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    Muscle growth, Macro, Giants
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    5'6/5'7 Ft, 75 kg more on the chubbier side for now
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    someone kind and into what i'm into
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    muscle, growth and macro

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  1. thanks for the story ~ such a great read
  2. citizenies

    m/m Spice

    Yay more chapters One of my faves overall ~~
  3. Ooh the story goes on strong and hot ~ love how the dad accidentally added size on chris
  4. Ou love how this is going ~ Boy how i feel when they do it James will scream the magic words ~ that may affect the growth more or both of them?
  5. Oh just wanted to put some of these types of story in the pool as well~ unwanted growth or transformation / really hates the growth / transformation / swap unwilling transformation /growth infectious transformations / swaps btw really hope to see you continue your other series as well ?
  6. So sweet, so cute, so hot ~~ Love how its being told ?
  7. chronivac, bodyswap, growth (depends on you ? ) anything you make is awesome ~~
  8. yes a new part to the story thanks so much it was so hot ?
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