around from weight machine to weight machine. His leanness helped to highlight the new muscle striations in his delts and pecs, and his biceps were flushed with his recent struggles with those 35’s – and I could see the beginning of a vein running down each bicep. With a big grin on his face, he gave a most muscular pose in the mirror which highlighted his tight abdominal muscles and showcased all of his new musculature. It looked quite hot on his small, lean frame. He was clearly fully hard, because there was no hiding his cock – it was pointing toward his hip and the head was pushing against his gym shorts. My own erection was visible in my shorts, fighting for release from my briefs. I was clearly distracted and barely paying attention to my bicep curls. But Shawn knew what he wanted, and right there in the middle of the gym, while I was struggling with my 40’s, Shawn stuck his hand into my briefs, gave my cock a good squeeze, and swiped his hand across the head, wiping up a few drops of pre-cum. I was dumbstruck, and was lucky that I didn’t drop the weights on my foot. Shawn bent over, picked up the 35’s and started curling – clearly no longer struggling. Roiling with inner turmoil, I left the gym. It was more than a few hours later when Shawn returned to our dorm room. He still had an unbelievably amazing pump – each muscle looked engorged with blood. And I could clearly see that he was still sporting wood in his shorts. “Were you working out all this time?” “Nah. I was there for a couple of hours after you left – best workout of my life.” He started taking off his sweaty clothes as he said this, revealing more of his tight body and not-so-small bulging muscles. “But I caught this cute-muscle-y freshman checking me out in the showers – how could he not? I was sporting a massive hardon.” As he said this, he pulled his shorts down to reveal his briefs – which were failing to contain his erection. As he turned, I also caught a view of his tight ass; he had clearly worked out his glutes – his bubble butt was definitely filling out. “He couldn’t resist, and so we went back to his room and I fucked him until he couldn’t take it anymore. Apparently, my sex drive is through the roof. I fucked him until I shot my first load in his ass, and didn’t stop fucking until I came again. I had just started the third round of riding his ass, but he was totally worn out and begged me to stop. Can’t blame him for that. I’m hitting the showers.” Chapter 5: Confused. The past couple of weeks have flown by in a blur. I have been trying to keep up with my classes and homework, while also making time to hit the gym as much as I can. I want to try and keep ahead of Shawn and his new muscles, and thanks to this motivation I have been making great progress at the gym. I have managed to regain all of my previous maxes and am pushing my way toward a new round of personal bests. I have also been trying to avoid Shawn, but that has been almost impossible in the gym – he seems to be living in there. And it is showing; he is definitely bulking up. It seems as if each day he is filling out his shirts just a tiny bit more. He seems to definitely be enjoying his new body. Pretty much any time I catch him in the room, he is naked and jacking himself in the mirror while feeling up his muscles. And sometimes even when I am in the room, he can’t keep his hands off himself. I have to admit, he is starting to look hot. His clothes aren’t hanging quite as loosely on him, and his perpetual chubby and beginnings of a bubble butt are competing to fill out his jeans. His new growth has also affected his self confidence, he seems more outgoing and forward, but also slightly more aggressive, and it manifests as bit of a swagger when he walks – which only accentuates his cute butt. I can’t stop checking him out – I sometimes sneak peeks at his glistening and swollen muscles when we run into each other in the gym. And around our dorm room, it has been impossible not to notice the new bulging, pumped muscles each time he returns from the gym, nor his perpetual erection, which because of his increased sex drive he seems to be perpetually groping. He is also constantly pestering me for another dose of cum. But I am reluctant to do it again. I feel that I am being used. And Shawn’s growth could soon be out of control, if he gets any bigger, he might no longer be so polite as to ask for a dose of my cum. Confused. That is the only way to describe how I feel. My roommate is growing into a muscle stud with a raging hard-on. This “should” be the hottest thing to ever happen, to anyone, ever. But I’m worried about what this growth is doing to him, and what it might mean for me. Outside of this, school is going great. I’m actually keeping up with my schoolwork (all those hours of trying to avoid Shawn has meant a lot of time studying in the library), and I’m making great progress at the gym (thanks to my new motivation – trying to keep ahead of Shawn). And the new muscle that I’ve been adding has been getting me some glances from some of the cute boys in the gym. The only problem is that I’m not sure what will happen if my cum gets on another guy. Am I secretly hoping that I can grow an army of muscle boys? Or does that freak me out? And why can’t I answer that question? Maybe I need to try an experiment. First I need to find a subject. But there are so many hotties at the gym to choose from! I am committed to trying out a test. But I’ll have to keep tabs on some of the studs at the gym, and try to find a way to administer a dose of cum. All this writing about the gym has made me want to go push some weight around... Chapter 6: Growth. I don’t know what happened. How did he get so huge? Did he find another guy like me on campus? I was wrapping up at the gym, feeling tired but with a great pump. I had just finished showering and was toweling off. I heard heavy footsteps approaching – one of the football players perhaps? But as it came around the corner, I realized it was Shawn. Or rather, it was monster Shawn. He was gigantic. Easily over six feet tall, and almost as wide. His body was swollen with muscle, and wrapped in veins. His shoulders were boulders of muscle that bulged out in all directions – and coming down from his shoulders, his arms hardly had the opportunity to narrow before the biceps and triceps exploded with vein wrapped muscle. I think his arms were bigger than my head, oh god, they were huge. His gigantic pecs were ribbed with lean, striated muscle fiber, and hung like a shelf over his brick-like abdominals. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts that looked tiny on his huge frame, and were clearly near the breaking point. The shorts did nothing to hide the massive muscles of his legs, and were failing to contain what had to be over 12 inches of massive, thick, vein-wrapped cock. I couldn’t even let out a gasp. I froze. Like a helpless bunny. Apparently I’m beyond useless in a crisis. “More.” His voice was deep, and sounded more like an earth tremor. A gigantic meaty hand lifted me in the air and pinned me to the lockers. “More.” He rumbled as his other hand tore off my towel. He held me suspended in the air, naked, pinned to the locker with one arm, while the other gigantic hand engulfed my cock and balls. In spite of his incredible strength, he was being relatively gentle handling my cock – but relatively gentle in this case meant some fairly rough tugging and stroking. The heat coming off the corded muscles of his forearm pinned to my chest, the sight of all the muscles in Shawn’s body fighting for space under his skin, the gleam in his eye, and the rough tugging on my cock, all worked together to get me hard very quickly. His forearm released me a bit – was he about to let me go? But then I realized that he wasn’t letting me go, he was keeping me pinned to the lockers, but lowering me down so that I was sitting on top of his gigantic member. I could feel the heat as it pushed its way up between my legs. Hell! He was going to split me open with that thing! He redoubled his efforts on my boner, while his massive erection started to work its way into my butt. And before I even had a chance to curl my toes, I was cumming like a fountain. I shot all over Shawn – spraying across his chest and abs. He stroked the last dribbles out of my cock, they covered his hand and arm. Almost immediately, I could feel him expanding. The arm across my chest felt as if it was moving, but it was lengthening while the cords of muscle readjusted to fit the new growth. I could see Shawn’s eyes rising as he grew taller, they still held that cute boyish gleam, but there was an intensity that spoke of his hunger for muscle. His shoulders and traps bulged larger and wider, the striations in his chest rippled as they expanded. He let go of my cock and brought the arm up to flex his bicep – I thought I could hear the skin stretching to accommodate the massive, rock-hard bicep – both heads clearly visible underneath the web of veins. I was still sitting on his enormous member, and I could feel it pushing upwards, the massive head expanding and pushing against my ass. Fuck. I came again. And just like all the rest of my spunk, this also disappeared into his skin with startling speed. “More.” He rumbled. And the intensity in his eyes told me that this time he was going to be rough. And that’s when I sat bolt upright in bed. Covered in sweat. Gasping for air. What a nightmare. And...a wet dream? Seriously? I haven’t had one of those since I was a kid. Fuck! My boxers and sheets were covered. I glanced over at Shawn asleep in bed. Thankfully, he was his normal size – if you can call his current size normal – but at least he wasn’t a monster. I dragged my ass out of bed and quietly stumbled off to the bathroom to try and clean up. Splashing some warm water on my face, and cleaning up my mess helped me to clear the cobwebs from my head. It was only a dream. It doesn’t have to get that way. I could leave school. I could talk to someone, try to get some help. Feeling a bit better, I stumbled back to the room. I opened the door to our room, and immediately saw that Shawn was out of bed. In fact, he was lying in my bed. What the hell? “Hey buddy!” He greeted my return. I could see that he was naked in my bed. “What...?” Again with the lack of words. I’m loquacious. (Where the hell was that vocabulary when I needed it!?) “Saw that you had made a bit of a mess. Thought I’d help you out by cleaning things up a bit.” Shit. He hadn’t been asleep. He used the opportunity to soak up every last bit of cum from my sheets. I could see his muscles glistening in the dim light coming through the blinds. How big was he now? Shawn got up from my bed, I could see that he was sporting a massive hardon – it was standing straight up, looking full and meaty, and easily touching his belly button. Was that thing eight inches now? We both looked down at his body, his abs were clenching and tightening, the small, tight bricks becoming slightly more pronounced. He flexed his chest, and I could see them swell a bit fuller with just a hint of an extra layer of lean, striated muscle. He brought his arms up to give a double biceps pose, and I could see the V formed by his back muscles was just a bit broader. His lean arms showed the mounds of his biceps well, they appeared to be swelling as he flexed. Shawn looked up from his body, and our eyes met. Shit – he was almost my height now. I was looking almost straight across at his eyes. He was smiling with that cute, mischievous grin. “Bring the ruler.” I grabbed the ruler from his desk and handed it over. He placed it firmly against the base of his cock with the tip stretching past the seven and a half inch mark. He tensed and flexed, and the head of his cock climbed a bit closer to the eight inch mark on the ruler. “Get me off.” He whispered. We both looked down at his hardon. I think I was salivating. I crossed the room and got down on my knees in front of Shawn. Up close, his boner looked massive. It was full and thick, and wrapped in veins. The head was a solid mushroom on top of a long, meaty stalk. I looked up, past Shawn’s cobblestone abs and his lean, striated pecs, into his gleaming blue eyes. That was all it took. In my lust, I grabbed his cock and engulfed it. Or, as much as I could get in my mouth. It felt like hot steel in my mouth. I wrapped one hand around the base, and cupped his balls with the other hand – they felt huge and full, larger than mine. I slicked up his tool and sucked and stroked his cock – revelling in the stud that I had created. Shawn grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. Very soon, I could feel his balls tightening, and his cock swelling in my mouth. And then he grunted and I could feel his hot jizz shooting down my throat. I gulped it all down. Shawn pulled his swollen member out of my mouth. And it was as if a cloud had lifted, and all the confusion returned in a rush. Had I really just done that? He climbed into his bed, and I climbed into mine (at least it was dry). “Night buddy. And thanks.” He said as we each drifted off to sleep. Chapter 7: An experiment. It has been a few days since my last experience with Shawn. Our routines have settled back in place – I’m avoiding Shawn, and he is spending all his time in the gym. I’m still confused. I don’t know what came over me that night. Shawn is certainly adorably cute, and his new muscular body is getting to be really quite hot. I’m into bigger, muscular guys, and Shawn is certainly on his way there. And... I am having a tough time admitting this... But this ability to grow a guy is really a turn on. However, for some reason I am anxious about what’s going on. Maybe I wanted this for myself. Maybe I’m worried about what this will mean for my future. Maybe I just need a friend I can confide in – someone more responsive than this journal. With a few days to get over my shock, my mind has returned to the idea of trying an experiment. I think I want to see if this is limited to just Shawn, or if I need to be worried about anyone taking a dose of growth from me. I need a plan where my subject won’t know what’s going on – I can’t have another person hounding me for growth. I’ve settled on a plan, and I’ve found a subject. There’s this hot stud at the gym. I think his name is Greg. He’s about 5’10 and built like a swimmer who has been lifting too much weight. He has dark brown eyes, and his dark brown hair is buzzed close to his head, he has a somewhat hairy body, but he keeps it very neatly trimmed. He is lean and narrow at the waist, with tight abs, but then his body expands with solid muscles on top. He’s got a nice V-shape to his back, hard pecs, solid bulging shoulders, and impressive arms. I’ve checked him in the showers, and he’s got a large cock and balls – there would be absolutely no way he could hide any additional growth to that equipment. But most importantly, I’ve noticed that he usually buys a bottle of flavoured water from the machine at the gym. And this will make it quite easy to switch with another bottle. I think I know Greg’s workout schedule, I’m off to the gym. I arrived at the gym and took a quick look around – Greg wasn’t there yet. No sense wasting a trip to the gym, so I got to work. Soon enough, Greg arrived. I noted the flavour of the water he had, and quickly headed off to get my own bottle. I ducked into the washroom and locked myself in a stall. I had the foresight to drink a bit out of the bottle first – didn’t want it to overflow. The excitement and anticipation had me hard before I even got into the stall, and it really didn’t take long before I was cumming. I managed to direct it all into the bottle – it was an impressive load, and even with having taken some out ahead of time, I still came close to overflowing the bottle. I replaced the cap and headed back into the gym. I found Greg working out at a pec deck, and I sauntered up to the adjacent machine. It was too easy. He wasn’t really paying attention, and so when I plopped my stuff down next to my own machine, I quickly switched the two bottles. I started working out at my own machine – again, no sense wasting a trip to the gym. Greg seemed to be doing some form of circuit training – he wasn’t really focusing on any particular body part. This meant that he was moving around the gym quite a bit – and this was making it difficult to follow him surreptitiously. But after several minutes, I saw him take a sip from his bottle. The anticipation had me on edge, and my boner was rock hard in my shorts. Greg was wearing a muscle shirt that was a bit loose, and a pair of rather tight fitting gym shorts. I was eagerly checking him out to see if I could notice any changes from that first sip, but even knowing what to expect, I was having a tough time determining if anything was happening. Was he a bit taller? Were those arms bulging a bit more? Or maybe my cum only worked on Shawn? If so, would that be a good thing or a disappointment? I think it should be a good thing, because then I would not need to worry about every sexual partner I have growing out of control. But why can’t I get the feeling of disappointment out of my head? A few minutes later, I had my answer. Greg finished a set of pull ups and took a big swig of his water. And almost immediately, I could see his frame stretching a bit taller. It looked as if he just stood up a bit straighter, but I could tell that this was growth. His shoulders also stretched out a bit wider – looking as if they had a good pump. And as he turned around, I could easily tell that he was sporting a chubby in those tight gym shorts – it was clearly starting to push out a bit of a tent. From this point on, it only got better. Greg was clearly having the workout of his life. His eyes were gleaming, he was grunting louder, and he was bounding with energy as he almost flew from machine to machine. Each exercise gave a new body part an amazing pump as he worked his way through his circuit – over and over. As he worked out, he continued to take sips from his bottle. The growth from my cum was just expanding on the pump that he was getting from his workout. His height was increasing, he had to be at least six feet by now, and his muscle shirt was no longer loose, it was starting to tightly hug his growing body. His arms were pumped and bulging, and it was easy to see a few rock hard veins running over his biceps. His shoulders were starting to look impressive, widening out and adding size in all dimensions. His pecs were straining the straps of his muscle shirt, and lifting the front so that there was now a bit of exposed skin above his gym shorts. Below the waist was just as impressive. His tight shorts were being pushed out by a fantastic bubble butt – two hard globes of muscle that projected out of his lower back. And he was clearly fully hard now. There was no way to conceal what looked like a third leg running down the length of his right thigh. If it wasn’t being held up by his gigantic balls, it might have popped out the leg already. Fuck, he had become a total stud. What I wouldn’t give to have a workout like that. I had exhausted myself working out (quite a good workout, with a couple of new personal bests), and was walking on the treadmill as an excuse to continue watching Greg’s progress. Greg’s workout came to a sudden end. He was doing dumbbell bicep curls in front of the mirrored wall. I had a great side view of him from the treadmill area. His biceps were looking huge and swollen with rock-hard muscle, and he was clearly having a blast – he kept going back and grabbing heavier sets of dumbbells. He had just taken the final chug of his drink and grabbed a heavier set of weights, when his massive cock finally outgrew his tight gym shorts. The head popped out the bottom, looking huge and swollen, and almost immediately a big drop of pre-cum leaked out and dropped with a splat on the floor. It was so fucking hot I almost came right there. Greg looked around to see if anyone had noticed. He caught me checking him out – I really couldn’t hide that I had seen it happen. Looking embarrassed, he grabbed his stuff and headed to the locker room. I absolutely could not stop myself from following him. I caught up to Greg in the showers, his body was amazing – pumped, swollen muscles bulging everywhere and wrapped in a nice web of veins. And his cock... How can I describe it? He was still fully hard – it was sticking straight out from his body. Sitting on top of a huge set of balls, the base appeared to be thicker than my forearm. His shaft was at least as thick as my wrist, and there was a very prominent vein running along the top. He had to be over ten inches. As I walked into the shower, I could not hide my lust for his body – it was obvious. Greg, clearly in need of relief, looked me right in the eye and gave his massive tool a few strokes, while the other hand felt up the swollen muscles of his abs and chest. It was a clear invitation, and I jumped at the opportunity. Neither one of us cared whether someone might walk into the showers and catch us in the act. I almost jumped on his dick. I kneeled in front of him right there in the showers and rammed his cock down my throat. It was massive. His boner felt gigantic in my hands – and I was easily able to get both hands on the shaft and still had enough to max out what I could shove down my throat. I slurped and sucked and squeezed (as much as I could squeeze an iron rod), revelling in servicing a huge muscle stud. Greg let out a deep moan, and I could feel his gigantic balls tighten and his shaft swelling. His first shots were so powerful they almost knocked me off his cock. And fuck! I was cumming too. Load after load shot down my throat. And my own orgasm was splattering my cum on everything in the shower – including Greg. Thankfully, I don’t think too much got on him. But at least some did – I could feel him getting taller – with his cock in my mouth, it was easy to notice that I had to rise up a bit on my knees. I could also feel my jaw being stretched a bit wider by his shaft, and the head pushing a bit farther down my throat. This new growth caused Greg to cum again, another several shots down my throat. Eventually, his orgasm subsided, and he pulled his massive cock out. My jaw was sore from being stretched. I looked up. He was bigger than before, he had to be over six feet. His muscles looked like someone who competed in physique competitions; they were rock hard, bulging everywhere, and were wrapped in veins. But he now clearly had a future in the porn industry; his cock looked like it had been photoshopped. We cleaned up and went our separate ways. I headed back to the dorm. Shawn was in the room when I arrived. I had found it odd that he wasn’t in the gym – but immediately could see why he wasn’t in the gym. Shawn was standing in the middle of the room, checking himself out in the mirror. He was wearing a wrestling singlet. The singlet hugged his tight body and really showed off his lean musculature, including those amazing glutes. As I entered the room, he turned toward me. I could see that he was fully hard, even without the slightly darker spot from his pre-cum, the singlet did nothing to hide his erection. “Hey Buddy! Look what I did. I joined the wrestling team!” He was clearly excited about this new adventure. With his cute blue eyes and his adorable smile, it was tough not to also feel excited along with him. “Why did you do that?” “I used to wrestle back when I was a kid. Before everyone else hit puberty and outgrew me. I quit wrestling when I ran out of people my age who were in my weight category, and I was getting beat by kids who were two to three years younger than me. But now I’m moving up into a better weight category, and my strength is increasing all the time. As you well know.” He gave me an impish grin. “I convinced the coach to give me a shot. He was willing to let me train with the team, and if I show promise, he might let me compete. Grappling with sweaty college boys will be hot. And with your help, I think I’ll do very well.” He shot me another grin, and there was no mistaking the lust in his eyes. He even gave his hardon a squeeze through the singlet. He was clearly turned on. “I have to head to class.” I lied. I headed off to the library to find some quiet time and clear my head.
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