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  1. Ducking autocorrect! This story is great, can't believe it took me this long to finally get around to it. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, but this is a site for kinksters, that could be just last week!
  3. All four of those stories (and quite a few more) are also part of the old-old "Male Muscle Growth Archive", the one that was exported and passed around as a ZIP file following one of Evolution Archive's regular implosions (which seemed to occur about every 3 or 4 years, pretty reliably)*. Presumably they could also now be found somewhere on archive2007.muscle-growth.org. Those other stories are all properly attributed to Myoder, which is why it's so odd that the very same archive would have Huginex attributed only to "Unknown". Guess someone must've passed it along without any of the headers, and not realized it was written by an author who was already well-known to the collection (collective?). And I guess Myoder himself never bothered to claim the story. * Disclaimer: I may be mangling or misremembering... well, pretty much every detail, there.
  4. Huh. Well, one mystery solved. Thanks to a link someone had posted on the old Evolution Archive, and through the efforts of the Internet Archive, I've been able to determine that Huginex was actually written by Myoder. Not sure why it was never attributed properly in the MGS archive. But, now we know! ...Not that the info helps much, Myoder hasn't been heard from in a bunch of years AFAIK. Certainly, never on this site — alas. (This is according to the "From:" address on that page, which looks like the original AOL mailing list / group posting of the story, which once lived at the old All Male Muscle Archive site. Here are the headers. P.S: Check the date! I was stil in college!) Subj: Huginex part 1 Date: 96-05-23 20:45:36 EDT From: [email protected] (Michael D Yoder) To: [email protected] Huginex Part 1
  5. nypup2train

    Poker Face

    Huh... different! Interesting concept, thanks for posting. I did also just want to point out, only because it was a consistent thing -- I honestly do try not to do this as much anymore: It's "choke", "choked", and "choking". A "chock" is a block of wood used to keep a wheel from turning. (Which is why spellcheck won't save you on those. It is a real word. Just not the right word.) Anyway, my apologies, I'll shut up now.
  6. I just wanted to point out that the author's username is "Plasmatic20" — it's typoed both in the title and in the body text (differently). Probably worth correcting, since it interferes with people's ability to find the story by searching for the author name. Thanks for taking the time to post these older stories, nice to see that someone's working to keep them alive across the various community/site migrations over the years and decades!
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