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  1. Awesome story! Cant wait to see more work dude
  2. Great story!! Hope you continue!!!! Would be great to see more humiliation for Mike. Perhaps both of them are bad people because they have been in the wrong bodies all of their life, would be interesting to see how the "straight" Mike reacts to seeing his former sexy body boss him around making him worship him. Perhaps Mike is secretly gay and submissive and has been behaving like a straight arrogant jerk. Alvin on the other hand could become a much better person in his new body, more naturally dominant, having him treat Mike as his little slave, he might realise this is the way thing should be. In all it would be fun to make it a humiliating journey for Mike, Alvin could very quickly realise that Mike is secretly enjoying his new role as a bottom and his slave.would be fun what imaginative ways alvin could think of to break Mike and make him accept his new role, would love to see alvin locking his cock up in chastity to keep him perpetually horny as punishment for some thing, having mike getting horny every time he sees his old body, everyone the new alvin is mean or dominant to him.
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