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  1. lnmscl


    Not sure if anyone has mentioned the blog "muscleaddictsinc." It's got a terrific collection of bodybuilder pix as well as some stories. But what makes the site unique is the author's appreciation for glutes. He has two huge collections of naked shredded glutes. These athletes are pure muscle -- their body fat percentage must be approaching 0. Is anyone else as mesmerized by striated, shredded, vascular glutes as I am?
  2. lnmscl

    Muscle...always on my mind

    I'm the same. I could look at muscles constantly. And I agree with Hialmar, that it is nice to use the fixation on muscle as a motivator at the gym. In addition -- the gym is usually a great place for seeing some muscle in 3-D!
  3. lnmscl


    another great one RPJ!
  4. lnmscl

    Charlie Carver Comes out

    As an identical twin who is gay but whose twin brother is most definitely straight, I can confirm that it is a possibility.
  5. lnmscl

    Jeff's Shredding Freakshow

    fantastic -- loved the idea of flexing itself causing the muscle to grow.
  6. lnmscl

    Levels of Eroticism

    Hi -- the category here -- Muscle & Mind -- made me think about what I find most erotic. In the hierarchy, a still picture of a jacked bodybuilder is great, while a video is even better. But the best is a well-written story. For some reason, a story -- such as many of the ones posted on this forum -- is so much more stimulating than just a picture or a video. Perhaps its the ability to see the person in 3-dimensions, making him real. Now, when I'm watching a video, I try to overlay a story line I've read. That greatly increases the "hotness" quotient! So, thank you to all of the writers out there!
  7. lnmscl

    Self worship: quads

    I hope you're going to do one for each muscle group!
  8. lnmscl

    Can Muscles Be Cute?

    I don't think having (enormous) muscles precludes a guy from being "cute". When he was younger, Alexey Lesukov was very cute. The fact that his muscles were inhuman actually added to his cuteness.
  9. lnmscl

    The Muscle Sandwich: Part 2

    It's time for a porn producer to re-enact the rotisserie scene!
  10. lnmscl

    A thank you to all the authors here

    Thanks Freaky for your citation to "hoperemains". I'm also a Christian -- a gay male, muscle loving, libertarian, Christian. Always encouraging to learn that I'm not alone
  11. lnmscl

    Growing Too Big: Part 3

    very hot and well written. Thanks!

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