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    Stories in which the smaller, weaker person becomes the dominant on ere always hot.

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  1. The story is in the old forum archive. The easiest thing to do is to google “old man Stevens archive.muscle-growth.org” and you’ll see all the chapters in the results.
  2. Great work. I am enjoying the story so much. It's compelling, flows naturally and really fun to read. Thanks for putting the time and sharing it with us (and also for posting chapters so frequently!)
  3. Great story so far. You have a really good way with descriptions AND dialogue, and the world-building keeps unfolding gradually, as it should. Excellent work. Thank you for putting in the time and sharing.
  4. Any chance for more chapters? I loved this story.
  5. Awesome stuff. Can we please have more... for the new year, perhaps?
  6. I don't think so. The author indicated in 2009 that he never continued the story (which was originally written around 1999.) Check it out here: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/13033-p1.html
  7. Not exactly what you're describing but sounds a bit like Neighbor Kid: http://silicondog.buffmuscles.com/stories/Neighbor_Kid.txt
  8. Look forward to the next chapter. Great work so far!
  9. Look, I appreciate the initiative to take the time and write something, but this not a story yet. It's a very quick first draft of an idea. If you want people to be invested in your story, you have to first invest In writing it.
  10. I like the idea here. Thanks for taking the time to write the story. Looking forward for more!
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