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  2. Sorry if the title deceived you guys into thinking this was another muscle growth story. But, it's not. Just my first ever gay romance story. Although, one of the main characters has muscles. So. ya'know... Hope you guys like it? xD Also, I attached pictures of how I envision the two main characters I also had the Kailee but i don't think too many of you would like to see a girl on here right? xD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The New Kid "Sam! Wake up! You're going to miss your bus! Just because you're eighteen doesn't mean you don't have to go to school!" Slowly my eyes open and I stand up wanting to fall back onto the bed. "Okay mom. I'm up, thanks." I drag myself into my bathroom and into the shower, the cool water waking me up fully. After I finish the shower, i step out and dry off my body. Now, I wasn’t football team material but I wasn’t scrawny either; I was toned, and my body had a light dusting of dark black hair over it. I walk into my room and get dressed- A pair of black jeans and a white v-neck with my converse. a few minutes later, i’m in the bathroom again, standing in front of the mirror brushing my teeth. I spit into the sink and smile at myself in the mirror, my white smile shining back- until i look up at my hair and it turns into a frown. It was a mess. I grab the gel out of the cabinet and style my hair for the day, pushing it up. Not long after, I’m grabbing a bagel from my mom and on my way to school. While i’m at my locker, my best friend Kailee shows up next to my locker. “Hey Sam!” Her perky voice can make the most depressed people on Mondays happy. “Hey Kai. How was your weekend?” I ask, still unpacking my backpack. “Mine was good. I went with Paige to the mall on Friday and I got these new boots!” she steps back to let me look at them. “Damn girl. Those are sure to impress Tristan.” Just then you see a boy walk by who you’ve never seen before. Tall- I’m like 6 foot and this guy was really tall. Muscular- A bit over the size of the schools quarterback. Oh-So-Sexy- Blonde. Green eyes. Light stubble. A chiseled jawline. Mmmf. This guy is sexy on so many levels. My jaw feels like it’s dislocated from my skull, it’s so far to the ground. As he walked by, he winked at me and smiled, melting my heart like butter. Damn. I thought MY smile was perfect. “Who is he..?” I ask dreamily. “Him? Oh! That’s Trey Brunauer. He’s new here. Just transferred from a school in Vermont.” She answers, acting like the guy doesn’t look like a freaking God. Suddenly, she smiles. “You like him! You’re totally crushing on him! Ah!” I try to quiet her as best I can. She’s the only person i’ve ever told that i’m gay, besides Paige, Tristan, and my family. “We HAVE to try and get you two together. It’d be so cute!” I sigh and shake my head before we start walking to History, Kailee rambling about nonsense next to me. We walk into History and sit down in the front of the class. We’re that part of the student body that is somewhat popular and actually wants to learn. This left a lot of seats open around us, even with Paige and Tristan sitting behind us. Just as Mr. Collins was about to start the phone started ringing. We all started talking quietly. Afterwards, he walks to the front of the room and with a (fake) smile he informs us about a new student who’ll be joining us. “Welcome to room 207 Mr. Brunauer!” And in walks Mr. StudMuffin himself. “You can sit anywhere there’s an open seat.” I can’t help but stare as he smiles and walks towards me. WAIT. REWIND. DID HE JUST START WALKING TOWARDS ME? He sits down in the seat next to mine and smiles over at me before we all start taking notes on what Mr. Collins was talking about. I look at Kailee next to me, her face smiling so wide her face might rip in two. I just shake my head and start writing down notes in my notebook. By the end of the period, my note page, had turned into a doodle page. It was covered in a bunch of hearts and a bunch of cliche things like “S+T.” In the middle of me drawing us hugging, the bell rang, sending a huge spike straight through Trey’s face. Before Trey can see what i’ve drawn, I rush out of the room. Off to lunch. Me, Kailee, Paige, and Tristan usually sit in the back of the lunchroom. Mostly because it’s quieter and it provides somewhat private conversations. As we’re talking about our upcoming Trigonometry test, I see the stud walking towards our table, the swagger evident in his walk. He KNOWS he’s hot.. That just makes him even sexier. “Hey guys,” his voice is a deep baritone that makes his adam’s apple bob up and down “do you think I could sit here? I’m not much of a social butterfly.” He shoots me that billion dollar smile one more time. “YEAH.” Everyone looks at me with strange looks, except Trey who’s trying to hold back hysterical laughter. “I-I-I mean, sure, you can sit here..” I say, looking away, blushing furiously. He sits down beside me, his wide shoulders touching mine, sending shivers down my body. Slowly I get up the nerve to start talking to him. “So Trey. Tell us about yourself. What’s Vermont like?” “Well. I’m 18, I have a 7 year old sister named Nicole. I play baseball and I swim too.” Everything was soft mumbles after that. I was too busy think of him playing baseball, getting all sweaty, his muscles flexing as he ran from base to base, and that ass of his in those skin tight baseball pants. And then, I pictured him in a speedo for Swimming. Suddenly I was jolted back to reality by a strong hand squeezing my shoulder. “Sam. Hey bud, you okay? You look a bit pale.” I could feel a small amount of drool on the side of my mouth. I look down at my crotch and felt it throbbing, a tent in my jeans, the strong,sturdy material making it not as noticeable. Needless-to-say, I excused myself awkwardly and made my way to the bathroom to… relieve myself. The next few days were hard for me. As much as I tried getting closer to Trey, he simply got closer to Kailee. They were like always talking to eachother. I just started to accept the fact that he wasn’t gay or bi, when one day in Physics, after Mrs. Stevens finished explaining our project to us, we were able to choose our partners. Kai wasn’t in this class, not Paige or Tristan either, but Trey was. The kid who basically crushed my dreams of love by being straight. “Hey Trey. You want to work together for this project?” He may have crushed my dreams and all but damn he was hot. “Sure. I’m not to good with Physics anyway. Just a bunch of fancy equations to describe how a ball rolls or something.” he says with a slight chuckle. “Sweet! Let’s get to work.” We sit down at one of the open desks and start working. About half way through the period, Trey looks at me, “Do you want to hang out after school? Like maybe go to the park or something?” I looked at him dumbfounded. “You want to hang out with me? I’ve been trying to be your friend for the past week, and you just keep getting closer to Kailee. You’re like always talking to her.” My cheeks red from both anger and sadness. His face read confusion and hurt all over it. “That was because…” he lowers his voice to a whisper that only I can hear, “I think you’re kinda hot Sam… And I really like you… I could see the way you and Kailee act around each other, but I also saw that her boyfriend is Tristan. So, you had to be her best friend. I figured she might know if you were gay or not. I didn’t have the courage to ask you myself.” He looks down, clearly blushing. Trey is shy..? Awwwwh. That’s so adorable! I grab his hand in mine under the desk. ”I’d love to go out with you.” I say with a smile. The day couldn’t have gone by any slower. It helped that I had been thinking of him all day but still, I just wanted to get to that park. As we’re leaving school, I start looking for Trey in the crowd of students when I feel Trey come up behind me and put his arms around my neck in a super freaking adorable hug from behind. I can smell the cologne on his chest. It smells manly. Did I tell you he was sexy as fuck yet? I start laughing as he giggles uncontrollably like a little kid. “You ready to go?” he asks, his emerald green eyes staring into my stormy grey ones.. He puts his hand out. “Sure am.” I grab his hand in mine and we start walking towards the park, not caring what anybody thought of them. As we reached the park I felt an extremely childish urge coming on. I ran over to the swings and began to swing slowly, until Trey started pushing me. “Woah! Trey! Calm down or I might end up in the next town over!” From this, he began pushing even harder. “Geeze! Okay Mr. Muscleman I get it! You’re strong!” I say in between laughs. Slowly he lets me stop before looking down at me on the swing, "So you think i'm a Muscleman?" A sly grin on his face as he flexes his bicep, a respectably large mound rising in the shirt. My expression clearly shows the answer, jaw hanging open. "That's it!" He physically picks me up and carries me over to the large field people use for kite flying. "Run. Ill give you a 10 second head start." He says, a cocky smile plastered onto his gorgeous face. I don't wait to see what happens. I start running as fast as i can in the large field. when i reach the end of the field, i turn to look behind me. "Oh shit." Trey was running at full speed towards me and quickly closing the gap between us. I run away as fast as i can, even though i know my efforts are all in vain. He quickly catches me, putting his arms around my waist and spinning me around like i weighed nothing at all. We fall backwards onto the grass next to each other, looking up at sky. It was a nice day, sunny, a slight wind, and some clouds to make the sky pretty. I found his hand and gripped it, never wanting to let go. He gripped my hand tighter. It made me feel safe, like nothing in the world could hurt me. He’s like my superhero. “Huhhh.. Sam. You make me happy. Since I came to this school, you’ve been really nice to me. Even though I must’ve seemed like a jerk to you… And i’m sorry for that.” I could see in his eyes, he really meant it too. I turn onto my side facing him in the grass and he does the same. “It’s fine Trey. Don’t dwell on the past so much.” I say as I sit up and cross my legs and he follows suit. I grab his hands in mine and stare into his emerald green eyes, “ I like you for who you are right now… No wait. I take that back.” His face gets pale almost instantly. “I love you for who you are right now.” I feel him squeeze my hands. Suddenly, he jumps on top of me, knocking me down. “I love you more.” He puts his full, soft, luscious lips on mine and it feels like my body had been turned into jelly. He rolls over, putting me on top, still kissing each other. He sticks his hands under my shirt, feeling the curves up and down my back. I let a slight moan escape my lips. Then, I hear a boy whispering, “I thought only girls and guys could be together. This is weird.” Our eyes shot open and we scrambled to our feet, surrounded by a circle of kids ranging from 7-13, all staring at us. The same boy, about 8 asked me, “Why were you two kissing? I thought only girls and guys can kiss.” I looked into Trey’s eyes and squeezed his hand. “Well, it isn’t always liked by everyone, but guys can like other guys too. Same with girls, liking other girls. It’s just how we feel.” I look up into Trey’s gorgeous eyes and smile. “So whenever you see two men kissing or something, give them… I don’t know a thumbs up or something!” I say with a chuckle, making the kid laugh. The circle disperses and i’m left standing with Trey. “You handled that way better than I probably would have. Just more reasons for me to love you.” he says as he kisses my neck. God I love him so much. He walked me home, holding my hand the entire time. His house was the opposite way from the park, but he didn’t care, this was “more time I get to spend with you.” as he says. I don’t care. I love him, and that was the sweetest thing I could think of him doing at this point. As we reached my house, he turned to me and holding my hands, he kissed me again. It felt as though it gave enough electricity to power an entire city. He pulled away, leaving me wanting more. Before he left, he whispered a soft “I love you!” into my ear, the light stubble scratching my face, and sending shivers down my spine. As I got in my door, I turned to look at him one last time and he gave me that billion dollar, most adorable smile ever. I close the door, smiling, and my back against the door, That boy drives me crazy. About a week later at school, while i’m at my locker talking to Kailee, Trey sneaks up behind me and kisses me on the cheek. “Hey babe.” I say with a smile. “I’ve missed you.” “What’s up handsome?” he asks, facing me towards him to hug me. “Not much.” I say as i kiss him softly on the lips, his furry chin rough against my skin. “I can’t get over how cute of a couple you two are. It’s just so adorable! Like you two were meant to be.” She says in her normal peppy, bubbly, happy tone. “Thanks Kai.” I say, grabbing his hand, “I know.” “What do you two have planned for tonight?” asks Kailee. Trey looks at me, his emerald eyes staring into my gloomy gray ones. “I don’t what are we doing tonight?” He asks, a wide grin and obvious promiscuity plastered across his face. I instantly became flustered and bright red. “I-I we-well. Um. I was thinking maybe a movie at my place.” I say nervously through stutters. He just laughs and puts his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to him as we walk to first period. The day was going by very quickly until last period P.E. We were playing football. I hate football. With a burning passion. So naturally, I go and sit on the bleachers and take a 0 for the day. I watch all the guys run across the field, their muscles rippling as they run. Then, I see Trey running across the field. For once in my life, I was interested in football. I stood up, shouting, “Woo! Go Trey!” Getting an evil glare from many of the girls around me on the bleachers, and many stares from the guys on the field. Including Trey. I watch in horror, cringing a bit as he looks up at me, trips, and fumbles the ball before face planting in the grass. As Trey picks himself up and brushes off the dirt and grass, he winces in pain and grabs his right shoulder. He slowly works his way over to the bleachers, still holding his shoulder. “Shhee… Ah. Jeeze.” He says through gritted teeth as he limps towards me. I walk down the stairs to the ground and go over to him, grabbing his face in my hands and looking up into his eyes. “Jesus Trey, are you alright? I’m so sorry. I just got a bit too excited.” I asked worriedly. “Ugh. Yeah… I’ll live. It’ll just be bruised tomorrow. No big deal.” he shrugs. I breath a sigh of relief as he says this. “Good. I didn’t want to be the reason for you breaking your arm or something.” I say with a grin. “Yeah, I think i’ll just sit on the bleachers with you for the rest of the period.” He says as he slaps my butt after I turn to go back to my spot. “Oh. So you have enough strength to do that?” I ask, giggles plaguing my words. “Yup.” He replies calmly and coolly, as if it’s just an all-the-time thing, before we make our way up the bleachers to our seats. My parents were out of town, so after ninth period, we walked back to my house. We dropped our bags near the door and went up to my room. Trey closes the door, and locks it, even though it’s only us, behind him before sauntering over to me and hugging me in a tight embrace. “Your parents aren’t home.” he whispers softly in my ear. “That means we can do… Whatever… You… Want…” He growls, before kissing my lips gently, sending waves of pleasure ricocheting throughout my body. I look into his eyes, their dark depths staring back at me, filled with lust. “You know what I want.” I breathe softly, my eyes looking over every inch of beautifully sculpted, hard muscles on Treys body. He peels off his shirt, letting me get my hands on the real deal. I take a few seconds to etch the beautiful image into my head. The wonderfully shaped pecs, the large, muscular arms, and the cobblestone abs with a light treasure trail leading down to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I place my hands on his large pecs, feeling their hardness in my hands. He gasps slightly as i run my hand over his nipple. I don’t look up at him, but I smirk. I let my hands continue down Treys sculpted body, feeling the hard rocky surface of his abs. At this point, it was getting a bit hot in my room, so i pulled off my shirt and and continued my mini trek down Treys body. Not nearly fast enough, I reached his jeans, which had a large tent in the front. I undid the button and pulled down his fly before he stepped out of his jeans altogether, followed by his boxers, me following suit, leaving the both of us completely naked. His penis bobbed up and down in front of me, at it’s full hardness of 8 inches. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bed, kissing my lips the whole time. He laid me down and moved my legs, positioning himself just outside my hole. He doesn’t warn me as he pushes in. “Trey!” I gasp, before a loud moans escape my lips. He’s pushing and pulling in my body, his movements becoming more methodical every second. We’re both sweating and lost in a fog of euphoria. I begin rubbing my own cock very quickly, almost to “the point of no return.” Soon, you can hear Trey’s breathing pick up as he begins to moan and I feel a warmth grow inside of me as he explodes in me. That finally sent me over the edge, my cock firing jets of cum onto his chest and abs. We both sit there panting sweat pouring off of us. “That was.. Amazing..” I say in between gasps for air as he pulls out of me. “Tell me… About it…” He smiles as he says this and walks away to wipe off my cum with some tissues. He comes back to the bed and pushes me to the side a bit as he lays down next to me, wrapping his large arms around me in a hug. And we just layed there in silence for a few minutes before Treys breathing became louder and eventually turned into a low snore. God, I love him. I think to myself, before I too fall asleep in his arms.
  3. Huge thanks for the new website! Also, any reason we can't make surveys?
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