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  1. Hello, tank you for your questions Do you usually have a boner during the super orgasm? Well I haven't really paid attention to it actually during my Super O. It must be hard but not fully. It's like when you are horny but it's not fully erect. If it was fully erect all the time of the super O or even during multiple orgasms sessions I think it would hurt at some point. Do you feel the need to ejaculate (shoot your load) at the end? Well no usually.I realize soon enough that ejaculation is a big lost of energy. It takes me longer to recover from orgasms if I ejaculate. It's easy to see, when you have cumed most of the time you feel a need to rest. Your not as horny as before. But some people feel the need to ejaculate afterwards but it's never during a super O because it would stop it immediately, and since your pc muscle is so tight I don't think that it's physically possible. For the multiple orgasms sessions I you ejaculate it's over, the point is to feel orgasms without cumming so you don't have that refractory period after it. But when your are done or tired I you can finish with an ejaculation if you want. I must admit that I ejaculate about once a week to unload before my body do it naturally, but I loose energy. My body store and produce sexual energy that I play with during my session. But like I said I need to empty it otherwise I ''loose control'', but when I cum I actually empty it totally and I feel really really tire after. Otherwise when I masturbate normally I ejaculate of course. And actually mastering energy have made simple masturbation much more fun. Like the other day I was trying for fun to let go all of my energy to have the fastest orgasms I could with ejaculation ( 20 sec ;P ) but you can do it normally like a 10 min sessions. Even the basic simple act of masturbation will become more enjoyable once you can actually make you sexual energy move through your body. Does age interfere in the process? In other words, can older men experience the super orgasm despite their age or possible disease? No, usually people mastering this technique are the one with sexual trouble or older people. Some of them can't have erection any more, some of them are to quick to unload ( ^^), some are just bored of their usual sex life and want to spice it up for their couple. I actually only no one other person in their 20's doing the same thing as me. Do you follow any special diet or lifestyle that helps to increase and maintain the quality of your orgasm? I eat healthy and do sports, I don't smoke or do drugs. But during exam period and when school is stressful I can't have any, even simple masturbation isn't really good. People that are really good with meditation and focus are able to just forget about their daily life to have super O. I can't. When you are able to achieve it, you may begin to feel you are self-sufficient and don't need partners any more. Well that's a really good question. It's true that I never have experienced the level of pleasure that I have had by myself with someone else. But self pleasuring can never took over sex with someone. You have to connection, the talk, the cuddle. There is an emotional connection and a different kind of excitement. You have the pleasure to flirt, find someone, date him (or her). But overall mastering those techniques definitely make me a better lover. I last a lot, lot longer. I feel a lot more pleasure then before. Even if I can't have any Super O with someone else at the moment, the fact that I understand my sexuality better now makes it more enjoyable for the partner and me. Since then my horniness level have gone through the roof, I last longer, I feel better in bed and the pleasure is incomparable. Here is another video of a full body orgasm ( Super O) induce by an aneros (prostate stimulation) http://www.youporn.com/watch/8332168/aneros-full-body-orgasm/ One of the member of the mmo forum says '' Enjoy sex, don't let the sex enjoy you''. And I think that before I learn all of this, sex was enjoying me. Simple orgasms are already good but they happen only in the genital area, so imagine making it happen in your all body: mastering orgasms.
  2. For me it was just a question a energy circulation. Once I could maintain an equal circulation through the all body the super O started to come. It start as a simple orgasm but you quickly realize that you go higher and higher and that you loose contact with reality. The pleasure is indescribable and once it started you don't know when it will stop. You moan you shake and when it slowly stop, you realize it's been 30 minutes or more. But just be aware that they are really hard on the body. In the sense that every muscle is contracting with the wave of pleasure and I often find myself to have really bad cramp afterwards. On the mmo forum lot of people complain about back pain. I'm so glad people are enjoying this topic. Men need to know what are our real sexual abilities.
  3. No but you should learned to stimulate it without using your hands. Like contracting your pc muscle.
  4. Hello sorry I try many times to post but the wifi was awful. Also I am gonna try to summarize a long process so it might be hard to understand all of it, and it's important to know that it's a very personal path to take. So here is how I started. I first got into hypnosis when I saw a post on the last forum (musclegrowth) about muscle hypnose. Then I saw this vid in the recommendations ( ) (there is also a female version). I tried it just to see what it could do. The first time I just felt some tiny tiny wave of pleasure, like the one you get when you are aroused.But I felt (don't know why) that something much much greater could be done with it. The more I did it the more I could actually felt the sexual energy inside my body. I was becoming aware of what happening behind the simple ejaculation ( like a behind the scene stuff if you want). But I never actually reached orgasm which annoyed me a lot because I was aware of my sexual energy but didn't know how to move, to control or to amplify it. I was 16 at that time But pretty soon (through research on energy and stuff) I learned that the possibility of mastering my sexual forces existed (sounds creepy sorry hahahha ). I'm not just talking about pleasure, or to be a better lover (which was what interested me at first) but you can better your health (like cancer prostate), your vitality (like training in the gym), you can fight again lack of sexual desires... (the list goes on) Now I knew the possibility and I was aware of the energy inside me. But the number of technique to control it was a bit overwhelming and some were a bit to spiritual for a guy like me. So I started with the most ''materialistic'' approach for me. Which was to strengthen my pc muscle. (http://www.wikihow.com/Do-PC-Muscle-Exercises). A simple way to take notice of your pc muscle is to pee and then stop in the middle of it. It should be that muscle that's contracting.You can also huge masturbation or sex toys like the aneros (which can bring you to the super O sometimes) It took me several months to have a muscle that could last long enough for the pleasure to get amazing. But know I was contracting a muscle that was stimulating my prostate and creating huge amount of energy but the energy stay in my lower region. I had no ability to move it. But I had started to experience what felt like small multi-orgasms. I had the feeling of and orgasm with the contraction of your muscle that supposed to ejaculate your sperm but there was no cum and I could have a few times that feeling before my pc muscle was to tired. I knew I was on the right way because I was stimulating myself without any sort of touches and that was super exciting for me. Then I started to get bored of it and I wanted more. I wanted that super O, the full body orgasm that I had read about. So I had to turn back to books and another sources. But the one that helped me the most was this forum (http://www.malemultiple.org/) where there are men who control those technique for more then 20 years. (They are sexual God, some of them experienced orgasms (not the one you are use to feel but the complete ones) for more then 12 hours). The book linked below helped me with breathing and energy circulation in my spine.The key sound technique also helped me with the rolling effect of the sexual wave( similar to taking a wave of the ocean over your body).I tried and trained (and it's a pleasing training) when I had time, it wasn't very time consuming and the key is to feel those wave of energy and making it circulate through the body. Until years later I managed to get my first FULL BODY ORGASM. Holy shit I will never forget the first, it hit me so strongly. It's like going on a train and you don't know where is the next station, you can't get down and you just have to ride with it. It lasted about 10 minutes, my all body was shaking, I was screaming and sweating. I almost thought I was gonna past out at the height of my orgasms. And from now on I was just practicing and trying to experience again the super O. After a another year, I quickly realized that this training had made me a hyper sexualised person. Maybe because I did it during my teenage years. I don't know but I had notice that the capacity of my body the control and keep this sexual energy inside me even after amazing session of orgasms was incredible. I was energized but not horny all the time. I liked playing with my pc muscle at school to experience orgasms (dry orgasms which is just the feeling without the cum or the erection ). It almost became a addiction. I felt on the edge all day all night. I had time at night if I hadn't cum for a while where I would wake up fully paralyzed (like in a dream) and my body would work himself up to a full body orgasm with ejaculation just to evacuate the cum and the energy I had in me. It became out of control even for me. So I stopped, not orgasm but playing with myself throughout the day. I had then a sort of balance in my sexual life. But like any student I had a huge month of exam and that's when I fully neglected my sexual being. I was so stressed and concentrated that I wasn't even jacking off normally. And one day something a bit scary happened ( but still very enjoyable). And that night I was coming home from the library, I took the bus really late (thankfully) and the was not many people there. I was listening to music when suddenly a very powerful electrical surge crossed violently through my body. It's was not painfully neither pleasurable just surprising at first. I screamed and thought that I had put my hands on wire (it was not the case). Then it happened again and again each time faster and I was starting to moan really loudly because it was bringing me to a full body orgasm really quickly.I started to panic, what if I started to scream and spasm in the middle of the bus. When I arrived at my place very sweaty and shaking I had to lay on my bed for two hours. At first I tried to masturbate to cum and evacuate the pleasure but my all body was so tense and I couldn't let a single drop of cum out, I just scream really really loudly from pleasure and pain. When it finally stopped my all body was in pain and so tense it was still hard to move. I know that by training myself I would awake myself to new experiences and rise my arousal level but this time, even though it was one of the most powerful and pleasurable experience I've had, it wasn't for me. It happened in a public place which was very embarrassing. What if this happen again in a middle of an exam. Thankfully Member of the forum linked helped me a lot Now I knew that my body had the capacity and was storing all sexual energy I was producing and wasn't used (anymore) to evacuate it in a natural way. And at one point it just had to explode. So even if it was scary and I was so excited because I felt very special and (sorry if it sounds cocky ) powerful. I was among the most sexualised men with incredible abilities. So I had to make the most of what I had train intentionally and unintentionally my body to do. That's where I am today. I have to evacuate energy every 4-5 days through orgasms but I managed to do it by breath also now which is still very pleasurable since it's sexual energy but it's faster and much more peaceful then by orgasms. What can I do know in bed with another man or girl: I can have sex without ejaculation, which means no refractory period so full on erection and no need to stop. (well you can't go on forever you skin start to burn and you penis became desensitized after a few hours. Also I have a good cardio condition but I'm not planning to turn sex into a marathon and even though your partner finds it super exciting nobody liked a two hours long penetration.) But the feeling you get is so much more powerful than what other men experiment. You just feel like a god in bed. Now I'm training in breathing methods with the key sound in order to pass the sexual energy I can store and move in my body to my partner during the act. But it's all other level and I don't think I will reach it before years. Also for me muscle is very linked to this process because it's one of the biggest turn on for me. It a way of turning myself into the perfect lover. I admire those guy who can give a partner a orgasms only through breath and beauty. Here is a video of a full body orgasm induced by somebody else. I think the man is containing himself because there are other people in the room but me when I have them on my own; I just explode in scream and spams. I hope I helped some of you and I wasn't to cocky or unclear or even to creepy. If you had show me this 4 years ago I would have laughed and left. I have a lot of respect for member of this forum and I'd loved to share more info with you if you have any more question PS: I came back form vacation and I was so busy over there that I haven't managed to evacuate energy properly. The first day I came back I was shaking and my all body was vibrating like it was about to explode again. I sat myself down and as soon as I tried to amplify and move properly my energy I lost control and had a unintentional full body orgasm so so intense. I have to be careful If I want to avoid this to happen in public places. It makes me laugh because it remained me that '' with great power comes great responsibility'' ( sorry nerd jock hahahah )
  5. Sorry i'm on vacation at the moment and the wifi is really shitty. Will get back to you as soon as I m back .
  6. Since it's a sexual forum I thought this would be interesting. Most of us know that women can have "multiple orgasms." But 3 years ago I discover that men can have them too and it changed my point of view on sex. My journey started three years ago when I found a Handfree Orgasm Hypnosis video on Youtube. I never actually reached an orgasm with it but I learned the importance of breath,relaxation and focus. I trained myself for about 8 months and came close to orgasm without physical stimulation. I was learning to control sexual energy in my body. Then I heard about '' The Key Sound Technique '' (use vocalization to drive autonomic pleasure) and read a book '' The multi-ogasmic man ''. 6 months later I could make circulate crazy amount of sexual energy in my body and was training my PC muscle (muscle that can stimulate your prostate). And about a year ago I had my first multiple orgasms, only with breath and relaxation: crazy intense,dry, lots of contractions. And recently I also found out that I could stimulate my prostate with contraction of my PC muscle. I have been strengthening this muscle so strongly without knowing it than when I really contracted it for the first time I orgasmed immediately . I have been able to have 9 orgasms in a few hours (my record ) Right now I’m able to control really precisely my sexual energy to the point where I can have orgasm throughout the day ( at the office for exemple). ONLY with sexual energy and no contraction of the PC muscle. Lastly about 6 months ago came what I have been training for so long. A full body orgasms is the experience of feeling your whole body vibrating with orgasmic energy. It THE BEST FUCKING THING EVER. I just lost control of my body (screams and spams). It's a feeling I can not describe. The orgasms energy spread in the entire body and you just have to give to the feeling. It can last a few minutes for me but people can stay in that state for hours. Hope it was interesting, but I felt like I had to share this since it's change my life, well maybe not my life but my sexual life and the way I enjoy muscle. Sorry for my english Tanks everyone for any feedback
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    Give mine some love http://planetmuscle.tumblr.com/
  8. I would say 1) a weight set Happy birthday !
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