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  1. Well, after god knows how long, I've finally finished the last part of the story. I am very grateful for everyone who waited for the conclusion of this story, and I hope everyone enjoys it. Now, without further ado, Part 9. ------- The wind rushed through Kurt's hair as he sped down the road towards home. He relished the feel of the breeze through his bare chest as his arm hung out the window. He waved from his huge truck as he passed other drivers on the freeway. He knew he was going a little faster than normal, but he really was excited to get home after being away for over three years. He began to reminisce about his time away at college. Ever since that fateful night that Angus told him that he wanted to be beaten, that singular thought was always at the forefront of his mind. And now, he was headed back home to hopefully fulfill Angus' wish. He spent summer getting ready for his first year at college, and while he had a dual scholarship in wrestling and football, he realized that while he could do both pretty easily, there would be one thing holding him back. And much to the disappointment of Coach Washington, it was the fact that the highest weight class in wrestling was 285 lbs. Coach Washington was somewhat sad when Kurt told him his intentions. After another undefeated season for him, Kurt let Coach know that he wasn't going to be able to keep wrestling in college. Coach asked if it was his promise to Angus, and Kurt replied honestly that it was in part because of that, but more importantly, being trapped at a mere 285 lbs was not what he wanted to be for the next four years. He wanted, nay needed, to continue to grow bigger and stronger. So it was with a heavy heart that he stopped wrestling and devoted his time to football, a sport where he could grow as large as he wanted to as long as he could keep doing his job. His focus on football and growth led to some interesting developments. After his first season of wrestling, he started to hit the gym with the intent of putting on some size. But when he went home for spring break, he was greeted with a huge surprise. After his visit with his mother, he went to his home away from home: Angus' Gym. The moment he stepped through the door, he felt great. It was also great to see some of his old friends. But the biggest surprise he had was when he saw Angus come out of the locker room. Kurt was reminded of the very first day that he saw Angus. He felt the same awe, wonder, and lust of the big man that he did that day. Before him stood a much larger man than the one he left eight months before. Kurt's jaw dropped a little as the huge man walked towards him, a huge smile spread across his bearded face. He walked up and embraced Kurt in a huge hug and said, “'Ey there laddie, it's great to see ya!” Kurt could feel himself melting in Angus' massive embrace as he said, “Geez big man, it looks like you've been working hard since I've left.” Angus let Kurt go and chuckled, “Aye laddie, after ye left, I got back inta me old habits. Ye know, lifting twice a day, going balls to the wall in the lifts. Also been eating what you're not here to eat.” He laughed out loud as Kurt chuckled to himself. “Ye should be doing the same. Don't ye have a meal plan at that school?” Kurt nodded and said, “Yeah, but while wrestling was going on, I couldn't go over 285. But I decided I'm just going to focus on football and getting as big as possible.” Angus smiled and slapped Kurt on the back with his meaty paw, “That sounds like a good idea lad. I want ye as good as ye can get when yer ready to take me on. I hope ye don't think Imma just gonna lay down and let ye beat me. Yer gonna have to work for it.” Kurt nodded again and said, “Yeah, I plan on giving you the best fight ever.” He mock punched Angus' beefy chest and laughed. “Aye, that's what I want ta hear. OK laddie, since yer here, let's get some real lifting in. I'll show ye the power lifting setup we got now.” Kurt almost burst with joy at the suggestion before quickly running to the locker room and changing into his gym clothes. The week he spent at home felt invigorating, yet saddened him a little. Angus pushed him harder than he had been pushed in a long while, and in the short time they had together, Kurt even increased his lifts by a few pounds. When Kurt returned to school, he hit the gym with a renewed fervor. It was during the week with Angus that he realized how much he had been slacking off. He realized that since he accomplished his goals of beating Tyler and becoming captain, he hadn't really pushed himself. Being the best wrestler in the state, and being at the max weight he could be lulled him into a sense of comfort. He had lost the drive he had when he was small. Being the second biggest fish in the pond that was his hometown had become good enough for him, much to his surprise. It took the time with Angus, seeing how much more there was, how much more he could be, to shock him and revive his desires. But, he had a new goal now. And with his new goal came a rekindling of the fire to stop at nothing to be the best he could be. He also knew that Angus wasn't going to stop chasing the same dream. Angus was going to be working hard to keep getting huge, and Kurt knew that if he really was serious about granting Angus' wish, he'd have to work even harder. So, Kurt decided to spend every moment of his spare time into getting huge. He would be at the gym in the morning before classes and in the evening after class or practice. He was in the school cafeteria seven times a day eating more food in a single meal than most of the students ate in an entire day. His coaches and teammates were impressed by his drive and determination. They thought he was just putting on size for the next season, but no one could guess his true motives. He quickly fell into a comfortable routine of school and lifting. His dorm mates were all athletes of various types, but no one was used to his level of determination. When they were going out to party on the weekends, they would always invite him to go along. After practices, they would see if he wanted to hang out. They would pass by his room and see if he wanted to play ping pong or watch TV. But he would always decline, saying that getting huge was more important. His summer came with even more lifting and eating. While most of the students went home to relax for a few months, Kurt simply changed his lifting to three times a day, and when he found his body could handle it, four times a day. The increase in lifting came with an increase in eating, and along with the formula that he was making every week, he could see more and more improvement as the weeks went by. He sent messages home saying he was spending his vacations at school and while his mother lamented that statement, Angus knew why. Angus also spent his days lifting as hard as he could. He wanted the best challenge he could give and receive. He wanted Kurt to give his all and he refused to allow himself to give Kurt anything less. Angus caught some glimpses of how big Kurt was getting as he watched State's football games. Between spring break and football season, Kurt grew around an inch in height to 6'8”; one inch shorter than Angus. But he seemed to pack on at least 50 lbs in the five months since Angus last saw him. Angus saw his Kurt on the field, a huge tight end, plowing through his opposition with the greatest of ease. While the cameras didn't zoom in overly close, Angus could still see the level of musculature that Kurt had. Even though he obviously grew a good deal, it was still evident that the weight he gained was almost all muscle. Angus grinned to himself. He was ecstatic that Kurt was getting bigger and bigger. He knew he wouldn't be disappointed when Kurt finally challenged him. It made all his efforts in the gym even more worth it. So there Kurt was, the end of summer before his third season of college football. All of his hard work paid off as he was returning home at a massive 380 lbs of ripped muscle. Kurt wasn't completely satisfied with his size, but he knew he worked hard and was more than happy with his progress. He also was excited to reveal himself to Angus and see how much Angus himself had grown. It didn't take him long to make it back to his old stomping grounds. He pulled up in the gym's parking lot to see it quite full. No one knew that he was coming to town, so Kurt assumed that it was simply the normal crowd. Kurt smiled at how much business Angus' Gym had. He grabbed his gym bag and headed in the gym. As he entered the double doors, he smiled to himself. The smell of sweat and iron filled his nose as the thump of hard rock crashed over him. "Nothing's changed. Good." He stood there allowing himself a moment to reminisce about the weeks he spent there getting bigger and bigger. A huge smile crossed his face before he heard a voice from the side. "Kurt? Is that you!" Kurt turned to the side to see a young man behind the counter. "That is you, isn't it?" Kurt nodded at the kid and he leapt up. "It's me, Tyler!" Kurt's eyes widened as he continued, "It's so awesome to see you! Boss man didn't say you were coming into town. He's going to be so psyched to see you!" Kurt stood there as Tyler came out from behind the counter. "You know, everyone in town misses seeing you around. You've become a local hero." Kurt smiled and blushed slightly as Tyler turned somber. "I'm glad to see you. I've had something on my mind for a while now." His eyes softened as he continued, "I was an ass to you.” Kurt's jaw dropped slightly as Tyler continued, “I treated you like shit. I bullied you for no good reason for so long. And when I couldn't bully you any more, I went after other kids. I felt so angry at everything, especially the fact that you were getting so much better. But it wasn't you that I was mad at. It was me. It took me years to realize that, and it took even longer for me to fix myself.” Tyler's eyes fell downward as he took a deep breath. “I never apologized for how horrible I was and I never asked for your forgiveness. You have every right to kick my ass if you want to or hate me or whatever. I just hope you can forgive me one day.” Kurt looked at Tyler and smiled. Placing his huge hand on his shoulder, he said, “You don't have to worry man. I forgive you. I've forgotten all about those days. But I do appreciate that you've come to terms with it. Don't worry about it.” Tyler wiped his eyes and looked up at Kurt with a huge grin on his face. “Thanks man. It means a lot to me.” He turned and said, “Let me go get the boss man. I'm sure he'll be happy to see you.” Kurt shifted his bag to his other shoulder as Tyler ran off to the back office. A few moments later, he reappeared. Kurt glanced up and saw the looming figure that followed him. He smiled as the massive Angus appeared from the office. The moment he saw Kurt, a huge grin spread across his fur covered face. “Kurt, me boyyo!” he exclaimed as he twisted to fit his massive frame through the door. “I dinna expect you this early!” Kurt dropped his bag and opened his arms wide. “What can I say? I was anxious to get home!” he laughed as Angus approached. The two embraced in a huge, muscle hug, their chests pressing against each other as they tightly squeezed. Both of the men felt the strength of the other, but more importantly, the love and longing that the three years had inspired. “So laddie, I guess you could use a workout followed by some chow,” Angus chuckled as he broke the hug. Kurt nodded and said, “You know it big man. Always ready for a good workout. And I'm already ready to get some protein in me.” They laughed as Kurt headed towards the locker room to change. The clients that were in the gym were quite lucky that day. Everyone there knew Angus was insanely strong and everyone knew Kurt from his high school and college football performances. But no one had seen their workouts. They were completely awestruck when Angus rolled out the heavy power lifting equipment and started their workout. Jaws dropped and phones came out as the two huge men hoisted more weight than most had seen. It didn't take long for the gym to be packed with local admirers. Word spread like wildfire that the all-star Kurt was back in town and was lifting at the gym. Even better, people heard that Angus was actually lifting with him, something that he very rarely did. After a grueling three hour workout, Angus raised his hands and proclaimed to the gathered crowd, “Ok everyone, show's over. I know everyone's excited to see ol' Kurt here, but if you're in the gym, you better be lifting. I'm sure Kurt will hang out sometime this weekend and make time to see everyone.” Kurt nodded and smiled as Angus continued, “For now, me and the boyyo will be leaving. Hope the workout put a bee in ye bonnets and all of you will lift harder.” Angus laughed a hearty chuckle and said, “Tyler, yer in charge while I'm gone. Me and the lug here are going for some grub.” “Sure thing boss!” The two muscle beasts quickly exited the gym floor to Angus' office to change before they headed out. They headed to their favorite steak house to have some after workout protein. Everyone at the restaurant was happy to see the pair and served them the two biggest slabs of meat they had. As they ate, they talked about their time away, traded lifting stories and other things. Angus told Kurt about the new classes, the expansion plans for the gym and business in general. Kurt told him about college life and various teammates. After they were finished, Angus' jovial expression turned serious. “So laddie, I guess it's time.” Kurt took a swallow of water and replied, “Yup. I want tonight to be the night.” Angus leaned back a bit and smiled, “You know, everyone in the club is going to be there. Seems word got out that you were showing up this week to challenge me.” Kurt laughed and said, “I bet it did. You wanted a nice, large crowd for the showdown huh?” Angus shook his hands and said, “No laddie, wasn't me. Matt set up everything. I had nothing to do with it. Honestly, I would've been happy with just us, but the rules are the rules.” Kurt chuckled again as Angus continued, “Speaking of which, a few things you should know. You're the challenger, so you get to choose the specifics of the match. Bring whatever gear you want to use. I'll be ready for whatever, so don't worry about me being prepared. You have to make the official challenge in front of the gang, but everyone's ready for that. Our match will be first and no one's going to challenge us afterwards. Hell, most of them are in town just to see us go at it.” Kurt nodded and said, “Anything else I need to know?” Angus rubbed his thick beard and said, “No. I don't think so. I have the right to refuse a challenge, but let's be honest laddie, I've been wanting this for a while now. I doubt any challenge you give me I'll refuse.” The two spent a little more time chatting before they left the restaurant. Angus went back to the gym while Kurt went to spend some time with his mother. Time flew quickly, and before Kurt realized, it was time for him to head towards the fated battle with his mentor. Kurt pulled up to the gym, and like the last time he was there for the Zangief club, the gym was dark from the outside. But the dozens of cars parked out front implied the popularity of the upcoming event. Kurt parked his truck and went inside, quickly heading to the wrestling room. He could hear all the clamor as he approached, and as he walked down the hall, he could hear Matt yell to the room, “Make way for the challenger!” The room erupted into applause as Kurt laughed. He walked in the door and the crowd of men parted. He saw Angus on the other side of the room clad in a metallic blue singlet. Angus smiled as their eyes locked and he crossed his arms. Coach Washington walked to the middle of the room and said, “My friends, the challenger has arrived.” Kurt strode into the room and stood opposite of Angus. Coach continued, “Kurt, as this is your first match, we would normally have a few things for you to do. But, seeing as how this is an important one and,” waving towards Angus, “you've already chosen the biggest mountain to climb, we will overlook your induction and let you get straight to it. State your challenge!” The men roared in approval as Kurt puffed up his chest, “I challenge Angus to a match.” Angus smiled and said, “What rules do you want?” Kurt replied, “One fall. Naked. I want this to be a battle like the Greeks gods would have had and a battle that would make the first Olympians jealous.” Gasps of shock and excitement rose from the crowd as Angus said, “I gladly accept boyyo.” The guys roared and clapped as the two wrestlers began to disrobe. Kurt and Angus stared at each other as their clothes came off. Angus slowly peeled off his singlet, revealing his massive, fur covered chest and muscle gut while Kurt pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his powerful, but slightly less hairy torso. Kurt's shorts dropped quickly, and along with his shoes, were quickly put into a pile to the side. Angus pulled the rest of his singlet off, followed by his worn jockstrap that held in his thick meat. The two of them could hear the murmurs and reverent whispers as their herculean bodies and cocks came on display for the crowd. The spectators went to the edges of the room and stood against the wall as the two wrestlers faced each other at the center of the mat. Angus and Kurt looked at each other with both respect and lust. Their eyes traced each other's bodies up and down, admiring each other's hard earned physiques. They knew that this was going to be one of the best nights of their life. They didn't want to sully it with words or false intimidation. There was only respect between the two; respect and desire. The air was thick with tension as the two slowly circled each other, each looking for their opportunity to engage. This was not a battle to rush into. They both knew any careless move would be punish, and this fight's stakes were quite high for the both of them. The crowd held their breath as Angus made the first move to engage. He ducked in slightly before latching onto Kurt's thick shoulders. Kurt immediately grasped Angus' shoulders to counter and both men moved closer to each other, testing their strength. The men tugged and pushed, swayed and lean, each feeling out their opponent, searching for any opening. Angus and Kurt got closer and closer to each other, their massive chests starting to press against each other as their hands slid into different positions. Each man pulled the other in, wrapping their swollen arms around the other. Muscles bulged and cocks swelled as the men continued to grapple with each other. Both of them could feel the heat of their partner, the sweat of their bodies, the coarseness of their fur and the thickness of their swelling cocks. Meanwhile, the other members of the Zangief club looked on the match with great interest. Slowly, one by one, the audience began to pull out their hardening cocks. Seeing the demonstration of power and virility before them made it hard to resist and soon, the room was openly masturbating at the match before them. Minutes continued to pass as the men wrestled. Neither showed signs of tiring. In fact, it seemed as if their muscles and cocks swelled larger and larger with each minute. The two men growled and continued to fight, each struggling for position. The air grew heavy with the feeling of anticipation and the smell of burgeoning sex. Angus grunted loudly as he pushed into Kurt. Kurt adjusted quickly and countered, but Angus' deep bellow sent one of the men on the wall over the edge. The spectator moaned as his orgasm overwhelmed him and he shot his load near his feet. Kurt was slightly shocked, but didn't lose focus. Then, someone else came. Then another and another. Soon, it was a cascade of erotic moans of pleasure and shots of cum. The air began to stick of sex and Kurt allowed himself to be distracted for just a moment. But sadly, a moment was all that Angus needed. Sensing his wavering attention, Angus swiftly moved his arms downward. Before Kurt could react, Angus had Kurt wrapped up in a tight bear hug and had lifted him off his feet. Kurt tried to adjust to avoid the fall, but Angus had the hold locked in perfectly, and a moment later, the two were on the ground, Angus on top of the pinned Kurt. The men in the room continued to explode as Angus lay on Kurt. The two warriors struggled to catch their breath, their chests heaving as they smiled at each other. “Damn, you got me,” Kurt said between breaths. “That was the toughest match I've ever had big man. Angus chuckled as he tried to breathe, “You were no slouch yourself there boyyo. I was sure you were going to get me in the end.” The room cheered as Coach walked up and said, “The Winner, Angus! Now, according to the rules, Angus gets to dominate Kurt in anyway he feels.” Men gripped their cocks tightly in preparation. Every person there wanted to see the porn scene of Angus and Kurt. Angus stood up and lifted Kurt to his feet. Pulling his pupil close, he said, “I'm sorry guys. I know usually I'd fuck the loser right here and now, but this is a bit more special.” Angus turned to Kurt and smiled, “Tonight is going to be really special for us, and sadly for you guys, it's just going to be the two of us. Matt, Coach, you two are in charge. We're leaving.” Angus waved and ushered Kurt towards the door. Their clothes were handed to them, but they simply grabbed them and put them under their arms. Kurt let his hand fall towards Angus' meaty ass as they walked out. Angus pulled Kurt closer to him as they left the wrestling room. The pair jumped in Angus' truck completely nude. He drove them to his house, all the while groping Kurt's chest with his free hand. Kurt returned the favor by reaching over and fondling Angus' throbbing cock. The moment they arrived at Angus' house, the pair raced inside and slammed the door behind them. Angus slammed Kurt to the wall and embraced him tightly. They kissed each other passionately as their thick hands explored each other's bodies. All the tension and lust that filled them in their wrestling match oozed through their fingertips as the moaned in each other's embrace. The muscles that demostrated their strength earlier now melted with the touch of their partner. The two groped and tugged at each other as Angus led them towards the bedroom. The lust they had for each other was overwhelming. Both of them have wanted this for years, and now, their longing for each other was to finally be sated. They entered the bedroom and Angus growled as he pushed Kurt onto the bed. Kurt moaned aloud; he loved the display of strength and dominance that Angus was giving him. Angus intertwined his finger's with Kurt's as he held his hands over Kurt's head, pinning him to the bed. Angus slowly leaned down and kissed him deeply. Their tongues explored each other's mouth in passion. Angus continued to hold Kurt against the mattress, but Kurt did not resist. He loved how Angus took charge in his first sexual experience. He was sure that Angus had many things to teach him, and Kurt was eager to learn. Angus leaned down and slowly explored Kurt's body with his tongue. Angus' rough tongue and thick hands caused Kurt to writhe and wiggle under Angus. Angus kept moving lower and lower, his hands and tongue covering every inch of Kurt's body. Kurt moaned in pleasure as Angus continued to enjoy himself. Eventually, Angus wrapped his thick hand around Kurt's throbbing cock. Kurt hissed in pleasure and Angus laughed, “Steady boy. We got a lot longer before we're done. I want you to enjoy all of what I have to teach you.” Kurt huffed a bit to calm himself as Angus chuckled. Angus then lowered himself and licked the tip of Kurt's dick. Kurt arched his back and grasped the bed in pleasure as Angus slowly engulfed Kurt's massive tool. Angus himself was hard as steel and drooling as he sucked on Kurt. Angus then sucked on his fingers a little before he started to poke at Kurt's hole. Kurt was still a virgin, but he trusted Angus completely. He relaxed himself as best as he could as Angus loosened him up. Between Angus' slow sucking of his cock and the gentle penetration of his ass, Kurt was being driven wild with lust. Angus stood up and towered over Kurt. Their eyes locked, and they both knew it was time. Kurt smiled gently at the big man and he bent over and kissed Kurt one more time. They both dove deeply into their kiss and Angus slowly pushed his cock into Kurt. Kurt moaned as he was filled with Angus' huge meat. The heat between them was scalding and their passions rose to a fevered pitch. Kurt squeezed his ass, feeling Angus' steel like meat filling him up. Angus leaned closer and hugged Kurt before he slowly started his fuck. Angus slowly thrust into Kurt, withdrawing before pushing a little deeper. The two of them gradually got into a rhythm of moaning, thrusting and clenching. Soon, Angus was fucking Kurt with abandon, each thrust strong enough to knock down a normal man, but Kurt's size and power meant he could take all Angus was giving him and enjoy each moment. Angus reached down and wrapped his rough hand around Kurt's dick and started to jerk him in sync with each thrust. The pleasure Kurt was feeling was overwhelming. Kurt reached up and slammed at Angus' chest and arms. Angus smiled and growled at his mate and thrust harder. It didn't take long after that before they both started to get to the edge. “Cum with me boy. Let's shoot our loads together.” Kurt nodded and leaned his head back. Angus could feel Kurt's ass tighten in preparation of his climax, and with one final thrust and jerk, the two of them came. Angus' load shot deep into Kurt, flooding his ass as Kurt's load shot high in the air before raining down upon the both of them. They both growled and roared in pleasure as their orgasm crested over them. Angus pumped Kurt's ass a few more times as they continued to shoot. When their balls were drained, Angus slowly pulled out of Kurt and laid on the bed next to him. Kurt moved closer to Angus and Angus wrapped his arm around Kurt. “God, that was amazing. I've never felt anything like that before. I didn't know it could feel so good to be fucked like that,” Kurt said once he caught his breath. “I'm glad you liked it. I really wanted ya first time to be special. And I did haffa ta teach you how ta fuck a man like a man anyway,” Angus chuckled. “I am glad you were my first big man. I really hope we do it again.” Angus laughed and hugged Kurt tightly, “Don't worry boyyo, you still owe me a favor.”
  2. In the intro to Big Brawny Builders: paragraph 2: Given the name of the company, you are not surprised to see that literally every hat-hatted worker in sight was just bulging with solid, herculean brawn. Think that should be Hard-hatted paragraph 3: They weren't just big, they were frigging ripped and harrier than a bear!They weren't just big, they were frigging ripped and harrier than a bear! harrier should be hairier
  3. Been missing the spark to write lately. It's somewhat frustrating when pen refuses to go to paper.

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  5. When Malkorok is at max muscle and you ask him to work out more, you get: "I'm already as huge as I'm going to get print $PlayerName!" Malkorok grunts, even flexing his herculean pectoral muscles to emphasize his point, "No amount of working out is going to break this limit, why I'm probably going to need some Sturgis juice if you want me to get any bigger!" Also, all clothing replaces itself, even when the game doesn't specifically say so, i.e. buying cock-socks. I would've guessed that stuff you bought would go to your inventory. Perhaps that'll come into play later. When working out after taking the hulk juice, all of the changes/non-changes are in one block. It might look better if they were separated into different paragraphs. I'm sure most people did like I did and tried to max out the player with the cheats, so I starting from average, did hulk juice > workout until I couldn't max any stats that method, then used the cheats a ton to get the char to 8.099999999999993 with a godlike physique, 156 inch cock and 107 inch balls. While I don't know if it'll be possible to get this size in the final game, I did notice that some of the dialog still assumes I'm smaller/less hung than others.
  6. I went through it a few times and noticed a few spelling / grammatical errors. Do you want me to post them here or do you have a feedback link you want used. Also, if you start the game choosing the smallest options (short, not hung, small balls) there's not much you can really do unless you use the cheats to bulk up a bit or a lot of ironworks.
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  10. This has been a long time coming, but I finally got to writing this part. Sorry for the delay, but I'm hoping this makes up for it. Hope you guys enjoy it, and as always, I love having comments so feel free. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 8 Football tryouts a few days later weren't as dramatic as wrestling tryouts. Kurt didn't go into those tryouts with the huge advantage that he had in wrestling, but he was still really excited to try out. There were a lot more kids trying out for football, but Kurt still made an impact. From the time he stepped on the field, he pushed himself hard to earn a spot on the team. The coach wanted to try the people who have never played before out at different positions. When he got to Kurt, judging by his size, he wanted to see how he did as a kicker and as a wide receiver. Kurt, much to his chagrin, wasn't great at kicking the ball, but he demonstrated great speed and the ability to catch the ball. The coaches explained to him a few simple routes to run, and Kurt caught on pretty quickly. They were impressed and put him on the team as a receiver. Kurt gladly accepted the spot, but told the coaches that he planned on getting a lot bigger over the years. They simply nodded and said they'd cross those bridges when they got to 'em. Unbeknownst to Kurt, Tyler was assigned the cornerback position. It wasn't until they were lined up across from each other at the end of practice that they saw each other. It had been a few days since their locker room encounter, but when their eyes met, Kurt could see a flash of dread cross Tyler's face. Kurt simply smirked back and took his position. Kurt didn't completely blow Tyler out of the water, but using his superior speed and reflexes, he did outperform Tyler on several plays. Then, near the end of tryouts, he made sure to run by Tyler and say, “I'm only going to get bigger and faster.” Angus and Kurt moved their workouts to the morning, allowing his evenings to be filled with football and wrestling practice, homework and gym work. The morning workouts tended to be even harder than his evening ones, partly because of him putting his morning sexual tension into his lifting, but mostly because of his constant drive to become better. His freshman year was interesting because he was in a new school, but wasn't concerned about making an impression on his fellow students. The only thing that mattered to him was keeping his grades up and working on his teams. But that ended up changing one day. He was walking through the halls, en route to one of his classes after stopping by his locker. He was busy wiping his mouth after chugging his green drink when he saw books flying across the floor. He quickly rounded the corner expecting to help someone up from tripping, but what he saw made him switch from sympathy to a blinding rage. A little down the hall he saw a kid around his age splayed on the floor, his books lying around. But what enraged him was the fact that Tyler was standing above him, laughing and pointing. Kurt balled his fists as his eyes narrowed at the sight and he approached Tyler menacingly. Tyler looked up just in time to see Kurt grab him by his shirt and lift him a few inches off the ground. Holding him in the air with his right arm, he turned and slammed him into the lockers. As the sound of Tyler's 200 lb body resonated through the hall, Kurt looked at the kid and said, “Are you alright?” The kid nodded before he started to scramble around for his books. Turning his attention back to Tyler, he growled. Tyler, still in shock, did nothing but look down at the arm that held him aloft. He could see the criss-cross network of veins that covered it, snaking upward to the ball of muscle in the arm. He saw Kurt's heaving chest pressing angrily against his black Underarmor shirt and the thick tree trunk legs that stood firm as Tyler wiggled in his grasp. “Dude,” Tyler grunted. Kurt lowered Tyler to the point where they could see eye to eye. Over the last few months, Tyler had continued to grow, but Kurt was growing much faster. He stared Tyler in the eyes, noting how they were the same height now, and growled, “What. The. Fuck.” Tyler meekly replied, “Dude,” before Kurt slammed him into the lockers again. Kurt leaned in and said, “You fuck. Your old punching bag went and got a little bigger, so instead of taking on someone that has a chance to fight back, you go and find someone that has no chance, huh? You fucking fuck! If you wanna fucking bully someone, come after me you fucking coward. But I swear to everything that is good and right in this world, if I even hear of you picking on someone else, I will hunt you down, drag you outside and rip. You. Apart.” He slammed Tyler once more into the locker before tossing him dismissively on the floor. “Now get the fuck out of here before I really get pissed.” Tyler simply sat on the floor in shock before Kurt balled his fists tightly and growled at him. Seeing that, Tyler quickly scampered away. Kurt turned towards the kid. He simply stood there stunned with a pile of books in his hand, jaw wide open. Kurt walked to him and waved his hand in front of his face. The kid blinked a few before practically yelling, “That was awesome!” Kurt chuckled and said, “Are you ok?” “OK? Man, I'm better than OK! That was amazing! I've never seen anyone do that before. It was so awesome!” Kurt chuckled again and said, “Well that's good. You just let me know if you or anyone else has problems with him. Tyler's an ass.” Kurt looked at the kid thoughtfully before continuing, “You know what though, I used to be a lot smaller than you and he picked on me. Then I started hitting the gym real hard and Tyler stopped. Maybe if you hit the gym too, it might help. There's one called 'Angus' Gym' where the old Brooks' building was. Go see it and tell your friends about it. It did wonders for me.” The kid nodded vigorously at Kurt before he said, “OK, we better get to class before we're late. You take care and remember what I said.” He waved and continued on his way. Kurt smiled and thought to himself how good it felt to help others, but how much he hated Tyler was still up to the same shit. The next years flew by for Kurt. By the time he was a sophomore at wrestling camp, he had grown to 5'11” and 210 lbs of extremely lean muscle. He had been growing at a steady rate all year and worked hard to lean out for camp. It was also the first time that Kurt was both bigger and taller than Tyler. It wasn't by much, but their two bodies were like polar opposites of each other. Tyler was less than an inch shorter than Kurt and only 10 lbs lighter, but while Kurt was exceptionally lean, Tyler's physique was puffy and unrefined, more bulky than defined. Tyler also noticed the difference between the two of them, and although Tyler fought the feeling that resided deep in his mind the past year, seeing Kurt at the camp cemented the change in their relationship. It was then that Tyler finally came to terms that it would never be the same. All the work he did during the summer wasn't enough to catch up with Kurt. Kurt would keep growing and growing and he wouldn't be able to catch up. It was then that Tyler felt a knot of fear deep in the pit of his stomach. He then realized that if Kurt truly wanted to get revenge for the years of abuse, Tyler wouldn't be able to do much about it. Luckily for Tyler, Kurt had no interest in revenge. Ever since the day he confronted Tyler in the hall, Kurt had no reason to worry about Tyler. News of his threat towards Tyler, and by extension all the bullies, spread quickly, to the point where no one wanted to bully any of the geekier kids in fear of retaliation by the up and coming bodybuilder. Kurt's actions that day, combined with his advice that the smaller kids join Angus' gym had an impact that he would've never guessed. Over the year, dozens of high school aged children joined the gym, mostly inspired by Kurt's transformation. After their tryouts in their sophomore year, Tyler barely crossed Kurt's mind again. He was too busy in his new roll as co-captain of the wrestling team. Coach was so impressed by Kurt's work over the summer; his growth, conditioning, and increase in skill, that he made him a captain. While Tyler was practicing more with his fellow sophomores, Kurt was assigned with the juniors and seniors. Kurt didn't shy away from his new position though. In fact, he relished it. His position on the football team also changed. Coach saw how much bigger he was and how he still maintained his speed and moved him to the tight end position. He took the transition in stride, learning his new position, the plays that came with it and the interaction with the rest of his team, all the while focusing on getting even bigger and stronger. Which is what he and Angus did as the school years went on. Kurt continued to grow bigger and bigger with every week, and as he grew in size, he also grew in strength. And while he grew stronger, Angus revealed more and more of his strength, seeing as how Kurt could spot him better. Each workout saw Kurt lifting more and Angus' fatherly gaze looking on him in pride before he did his workout, shocking Kurt with how much he could lift. His junior year saw him grow to 6'4” and 240 lbs. His strength continued to grow by leaps and bounds, to the point where no one at practice could successfully take him on the mats, or in his new roll as a dominant running back. It was that year that he became a captain on the football team as both the football team and wrestling team went and won the state championships. His ripped physique and uncanny strength became a mainstay of the school. News organizations from the bigger cities started to come to town to try and get interviews with this kid phenom and colleges who were following his progress with great interest started to make offers to him. It was also that year that he started to see how strong Angus really was. In their summer workouts, Kurt was benching close to 500 lbs and squatting 800 lbs. Angus had weighed himself at 320 lbs and he was starting to lift heavy again. Kurt was shocked when Angus first loaded 700 lbs on the bench press as a warm up. Angus chuckled when he saw Kurt's face and said, “Aye laddie, it's time for me to be working out for real again.” Kurt's face lit up as he knew that he hit a milestone. The favor then popped into his mind and he asked Angus if he was ready, but Angus responded, “I'll tell ye after ye graduate next year.” Kurt was slightly dejected, but he knew Angus knew best. Kurt grew to 6'7” and 285 lbs during his senior year. He could have grown more in his opinion, but that would've put him over the limit for the heavyweight class. But not having that extra strength and size didn't impact him negatively. He went undefeated his entire season, and even broke a state record by not giving up a single point. His wrestling performance was closely matched by his football performance, where he broke the state running and scoring records. Throughout the year, he was pressed from several sides by pro and college teams to join, but he had his mind already set on going to State College and wrestling under Coach Washington and playing for their football team. Several pro teams offered him extraordinary amounts of money, but he told them that it was more important for him to get his college degree than play professional football. But that wasn't the best thing that happened to him in Kurt's opinion. The best thing that happened was the day that Tyler came up to him after practice and humbly asked for some workout tips. Kurt could see the trepidation in Tyler's face, but even with their history, he felt no malice, anger or spite towards the smaller kid. He could only feel a small sense of accomplishment and a little bit of pity. As he towered over Kurt, he simply put his hand on his shoulder and said, “Remember a long time ago, I told you that you had to want to get huge. You have to want it more than anything. Once you find that drive, the rest will fall into place.” He felt Tyler relax a bit. Kurt smiled, thinking to himself how Tyler must have been so scared. But in Kurt's mind, that was all in the past and didn't matter any more. Near graduation, Kurt formally announced his intentions to attend State. He was shocked at how many people were at his school for his announcement, and even more surprised at how much it was ran on the local and state news. Many people questioned his choice to not go straight to the NFL, but his mother was exceptionally proud of his maturity, and Angus backed them and his decision. In fact, most days his mother and him went to Angus' house to avoid the mobs of reporters. Angus' fiery red beard and chest hair was the only thing most of the reporters saw when they tried to get interviews, and no one was going to get through the massive man. His mother's pride was overly evident when his graduation came. Kurt ended up being valedictorian of his class, not surprising anyone. At graduation, as he stood in front of his classmates and the assembly in his custom tailored cap and gown, he delivered his speech dedicated to his mother and the man who became more than a father to him, Angus. Tears flowed from his mother's eyes as she gripped Angus' arm and the big man had to brush a few tears away himself at the beauty of Kurt's words. After graduation, Kurt was shocked to find that waiting for him was a brand new full sized truck. Angus and his mother went in together to buy a man sized truck for their huge boy as a combination 18th birthday and graduation present. He was so excited that he nearly tossed his mother in the air out of joy and ran around to his teammates and classmates bragging about how his mom and “dad” bought him a truck. Angus eventually calmed him down and pulled him aside. “Ok laddie, I know yer excited to go and have some fun, but remember ye still got ta work out tomarra. Just 'cause yer done with school doesn't mean yer done with me,” he said with a chuckle. Kurt replied, “Oh don't worry big man. The last thing I'm going to do is stop working out. I'll be there bright and early at the same time. Just going to hang out with the guys tonight for a little, then it's back to normal summer workouts.” Angus looked around before pulling Kurt in for a hug. Kurt smiled and melted into the massive bear hug as Angus whispered, “Keep Friday night open laddie. I think it's time fer ye to know what the favor is.” Kurt burst into a wide grin as Angus let him go. “Ok ye crazy lad, go off and have yerself a good night!” Kurt waved and turned to head to his friends, all the while beaming on the inside in anticipation of the weekend. Friday couldn't come quick enough for the young muscleman. He didn't have much on his schedule now that school was over. He did his workouts with Angus as normal, but Angus wouldn't hear of him working the locker rooms for the first few days after graduation. He needed to, as Angus said, take a few days to let it all hang out at the pool. So, he spent the afternoons at the pool, but his mind kept anticipating what was going to happen Friday. He swam, did push-ups, anything he could to try and keep his mind off of it. He was sometimes distracted by the girls and guys who wanted to see or touch him as he hung around the pool in his custom fit speedos. Kurt was used to the random attention he got and the interacting with people helped him pass the time. Finally, Friday had arrived and the first thing he asked when he got to the gym that morning was what the favor was. Angus simply chuckled and told him, “Not quite yet laddie. But what I do want ye to do is be here around midnight.” Kurt tried to get some more information out of him, but Angus simply rebuffed every attempt with a coy smile and a chuckle saying, “No laddie, yer gunna haffa wait till then.” Kurt arrived at the gym around ten minutes before midnight. To his surprise, he wasn't the only one there. Along with Angus' big truck, he saw a dozen other cars along with Coach Washington's vehicle. Kurt didn't know what was going on, but he guessed that it was a party for him. He smiled and got out the truck as Angus walked up. Once Kurt was out of his truck, he could see the big man in the dim glow of the moon. Immediately, his cock started to harden in his jean shorts. Before him was the big man, clad in a black singlet with gold trim. Kurt had never seen Angus wear anything like that before, but he knew that vision would be burned in his memory for a while. The straps barely held over his immense shoulders and thick pecs. Tufts of red hair sprouted from every opening and one could see how tightly it hugged his midsection and the defined bricks that were his abdominals. As he looked lower, he could see the bulging package of meat that Angus had and the whole picture was capped off by the massive thighs that were barely contained by the Lycra. Angus walled up and grabbed Kurt in another huge bear hug and said, “Yer a bit early laddie.” Kurt chuckled and said, “Well, I couldn't wait to see what the surprise was. I see Coach Washington is here. Is it a party for me?” Angus laughed and said, “Good guess there laddie, but no. There's no party. You'll see though.” Kurt cocked his head sideways as Angus led him towards the gym. They walked in and Kurt noticed that all the lights were off except some in the very back of the gym where the wrestling classes were held. Angus slowly walked to the room with Kurt in tow and when they turned the corner, Kurt's jaw hit the floor. In the room he saw fifteen guys, all in various types of singlets. He recognized Coach Washington, one of his former wrestlers, and four other guys that frequented the gym the past few years. But that's not what surprised him the most. The surprising things were the fact that some of the guys were wearing assless singlets, some had singlets on that had nothing covering their hard cocks, and finally, the fact that one guy was on the mat being fucked by another guy. Angus put his arm around Kurt and pulled him a bit into the room, “I couldn't share this with ye until yer were eighteen, so I figured this would be a good surprise for ya,” he said to Kurt. Then he turned to the room and bellowed, “'Ey you guys, look who's here. Remember though, he's off limits for tonight.” The activities in the room stopped for a moment as everyone yelled hello at Kurt. Kurt waved, still in shock as the youngest person in the room came over to them and held out his hand. “Hey Kurt, glad to see you're finally here,” he said as they shook. Kurt replied, “Hey Matt, it's good to see you. Granted, I don't know what's going on yet, but I have to admit I'm surprised as hell.” Matt chuckled and said, “Don't worry, I'll tell ya the rules of the Zangief club.” Kurt cocked his head to the side as Angus was called away and said, “Zangief club?” Matt smiled and said, “Yeah. You know Zangief from the street fighter games?” Kurt nodded as Matt continued, “Well, to train, he wrestled bears. That's what we do down here every other week. We wrestle 'bears'. But instead of grizzlies, our bears are beefy gay men, called bears and cubs.” Kurt chuckled, “Ok, but that doesn't look like sanctioned wrestling to me.” He pointed to the pair on the floor. The two were going at it, the top pumping away hard as the bottom moaned in pleasure. Matt laughed and said, “Yeah, that's one of the rules. The winner has the right to dominate the loser in whatever way they want. Usually, the loser has to suck the winner's cock or get fucked. Don't worry, it's all safe and no one here does anything they don't want to do. It's actually a lot of fun. It's....primal. A lot of these guys wrestled in their day, and they got really horny when they wrestled with other guys, but you couldn't do anything about it, ya know?” Kurt nodded his head as Matt continued, “I know it was the same for me. Wrestling against someone just as big and strong as you, then beating them gave me such a rush, I usually had to jack off later thinking about it. Coach Washington guessed that, so after I graduated, Angus let me join. The gang is up to about 30-40 guys.” Kurt leaned against the wall as the pair finished up. “Ok, who's up next?” Coach Washington said. One of the guys Kurt didn't know stepped up and said, “I'm up and I'm challenging Angus.” The gang chuckled a bit as Angus disengaged from his conversation. Matt turned to Kurt and said, “Basically, you can challenge anyone you want. Then you go at it until one person submits, then whatever the dominate wants, goes. We usually have ten to twenty matches a night, every other week.” Kurt's eyes were fixated on the match before him. The guy who challenged Angus was at most two years older than Matt, but was giving up at least a foot in height and what Kurt guess was around 100-150 lbs. As Angus approached the mat, he asked the smaller man, “Aye there, you sure you wanna take me on?” He nodded vigorously and Angus said as he took up a wrestling stance, “Ok then, ready whenever you are.” Matt whispered to Kurt, “I haven't seen Angus refuse a challenge ever. Granted, I have only been in the club for two years, but I've heard that Angus has been leading this for over ten years. And people challenge him a lot, but he's never lost.” Kurt nodded his head and someone said “Fight”. The smaller man quickly rushed Angus and got around behind him. Kurt cocked his head to the side as he saw a small smirk form on the big man's face. Angus' opponent quickly hopped on his back and went to wrap his arm around Angus' bull-like neck into a mock sleeper hold. Angus simply stood there motionless as the smaller man tried to get a good lock on him and tried to use his weight to bring Angus down to the mat. Kurt smiled when he realized what Angus was doing. And it took his opponent a few moments to realize how ineffective he was being. But he continued to try and get a good hold on Angus as he stood there. Then, after a couple of minutes of the man trying to bring Angus down, Angus said, “Are ye done yet?” The guy on his back growled and said “Fuck you!” Angus chuckled and said, “Not today laddie.” He reached up and behind him, his arms bulging as he got a hold of the guy trying to latch on. He then lifted him off of his back and over his head. Then, he positioned him into an overhead press and did twenty reps with the lighter man as he wiggled in defiance. Then abruptly, he tossed him to the ground and sat on his chest, knees on his shoulders and placed his enormous bulge right on top of his mouth. “Now submit to me,” Angus playfully growled. Angus' opponent grunted a no as he tried his best to wiggle out from under Angus, but made no progress. Angus simply laughed as he reached behind him to rub the younger man's bulge. Kurt could see from where he was standing how as his struggles slowed down, the bulge in his singlet started to swell, and how Angus' huge bulge was starting to strain against his. Finally, the guy stuck his tongue out and gave the Lycra encased cock a gentle lick and said, “Ok, I give.” Angus chuckled and stood up before reaching down and picking up the smaller man. He then said, “Ok there man, you can suck this meat for a while.” Angus went to the corner of the room with the defeated man in tow and pulled out his swelling cock. Kurt could see the surprise the smaller guy's eyes as he saw the thirteen inch tube of Angus' thick cock in full display. Angus put his hand on top of the guy's head as he led him to his knees, “Don't try to take it all there mate, just give it a good working over.” A few more matches happened, but they didn't have Kurt's attention. Kurt was overly enthralled by the interactions Angus was having with everyone. The loser was on his knees focusing heavily on the massive cock before him, trying his best to savor the thirteen inches of beef in front of him. Angus would occasionally give him an instruction or two, but most of his time was spent watching the matches or chatting with the other guys around the room. This all amazed Kurt. He was still a virgin himself, but the unbridled sexuality of the entire situation was getting to him. All around here were men that were just as much into wrestling as he was. Some were as big as him, some were smaller, but they all had a love of the primal essence that encompassed the game of domination that was wrestling. He could feel his hand going lower, slowly stroking himself through his pants as pairs of people around the edge of the room engaged in their various acts of dominance and submission. Kurt enjoyed himself openly as Matt stood next to him doing the same. Then, one of the guys that hadn't wrestled the entire time stepped forward and said, “Ok Angus, I'm taking you down.” Kurt looked at the guy and noticed that he was a pretty hefty man. He stood around 6' tall and was pretty beefy. He wasn't as huge as Kurt or Angus, but he could tell that the man was pretty solid and probably strong. Kurt found himself getting a bit harder; this man would probably give Angus a challenge. Kurt didn't understand why that excited him, but he was anxious to see the match. Angus gently pushed his submissive off of his cock and looked at the guy currently on the mat. “So, ye think ye can take me down this time, eh Joe?” Angus walked over to the mat, his hard, wet cock bobbing back and forth as he approached. Joe crouched into his stance and growled, “Fuck yeah, I do.” The two men locked up and he continued, “You may be undefeated all these years, but I'm going to take you down, make you submit, then take that cherry for my own.” The two moved around as they clashed, both jockeying for position. The dance went on for a few minutes, but Kurt noticed that Angus wasn't trying as hard as Joe was. His suspicions were verified when Angus lowly said, “Nay Joe, here's what'll be happening. I'm going to slam ye to the ground and pin you on your stomach. Then, I'm going to slide this thick beef stick 'ere along your ass while you struggle. Then, after you realize you've lost and I've won, I'm going to take this ol' pipe here, and line it right up to that hole of yours. And after you feel this swollen head poke right at your rosebud, I'm going to bite down on your ear right as I shove this hard cock in you and you're going to moan so loud that everyone will know how it feels to be stuff with Angus cock.” Kurt saw the effect of Angus' words. As he spoke, he could see Joe's eyes glaze over by Angus' steamy talk. Angus' descriptions were too hot for Joe to resist, and right when Angus finished, Joe's eyes rolled back and he gasped out loud. Angus smirked and took advantage of Joe's loss of focus. With a speed that surprised Kurt, Angus quickly whipped himself around Joe. Then, in one smooth motion, he grabbed Joe in a full nelson hold and lifted him up. Then with one twist, he slammed the smaller man into the mat and applied his larger bulk to his back and locked in the hold tightly. Joe was jarred for a moment, but quickly started to struggle to escape. But Kurt knew immediately that there was no chance that he was escaping. He knew Angus was a lot stronger than most people realized, and the man that could easily bench almost 900 lbs and curled the 150 lbs dumbbells as a warm up had a perfect full nelson locked in. Kurt even wondered to himself if he was in that hold, would he be able to escape. Joe writhed in anger and fury, trying his best to escape Angus' grasp. He wiggled back and forth, trying to move in any direction, but it seemed futile. Angus leaned towards the smaller man's ear and growled, “Submit.” When Joe responded by increasing his struggles, Angus chuckled and said, “That's it, give me all you got. I want you to know completely that I've dominated you. That there was nothing more you could do to escape my strength. And know body and soul that your ass belongs to me.” Angus then turned his head to the guy that was sucking him off earlier and said, “Steve. Move his singlet over so my cock can get in there.” Steve immediately jumped up and did as he was told, all the while Joe was wiggling as much as he could. Kurt felt a little sorry for Joe. He could see him struggling as hard as he could, but the mountain of muscle on top of him barely moved despite his efforts. And Kurt could see that even though he was protesting it, Joe was getting hard from all Angus' talk. Kurt couldn't blame him either. He was painfully hard himself. And judging by the other men in the room, Angus' words had more than a small effect on everyone else. After Steve exposed Joe's ass, Angus slowly slipped his throbbing tool into the trench and slid it up and down as Joe struggled. There were guys openly masturbating as this was going on, and soon Joe's struggles slowed down as he tired himself out. Angus simply smiled and tightened his hold on Joe before leaning in and growling, “That's it, you've finally realized it. Now say it.” Joe grunted one last time in defiance as Angus tightened his hold. Then he completely relaxed and said, “I give up.” Angus smiled and said, “That's a good boy, now get ready.” Angus lifted his hips up, not breaking the hold and aimed his cock head right at Joe's hole. He rubbed the head around in a circular motion and cooed into his ear as Joe relaxed, preparing himself for the entry of Angus' thick tool. Then suddenly, Angus bit down on his earlobe and thrust into Joe. If anyone else were in the gym, they would've heard Joe's deafening moans of pleasure as he was penetrated by the huge man and his thick cock. The look of pain and pleasure were so vivid on Joe's face that a few of the guys around came from the first powerful thrust. Angus didn't shove the entirety of his cock into Joe, but it didn't take long before he was moaning for more. Angus gladly complied and started to fuck him in earnest. Kurt didn't want to whip his cock out and start jerking with the others, but watching Angus forcefully and expertly fuck Joe was breathtaking. He could feel himself becoming breathless and he could tell that Matt standing next to him was feeling the same way. Everyone in the room focused their attention to the show that was playing on the mats in front of them. Even the submissives that had lost earlier slowed down their work to enjoy Angus' expertise. They watched for over twenty minutes as Angus fucked more and more of his cock into Joe. Finally, Angus was deep thrusting his entire member into Joe and it didn't take love before Joe yelled out in ecstasy as his orgasm overtook him. Shot after shot of cum came from Joe's cock as Angus continued to pump away in him. He moaned in delight as his prostate continued to be pummeled by Angus' fat cock. Then when Joe had finished cumming, Angus stopped. He slowly stood up, his red cock bouncing up and down, and went to the corner to grab a towel. He wiped the beads of sweat that shone against his skin before cleaning his cock and stuffed it back into his singlet. “Ok lads, that's enough for me tonight. I gotta get this laddie out of here and get ready fer tomrra. Ye guys can clean up and lock up when yer done.” He then walked over to Kurt and said, “Ok laddie, let's go. I haffa talk to ye before ye head home.” Kurt nodded, turned to Matt and said, “Ok man, take care.” Matt smiled and waved. “I hope to see you again. Hopefully really soon.” He winked and Kurt grinned. Kurt smiled back as the two of them left the room. When Angus and Kurt got to the front of the gym, Angus stopped Kurt and said, “So laddie, what did ye think of the surprise?” Kurt laughed and said, “What did I think? I'm hard as a fucking rock, about to explode from what I saw. I LOVED IT! I mean, I never even began to think of a group like that, but the thought of wrestling and domination like that makes me so hard right now. It was great! I really wanna join the next time you do it. You'll let me join right?” Kurt practically bounced with excitement as Angus chuckled. “I'm glad to hear that me boyyo. I can tell ye what I want my favor ta be now. I know you will do everything possible to fulfill my wish, am I right, laddie?” Kurt nodded vigorously and was close to exploding with anticipation as Angus looked him square in the eyes. Angus lowered his voice and placed his beefy hand on the younger man's shoulder. “I want ye to beat me.”
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  12. xythanshadow

    m/m Aphex

    The sun burned through my closed eyes and I slowly woke up. I turned slightly and my body screamed in protest. A low moan escaped my lips and I shut my eyes tighter, trying to close out the light that wanted to wake me. A huge hand wiped the hair from my forehead and gently whispered, “Are you awake?” I slowly turned towards the voice, my body bawling in pain. I opened my eyes and let them adjust to the light. When they did, I saw a dream lying next to me. It was Aphex, but not Aphex. There were differences between the guy that laid next to me and Aphex, enough that you wouldn’t think they were the same guy, but the cock that was rubbing against me was more than enough proof that this guy was Aphex. “I’m glad to see you’re alright, my big Aphex,” I moaned. “I’m glad you’re ok. I was worried after I woke up from my haze and saw you sliding off my cock,” Aphex said as he gently rubbed my face. “I really hoped I didn’t hurt you. I flew you straight back here and washed you up and let you sleep. You slept for almost 2 days.” I groaned and leaned into his massive chest. “Mmmm, if I could sleep on this chest all day, I would never want to wake up.” He chuckled, his muscled chest moving up and down as he said, “You know, I’ve never brought a guy home before.” I could feel his meat swelling as it rose to the occasion. Looking down at it, I smiled and said, “Well, let me thank you for the honor.” And with that I slowly moved toward it, ignoring my sore body and started to service that wonderful meat with my mouth. That was about six years ago. I had moved in soon after that fateful night. Aphex of course was worried about my safety now that we were intimate, so he demanded I be closer to him. I couldn’t deny him anything, and I still can’t. He told me his secret identity of Brad Hollins, amateur bodybuilder and lawyer. I fit into his life like a glove. I became his assistant at his home office. I did all the typing, faxing, setting up appointments and stuff, plus it gave him someone to cover for him when something would come up. I kept a TV in my area so I could keep an eye on him. When I would see his lust kick in or when my “lust-beeper” would go off, I would simply jog to the woods and wait. He would always arrive with his eyes burning red and fuck me with reckless abandon. We found out that me drinking his cum and being fucked by him slowly improved my physical being, gradually making me more like him. I became more adaptive to his cock when he was in his giant form, plus I became bigger and stronger myself. I still lift at the gym, showing off my new husband every now and again. The guys there are amazed and proud of the gains I’m making along with the luck I had finding a man. Just yesterday, I figured out how to hover a few feet off the ground. I’m getting hard just thinking about flying sex. I know my big man will feel the same way.
  13. xythanshadow

    m/m Aphex

    I dropped my gym bag and took off running in the direction he headed. As I ran, I thought about why he stopped at me. I knew he was gay after he saved me, but what was it that made him stop at me? I then realized that he was tracking by scent. Something about me not showering after working out hard must’ve been attractive to him. But why? And why did he turn into this lust driven muscle god. My mind wandered to every time I saw him on the TV. At the times I watched the news when he was on, I was too busy jerking my meat to notice, but now I realized something very important. When he was doing an interview or at city hall or something, he was always one size. But when he was saving the day, especially after doing something that needed extraordinary strength, he seemed bigger and his cock was always throbbing. Everything finally clicked. His strength, his power, had a natural stimulus. The harder he worked, the more testosterone that was in his system, and the more hormone in his system, the bigger, stronger and more aroused he got. Holding up that enormous weight for so long must have pushed him over the edge. That in turn got me even more aroused. To think, a damn sexy man normally turning into a lustful muscle monster. Damn I wanted him even more. Following the pot holes he left and the trail of pre, I ended up in a nearby forest. Not too deep in, I heard sounds of trees splintering and the ground being pummeled. I approached the area to see an even bigger Aphex pounding huge indentions into the ground and shoving his huge cock through trees and boulders, leaving holes large enough to fit both my arms into. The area was covered in his sweet nectar and he was breathing even harder. He was still hunched over, growing even more as he growled. I gathered my resolve and stepped into the clearing he made. He turned to me, his eyes burning red and gave me a lustful stare. I walked a little closer, noticing how much more dense his muscles have gotten. I reached up and touched the tip of his cock and for a moment, Aphex roared back and grabbed me by the shoulders. He looked at me with lust in his eyes, then suddenly pulled back. “No, I can’t…..I…..can’t control……myself….Go……quick,” he whispered. He turned around and grabbed a giant rock that was bigger than me. Picking it up with ease, he thrust his cock forward, impaling the boulder. With a second thrust, the stone came apart in his hands before falling to the ground in shattered pieces. I was stunned, scared, inquisitive, and most importantly, aroused. I stood there for a second before taking off my shoes and pants. Walking closer to him, I reached forward and touched his steel like hamstring and regained his attention. What I said when he turned to me, his eyes flickering from green to red, changed my life forever. “You saved me and I didn’t even thank you. When I didn’t care about myself, you cared. Now you’re standing here, needing something I can give, and you expect me to turn my back on you when I can help with your greatest need. You saved my life, now I freely give it to you.” “I can’t let…” I never let him finish that statement. I had already approached him and started to fondle his balls. They were hanging like the speed bag we had at the gym and were filled with the sweet cum that had been building up over the whole day. I heard him moan slightly as I ran my tongue along the hairy sack and I was pleased that a little attention seemed to calm him down. He started to lean back but caught himself. Returning to his fully upright stance, I got to see his beautiful, expanded body. Now, he stood at least 12 feet tall and at least a ton in weight. He was wider than the ancient oak that stood behind him. His muscles looked harder than the stone he just fucked to rubble. I could see veins bigger than my fingers pulse furiously under his thin skin. Such mammoth beauty before me, and it was all mine. I reached up and grasped the cock that stood firm above my head. There was no way I could get my hands around it due to its thickness. I grasped the top of it and pulled myself up. Even with my full weight on his cock, it stood firm like a steel shaft. This got me even more aroused. While straddling his cock, I locked my legs around it. I slid up to the head of his massive 7 foot pole and cupped my hands under the piss slit. Precum flowed from the head like a water fountain and I greedily collected the bountiful substance. Most of it I stuffed into my mouth, lapping up the wonderful fluid. The rest I covered my naked body with. After I finish giving myself a precum bath, I slowly slid myself down the top of his cock all the way to the base and rubbed my ass in the giant forest that was his crotch. I then used all my leg strength to spring back to the head of this 7 foot pole, and then slowly slid back to the base. I repeated this for what seemed to be an eternity. I used my entire body to jack off this super hero giant. I licked the head of this mammoth cock, I covered myself again in his pre, and I did everything I could think of to pleasure him. And in turn, Aphex stood there, panting like a caged beast. The more I slid up and down his cock, the more the tension built. Slowly but evidently, I could feel him grow even more. I could lock my legs around his thick tool, but slowly the meat expanded and forced my legs to come apart. I took it slower, maintaining my balance while sliding along this slick shaft. I stopped at the head again, collected a mouthful of pre, covered myself again with it and made my way to his torso. I reached up and grabbed his abs. He had grown so much that I could stand on his abs like they were steps. I climbed up just enough so that I could reach his nipples. I slid myself around his torso, spreading his pre around and I grabbed the nipple as if it were a hand hold. I could see his cock throbbing furiously and I knew that he needed to cum soon. I took the nipple in both hands, pulled myself up a little so I could stand in the crevice created by his abs, and I squeezed the pec with all my might. Aphex roared so loudly that I lost my grip and slid down back to his cock. Aphex grabbed the tree behind him and squeezed it so hard, I could hear the petrified wood splinter. I held onto his throbbing cock as it jumped up and down shooting streams of white hot cum across the forest floor. My own cock was shooting too, the pressure and pure sexual aura was too much for me to handle any more. As he shot for what seemed like 10 minuets, I could slowly feel him shrinking a bit. I slowly worked my way back to the ground as he continued to shoot and made it a point to stand in the stream of hot man juice. Eventually, he stopped and I opened my eyes to see a still really large Aphex standing before me. “I….thank you…but I’m still…..not myself…..need some…..time to finish,” he grunted. I walked back over to him, reaching up to his chin. Pulling his gaze down to me, I said, “What part of ‘My life is yours’ did you not understand. I’m freely offering you my mouth, my hands, my feet, my ass, everything about me. I WANT you to fuck me.” We stood there for a moment that went on into eternity before he smiled at me. I smiled back and stepped away. Turning around, I got on my knees and presented my virgin ass to him. He walked up to me, his eyes green with a hint of red and he grabbed me in a hug. Again, I was overcome with waves of warmth and safety. I nuzzled the huge pec that was against my head, feeling the firm muscle and the chest hair against my skin as he positioned himself. I completely relaxed myself, knowing he would never hurt me and I felt his cock spread my cheeks. I knew that it was bigger than my own biceps, but I didn’t care. He slowly pressed the head against my hole and let it stay there. I prepared myself for his entry when he leaned in and whispered, “I…always loved…ever since…night I saw you….never thought…you….want to….with me.” “From the moment I saw you, I was in love too,” I whispered back and rammed myself onto the head of his cock. My whole world went white. Nothing else existed for that moment. The pain was so intense I swore that I would die then. But Aphex had enough presence of mind to thrust his meat pass that barrier of pain. He took control and suddenly tormenting pain gave way to exquisite pleasure. I turned my head slightly to see Aphex still standing over me about 4 feet away. I realized that he barely shoved a foot of his cock into my ass and already I was about to explode. His eyes constantly flickered from his peaceful green to his lust-driven red. I thought to myself, “I hope he can control himself, but if I am to die, I can’t imagine a better way to go than to be fucked to death by a 5’’ cock of my dream guy.” Aphex slid forward another 2 inches and I exploded for the second time over the forest floor. His breathing started to become more ragged, more primal, and I started to worry again. Then another few inches. God, the feeling was amazing. I’ve never been so full in my life. It felt as if his cock was trying to get to my throat. I turned to look into Aphex’s eyes and saw they had turned red completely. He picked himself up and stood up straight. I got hard again just seeing my weight being supported by his cock. I knew I had to have more. I focused on squeezing my ass, trying to milk his cock and give him more pleasure. I heard him grunt and moan like a beast and it drove me wild. I wiggled and squeezed and tried my best to please him. He grabbed me with his huge hands and thrust deeper inside of me. I could feel my guts rearrange themselves to accommodate the huge fuck pole inside of me. Deeper he pushed and I worked harder. Finally, I had half of his amazing cock inside of me. He hadn’t even started fucking me and already I felt like I could shoot another load. He tried to push deeper, but he had hit an impasse. I thought the lust would over take him again, but instead of him forcing more into me, he simply slid me forward on his cock before sliding me back. “Holy Shit!” I thought as he combined fucking and jacking off, using me as a tool. I shot for the third time that night, just sliding up and down his amazing cock. It started out slow. He took his time gliding me up to the bulbous head then slowly back down the shaft. Then the speed started to increase. I could feel myself sliding deeper and deeper onto his shaft and I could feel his cock swelling inside of me, filling me even more than before. This was such a glorious feeling. I knew that this is what I’ve been wanting all my life. If nothing else would happen to me in my life, I knew then that I had lived a full one. The speed and depth of his fucking increased as the night slowly gave way to day. The sun began to break the horizon and Aphex had reached his climax. He gave one final stroke, impaling me to the hilt of his giant sword and roared. He released my waist, held his arms up over his head and came down with a double biceps pose as he filled me with his tremendous load. I felt his cock pulse rapidly; his balls empty himself and his heartbeat race as he unloaded his hot man juice into me. I’ve never felt so warm or as filled as I did in that one moment. He shot for what seemed like eternity, and when I was full to the point of exploding, I smiled at him, closed my eyes and my world went black.
  14. xythanshadow

    m/m Aphex

    After that day, I quit my job, moved out of my apartment and moved downtown. I knew of a hardcore gym that I was always too ashamed to go in, but I had decided that I wanted to be huge like Aphex and I wanted a huge guy like him to be my partner. I had over 15k saved up for a car and I decided to use it to move into an apartment closer to that gym and spend time working out. I went to the gym the very next day, went in the office with a huge guy, smaller than Aphex but massive in his own right, and I signed up for a year’s membership with personal training by him. Then after that, I stepped into the main area. This place had no women and nothing but muscled behemoths. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart and yelled, “Hello all you huge guys! I’d just like to say that I’m gay!” I couldn’t believe I had just done that. I immediately turned beet red and was about to run to the locker room when I heard a bunch of clapping and laughing. The owner and my trainer walked up to me and said, “You’ve must have been closeted for a hella long time.” I nodded and the trainer put his arm on my shoulder. I thought the weight of it would make me fall it was so big and dense. He said, “We get a few guys here like you. Don and Leo used to be just like you. Hope you find what you’re looking for here.” The acceptance I found there was the exact opposite of what I thought I would get and that was the first step in a huge change for me. I worked out constantly for months, backed by the owner. I radically changed everything about me. I started eating different, I went out more often and I made a ton of friends in the gym. Eventually, I started seeing changes. I was no longer a flabby guy, but instead I had bulked up considerably around the chest and lost a lot of gut. My arms had grown a few inches to a respectable 18 and my legs, which were big from carrying around my weight all my life, were more defined than ever. I even started getting little guys at the gay bar interested. But in the back of my mind, I always wanted that feeling of safety and warmth that I had when I was with Aphex. I finally got my chance one night. I was walking home from the gym. My gym bag was hanging on my traps and my arms and chest were burning from the workout. I hadn’t showered because I didn’t have the time before the gym closed. I was sweaty and had stuffed my shirt in my bag. The hot night wasn’t doing anything good for me, but it felt good after that workout and the musk I was giving off wasn’t that bad. Anyway, I noticed some TVs on in a nearby store, and this black and green blur grabs my attention. I recognized that costume anywhere. It was my dream man Aphex. The closed captioning on the TV explained the whole situation. Someone had set off a bomb underground and was about to cause a whole block to collapse. Aphex had arrived quick enough to get most of the people out, but there still were people stuck in the building. Suddenly, he started to spin around at a breakneck speed and drilled into the ground. The sinkhole that was created suddenly stopped and everyone realized that Aphex was doing his best to slow the devastation. Firemen and police rushed and cleared the rest of the building, but Aphex was underground for an extremely long time. I feared for my big man because he was holding up an entire block with several skyscrapers on it. 15 minutes I stood there, biting my nails, hoping that the buildings wouldn’t collapse before everyone was out. Finally, the sinkhole began to swallow the buildings. I almost pounded on the window thinking “My God, where is Aphex, please let him get out alright.” My fears were alleviated soon after when the camera zoomed in on a figure coming out of the rubble. But soon, my fears had returned. What was walking out of the rubble was Aphex alright, but something was different. I saw him huge. He had grown while he was underground. His 6’6’’ frame looked closer to 8’ then and his back which was wider than most doors seemed to dwarf what he used to be. He was hunched over, grunting as he walked and then the cameras slowly went down his torso. I lost my breath when they focused on his arms. If they were bowling balls when he held me in the sky, now they were the size of this 32 inch TV I was watching. The chest that I cried into was so massive, the nipples of his pecs were pointing straight down and the cavern his muscles made was so deep I could almost stick a ruler in between them and lose it. His abs were a 12 pack now, so cut and hard you could bounce bullets off them. He stopped walking and was obviously breathing hard. The cameras could see dust and debris flying away from him as he grunted. “He looks like an animal” was what the caption said as he growled in a most muscular fashion. His breaths were deep and primal and he looked like a force of nature on the verge of succumbing to his instinct. Then the cloud of dust cleared a bit and I almost collapsed to the ground. His pants were gone, and in their place was the most luscious piece of cock I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I remember that it was partially hard when he saved me and it had reached his knees, but this dick on this muscle behemoth was beyond compare. It stuck out in front of him like a yardstick, but at least a foot longer. Even on TV I could tell that it was insanely thick, like a two liter bottle. I saw the purple head drool precum before they moved the camera away. They refocused on his face and I knew something was wrong. Gone were the green eyes that calmed me that fateful night. Instead his eyes were a fiery red, filled with a primal lust that I got on nights I thought about him, expect his gaze was a million times more intense. He took a few steps forward, his massive feet sinking into the layer of asphalt and the cameras stepped back. He was drooling with a primitive gaze and I was afraid for him. He sniffed the air then looked at the cameras before leaping over their heads. They quickly lost sight of him as he flew into the night. I felt so horrible. Right before my eyes, Aphex had changed into something, something that I should’ve felt was wrong, but my cock told me it was more than right. The size, the power, the primal fury that was displayed for me was a fantasy I have never known about. I imagined his raw might crushing cars and demonstrating for me and it got me hard as a rock. I was awoken out of my day dream by what sounded like a meteor falling about 20 feet away from me. I turned around to see a giant cock pointing at me attached to the huge and pumped body of Aphex. I froze both in fear and arousal, as Aphex began to sniff the air. His cock bounced up and down as he took deep breaths, filling his nose with scents. He turned his head left and right a few times, allowing me to gaze upon his huge thick neck. He finally found what he was looking for when he started to stare at me. He smiled a stunning grin and slowly walked toward me. I could do nothing but stare at the massive physique approaching. He was still hunched forward, showing off his massive chest. His arms at this range looked more than amazing. It was like all the fat evaporated off him and left him with a silk thin layer of skin trying to contain monumental amounts of muscle. He flexed and relaxed with each step, his feet embedding themselves in the asphalt. His legs were bigger than my entire body and seemed to pulse with life of their own. He stood in front of me, his cock pouring its precum onto my head and I still couldn’t move. I stood there, staring into his huge sack that had balls bigger than my fists and prepared for the worse. His massive hand slowly moved toward me and was about to touch when he suddenly stopped. “No……must……..control…….can’t……..fuck……..innocent…… ” he said in the same gentle voice I remember. I looked up and saw his eyes flashing from green to red. “Must……fuck……NOW!” came a deep and powerful voice from Aphex. It seemed that my beautiful man was struggling with himself and I was the nucleus of it for now. I did not move an inch. I was too scared of what could happen. He flexed and thrashed, struggling with his inner emotions and I couldn’t help but continue to get aroused at I was showered in his pre. I licked my lips and tasted his sweet nectar as he withdrew his hand. “Got…..to……get…….away” he said as he turned and moved to the side. He planted his feet and leapt into the sky, leaving me there alone on the street, soaked in his pre. I stood there shocked for just a moment before shouting, “Aphex!!!” I couldn’t believe what had just happened. There I was, licking, no, lapping up the sweet precum left by Aphex, confused at the whole situation. I knew he needed help, but what could I do? He needed to fuck something and a cock that large and thick and oh so good looking couldn’t fit in any hole. But, I slowly realized as I licked myself clean that I owed it to him. He saved my life. The least I could do was try. I decided my life was his.
  15. xythanshadow

    m/m Aphex

    Aphex was the greatest super hero of our state. Everyone loved him. And who could blame them. He was beautiful and gentle, heroic and respectful. He had everything a guy could want and women loved. He was 6’6’’ tall and had to be at least 400 lbs. He was ripped beyond all definition. You could see his abs and chest strain against the sleeveless spandex he wore as he flew across the city. His back was wider than most doors, and he had to be careful entering rooms because he could easily take chunks of the door frame out. His arms were like bowling balls, huge and powerful, squirming like living creatures when he lifted a bus that would be in danger. His legs were like the columns of city hall, thick and titanic, bulging against the pants he wore, threatening to rip them to shreds every time he squatted. And I loved him. Not the kind of love that passer byes had, enjoying his feats of heroism. No, I loved every inch of his body. I loved the way his jet black hair flowed in the wind as he flew. I loved the black stubble that constantly adorned his face. I loved how his muscles rippled with power as he did nothing more than breathe. I loved his beautiful green eyes as he gazed into the video camera. And I loved how he saved my life one night. I’m just a normal guy and, long ago it seems, I had no life. I went to work, went to the gym and went home. And I was so very lonely. Some people, myself included, couldn’t understand how you could be alone surrounded by people, but I was. I never connected with people at work, I was shy and timid around the guys at the gym, and I was gay and afraid to admit it to myself. I trudged about my daily life, each day the same as the last, and I became more and more lonely, more and more depressed. Finally, after spending tons of time in the gym, making no progress, and reflecting on what there was for me in life, I decided to end it. I made my way to the roof of my building, 20 stories above the city streets. Sighing my last breath, I stepped off the roof and closed my eyes. My story should have ended there as I plummeted to my death, but fate intervened. Aphex flew by and caught me about 5 feet before I would have hit the ground. I didn’t know what had happened and opened my eyes to see the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. He had me cradled in his giant arms looking gently at me with his sparkling green eyes and said to me, “Why did you do that? Don’t you know you have a lot to live for?” I couldn’t look him in the eyes after that. I just started crying. Me, a grown man, 25 years old, was in the arms of this walking, or should I say flying, dream crying like a baby. He stopped flying along and began to hover. “What’s wrong?” he asked me. I didn’t know if I could tell him the truth, but as he hugged me tighter, pressing my head against the pillow of his hard chest, I felt more safe and loved than I ever did in my life. I told him of my problems, my thoughts and most importantly, my deepest fears. He listened and hugged me closer and I felt as if nothing else mattered. He whispered in my ear “Sometimes everyone feels like that. Even I do sometimes. But the biggest thing is that you can’t give up. You have to be strong because there’s someone out there for you, someone that would miss out on you if you ended your life here.” “But I’m not strong!” I cried. “I’m weak and pathetic, a fat slob with no one in my life to share it with. All the things that I do each day for what I want seem to do no good. What’s the whole point?” He loosened his hug and again I felt weak and unprotected. But he drew me up towards his eyes, holding my 270 bulk as if I were a feather. “You really are sad, aren’t you? Why is that? Why don’t you have anyone in your life, why do you do things that don’t bring you joy? What is the real reason behind it all?” I gazed into his eyes, then down his square jaw, over his humongous traps, his giant arms, his beautiful chest and his amazing legs. A couple of tears fell from my eyes and I shut them out, trying to keep the pain away. He drew me in closer and whispered, “Ahh, I see.” He rubbed my crotch which was by this time throbbing with such fury, it would’ve hurt if I hadn’t been spilling my emotions everywhere. “And who have you told about you sexual preference?” I didn’t respond. “Ahh, are you really that scared of what people might think?” Again, I couldn’t respond. We began to gently float downward to a nearby building. “You know, there’s tons of people that are like you out there. A lot of guys that you might not even recognize feel just like you. You’re not alone.” He set me down on a roof, floating gently above my head like a muscled angel. He flexed his arm for me and said, “Some are a lot closer than you think.” Taking my hand in his massive paw, he guided it down his ripped chest and let it settle on his meat. I never noticed, but it was swelling against the pants he had on, pulsing like an angry snake, stretching down to his knees and there I realized that there were people out there like me, and here was one of them. Sirens began to blare in the distance and I turned to see smoke on the horizon. “I haffa go now. Promise me you won’t kill yourself.” I looked up into his blazing eyes, and feeling the throbbing of his crotch, I muttered, “I won’t.” He smiled at me and started to float back a bit, “That’s a good man. Well, I’m off to save the day again.” He chuckled and few off like a rocket. I stood on that roof for hours watching the blaze in the distance. Even though I felt cold and alone, I had made a promise to him. Plus, I came to the realization that I’ve never felt so protected or warm as when I was gently floating with him, wrapped him his strong masculine embrace. It was then and there that I decided I wanted to have him or a guy like him. And I would have to live and adjust if I were going to be able to get one.
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