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    Poker Face

    Huh... different! Interesting concept, thanks for posting. I did also just want to point out, only because it was a consistent thing -- I honestly do try not to do this as much anymore: It's "choke", "choked", and "choking". A "chock" is a block of wood used to keep a wheel from turning. (Which is why spellcheck won't save you on those. It is a real word. Just not the right word.) Anyway, my apologies, I'll shut up now.
  2. I just wanted to point out that the author's username is "Plasmatic20" — it's typoed both in the title and in the body text (differently). Probably worth correcting, since it interferes with people's ability to find the story by searching for the author name. Thanks for taking the time to post these older stories, nice to see that someone's working to keep them alive across the various community/site migrations over the years and decades!
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