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  1. Great story! Super hot and I loved how the innocent, sheltered farm boy finally realized what he had been missing!
  2. Unexpected Pleasures by Ultrabeef As I worked up a sweat on the treadmill at the gym I couldn't help but gaze longingly at the big beefy muscle dudes grunting and heaving those really heavy weights in the free weight section. As they high fived each other after their heavy lifts and felt each others muscles, I secretly longed to take one of them home. But I already had a boyfriend, Jae, a cute Asian twink who made me a very happy guy except for his definiate lack of muscle and adversion to going to the gym with me. It's not like I am a big muscle bro myself either. I am slightly overweight and just look like an average middle aged guy with blond hair and glasses. I mean, if you look up “high school history teacher” in the dictionary you’d find a picture of a guy like me. I just fit the mold of my chosen profession I guess. But I really find muscle guys attractive. I mean, a big hulking muscle brute is such a turn on. But no such guy would ever be interested in me. We are in completely different social categories, different worlds. So I feel lucky to have my cute twink boyfriend. I mean, I could be alone, right? I tried to get Jae to come to the gym with me, tried to get him to drink some protein shakes and bulk up, but he just wasn't interested. Lately, he would just get pissed off when I asked him to come work out with me saying "why can't you just love me for who I am?" I told him that I did love him but he would look so hot with a little bit of muscle on him. To which he would always reply "Well, if you like muscle so much why don't you work on getting bigger yoursef?" Truth is, I've tried. I watch what I eat and work out regularly but I do like my morning donut and and am more of a cardio guy than a free weights guy anyway. So I would just have to be content with gazing at the muscle dude eye candy at the gym. As I was getting off the treadmill I bumped into my friend Drew. He was all to familar with my woes and struggles with my boyfriend Jae. Maybe I shouldn't have vented to him so much, but I needed someone to talk to about it. Talking to Jae was pointless. Drew was a cute guy, mousy brown hair, decent build. "Hey, Jeff! Just the guy I've been looking for!" Drew had an air of excitement about him today. "What's up Drew?” “I found the solution for your problem with Jae!" "Look, there is no 'problem' with Jae ok?" I muttered exasperated. "Oh sure... I mean...well, you know what I mean!" Drew sheepishly mumbled. "Anyway, see that guy over there in the white tank top?" Drew motioned toward the free weight area of the gym. My eyes practically bulged out of my head. In the free weight area was a massive bodybuilder in a white tank top and white compression pants that hugged his powerhouse quads and glutes. His tank top was stretched to the limit by his boulder shoulders and massive jutting pecs. He was so wide and bulky. How had I missed him when I was on the treadmill. He had a decent face but it was no comparison to his gorgeous, almost over muscled, body. "Holy shit" I muttered under my breath. "Yeah, him!" Drew grinned and smacked me on the shoulder. "Anyway, you go talk to him. He's got a solution to your Jae problem." "What the hell are you talking about? I don't want Jae beat up!” I replied confusedly. Drew just laughed, "he's not going to beat him up! He's got some stuff that can help make Jae bigger -- whether he wants to be or not!" Drew winked mischeviously and sauntered off. I stood there for a minute trying to process what he had just said. Then I looked over at the big muscle guy again and saw him looking at me. To my surprise he was motioning me over. I looked around assuming he was looking at someone else. But he was actually motioning to me. I took a big gulp of air and cautiously walked toward the muscle hulk. "Are you Jeff?" the big guy purred in a deep bass. Jesus! he was even bigger up close. I had never been this close to a big bodybuilder like this and my eyes didn't know where to look. It was more than I could mentally process. This guy was totally jacked with striated, veiny, rock-hard muscle. J...Jeff...um...yeah...that's me" I stammered like an idiot. The big guy broke into a huge grin and laughed in his deep bass. I think the entire gym could feel the rumble. "I'm Lance. Drew told me everything, come with me", he turned and waddled toward the locker room. As I followed his massive legs that rolled around each other as he walked; I sucked in a deep breath at the sight of his huge basketball sized glutes straining the flimsy fabric of his lycra leggings. The locker room was empty as we both entered it and my mind briefly shifted to annoyance. I would have to bitch out Drew for telling this complete stranger about the problems Jae & I were having. Lance opened his locker and started fishing around in his gym bag with a big meaty paw. "Here is is!" he grinned and handed me a small test tube of clear liquid. "What is it?" I asked as I rolled it around in my hand and held it up to the light. "It's the juice bro! Muscle grow juice" the guy grinned and flexed a huge bicep in my face. "Get your boyfriend to drink this and he definately won't be such a tiny twink anymore". My mouth went dry as I struggled to understand. "Is this real...?” I stammered stupidly. "Does this look real to you?" Lance took my hand and placed it on his rock hard huge chest. I could feel the warm, hard, striated muscle. I could feel myself getting hard. "Oh shit..." I started to moan, as I grabbed at the thick pec meat. “You really like big muscles don't ya, cutie-pie?" Lance grinned. "Did he just say I was cute?!". My mind was reeling as I struggled for something to say. "Um...are there any side effects?" I stammered. "Well, it affects each guy differently but everyone experiences extreme muscle growth. Some guys lose some intelligence, or experience cock growth or shrinking. It just depends. How badly do you want your boyfriend to look like me?" "So badly!" I groaned almost shooting my load in my pants at just the thought of Jae being a huge muscle guy. "You better get home to that guy of yours" Lance grinned. "He is one lucky dude to have a guy like you". Lance leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek before he sauntered off leaving me totally at a loss for words. I don't think I drove very carefully all the way home. I was way too distracted. Once I got home I saw that Jae wasn't home from work at his interior design job yet. I carefully made him his favorite post work cocktail and made myself one as well. Then I emptied the glass vial of clear liquid into his drink and stirred it around. If this muscle growth formula worked I was definiately going to need a drink too, I thought to myself as an evil smile crossed my face. Then I ordered a pizza for dinner. Jae got home from work a few minutes later and was in an especially foul mood. "Hey babe! I made you a cocktail" I handed him the laced drink as I kissed his cheek. "Work was awful today!" Jae ranted. "I'm sorry babe. I think this evening will get much better". Jae stared at me suspciously. Just then the doorbell rang and I put my drink on the table to get the pizza from the delivery boy. When I came back Jae was already sitting at the table sipping his drink. My heart was racing! "What's the matter with you today? You're so freaking jumpy" Jae glared at me through his thick black rimmed glasses. "I must just still be hyped up from my workout" I muttered as I took a big gulp from my own cocktail. Jae and I ate our pizza I near silence. I guess I hadn't realized how strained our relationship had become. As I ate I looked at Jae for any sign on muscle growth. I didn't notice a thing. I had forgot to ask how long it would take to work (if it worked at all). As I finished my cocktail and munched my pizza I started to feel a little dizzy and warm. "You ok?" Jae looked up at me. "Yeah. Why?" I asked gasping for breath, I took off my glasses and wiped my forehead. “Well for one thing you are sweating through your shirt" Jae rolled his eyes, "it's digusting". I looked down and saw that indeed the armpits of my t-shirt were soaked with sweat. My arm looked strange too, thicker somehow. I felt so strange. "Wh...what's happening?" I whimpered. “What's happening is that Drew called me from the gym and told me about your sick plan to drug me up!" Jae sneered with distain in his voice. "So, when you went to get the pizza I switched my drink with yours". I stared at Jae trying to comprehend what he was saying but my head was feeling cloudy. “Wha...Jae...switch?” I managed to mumble. I felt so heavy and bulky. I looked down and realized that I couldn't see over my pecs. Holy shit! I had pecs?!! There was this big shelf of flesh blocking my view. Just then I heard my shirt tearing and my pecs flopped out, thick nipples pointing toward the floor as my massive chest swelled into two thick pillows of beef. “Help...me!” I moaned as I could feel my shoulders swell and my crack as it flared wider as well. “Oh fuck! Look at you! You overgrown roided out pig. You wanted to do this to me?! How does it feel, freak?" Jae laughed. I looked down at my bulging body in confusion. With the growth in muscle, my intellect had definately shrunk. I flexed my swelling arms and watched the corded muscle bulge and saw the thick purple veins snaking under my skin. I felt slow and dumb. "Drew and I have been secretly seeing each other for months now, dumbass!" Jae sneered. "This was the perfect way to get back at you for always being on me about working out! You like big muscles! Well, you’ve got em!” As I tried to stand up I could feel my pants tearing open, freeing my enormous quads. I was unsteady on my feet as I tried to adjust to my added bulk. How big was I anyway? “Now I'm going to dump you, you overgrown moron." "J...Jae... and Drew...a couple?!" I stammered foolishly as Jae grabbed his keys and headed for the door. "I can't believe I dated you for so long! Your muscle fetish is disgusting! See ya, freak!” Jae slammed the door as he left. I made a fist and watched the veins snake across my forearm. It actually felt really good as I flexed by powerful arms and watched the hard, straited muscle bulge. I cupped my thick pec and it was bigger than my hand. I shivered in pleasure as I touched my big, sensitive nipple”. “Oh fuck! Feels so good!" I heard myself mumble in a deep, slightly dumb voice. "Big, swole, muscle bro!". My thick cock started leaking pre cum as it swelled up out of my remaining tattered underwear. "Big, fat, muscle dick too" I moaned as I grabbed my thick shaft and started to jerk my meat mindlessly. “Fuuucccckk!” I moaned loudly as what felt like a gallon of cum sprayed out of my monster cock. I rubbed the cum on my hand across my huge pecs and ran my finger into my mouth, tasting my own salty muscle spunk. Just then there was a loud knock on the door. I looked up, embarrassed at my nakedness and enormous size. “Jae must have come back” I muttered as I crossed to the door. As I opened the door, it wasn’t Jae on the threshold but Lance, the huge hunky bodybuilder from the gym. “Well, holy fuck!” Lance growled as he grabbed his swelling dick in his tight white shorts, “look at you!” I blushed in embarrassment and mumbled stupidly “I...I got bigger...”. “Yeah, no shit hot stuff!” Lance smirked. “I decided to follow you home. When I saw your little boyfriend leave, I figured something must not have gone according to plan”. “Jae...tricked me...thinks...I’m...” I swallowed back the lump in my throat “...I’m a disgusting freak”. Lance placed his hand on my thick shoulder and leaned in placing a passionate wet kiss on my lips. As I gave in to the emotions I was feeling, I felt my muscular pecs and abs smash against Lance’s. I moaned softly as Lance’s tongue pushed its way into my mouth and I felt his strong hands cup my ample bubble butt. I hugged his wide powerful lats lowering my hands to slap his big muscle ass. As we pulled away from each other Lance smiled and held my hand. “Damn boy! This is truly and unexpected pleasure! You are hot as fuck muscle daddy!” As I panted and pulled Lance in to me I purred “so are you, my muscle stud”. I grabbed Lance and pulled him to the sofa where we went to town exploring each other’s muscles and fucking each other like men possessed. “I hope Jae doesn’t come back” Lance grinned. “Who’s Jae?” I asked with a confused smirk before talking Lance’s thick cock into my mouth.
  3. This story is AMAZING!! Super hot! Great job.
  4. Ultrabeef OC and boyfriend commission by Rafael-Raskolniko
  5. This German guy is so hot and beefy! I LOVE him!
  6. Ultrabeef

    Harun Yilmaz

    I just love this hunky, beefy, short guy.
  7. Ultrabeef

    Derek Duszynski

    Yeah, I preferred that longer hairstyle. He has a buzz cut now I believe.
  8. This adorable Norwegian stud is perfect in every way and a definite crush for me. AMAZING Glutes in this video!!
  9. Derek has long been a favorite bodybuilder of mine. I preferred his look in these older pics to his current look (but he's still hunky either way). Some of these pics are morphs obviously but that's all part of the fun.
  10. Ultrabeef

    Donuts & Karma

    Donuts & Karma by Ultrabeef Caleb walked quickly out of the coffee shop, his pale cheeks now beet red. His tousled reddish hair askew and his black frame glasses fogging up as they encountered the harsh frigid winter hair. Caleb pulled his black parka closer around his thin wiry frame and scurried across the desolate campus toward his apartment. He kept replaying the events of the last hour over and over in his mind as he braced himself against the biting wind. He was completely humiliated, and still in shock. Just an hour ago he had been in what he thought was a happy relationship. His boyfriend Bryce had been like a godsend to him. They had met their freshman year when they were assigned as roommates. Bryce was of Asian desent and an Engineering major, while Caleb, the pale redhead, was a Math major. When they discovered they both were gay and attracted to each other, the rest was history, as they say. But lately Bryce had become interested in fitness and working out and with his Asian genetics had actually packed quite a bit of muscle onto his once slender frame. As his muscle tone grew, so did a new cocky, arrogant, and hurtful attitude toward Caleb. "You are so puny! Why don't you hit the gym?" Was a frequent question Bryce asked of his boyfriend prompting Caleb to start joining him in the campus gym. But it was no good. Caleb didn't have an athletic bone in his body. No matter how much Caleb tried to workout out or how many weight gainer shakes he choked down, he stayed pretty much the same. Today, when Bryce asked to meet him at the campus coffee shop, Caleb had no idea what was in store. Bryce was already there when Caleb arrived, his thick muscular arms straining the sleeves of his black t-shirt, Caleb noticed the veins snaking acros Bryce's biceps and the line between his smooth pecs showing from his v-neck shirt. He was looking especially irritated but hot as well, his lips pouting out as he checked his iWatch causing his meaty pecs to bounce. Bryce looked up and snickered "About time scrawny! I was beginning to think the wind blew you away!" Caleb sheepishly took a seat at the table with Bryce, muttering "Sorry..." under his breath. In short order Bryce revealed that he simply wasn't attracted to Caleb anymore. He liked big muscular guys and in fact he had been secretly dating one for the past month. As he spoke a huge muscular black guy walked over and kissed Bryce. "You ok sweetie?" the hulking adonis cooed at Bryce. "Yeah, just saying goodbye to my ex DeShawn" Bryce motioned to Caleb whose mouth was hanging open. The guy was huge, easily a pro level bodybuilder. His tight red stringer tank and gray shorts struggled to contain his massive ebony muscles. Caleb could see the attraction for Bryce. DeShawn was a thick, jacked college aged bodybuilder and based on the obscene bulge in his shorts, Caleb knew he had him beat in every department. DeShawn looked at Caleb uneasily and then turned to Bryce. "This is your ex?" Bryce nodded grabbing DeShawn's thick beefy arm and running his finger down the bulging vein snaking across his bicep. "Sorry dude. I didn't know..." DeShawn trailed off and looked at Caleb with embarrassment as Bryce wrapped his arm around the big guy and laughed "Don't worry about him sexy! He'a WAY too small for me! Come on stud". Then the two muscular guys left the coffee shop arm in arm. Caleb was stunned. He had no idea his boyfriend had been cheating on him. What had just happened? As Caleb staggered toward the door of the coffee shop in a daze, tears starting to well up in his eyes he bumped into a small, strangely dressed woman; knocking her coffee cup out of her hand. "Oh, I'm sorry...so sorry..." Caleb mumbled breathlessly trying to hold back his tears. As he struggled on the floor mopping up the womab's coffee with a pile of napkins he had grabbed from a nearby table. the woman placed her cold clammy hand on Caleb's forehead and spoke in a thick foreign accent "I am sorry boy. Sorry you aren't big enough to be with the one you love." Caleb stammered in embarassment, his cheeks burning bright red. "I...I'm not sure...what you overheard...but..." Silence!" the woman growled with authority and shoved a small, greasy, brown bag into Caleb's hand. "This will give you what you want." Caleb opened the bag and saw what looked like a few greasy donut holes in the bag. "What the heck...?" Caleb started to say but the woman was gone. Stranger still, the coffee that had spilled on the floor was gone too. A chill ran down Caleb's spine. He grabbed the bag of donut holes and headed out into the frigid tundra toward home. Once home Caleb sat down to watch a movie on Netflix to try to get his mind off of Bryce but it wasn't really working. Caleb was really upset and mindlessly reached for the crazy old lady's bag of donut holes next to him on the beat up sofa. He popped two into his mouth, wiping the greasy reside onto his once clean white Oxford shirt. They were sweet and tasted good. As Caleb continued to browse Netflix he could feel his somach rumbling and he started to feel nauseous. Caleb looked over at the greasy donut bag and realized that there must have been something in the donuts. How stupid could he be to eat food from some crazy, mysterious stranger. Caleb was feeling warm and realized that although the room was warm, he was starting to sweat. It felt like his body was getting fuller, heavier. As he looked down he could see his legs straining against the fabric of his skinny jeans, his legs seemingly twice as thick as they had been just minutes before. "Wh...what the heck?" Caleb reached down and touched his thickening quads feeling the thick hard muscle struggling against the denim of his jeans. Caleb's attention was now occupied by his hands that were expanding and starting to look like big powerful paws. They looked ridiculous attached to his spindly arms; but suddenly his arms thickened straining the sleeves of his button down shirt as his pecs started to swell and bulge forcing a button to pop open. Suddenly the growth had stopped. Caleb moaned in pleasure as his body beefed up with new muscle. He could fill his once adequate dick bulging against his jeans and start to snake down his leg. With some difficulty Caleb lumbered toward the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and gasped. He looked so different. Gone was the skinny twink, staring back at him was a beefy college jock with clothes that looked ready to burst. Caleb struggled to remove his clothes and examined the results of the donuts. He was totally jacked with striated dense muscles straining against his pale ivory skin. He had the body a physique model would kill for. The weight of his plump pecs forced his large nipples toward the ground. His bulging arms radiated strength and power with purple veins crisscrossing them. His waist was still small and tight with a six pack showing through. As he turned sideways he could see his ass had grown into a cute bubble butt that flare down into his thick quads. Caleb cupped his bigger ass and bit his lip trying to hold back the waves of pleasure at feeling his hard, big butt. He marveled at his beefy pecs and tight six pack and almost lost it when his thick hand grazed his large sensitive nipple. Caleb flexed in the mirror and felt his big, hard biceps causing his dick to swell and stand at attention. His dick was much bigger with his auburn public hair denser and firming a treasure trail up to his navel. Caleb could see that the hair in his armpits was bushier as well. It was more than he could take. Caleb started stroking his big dick and finally letting out a groan of pure ecstasy, came all over the bathroom mirror. Caleb's first thought after cleaning up was Bryce. Although Caleb was no where close to the size of Bryce's huge new crush, DeShawn, but maybe this new muscle would be enough to salvage the only relationship he had ever had. Caleb struggled to find clothes to fit his new thicker frame, squeezing into some baggy jeans he had leftover from his high school skater phase. They just barely fit, looking like skinny jeans clinging to his meaty thighs and bubble butt. As Caleb searched through his shirts, he marveled at how his thighs now rubbed against each other, a totally new sensation for him. He squeezed into a once baggy t-shirt that now hugged his wider shoulders and chest. His thick arms filled out the sleeves nicely. He looked like an actual college jock, although one wearing dated, too tight clothes. As he crossed the campus quad Caleb could feel the stares of girls (and guys). Usually he walked around campus practically invisible, unnoticed, but not today. His parka didn't fit over his new bigger body but Caleb didn't even feel the cold. He felt so much bigger yet inside he felt just as small and weak as ever. The way Bryce had dumped him had really shattered his confidence. Caleb walked up the steps to Bryce's apartment and saw what must have been DeShawn's white pick-up truck parked out front. Caleb knocked on the door with some hesitation. Moments later the door swung open and there stood Bryce, shirtless, his perfect pecs and abs on full display. "Well, look what the cat dragged in!" Bryce snickered. "Who is it babe?" DeShawn called out from inside the apartment. "It's no one", Bryce called back. "Wait. Bryce. Can't we work this out. I loved you for all those years! You mean everything to me! And I even got bigger for you. See." Caleb flexed his arms in a double bicep pose to show off his improved physique to his ex. But Bryce was unimpressed. "Nice. But too little, too late, I'm afraid." Just then DeShawn came up behind Bryce. He was shirtless as well and completely filled the doorway with his black sexy pecs and boulder shoulders. He was so much bigger than Bryce. "I thought you said it was no one?" DeShawn looked at Caleb sheepishly. "Well, it is!" Bryce laughed maniacally as he ushered DeShawn back inside. Caleb, tears in his eyes turned and ran off the porch. DeShawn looked out the window at Caleb running away, his powerful legs and butt propelling him forward. "He looks different. Is he bigger?" DeShawn asked with interest. "Who cares big boy?" Bryce sneered. "Well, he looks good!" DeShawn rubbed the scruff on his chin causing his huge bicep to swell. Bryce just grinned taking DeShawn's face in his hand and kissing him passionately on the lips, "not as good looking as you stud!" Caleb ran across campus, tears streaming down his face. He was humiliated, hurt, and angry. He had loved Bryce but now that love was gone and Caleb had no idea what to do. Before he knew it, he was back home. He was barely out of breath. The old Caleb would have been winded walking to the corner let alone running all the way across campus. Caleb seethed with anger and his ex and his own foolishness at trying to make things work between them. As Caleb entered his apartment he saw the greasy bag of donuts still on the kitchen counter where he had left them. "Bryce wants big, I'll show him big!" Caleb grabbed the remaining donut holes and shoved them in his mouth. Washing them down with some cold milk right from the carton. Only after he swallowed and milk ran down his face did his head clear enough for his anger to subside and the realization of what he had just done set in. Fear crept into Caleb's brain. "Oh shit! What did I just do?" Caleb moaned as he clutched his stomach in pain. He winced and groaned in agony as his muscles began to spasm and swell. Sweat drenched his clothes and dripped from his forehead as he struggled to not pass out. "Urrgghh! Fuuucck!" Caleb grunted out as the forceful spasms dropped him to his knees. Caleb struggled to crawl across the floor to the bathroom as his body was racked with pain. He knew his only hope of stopping the pain was to try to throw up the pills. As he crawled he could feel his body swelling up with bigger, thicker, stronger muscles. He heard his jeans rip open and shred as his bourgeoning ass and quads exposed themselves to the cool air. His back swelled ripping his shirt straight up the back as he crawled toward the bathroom door. His swelling arms and shoulders shredded his shirt completely as he reached the door. Caleb grabbed the counter with his now huge meaty paw and pulled himself up the pain subsiding. He was too late. Caleb glanced toward the mirror to see what the effect of those donut holes had been. He was so much bigger and heavier now. As he looked at his reflection and gasped, "oh fuck!" His now deep rumbling bass exclaimed. His back was impossibly wide, filling the entire mirror. His bulging traps surrounded his wide, thick neck. He barely looked human anymore as mound of bulging muscle led to mound of bulging muscle. His huge arms flared out to the sides, held upright by his swollen lats that flared out like thick beefy wings. His waist was no longer small but appeared so by the mass of his shoulders and lats. His abs formed a thick 8 pack and distended into a big muscle gut. As he turned Caleb saw that his ass had grown as well into a huge thick manly muscle ass. His legs were so huge that they forced each other apart. Even Caleb's face was different. More masculine with a wide, strong jaw and high cheekbones setting off his full lips. With his glasses and reddish hair covering one eye, he looked like a nerd who went crazy overdosing with steroids. Reddish hair lightly covered his chest and abs and the bush sprouting from his armpits and crotch was dense and thick. Sexy reddish scruff dusted his jaw line. Something else had changed within Caleb along with his voice and appearance; he was no longer afraid or timid. He was an uber stud of a man. Just the thought of this made his huge fat cock leak precum. Gone was the cute, twinky math major. Caleb was easily the biggest man he had ever seen. As he flexed his freaky vein-draped arms and bounced his big juicy pecs Caleb roared and spewed gallons of cum all over the bathroom and himself. As he ran his finger across his chest and tasted his own cum, Caleb smirked in the mirror. It was time for his revenge. Caleb knew that nothing he owned would fit his huge new body. He found a ridiculously huge pair of white gym shorts his senile grandma had given him last Christmas and squeezed into them. They looked painted on and could barely contain his huge veiny quads. The white shorts clung to each huge meaty cheek of his magnificent ass and did little to hide his massive cock. Caleb could care less, the newly minted ginger muscle hunk smirked a cocky grin as he headed across campus to the coffee shop. The winter air was nothing to his powerful body. People on campus just pointed and stared in awe at the scantily clad freakish muscle beast walking across campus. Caleb knew Bryce's routine and that he would be at the coffee shop. Sure enough as he approached, Bryce and DeShawn were just coming out. They both looked so small compared to Caleb. Even DeShawn the bodybuilder who had seemed so huge to Caleb earlier, looked puny now. Caleb confidently strode up behind them. "You runts better hit the gym instead of the coffee shop". Bryce spun around to see who dared talk to him that way and came face to face with Caleb's massive pec. Purple stretch marks snaking across it's veiny striated surface. "Umm...I..." Bryce stammered. "Am I big enough for you now "sweetie"?" Caleb rumbled in his new bass, his voice laced with sarcasm and hurt. "C...C...Caleb?!" Bryce stammered, his eyes wide with fear. "But...how?!" DeShawn's eyes grew wide too "Oh fuck! Oh my god. So fucking big..." DeShawn moaned, his cock swelling up in his sweats as he took in Caleb's new freakish size. "Oh my god! Caleb...it...but how?!" Bryce moaned getting hard himself at the pure beefy mass of his former twink boyfriend. "I know you like your guys buff, "sweetie" Caleb sarcastically purred. Bryce mumbled, blushing in front of the mountainous Caleb. "You're so big!! So hot!! You did this all for me?" Caleb smirked an evil grin. "In a sense. Yes." Bryce was at a loss for words. His hand reached out to touch Caleb's swollen pec when Caleb forcefully batted it away with his meaty paw, almost knocking Bryce over in the process. "You know, I think you're way to puny for me bro" Caleb smirked using Bryce's own words against him. Shock and panic crossed across Bryce's face. Caleb strode over to DeShawn and playfully grabbed DeShawn's engorged, leaking cock in his shorts. "You in the market for new boyfriend cutie?" DeShawn just gulped and nodded yes, total lust in his eyes. "Let's go DeShawn" Caleb playfully smacked DeShawn's bubble butt as DeShawn wrapped both hands around Caleb's tree trunk arm, shooting his load and moaning loudly "oh fuck!" as he came in contact with Caleb's huge, thick, powerful muscle. As the mammoth Caleb strode away with his new black bodybuilder boyfriend, DeShawn looked back at Bryce's confused and devastated face. "But, what about him?" DeShawn sheepishly asked. "Well, karma's a bitch" Caleb laughed as he pulled DeShawn's face into his bulbous pec, kissing him deeply on the lips. DeShawn, in a total state of bliss, laughed. "Yep, it sure is!" The two studs sauntered away toward Caleb's apartment.
  11. The Perfect Couple by Ultrabeef Skyler and Parker finished up their workout and headed to the showers. The cute 20 something gay couple were the envy of all their friends. Their attractive toned bodies and chised features made them look like a couple of fashion models. Skyler had short brown hair and a perfect physique and was in finance however while Parker, blond and also toned, was getting his start in real estate. They were the perfect couple and living the American dream: great realtionship, attractive partner, making great money. As they headed to the locker room a huge roided behemoth blocked their path. They had seen the guy at the gym often; grunting and heaving ridiculously heaving weights in the free weight area while Skyler and Hunter used the treadmills and machines. "Hey bros, looking good out there today" the huge bodybuilder rumbled in his deep bass. "Um, thanks...'bro'" Parker replied, somewhat sarcastically as Skyler nudged him hissing "Shut up, do you want to get us killed?". The huge guy, ignoring the latent sarcasm continued "My name's Ian. Ian Walsh." The two hunky twinks stared at him blankly until he continued "And you are?". "Oh...um...sorry" Skyler muttered, realizing his rudeness. "I'm Skyler" he smiled weakly extending his hand that was almost ripped off by the huge meaty paw of Ian. "Nice to meet you Skyler. Who's your friend?" "I'm Parker. Skyler’s boyfriend" Parker replied with an emphasis on "boyfriend" in case Ian might have gotten the wrong idea. "Nice to meet you too" Ian purred, grabbing Parker’s arm and shaking his hand roughly. "You know, I've been watching you two for a while" Ian continued as Skyler and Parker looked at each other confusedly. Ian continued unphased "I think a couple attractive guys like yourself would look awesome with some muscle mass on you". As he spoke Ian bounced his pecs in his sweaty stringer tank. Skyler's eyes widened and the bulging beef in front of him. "Um. Thanks but I think we're good" Parker politely replied. "Well, that's a shame. If you dudes change your mind and want to get huge and jacked like me, give me a call". Ian flexed his huge bicep as he handed Skyler & Parker a plain, white business card. On it were the words "Ian Welsh, Muscle Growth Specialist" and a phone number. "Thanks" Parker replied. "Um, yeah...thanks" Skyler mumbled as Parker shoved him toward the showers. That evening, as Parker packed for a trip home from the big city to visit his parents, Skyler was uncharacteristically quiet. "What's on your mind babe?" Parker asked, snapping Skyler out of his daze. "Oh...nothing" Skyler lied. "Come on, I know that look. What's up?" Skyler sighed "It's that freaky musclehead at the gym. He really got inside my head today”. "What? You're kidding right? You don't want to be some huge musclehead. Do you?" Parker paused and looked at Skyler's face. "I...I guess not. I mean who wants to be some overgrown freak, right?" Skyler laughed. "Yeah!" Parker laughed too but was troubled by Skyler's strange behavior. Parker had arrived back from his parents' house early Sunday morning and had jumped in the shower. As he got out of the shower and dressed he could hear Skyler making breakfast in the kitchen. "Hey sweetie! You're up! I'll be right there" Parker called from the bathroom. "Hey babe, eggs ok for breakfast?" Skyler called in a rough, deep voice from the kitchen. "Eggs? You always have a kale smoothie. And what's with your voice? Are you coming down with a cold sweetie?" Parker was saying as he entered the kitchen and froze in his tracks. There at the stove, with his back to Parker, was an enormous bodybuilder. He was wearing a tattered t-shirt that had the sleeves ripped off to accomodate his thick, gorilla-like arms. His back was impossibly wide and tapered to a relatively small waist. The guy had a big, thick bubble butt that was straining against his pajama shorts. His legs were thick and corded with muscle. Then the guy turned around and Parker gasped "S...Skyler?!" The huge guy bounced his ample pecs and smiled "Mornin babe". “Wha...what the fuck did you do to yourself?!” Parker gasped taking in the freakish bodybuilder his boyfriend had become. Skyler smirked a cocky grin as he adjusted the thick cock that bulged obscenely in his shorts. “I gave that Ian guy from the gym a call, babe” Skyler flexed his freakish arms in a double bicep pose and grinned “you like?” “Um, fuck no!” Parker snarled. “You look like some overgrown roid-head, the kind of guy we always made fun of at the gym! You’ve got to turn yourself back to normal! I mean how is it even possible to transform your body like this in just a few days?!” Skyler was getting worked up and shouting at his huge boyfriend. “I think I look hot. And so does Ian” Parker mumbled, “besides, I can’t transform back, it’s permanent”. “How are you going to even go to work looking like that? You’re disgusting. All veiny and bulging. None of your suits will even fit!” Parker staggered to the kitchen chair and slammed himself down. He was so upset and confused. Two days ago he and his hot toned boyfriend were living their dream life and now Skyler had ruined everything with his ridiculous muscle growth. “I can’t believe you’re acting like this babe” Skyler put his huge hand on Parker’s shoulder. “Don’t touch me, you freak!” Parker screamed causing the massive Skyler to pull his hand away. “I’m going to the gym” Skyler mumbled grabbing his gym bag. “To meet up with that asshole Ian?” “Yeah, probably. Why? You got a problem with that?” Skyler flexed his pecs intimidatingly at Parker. “No. Why should I care?” Parker mumbled, his voice cracking as tears streamed down his face. “Look babe. I love you! I don’t give a fuck about Ian. I always wanted to be a big manly guy and now I am. I love feeling so strong and masculine. I thought you’d love it too. I guess I was wrong.” “Yeah, I guess so” Parker sobbed. “Look, I’ll be back later and we can talk, ok?” Skyler’s looked so dejected that Parker just mumbled “sure” instead of telling him off. Skyler kissed Parker on the head before waddling to the door, his massive back as wide as the doorway. As Parker sat in the silence of the empty apartment he wiped the tears away from his chiseled cheeks. Then he went to his bedroom and reached into his gym bag. He pulled out the card Ian had given him with his number “Ian Walsh, Muscle Growth Specialist”. Pulling out his cell phone, Parker dialed the number on the card. “Yeah” a deep gruff voice answered. “Um, is this Ian?” Parker sheepishly asked. “Sure is dude”. “Um, my name is Parker. We met at the gym last week. You um “helped” my boyfriend Skyler”. “Ha! Hell yeah, I remember you, sarcastic little punk. l wondered how long it would take you to call.” “Uh, yeah, I...” Parker, not usually at a loss for words stammered. “I’ll be right over” Ian growled and the phone went dead. “Shit!”mumbled Parker to himself, “what have I done?” Within a few minutes there was a loud knock on the door, Parker opened it to find the massive Ian standing there. Ian was wearing white spandex shorts that could barely contain his massive cock and glutes and a black stringer tank that left little to the imagination as his wide pecs and shoulders bulged from the flimsy shirt. “Um, hi. Come in” Parker weakly invited Ian into the apartment. “It seems like I was here only yesterday! Oh, I guess I was here yesterday!” Ian laughed a deep, mocking laugh. “So, what can I do for you cutie?” Ian eyed Parker up and down, “damn, I hope Skyler realizes how lucky he is to have a hottie like you!” Parker blushed uneasily and looked toward the floor, his former sarcasm drained in the presence of the large bodybuilder. “So, do you like how Skyler turned out? Awesome, isn’t it?” “Actually, no. I hate it. You have to change him back.” Parker replied, finding his voice. “Change him back?!” Ian laughed again in his deep hearty laugh. “Are you fucking kidding me? He’s a total uber muscle stud now! I saved him from being a nobody! Plus, the change is permanent!” Parker stared glumly at the floor, not sure what to say. “Oh fuck, is that why you called me? To change Skyler back?” the realization dawning on Ian. “Well, of course, why did you think I called you?” “Well,” Ian smiled dangerously, “I thought you wanted to get huge too!” Now it was Parker’s turn to laugh, “you’ve got to be kidding me! Who would want to be a fucking roid-head muscle freak like you?” “Well, your boyfriend seems to like “being a freak” as you say” Ian advanced menacingly toward Parker. “Personally, I think a handsome cocky little shit like you could use an attitude adjustment and some manly muscle like this!” Ian bounced his huge pecs in Parker’s face before roughly shoving him against the wall. Parker yelled “Stay away from me, you fucking freak, or I’ll...” “You’ll what?” Ian smiled an evil grin. “You’re gonna be so fucking hot when I get through with you”. With one huge muscular arm pinning Parker against the living room wall Ian whipped out a large syringe filled with green liquid and quickly jabbed it into Parker’s chest with his free hand. “What the FUCK!!” Parker screamed, “what the fuck did you do?”. “Well, considering Skyler paid for our 2 for 1 special, I just completed his order” Ian grinned. “Skyler did what?” Parker asked in a daze as his head started to cloud over and a buzzed sensation filled his brain. “Oh, this is my favorite part!” Ian sat on the sofa to watch the show as Parker staggered toward a chair to keep his balance. “Wha...what’s happening?” Parker mumbled in confusion. “What’s happening is you’re about to grow into a nice big bodybuilder boyfriend for Skyler” Ian purred. “No...fuck! This can’t be happening!” As he spoke, Parker looked down and saw his hands swelling larger, his forearms expanding wider stretching his Oxford dress shirt. “Urrggh!” Parker growled as his muscles started to swell larger. “Fuck...no! I...don’t...want...to be a...freak!” Parker panted as his shirt grew tighter and tighter, he could see his biceps straining against the fabric of his shirt and could feel his shoulders and back stretching the shirt tight as they grew wider with each passing moment. Parker grunted as be felt a heaviness forming in his chest. “Oh fuck! No!Not my pecs!” Parker tried to hold his shirt closed as his chest swelled with beefy brawn going from toned to swoll. “Oh fuck yeah!” Ian was sitting on the edge of the couch and was stroking his hard, thick dick as he watched Parker’s shirt burst open sending buttons spraying across the room and allowing his swelling pecs the freedom they desired. Parker’s chest heaved and the weight of his burgeoning pecs forced his expanding nipples toward the floor as a deep crevice formed between them. Parker could feel his abs bulging, from the perfect six pack that he was so proud of and was the envy of all the guys and girls at work, into a thick, hard, muscle gut. His swelling midsection caused his tight skinny jeans to burst open at the waist. “Shit, shit! Shit!” Parker moaned, his voice deepening to a rich baritone as his neck thickened. His quads were thickening as well, easily shredding open his jeans at the seams, his calves swelling into perfect pillars of muscle. Parker could feel his butt growing too. No longer a cute, toned, bubble butt Parker could feel his glutes swelling into a huge, thick, muscle-ass. As Ian shot his load across his spandex shorts, Parker’s growth began to slow. “What the fuck have you done to me?!” Parker growled in his newly deep voice. He staggered to the bathroom mirror and took in the sight of his new body. Too engrossed in what he was seeing to notice Ian sneaking out the door, but not before texting Skyler “your order is complete, and I think you’ll love the results”. As soon as Skyler received Ian’s text he cut his workout short and hurried home. As he entered the apartment he could tell something was different. The living room and kitchen were a mess, furniture was out of place and overturned and the smell of manly musk and cum was thick in the air. Skyler hurried to the bedroom but it was empty. “Parker? Are you here?” Skyler called out. “I’m right here babe.” The deep, rumbling bass shocked Skyler, he slowly turned around and gasped. Standing in the doorway (filling it actually) was a massive blond bodybuilder. He was totally jacked, thick veins and stretch marks snaked across his skin. His face was still chiseled like Parker with high cheekbones, full pouty lips, and a wide jaw, but it was dusted with scruff giving him a dangerous, manly look. The hulking muscle beast was squeezed into a white thong, wet with cum, that attempted to contained his massive cock. “Holy shit! Parker?! Is that really you?” Skyler breathlessly moaned. “Oh you better believe it babe!” Parker raised his arms into a wicked double bicep pose and bounced his ample pecs. “I...I’m sorry to turn you into a freak, like me, but...” Skyler suddenly felt badly, overcome with the realization that the old Parker was gone forever. “Fuck babe! Are you kidding me? Look at me, I’m fucking jacked! And I’m all yours, stud.” Parker rubbed his muscle gut causing Skyler to moan softly. “You like all this beef babe?” Parker turned around and bent over the bed revealing his huge, thick muscle ass. “Oh fuck!” Skyler purred, ripping his gym shorts off revealing his raging boner. “Fill me with that big dick, babe” Parker moaned as Skyler mounted the hulking stud.
  12. Ultrabeef

    Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcher By Ultrabeef “Hey babe! You coming to the pep rally after-school?” Chase, the sandy haired, blue-eyed, captain of the swim team, yelled down the hall to his hot cheerleader girlfriend, Brittany. “You know I’ll be there sweetie!” Brittany smiled back with her beautiful grin. “Damn, man. You are one lucky SOB”, Wesley, Chase’s best friend elbowed the star of the swim team and shoe-in for class president. “I AM a lucky guy!” Chase beamed at his scrawny, nerdy dark haired friend Wesley. They had been friends since Kindergarten but Chase’s status as a star athlete and popular kid had strained their friendship these last few years. “Hey Wesley!” Brad yelled down the hall. Brad was Brittany’s younger brother, an overweight gamer nerd with long brown hair that hung sloppily over his eyes. Wesley liked to hang out with him. “Oh...uh... hey Chase. You...uh...coming over to see Brittany later?” Brad stammered, his cheeks blushing red. “Yeah. Maybe after the pep rally.” Chase confidently replied his dimples showing as he smiled. “I gotta get myself re-elected class president you know!” Brad, his mouth having gone dry from watching Chase talk, just mumbled dumbly, “oh, yeah, right”. “See you dudes later” Chase quickly replied grabbing his backpack and hurrying down the hall to wrap his arms around Brittany and plant a big kiss on her lips. “Damn, he’s cute” Brad sighed. “Too bad he’s not gay.” Wesley smirked and smacked his friend, “Jeez dude! You got a crush on your sister’s boyfriend?!” “Shut up! Maybe” Brad stammered sheepishly. As Wesley cautiously watched Brittany and Chase turn the corner at the end of the hall, he turned his attention back to Brad. “Ok, you know the plan right?” Wesley pulled a small purple ring out of his pocket and placed it in Brad’s hand. “Is this really it?” Brad asked skeptically, looking at the plan, cheap looking ring. “Yeah, and it’s really powerful so be careful with it, ok?” Wesley spoke with great seriousness. “It’s a dream catcher ring. All you have to do is slide it under your sisters’ pillow tonight while she sleeps. Then retrieve the ring in the morning and give it to me, ok?” “It’s not going to hurt Brittany or anything, right?” Brad asked with concern. “No! Jeez! Quit being such a pansy dude!” Wesley slapped his friend on the back. “Once Brittany’s dreams and imprinted on the ring, I just put it on and “poof” I become the man of her dreams!” Brad looked skeptical and confused, “but what about Chase? She’s been dating him since 6th grade.” “Magic, dumbass!” Wesley replied with feigned annoyance. “Look, the way I see it, Chase has had everything: popularity, great looks, hot girlfriend, for way too long. It’s time for someone else to have a chance”. “Yeah, ok.” Bradly slowly replied. “I’ll meet you in the boy’s locker-room at 6am”. Brad turned to leave as Wesley grabbed him “with the ring.” “Yeah, with the ring” Brad repeated. The next morning at 5:45am Brad paced nervously in the boy’s locker-room waiting for Wesley to arrive. He had followed Wesley’s instructions exactly and placed the ring under his sister’s pillow. This morning, when he went to retrieve it while his sister was in the shower, the ring felt much heavier than Brad remembered. “How’d you sleep?” Brad asked Brittany as he grabbed a Pop Tart while heading out the door. “Amazingly!” She replied with a smile, “best night’s sleep of my life!” Brad silently considered if this crazy dream ring could actually be real as he paced in the empty locker room. Just then Wesley slipped into the locker room. “Well?”, he hissed, “did you do it?” “Yeah” Brad replied, gingerly taking the heavy purple ring out of his pocket and handing it to Wesley. “Jeez! It’s so heavy!” Wesley wondered aloud as he held the ring in his hands. “You are the best, man!” Wesley started to tear up as he spoke to Brad, “I can’t wait to be your sister’s new boyfriend!” Wesley took the ring and slid it on to his finger. Wesley felt a surge of energy emanating from his finger and surge through his body “oh jeez!” He gasped “something's happening”. As he spoke Brad could see Wesley’s body start to change, he was growing taller. Wesley’s t-shirt now revealed his stomach that was tightening into a toned 6 pack. “Oh, jeez...shit, bro! This feels so good” Wesley groaned as his shirt stretched taught across his widening back and shoulders. “Oh god!” Wesley moaned his voice lowering into a sexy baritone “shit bro! I feel so fucking horny!” Wesley’s dick bulged in his now tight jeans and his butt turned into a cute ass connected to strong swimmers legs. Wesley’s brown hair lengthened over his eyes as his face became more handsome and rugged. His cheekbones became more pronounced and his lips plumped as his teenage complexion cleared up revealing perfect skin. Suddenly the changes stopped and Wesley stared at himself in the mirror. “Oh fuck bra! Fucking look at me and what I’ve become”. Brad was looking and trying to conceal his raging boner at the sexy hunk his best friend had become. “Oh my god Wesley!” Brad managed to squeak out. “Wes. I think I’m more of a Wes now? Don’t you?” Wes flexed and squeezed his hard, toned bicep. “Um, yeah sure.” Brad mumbled, his mouth dry in the presence of this stud that used to be his average looking friend. Wes cockily sauntered over to Brad and tossed him the now light ring. “I owe all this to you bro!” Wes smiled, “I want you to have the ring.” “Wha...really?” Brad stammered. “Shit yeah, bro! I don’t need it anymore”. Brad pocketed the ring from Wes’ open hand as the muscular teen in the skin tight clothes sauntered out of the room to look for Brittany. Meanwhile, Chase gave Brittany a kiss on the cheek at her locker before heading off to his first period class. “Have a great time in Bio, try not to fall asleep” Chase mockingly said. “You too babe, I know Econ can be a snoozefest too. See you after class”. Brittany watched as Chase headed down the crowded hallway when a rich, deep voice purred from behind her “Hey Brittany, how’s it going?”. Brittany spun around to find the owner of the voice, an absolutely gorgeous hunk of a teen with ripped arms straining out of his tight t-shirt, his bare stomach exposed revealing his rock hard abs, and as her gaze traveled lower Brittany gulped at the big bulge in his tight jeans. As she looked up at the tall stud’s face she marveled at his beautiful lips, high cheekbones, and dazzling green eyes that hid mysteriously behind his sexy long bangs. “H...h...hey” Brittany managed to mouth her knees feeling weak in front of this hunky teen. “You ready for that test in Bio today?” The teen continued and Brittany felt his rumbling voice cause a quiver in her crotch. “D...do I...know you?” Brittany asked in confusion. “Heck yeah babe, it’s me Wes! I mean Wesley”. Brittany tried to process what she was hearing. “W...Wesley?” She looked at him again and he did kind of look like Wesley. If Wesley had a jacked, athletic brother. “H...how...?” Brittany asked in confusion. “Let’s just say it was time for me to get an upgrade” Wesley grinned his new beautiful, perfect smile. “You like?” Wes flexed his bicep for Brittany tearing his tight sleeve in the process. Brittany moaned softly as she felt a wetness in her panties. “How about we ditch Bio and work on some Anatomy instead” the newly cocky Wes purred taking Brittany to the empty gym and under the bleachers. Brittany wasted no time peeling off Wes’ tight t-shirt and revealing his perfect chiseled torso. “Oh fuck!” Brittany moaned as she felt Wes’ hot swimmer’s bod and kissed his chest. “Yeah, Brit. It’s time to forget about Chase and upgrade to a real man” Wes purred as he undid his jeans. At the mention of Chase’s name Brittany snapped back to reality. Chase was her boyfriend. They had dated for years. She loved him and he loved her. As these thoughts raced through her head Wes dropped his jeans and pulled down his packed boxers revealing a thick veiny cock leaking with precum. At the sight of Wes’ beautiful cock all hesitation and thoughts of Chase went out the window. “Oh fucck!” Brittany moaned cumming in her underwear. Wes confidently lifted her top over her head and undid her bra, letting her ample tits flop out. “Oh fuck yeah!” Wes purred fondling Brittany’s big tits, “I had no idea how lucky Chase was!” “Who?” Brittany asked with confusion. “Never mind babe” Wes growled as he ripped off her soaked underwear and guided her gently to a wrestling mat under the bleachers. As his thick cock penetrated her tight, wet, hole Brittany screamed in delight, her moans echoing across the empty gym. As Wes pumped her full of his hot seed they both knew that Chase was out of the picture forever. When Brittany didn’t come out of Bio at the end of the hour, to be walked to her next class as usual, Chase became concerned. Bumping into Brad in the hallway Chase asked with urgency “hey, have you seen your sister?” “Me...uh, no I...” Brad began to stammer in embarrassment. “Nevermind” Chase mumbled as he stormed off to his second period class. Chase was excited to finally get a text back from Brittany during class after she had ignored his increasingly panicked texts during class. “Hey Chase. We are done. Met someone else. Sorry.” As Chase gulped in a panic and tried to respond to Brittany’s breakup text he got no response. By lunchtime the entire school was buzzing about the newly hunkified Wesley and the fact that Brittany had dumped Chase for him. Chase stormed into the cafeteria in a fury, and seeing Brittany talking with some of her friends and giggling marched over to her. “Brittany! What the hell? We’ve been dating for years. The class election is tomorrow. And you break up with me...with a freaking text?!” Chase could feel his voice echoing in the suddenly silent cafeteria. “Sorry” was all a dazed Brittany could muster. “Is there a problem here babe?” a deep voice rumbled behind Chase. As he spun around he found himself staring at a perfectly toned chest being barely contained by a t-shirt. “What the...”. Chase stammered, taking a step back to take in the tall, ripped jock. “W...Wesley...is that you?” Chase choked out. “Yeah bro! And it’s Wes now” Wes grinned. “Sorry about the breakup bro” Wes went over to Brittany and planted a sensual kiss on her lips as she responded in kind. Chase, overcome with emotion started to cry, running out of the crowded cafeteria to the laughs of the students and the chants of “Wes for Pres!” In the empty hallway the sounds of Chase whimpering could be heard as Brad approached him, standing there silently. “What do you want?” Chase angrily looked up at Brad. Brad was speechless, even in anger and through his tear-filled eyes Chase was still so cute to Brad. “I think I can help”. Brad explained how Wesley had used the dream ring to become Brittany’s perfect dream man. As he showed the ring to Chase, Chase's eyes widened. “You’ve got to help me bro! You’ve got to put that ring under Brittany’s pillow and get it to me! It’s the only way I’ll even have a shot at competing with Wes and getting my old life back!” Brad hesitated as Chase pleaded with him, wiping the tears from his eyes at this glimmer of hope. “I’ll see what I can do” Brad gulped. “Thanks bro! I owe you, big time!” Chase grabbed Brad in a big hug and then scurried to the bathroom to clean himself up before his next class. Brad just stood there in the hallway reveling in the hug he had just received from his crush, his dick getting hard in his jeans. The next day Chase hurried over to Brad before first period. “Well, did you do it? Give me the ring!” Chase was determined to get his girlfriend back. “Um, well...I...” Brad stammered as he gazed longingly into Chase’s gorgeous eyes. “Um...here” he mumbled as he opened his hand to reveal the ring. “So, I just put this on and turn into Brittney’s dream guy again?” Chase clarified, the excitement clear in his voice. “Um, yeah. I guess, but...” Brad trailed off as Chase had already run down the hall toward the exit doors, not even caring that he was skipping school. On his way out the door he passed Brittney and Wes making out in the stairwell, which only fueled his anger and determination to get her back. Once home, Chase ran upstairs to his bedroom and locked the door. Standing in front of his full length mirror he slipped the ring onto his finger. Immediately Chase could feel his body changing, he felt warm and his body tingled while his head felt fuzzy, like an alcohol infused buzz. He felt a tightness across his chest and as he looked in the mirror he could see his chest swelling under his t-shirt. His shoulders suddenly started to broaden as well pulling his shirt tight as his delts bulged and his neck thickened. "Oh shit! It's really happening!" Chase moaned. He pulled up his t-shirt to see a tight 6 pack forming on his formerly skinny and undeveloped missection. As he struggled to pull off the shirt he could hear the fabric tearing. Needing no further encouragement Chase tore the remaining fabric away to reveal the growing muscle. His pecs were bulging out further, he could feel their heaviness as they pulled away from his body, his large, puffy nipples starting to point toward the floor as their mass increased. Chase hefted his pec in his hand and moaned "Ohhhh...fuuuccck!" as his played with his newly formed massive pecs. His delts flared out like wings from his trim, small waist as his back grew thick with muscle. His burgeoning legs were straining his jeans but were loose at the waist. Chase could see a huge bulge forming and he struggled to pull the jeans down over his powerhouse legs and thick bubble butt. "Shit, why is my ass so big...?" Chase wondered as he started to stroke his huge cock. "Oh fuck yeah! Brittnay must like her guys stacked...although I wonder why Wes didn't get this big?" Chase wondered as he continued to beef up, his arms thickening with veins visible under the surface of his perfect pale skin. Diamond stud earrings appeared in each ear and his hair started to lighten into a platinum blonde faux-hawk. As Chase's lips pouted out and grew larger and his cheekbones became more pronounced he started to realize that something was wrong. Brittany hated blond guys, and huge muscles. Brad liked those things! Chase struggled to get the ring off his finger but it wouldn't budge. "Oh sthit! whath's happening to me!" Chase whimpered as his voice developed a faggy lisp. The transformation had stopped as the ring slid off his finger easily, leaving Chase, his big chest heaving, as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. Staring back at him was a huge, sexy, hunky, blonde bodybuilder with a big dick and a big muscle butt. Chase fondled his big muscle tits and moaned as he grazed his big sensitive nipples “Oh fuck! I'm, thso fucking hot! Hot fucking musthle fag!!" Chase started to shoot his load as he jacked his big dick at his reflection. Strangely Chase wasn't angry. The transformation had been complete, he wasn't at all interested in Brittany (or any girl for that matter). He had become a gay muscle stud and he knew exactly what he wanted. "Justh wait until I get back at Brad!" Chase grinned as he put the dream catcher ring under his pillow. The next day at school the kids were whispering in the hallways "Did you see Chase?" "Holy crap what happened to him?" "He's huge!" "And totally gay now!" Chase just smirked as he sauntered down the hall in his pink flip flops, tight rainbow crop top and denim cut-off booty shorts. He was every gay guy's wet dream come to life. Chase sauntered up to Brad who was at his locker with his back to Chase and purred "hey, babe! like what you thsee?" Brad turned around and his eyes widened. "I...I...um..." Chase could see Brad's dick growing in his shorts. "Ch...Chase...is that you?" Brad mumbled. "Sthure is! Sthomebody wasth a very bad boy with the ring!" Brad couldn't believe what he was seeing. Here was Chase, his secret crush, totally transformed into a musclebound gay hottie! Brad was short of breath, he could feel himself starting to pass out. Suddenly the world went black. When Brad awoke he was in a small darkened room. "Wh...where am I? Wh...what happened?" Brad mumbled in confusion. "Hey, sthweetie! I guess you just couldn't handle all this hotness." Chase was sitting next to Brad, his muscles bulging obscenely in his tight, tiny clothes. "You're in the nursthes' officeth". "Oh my god! Chase! I...I'm sorry, I just..." "Chase grinned, his perfect white teeth gleaming in the dimly lit room, “Oh I know sthweetie! You have a crush on me and made me into your fanthasy man. I'm not mad. But I do plan to get my own revenge". "Wh... what do you mean?" Brad mumbled in confusion. At that moment Chase slid the ring onto Brad's finger. "What the fuck?! No! Not that!!" Brad struggled to pull the ring off but it wouldn't budge. "I slept with the ring under MY pillow last night babe. If I'm YOUR dream man, YOU’RE gonna be mine!" "Oh fuck!... ahhh...it feels...so...good!" Brad moaned under his breath. "This sthould be interesting!" Chase grinned as Brad began to change. Brad could feel his body expanding as his muscles began to swell, his Avengers t-shirt soaked with sweat and clinging tighter to his expanding shoulders, thickening arms, and newly swollen pecs. Brad grew bigger and bigger as pounds of muscle added to his frame. "Shit! I'm getting too big!" Brad moaned in a panic as his neck thickened and his voice dropped an octave. "Oh fuck! My voice!" Brad grapped his neck as his pecs ballooned out forcing his arms further away. Suddenly he could feel a coolness on his scalp as his hair started to fall out of his head. "Wh...what’s happening to my hair bro?!" Chase just smiled as big spacerers appeared in Brad's ears and tattoos started to crisscross his suddenly massive pale body. "Oh shit! not tats man!" Brad moaned as his skin started to darken. "What the hell's happening to my skin?!” Brad whined in his rich baritone. “Oh sthweetie! Didn't I mention that I have a thing for big, thick, black guys?!" Brad could feel his glutes balloon out into a freakish muscle ass shredding his jeans as his dick swelled into a thick black cock and his balls swelled full of testosterone . "Oh fuck bro! What have you done to me?" Brad the enormous freaky black bodybuilder moaned in his new deep voice as his transformation stopped leaving him naked and panting for air in the cramped nurses office. “Oh shit!" Chase grunted as he whipped out his own swollen dick and started stroking it, “so fucking stacked!” Brad caught sight of himself in the full length mirror on the wall and moaned, his huge cock swelling and leaking pre as he hefted his meaty pecs and flexed his huge right bicep. His face was beautiful with pronounced cheek bones and big full lips. The melanin in his skin didn’t hide the tattoos covering his huge, hard muscles. This, coupled with his bald head and piercings gave the formerly fat, white, gamer nerd the look of a total African badass. Chase came up behind him and playfully smacked him in his thick ebony butt. “Now, you are definitely what I call boyfriend material”. Brad turned around and shoved his big lips onto Chase’s, kissing him passionately while cupping Chase’s big ass with his large powerful hands. “Oh fuck yeah baby! Is this what you like in a man?” Brad growled in his sexy baritone. “Oh shit yeah, you big black stud!” Chase purred as he rolled his tongue around Brad’s large, puffy, nipple. An animal instinct took over the formerly shy Brad as he gently shoved Chase onto the exam table, seamlessly transitioning into his new role as a total top. Chase, former confident leader of the school, likewise embraced his new role as total bottom slut and arched his back raising his cute, big, bubble-butt into the air revealing his tight hole to Brad. Brad needed no further prompting, guiding his huge dripping fuck stick into Chase’s virgin ass as Chase moaned with both pain and delight. As the school nurse approached her office, the primal grunts coming from inside gave her pause. She wisely decided to extend her coffee break. When she returned an hour later her office was totally abandoned and destroyed. Puddles of cum were everywhere and her exam table was completely smashed in half. The next day at school the whispers were louder than ever. The new school hunk Wes easily won class president and received a celebratory kiss in front of the entire school from his new girlfriend Brittany Fair. Meanwhile, under the bleachers Brittany’s now step brother Brad grappled erotically with his new boyfriend (and Brittany's former boyfriend) Chase, during the assembly announcing the winner. The sounds of the two gay teen hunks making out in the darkness were drowned out by the cheers of the student body.
  13. Supplemental Growth By Ultrabeef Jason Lim scanned the vast ballroom where the welcome reception was being held for all of the new interns of UB Sports Med, Inc. Jason had scored this highly coveted position right out of university based on his work on genetic research and almost perfect GPA. He was looking for one of his former high school acquaintances (friend would be too strong a word, Jason didn’t really have any friends). Hunter Rodriguez was a star football player in high school who had majored in Business and Marketing and had also won an internship in the Marketing department of UB Sports Med. Jason secretly had a crush on Hunter all through high school but besides the fact that Hunter was straight, Jason was too shy and quiet to ever be noticed by someone as popular as Hunter. Jason only knew of Hunter’s hiring because of the jubilant post on Facebook holding his acceptance letter. Even though it had been four years since high school Jason was hoping to spot a familiar face. Just when he was about to give up looking Jason saw him. Hunter Rodriguez, former high school stud. Hunter looked good from across the crowded room, with his Hispanic good looks and designer suit hugging his athletic body, he would be hard to miss. Sure he had filled out some since high school but from where Jason stood, it looked like it was in all the right places. Hunter, catching sight of Jason burst into a huge grin and quickly navigated across the room wrapping his strong arms around the smaller man with a big bear hug. “Little Lim! Look at you dude! All grown up and putting those brains to good use!” Hunter gushed, the smell of alcohol on his breath. “Hey Hunter,” Jason stammered sheepishly. “Awesome place, huh?” Hunter motioned to the extravagant reception. “Uh, yeah. It’s nice that we both got jobs here, isn’t it?” Jason could hear how stupid he sounded. “Uh, yeah bro! See you around”. Hunter headed off following some hot female intern with huge breasts. Jason sighed to himself and slowly sipped his drink. As he did, he caught sigh of himself in the ballroom’s mirrored walls. His short, scrawny build and hairless, pale skin gave him an almost anemic look. Jason’s longing hair was parted down the middle and hung over his eyes, giving him a boyish, almost feminine look. Secretly, Jason wished that he looked more like a man, a man like Hunter. **** It was another month or two before Jason ran into Hunter again. UB Sports Med. was a massive company after all. “Hey, little Lim!” Hunter yelled out across the employee cafeteria motioning Jason to sit with him. Jason, just glad to not have to spend another day sitting a lunch alone, gladly accepted the offer. Hunter looked different than Jason remembered at the welcome party. Hunter’s brown curly hair looked longer and more tousled and his suit seemed tighter but not in a good way. It looked to Jason that Hunter had started to develop a beer gut. Even Hunter’s face looked fuller and his jaw was peppered with black stubble. “So, how’s it going” Jason asked absently taking a bite of his sandwich. “Not that great actually” Hunter sheepishly replied. “I’m kind of on probation”. “What?!” Jason said a bit too loudly, almost choking on his sandwich. “Yeah, dude. This job is harder than I thought. And all these business lunches and cocktail parties are taking a toll” Hunter patted his belly. “Boss says I gotta get myself in shape or I can’t be representing the company anymore. We are a sports supplement company after all.” Jason simply stared at Hunter blankly, lost in thought. “I gotta go dude, hope stuff is going good with you”. Hunter quickly got up and headed out of the cafeteria, leaving Jason alone. In fact, things hadn’t been going that great for Jason either. The generics whiz was reduced to formulating a better tasting protein powder. Jason had been secretly been working on a muscle enhancement drug since college but his research was plagued with problems. And when he brought his idea to his supervisor he was laughed out of the room and told that “interns should learn their place”. Jason knew that if he could just test his serum and prove its success, he would earn the respect he felt that he deserved. Which gave Jason an idea... **** Jason put his plan into action the very next day. Getting to the employee cafeteria early he bought two protein shakes and carefully put a small dose of his experimental formula into one of the cups. When Hunter arrived Jason waved him over. “I bought you a shake to help you get back into shape.” “Thanks dude?” Hunter hungrily grabbed the shake and poured it down. Jason watched curiously but there seemed to be no change in Hunter. “Better try a bigger dose tomorrow” Jason thought to himself as Hunter prattled on about the latest NFL controversy. **** That night there was a loud pounding on the door of Jason’s apartment. The noise was so unexpected that it jarred Jason off the couch in an instant. He had no friends, who the heck could be knocking on his door especially this late at night. Peering cautiously through the peep-hole Jason could see Hunter standing in the hallway wearing a rumpled trench coat. Jason couldn’t believe it, his hot high school crush was standing outside his apartment door. Jason cracked the door and Hunter shoved it open pushing past Jason into the dimly lit, shabby apartment. “Uh, Hunter! What the...” Jason stammered but Hunter held up his finger and Jason fell silent. “Sorry bro! I looked up your address in the company directory. I need your help.” Hunter paced the room in the rumpled trench coat. He looked different somehow, Jason silently pondered before responding. “Help? With what?” “This!” Hunter replied, ripping the trench coat open. Jason gasped loudly at the sight. Hunter was naked under the large coat, but that wasn’t what made Jason gasp. Hunter was completely ripped with rock hard muscle. He could have entered any physique competition and won with ease. “What the fuck happened to my body bro?!” Hunter flexed his softball sized bicep causing Jason’s mouth to feel dry. “I mean shit! I wasn’t this jacked playing high school or college ball!” Hunter looked down at his pecs and bounced them, mesmerized by their size and weight. His thick dick swelling harder as he felt his pecs. “Uhhh...” Jason moaned his own small cock leaking pre and soaking through his khakis. Hunter looked up and saw the desire on Jason’s face. The old cockiness was back as Hunter sauntered toward Jason with an evil smirk on his face. “All this beef turning you on Little Lim?” Hunter brought his sweaty pecs up to Jason face making them dance mere inches from the smaller man’s nose. Jason, overcome with lust touched the warm, hard pec meat and could feel his sense of judgement go out the window, overcome by the hunk in front of him. Jason licked the salty sweat of Hunter’s meaty pec, making his way to Hunter’s perky nipple. As Jason rolled his tongue around Hunter’s nipple he heard the stud moan in pleasure and could feel Hunter’s thick dick swell harder and brush against his belly. “Fuck! Lim that feels so good. Don’t stop bro”. Jason needed no further invitation, lowering himself and glancing up at the wall of muscle in front of him before taking Hunter’s hard cock into his mouth. In a matter of minutes Hunter was bucking his powerful hips before shooting his white, ropy load all over Jason’s face. “Jason shot his own load at the same time, spraying Hunter’s leg. “Clean it up, bro!” Hunter growled as Jason eagerly licked Hunter clean. The pair spent the next few hours in a similar manner until Jason finally fell asleep cradled in the big man’s arms, his face smashed against Hunter’s pec. **** As the morning light streamed through the window Jason woke with a start. Had it all been just a crazy dream? Just then Hunter sauntered into the room, still naked and gorgeous. “Crazy night last night huh dude?” Hunter purred in his deep bass-filled morning voice. Jason could feel himself getting hard again as Hunter sat on the bed next to him. “So, you want to tell me what you put in that protein shake yesterday? And where I can get more?” Jason gulped in fear at the reality that Hunter had figured out the source of his sudden muscle growth. Jason explained that he had put a small amount of his experimental serum in Hunter’s shake “to help him out in order to keep his job”. “Oh, I’m not mad bro!” Hunter beamed as he flexed his perfect bicep. “But, if a small amount did this to me, I need to see what a bigger dose does”. Jason tried to protest but the thought of Hunter getting even bigger and sexier was too much for the geeky scientist. “Ok, fine. I’ll get some at work today but I better give it to you at my place to monitor the results.” Hunter beamed a perfect smile “No prob little Lim. I’ll be back here tonight at 7pm”. Hunter struggled back into his trench-coat and headed for the door. After he left Jason’s head was spinning. What the hell was he doing? Giving a total untested, experimental serum to the closest thing he ever had to a friend. **** The rest of the day was a whirlwind for Jason. He quickly drove to work and was able to sneak out the rest of the vial of serum he had made and partially administered to Hunter the day before. Jason had been so busy that he jumped in surprise when there was a loud knocking on the door at 7pm. As Jason unlocked and opened the door, he gasped at the sight of Hunter. Hunter had obviously spent the day shopping for clothes to fit his larger frame. The destroyed jeans and white v neck t-shirt Hunter wore hugged every muscle and curve on his chemically enhanced body. “Hey dude, you got the stuff?” Hunter rudely shoved Jason out of the way and barged into the small apartment. “Um, yeah, I do Hunt...” Hunter raised his hand for Jason to shut up, “Let’s have it Lim.” Jason, who was hoping for another romantic evening was taken aback. “Is...is everything ok?” Jason sheepishly asked while taking out the vial. “Yeah, why shrimp?” Hunter smirked and paced the room. “I’ve just been feeling super horny and aggressive all day. As soon as I leave here I’m heading to the club to get this body some action”. Jason looked at Hunter with concern, these were side effects he hadn’t been expecting. Before Jason could say another word Hunter grabbed the vial from Jason. “Is this the shit bro?” “Uh, yeah Hunter but maybe we should hold off on another dose for a bit...” Jason stammered, “you seem really aggressive and to be swearing a lot. There might be some side effects I need to monitor”. Fuck that dude!” Hunter popped the lid off the vial and downed the liquid inside throwing the empty glass vial against the wall as he lowered it from his lips. “Fuuucckk!” Hunter roared, his sexy voice getting even deeper. Jason backer away in a mixture of fear and scientific curiosity as sweat began to soak through Hunter’s shirt. Hunter's body immediately began to swell with epanding muscle. In seconds his shirt burst open as two thick swollen pecs popped out, the weight of the muscle forcing his nipples toward the floor and a deep crevice forming between them. Hunter's back cracked wider as his lats flared into thick wings. His neck and shoulders thickened and grew wider as his arms bulked up into freakish guns. Hair began to sprout on Hunter's arms and chest and even his face started to develop stubble across his square jaw. Hunter's butt swelled straining his jeans before tearing through the fabric and his quads beefed up wickedly. Jason could see that Hunter's cock was growing larger too, his lemon sixed balls and sausage dick hanging low from his cobblestone abs. "Oh fuck! Look at me!" Hunter roared as he flexed his huge muscles in the mirror. Jason was horrified by the beast Hunter had become. Just then Hunter caught sight of Jason and a look of total lust overtook his face. "So fucking horny! Must fuck now!" Hunter grapped Jason in his powerful hands and ripped off Jason's pants before forcing his huge cock into the nerdy scientist. Jason screamed in protest but Hunter was far too powerful. Jason blacked out as the animalistic grunts of Hunter echoed in his ears and the pain seared his anus as Hunter ripped him open with his monster cock, ramming the small Asian scientist with unsympathetic strength. **** Jason woke up to see the morning sunlight streaming through the bedroom window and his phone ringing at the bedside table. Jason was still naked and still sticky, covered in cum, but it appeared that Hunter was gone. “Hel...hello” Jason sleepily answered the phone. “Lim! Where the hell are you? You were supposed to be at work two hours ago!” Jason’s boss barked into the phone. “Sorry. Sorry. I’m on my way!” Jason hung up and tried to get out of bed. His entire body was sore but he could barely walk because of the searing pain in his anal region. “Ow! Crap!” Hunter whined as the warm water of the shower hit his sensitive body and washed Hunter’s sticky cum off. Within a few minutes Jason was dressed and on his way to work, when his phone rang again. “Hel...hello?” Jason answered. “Hey, little Lim!” Hunter’s deep sexy voice purred into the phone. “You still sore from that wicked fucking I gave you last night?” Hunter laughed. “Hunt...Hunter....look, there are some side effects to the formula...I need to see you and run some tests.” Jason was really concerned about the rampant aggression and sexuality that Hunter was showing (along with his massive muscle growth). Jason knew there was something wrong with the formula. He should never have tried it on Hunter in the first place. “I fucking love what you did for me dude! I could never have imagined a body like this, and all this muscle, could feel so fucking sexy!” Hunter growled into the phone. “I need to feel more muscle. To get even bigger dude. Bring the rest of the formula to your place tonight. I’ll be there at 7pm. Don’t fucking let me down or you’ll regret it!” As Jason started to protest, the line went dead. Hunter had hung up. **** Jason went through his work day in a daze. Hunter must not have come to work because Jason didn’t see him at lunch. Jason slipped the one remaining vial of formula into his pocket and headed home. Still unsure what to do. There was no way he could give Hunter another whole vial of formula, it could kill him, or turn him into such a sex-crazed muscle beast that he would be totally unstoppable. But if he didn’t give Hunter what he wanted Jadon knew that Hunter could hurt or even kill him. As 7pm rolled around Jason became more and more panicked. Sure enough a loud banging started on the door and an insanely deep voice called “Open up little Lim! I need to give these muscles and this big dick a workout! I’m horny as fuck!”. Jason, backed away from the locked door, terror filling his mind at the prospect of Hunter raping him again and growing even bigger. “Come on dude! I know you’re in there! Don’t piss me off and make me bust this door down!” Hunter sounded serious and Jason knew he was capable of doing it. Jason knew he had only seconds before the testosterone-charged roided out muscle-beast that Hunter had become would burst through his locked door hungry for more growth serum and Jason’s still tender ass. Jason rushed to the bathroom and locked the door before jumping into the tub and pulling the shower curtain closed. Just then Jason heard the sound of his front door splintering as Hunter smashed it to pieces. “Hey Little Lim! Come out, come out wherever you are!” Hunter purred dangerously in his insanely deep voice that rumbled through the small apartment. Jason knew that with Hunter’s increased muscle and strength he stood no chance of surviving another encounter with his former classmate. Panicking and unsure what to do Jason realized that clutched in his hand was the final dose of the muscle growth serum. The dose that Hunter wanted so badly. Jason, using his reasoning skills, realized that his only chance against the muscle beast Hunter had become was to take the formula himself. Jason silently hoped that his superior intelligence would be able to hold off the effects that had turned Hunter into a sex crazed muscle monster. Jason uncorked the vial and drank it down. The thick potion burned as it traveled down Jason’s throat and immediately he realized that while he might be saving his own life, he had made a huge mistake. Jason could feel his body temperature rise as sweat began to soak the armpits of his button down dress shirt. "Oh no!" Jason murmured as his arms began to swell stretching the fabric of his shirt tightly across his growing biceps. He could feel his brain becoming clouded over but he fought valiantly with all his mental powers to remain in control of the massive surge of testosterone that was coursing through his scrawny, Asian body. Jason’s pecs ballooned out into two granite pillows that burst open his shirt sending buttons cascading against the bathroom wall. Jason cupped his thickening chest and felt the brawny muscle getting large enough to force his expanding nipples toward the ground. As his lats flared out wickedly Jason could feel his cannonball delts swell and his neck thicken as his newly deepening voice moaned softly. Jason’s exposed arms swelled with growing beef as red stretch marks snaked across his porcelain skin, desperately trying to contain the swollen mass. Jason could no longer see his belly but he could feel the hard ridges of his plate-like abs popping into place. “Urggh! Fuck!” Jason moaned as his thickening quads burst through his khakis allowing his heavy cock and balls the freedom they desired. “Oh shit! No...” Jason moaned as his glutes swelled into a big, beefy, bubble butt. Jason reached back and tried to cup one of his massive butt cheeks. The feel of the thick muscle ass in his hands caused Jason to let out a loud moan as his cock started to swell. It was this sound that drew Hunter to the bathroom door. As Hunter reached the bathroom door he reached for the handle and ripped the door from its hinges. As the dust cleared Hunter tried to process what he saw. There is the bathroom was a freakishly huge Asian bodybuilder with a massive frame easily on par with his own. The thick Asian hunk with the floppy hair that hung into his eyes, looked equally confused and almost embarrassed. “Litt...Lim?” Hunter asked, his mind finally registering who he was looking at. Jason staggered out of the bathroom, unsteady on his feet and balancing all the new mass he had acquired in the last few moments. “Hun...Hunter...I’ve got to focus, I’m...” Jason stammered tried to keep his mind focused. Hunter strode over to Jason and playfully tweaked Jason’s nipple with his thumb causing Jason to shudder and out a low moan. “No...please...don’t...” Jason weakly mumbled as Hunter pressed giant beefy pecs into Jason’s newly huge chest. Hunter reached around Jason’s wide back and fondled his huge ass, while staring into Jason’s eyes before planting a passionate kiss on the former science nerd. Jason tried to fight the kiss but the stimulation was too much and as he gave in, all his brilliant science knowledge evaporated from his brain. “Uggh!! Don’t...stop!” Jason purred as he shoved his tongue into Hunter’s mouth. “Fuck yeah! Large Lim!” Hunter pulled away and grinned with lust in his eyes. “You wanna fuck this big muscle donk, don’t ya sexy!” Jason purred wickedly as the horniness took over his brain. “Oh fuck yes!” Hunter growled as Jason turned around and bent over the bathroom counter revealing his huge perfect muscular Asian glutes to Hunter. “Fuck me hard stud!” Jason growled as Hunter shoved his huge rod into him. The sounds of Jason’s deep screams of pleasure echoed through the small apartment.
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