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  1. Haha, remind me to never make a bet with you. I'd lose on technicalities and semantics every time!
  2. I'm sorry, I can't get beyond the part about benching over 1000 lbs.
  3. LHF

    Burning Man

    Not familiar with that one, but I looked up the videos about the Glamcocks among others. I'm fascinated about the whole thing, but I think experiencing it from in primarily gay culture and in primarily queer camps will lead me to have a drastically different week than what I'm seeing in videos from more mainstream or heteronormative spaces. I've got a lot of prep work on myself to do, though, in the meantime.
  4. Has anyone on this site attended the Burning Man festival in Nevada? Trying to go this year and just trying to absorb as much info as I can to wrap my head around it before I go. I've got a lot to do in ~9 months, but I can do it. I'm excited.
  5. Where you from, dude?

    1. scarletic


      If I said Antarctica, would you believe me?

  6. I know what you mean about relaxation. For me it’s a hybrid of relaxation and sexual release. If I’m stressed or horny, I head to the tube. I don’t have a regular set schedule but I’ve been doing it 3-5 days a week since I got back into it in December. Got some good size but no where near where I’d like to be. Also, @CANNONSboywe’d like to see!
  7. @bodybuilderjim and @growcubgrow, you're both inspirations!
  8. What do the three images of muscle guys have to do with the cumshot vids?
  9. Any chance you will treat us to an updated saline bulge? 

  10. Haven't read yet, but love the premise. Love the pairing.
  11. There's a story in that somewhere. Heck, even in OP's.
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