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  1. Ou a part 2 already!! Can't wait for what's to come
  2. just gonna ask cause i'm also looking for this Is this the one where he became a shirt placed himself where his friend/roommate(??) would see the shirt. Wears shirt and grows as time passes, then when he finally outgrows said shirt he was still gonna use it as something else (forgot if as a rag or underwear?)
  3. Oops my bad. Just a lot of good writers or stories gone so hard to remember right
  4. If you mean the one where at the end they want to grow so big to knock down the wall and know the secret to the truffles, it was deleted. I think was - the now sithspawn story. and here another story with truffle in it
  5. so hot! hope there's a part 2 to this so much potential
  6. Thanks for the new chapter Loving everything! Seems like there's still a lot of stuff to come ~
  7. So hot Can't wait for the next chapters. Wonder if Froy will need to use his powers again on Wes
  8. i know its early but wanted to share this https://citizenies.tumblr.com/post/189873012308/i-had-a-little-device-with-me-which-is-called-the
  9. citizenies

    m/m Spice

    Love how it went ~ everyone got huge
  10. Really missed this one. Thanks for posting
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