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  1. Giving this a bump to encourage a second chapter
  2. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    After returning to his apartment, Ben spent a restless night staring at the ceiling. He went over in his mind repeatedly what had happened - his embarassed confession to Roger of his feelings, his disbelief when Roger told him he felt the same, his giving way to his impulse to kiss Roger, and their long slow kisses as he squeezed Roger’s huge arms. Ben had never considered the possibility that he could fall for another guy, least of all one who was 25 years older. But now all he could think of was Roger, his accomplishment, kindness, generosity, and of course his muscular manly body and his handsome face. Part of Ben’s mind told him he should run from these feelings, and he seriously considered just never seeing Roger again. It was a big city and unlikely they would cross paths. At the same time, he knew part of him had to see Roger again. He knew he had been the one who initiated the first kiss, and that nothing in his life felt like the excitement of feeling Roger was kissing him back. Still, he was not sure he was ready to change his understanding of himself enough to go any further in exploring his feelings toward Roger. The next morning, Ben went for a five mile run, and it helped release his anxieties and clear his head. As long as he was true to himself, he felt confident that he could see Roger again. He enjoyed Roger’s company, and it was a good thing that it was now out in the open that there was a mutual attraction, as he didn’t have to feel guilty about not being honest. He had heard it said that everyone was a little gay, and the fact that Roger pressed that button in him didn’t have to mean anything more than that, and there was no reason they had to go any further down that road. Friday afternoon Ben remembered that Roger had said he wanted to take Ben for dinner after their chest workout that evening. Ben thought that the evening’s conversation might be a bit awkward if it turned out he had ideas about whether their little make out session had been a one time event, but he thought telling Roger that he didn’t want to go would be making an issue out of their last encounter that could end their friendship. However, he dressed more conservatively this time in an button-down shirt and khaki pants to draw a little less attention to his athletic build. When Ben arrived at Roger’s building, the front desk guy immediately recognized him and shouted out that Roger was waiting for him at his apartment. Ben took the elevator to Roger’s apartment, and knocked on the door. It took a minute but Roger opened the door, wearing a blue tank top and knee length black shorts. Despite the fact that this was their fourth meeting, Ben was still taken back by Roger’s massive upper body emerging out of his shirt. “Right on time, buddy.” “Thanks. I wouldn’t miss it.” Ben concerned putting out his hand to shake, but thought that would seem to formal, and neither of them moved toward a welcome hug. “Come on in. Your clean gym clothes are in the guest room down the hall. You can hang the clothes you are wearing up in the closet if you want” “Thanks. I know where it is.” Ben walked into the bedroom and found his gym clothes waiting for him on the bed. He listened for a minute to see if Roger was going to follow him into the room. He could tell that his heart was pounding a bit. He changed into his work out clothes and stepped out of the room to find Roger waiting at the front door for him. “Ready for a good work out?” “Of course, let’s go.” They rode down in the elevator to the gym floor in silence. Ben knew that this was because they were both feeling out what their relationship was after their last meeting. Once they started the work out, however, they fell back into the friendly back and forth they had always had. After some warm ups, Roger had them immediately start bench pressing. Within four sets, Ben was benching 325 for six reps, which was a new personal best. His pride, however, was a little bruised by having to add 45 pounds to each side of the bar so Roger could lift 415 for the same number. Ben had to admit to himself that he quite liked the view staring down over Roger’s huge pecs as he pumped out his reps. On Ben’s sixth set, Roger encouraged Ben to raise the weight to 345. On his fourth repetition, Ben started to fail. Roger got his hands under the bar lightly enough so that Ben could steady the weight and push through the rep, and then with a bit more help from Roger get two more. “Nice lift, Ben. Looking good.” “Thanks big guy. Looking pretty good yourself.” Roger was silent for a few seconds before responding. “Are you flirting with me, dude.” Ben blushed a little. “Maybe . . . ” Roger made a huge grin. “I hoped so.” Ben felt a little relief that they were at least able to joke about their mutual attraction now being out in the open. They finished the workout, which once again pushed Ben to his limits and he knew he would be sore in the morning. They had the elevator back to Roger’s apartment to themselves. As Ben looked at Roger drenched in sweat, his gym shirt clinging to his bulging torso, he knew his heart was not just pounding from the workout. When they stepped into the apartment, Roger turned to Ben and placed his hand on Ben’s shoulder. “The dinner reservation is in 45 minutes and it’s pretty near by. If you look under the sink in the guest bathroom, you can find some towels.” Ben took a few seconds to respond. “When you showed me the apartment, didn’t I see you had a huge walk-in shower in the bathroom by your bedroom?” “Yeah . . . “ “Any reason we couldn’t save some water and shower together?” Roger’s face lit up. “Sounds good to me.” Ben followed Roger to his bedroom and into the attached bathroom. On the way, Roger yanked his shirt off over his head and tossed it aside on the floor. Ben could tell from the meticulous order of the apartment that Roger was not one to normally toss clothes onto the floor, but this was clearly a special occasion. Walking behind shirtless, Ben got an upclose look at the width and thickness of Roger’s lats. Roger walked into the bathroom, and walked into the overhead shower and turned on the water. “Let’s get it nice and warm and steamy.” “Sounds good.” Roger stepped out of the shower avoiding the water pouring down, and bent over to take off his gym shoes and socks. Ben took off his sweaty gym shirt. “Where should I put this.” “Just toss it in the hamper over there. I’ll have it laundered again.” Ben realized while he was geting rid of his shirt, Roger had finished undressing, and was standing outside the shower checking the water temperature. For the first, Ben got to see the meaty round globes of Roger’s ass, and his cock, that was every bit as impressive as the rest of Roger. In his mind, Ben heard the song “What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.” Roger stepped into the shower, and as the water poured down on him, he called to Ben. “You coming?” “On my way.” Ben quickly took of his shoes and socks, took a deep breath, and slipped out of his shorts and jock. He looked over and saw Roger watching with a huge smile on his face. “Come on in, the water’s fine.” Ben hesitated for a second and stepped into the shower, and felt the warm water pour over his hair and down his body. He moved into the downpour, standing directly in front of Roger, who reached over to a ledge on the side, grabbed a bottle of body wash, and then squirted a line of it across Ben’s defined chest. “I thought you might like something a little soapy.” Without saying a word, Ben stepped closer into Roger, ran his right hand through the soapy goo on his chest, picking up a large portion, and then slowly spread it across Roger’s expansive chest. With both hands, Ben then massaged the soap slowly into Roger’s pecs, feeling their hardness and mass. Roger’s hands grabbed Ben’s hips on either side, and pulled him a little closer. Their hardening cocks brushed against each other, sending an electric jolt through both of them. Ben’s eyes moved up from watching his hands explore Roger’s chest into Roger’s eyes. Roger’s hands slid up across Ben’s lower back and pulled him in as their mouths and then tongues met again. Ben had never felt anything quite like the overpowering physical sensation of kissing Roger while Roger’s huge arms held their hard wet soapy muscled torsos pressed against each other, and Ben’s cock pressed against Roger’s lower abs next to Roger’s. Ben’s arms slid under Roger’s and he stretched his hands across Roger’s back. They stood their intertwined like this for several minutes, the hot water pouring down on them, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Roger then pulled out of Ben’s mouth, and his right hand moved from Ben’s back. He stepped back to let his hand slip in between them and he lightly wrapped his fingers around the head of Ben’s cock, while Roger moved his head to whisper into Ben’s ear. “I want you so fucking badly.” As Ben felt another man stroke him for the first time, he realized he had gone too far to turn back, and as scared as he was of what came next, he really didn’t want to. “Me too.”
  3. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    Finishing his shower, Ben put on clothes that Roger had brought him, a pair of blue sweat pants, a change of underwear, and a grey t-shirt with a gym logo on it. Amazingly, the underwear was Ben’s size. The sweat pants were a little large for Ben’s thirty inch waist, but with the draw-string he was able to make them work. He found Roger in the kitchen, showered and dressed in a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt with a v-neck that Ben immediately noticed revealed the separation of Roger’s two large pectorals. Roger was working at the stove in the kitchen, grilling them each a burger. Ben walked around behind Roger and looked over his broad shoulder at the sizzling meat. Roger pivoted his head for a second and gave Ben a quick smile, then resumed his work. “Roger, thanks again for this, I wasn’t expecting to get fed as well.” “Oh, please. This is my pleasure. I spent a fortune on this apartment. It’s nice to have company in it.” Within a few minutes, Roger had a meal set out on the island bar in his kitchen. They sat together eating and talking. Roger told Ben about starting his business, how it had flourished, and why he had chosen to sell it. Roger explained that he had chosen this city to move to after the sale in part because he liked the climate, but also because he knew no one and he wanted this to be a complete new start. Ben was impressed by Roger’s accomplishment but found his choice to a place he knew no one hard to understand. “So do you have any regrets about the choices you made.” “I have a few regrets. My biggest is that I wasted a large part of my life on the wrong person.” “You mean your ex-wife.” “Oh no, she was the wrong person for me, but our marriage was brief and I don’t think of it as wasted time. I did hurt her because I wasn’t always honest with myself, and I regret that, but we are on good terms now.” “So there was someone else?” “Yeah, someone I thought was everything I wanted and needed in life, but turned out to be something completely different.” Ben saw a distant look in Roger’s eyes, and, as much as Ben wanted to know more, decided he should leave the topic alone. “Maybe you can tell me about it someday. I am just glad that when you decided to start over, you choose to come here.’ “Thanks, I’m starting to feel that way too.” “Roger, I could talk with you all night, but I have a busy day tomorrow so I think I should be going.” “Well, if you must. Leave your sweaty work out clothes here. I will have them laundered and you can just stop here at the apartment and put them before working out Friday.” “Are you sure, I don’t want to put you out.” “I pay a set fee every month to have my laundry done in the building. I might as well get as much as I can out of it.” Roger, walked Ben to the apartment door. As they got to the door, Roger turned and faced Ben, who was only about two feet behind him. “So, back and biceps.” “What?” “I won the right to choose Friday’s workout so that’s what we are doing.” “Looks to me like those biceps don’t need much working out.” Roger lifted his right arm up into a quick flex. Ben’s eyes widened taking in the melon-sized peak. “Can’t be too big, can they?” “If you can get mine like that I will be forever in your debt.” “Careful, I might collect.” “I look forward to it.” Roger put his left hand on the door knob, but didn’t turn it, and instead looked at Ben for a few seconds. “Ben, I hope this isn’t pushing too much, but Friday night, after our workout, I would like to take you out for dinner, my treat. There are a couple of local places that I have read about and would like to try out, and I would really rather not go by myself.” Ben was a little taken back by the invitation. “Roger, thanks for the offer, but you really don’t need to.” “Of course I don’t need, but I want to.” Ben was silent for a minute, then spoke softly looking away. “Great but Roger . . . I think I need to tell you something.” “Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good. Am I asking for too much of your time?” “No, actually not all . . . in fact I know this sounds odd, but you are being so good to me I feel like I need to be honest with you.” Roger stepped a little closer so the two of them were just a few inches apart. Roger put his right hand on Ben’s shoulder and gave a light squeeze. “Honesty is good. Go on.” “Well, it’s just . . . this is really embarassing . . . but I think I am developing a bit of a crush on you.” Roger looked directly into Ben’s blue eyes. “I am complimented but is this something that is making you uncomfortable?” “A bit . . . its strange and I don’t know what to say.” “Would it help if I told you I have a bit of a crush on you.” Ben looked into Roger’s eyes. “Yeah, thanks but I doubt that.” “I thought it was kind of obvious.” “I know you like having me around, but I’m not sure just why. You are successful. You have made a fortune. Look at this place. You know so much. And you are in your fifties but you can still out lift and out run me. And you have the face of a fucking movie star. . . I can’t get you out of my mind and I don’t know what to do about it ” “”Ben, you don’t need to do anything. I get that you’re impressed with where I am in life, but that’s got a lot to do with luck and being in the right field at the right time. And I have had a lot of years to get here. And as far as what I can lift and how fast I run, I’m afraid that with a little guidance on your training and diet, you will be leaving me in the dust soon enough. As for looks, guy you need to get to know a mirror. You put most of the guys on the magazine covers to shame. And you know I just get older from here. You are going to be leaving me behind soon enough.” Ben blushed. “Roger, doesn’t seem like time has much of an effect on you.” “Ben, since you have had the guts to put yourself out there, there is some more I should probably tell you as well.” “What?” “So that person i told you I wasted too much of my life on?” “Yeah?” “It was a guy.” Ben looked at him silently. Roger went on. “You know I told you I had a trainer who changed my life? It was him.” “Wow. What happened?” It’s been more than a decade since we last spoke. Last time I saw him we got into a brawl on the stage of a body building contest and had to be turn apart.” “Shit.” “Yeah, not proud of it but he really pressed my buttons. Took me a long time to be able to open up to anyone again, and I still don’t do it easily. Except for a few close friends spread around the globe, I tend to keep to myself. “That’s funny, you were so easy to talk to when we met.” “I had a powerful motivation to make the effort.” “What’s that?” “You’re sexy smile.” Ben blushed again. “Thanks.” “Look, Ben, it’s good this came out. Obviously, I am very attracted to you. But I can control myself. Still, if a friendship with an older gay guy is not something you can handle, I understand.” Ben was silent for a few seconds. “I’m not sure what I can handle, but if its okay with you, I would like to find out.” “Of course, just let me know if it’s not what you want.” “I’m not sure what I want.” Ben moved into the narrow space between he and Roger, and put his left hand lightly on Roger’s left arm. They stared intently into each other’s eyes, as Ben moved his face gradually into Roger’s, finally resting his lips lightly on Roger’s. Ben’s right hand started lightly squeezing Roger’s left arm, his thumb pressing into the bottom of the rock hard bicep, his fingers reaching back across the tricep. Roger moved the arm slightly as his left hand reached around Ben and rested on Ben’s lower back. Ben could feel his heart pounding and his cock hardening. Ben’s mouth ever so slightly opened, and the tip of his tongue emerged. He felt it make contact with the tip of Roger’s tongue. They stayed like that for almost a minute. Roger moved his right from Ben’s shoulder and slid it down so that it also rested on Ben’s lower back. Ben raised his left hand and placed it on Roger’s right arm so that both of Ben’s hands were now massaging the massive arms he had been thinking about for the past five days. Ben opened his mouth wider and the two men’s tongues made full contact. Ben felt Roger’s strong hand pull him in, their hard chests pressing into each other, as Ben’s hands squeezed into Roger’s arms. After several minutes of tongue wrestling, Ben felt Roger release his hold on Ben’s back and they both withdrew their tongues and then slowly pulled their lips away from each other. After a prolong moment of silence, Roger spoke first. “Was that all right?” “Are you kidding? That was incredible.” “Want more?” “Yes, please.” Immediately, their mouths and tongues met again, and this time without hesitation. Roger’s hands grabbed Ben’s glutes and forcefully pulled him in, while Ben’s arms reached around Roger’s large lats, his fingers working their way as best they could into the layers of muscle. After several minutes, Roger suddenly released Ben and pulled himself back. “If you’re not ready to come to my room, you better go.” Ben was silent for a few seconds. “I don’t think I am.” Roger let out a long breath. “I understand.” “Part of me really wants to, part of me is unsure.” “I am not going to pressure you. You know now where I am.” “I should go.” Ben reached past Roger and turned the knob and opened the door. He moved past Roger and stood in the doorway facing him. He reached out and put his right hand on Roger’s arm and looked him in the eyes. “Thanks for the clothes. I’ll see you on Friday.” “Good night, buddy.” Ben turned and walked down the hallway to the elevator. On the other side of the door, Roger’s back leaned into the door, as he stood there trying to collect his thoughts.
  4. You missed a turn - as I read it, Atlas had planned it to keep Josh smaller but Josh had managed to alter those instructions and Atlas may have a rude awakening facing him. I hope this continues so we find out.
  5. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    It has become a bit of a hobby but on most days I just write a few sentences, so it moves on slowly. It really is a stimulus to write more when guys are interested enough in my characters to tell me where they think it will or should go.
  6. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    Thanks for the thoughtful read.
  7. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    Ben arrived shortly before 6 pm at Roger’s building for the Wednesday evening workout that they had agreed to before Ben left Tom’s apartment on Saturday evening. Ben was wearing pretty basic work out clothes - a pair of blue shorts, and a dark blue sleeveless t-shirt. As he looked around the lobby, he heard the guy at the front desk call out to him. “Are you Ben?” “Yeah, how did you know?” “Roger gave me a description of you and left a message for you. He is warming up in the gym. You should just go meet him there. It’s down the corridor over there.” “Thanks. So just out of curiosity, what was the description?” “Basically a guy mid twenties, about six foot, thick brown hair, face like a movie star and body of a gymnast.” Ben started to blush. “Well, thanks “ “He said it, not me.” Roger was the only one in the work out room when Ben walked in. The facility was larger than Ben expected, with about thirty different machines, a cable station, and twelve different weight benches in various configurations. Roger was in the corner of the room at a squat rack. He was wearing a grey workout t-shirt, and fairly high red shorts that emphasized the size of his upper legs. He looked to Ben like he could easily pull a tractor. Roger heard the door open as Ben walked and called out to him. “Hey Ben, ready for some serious leg work?’” “Sure, just let me be able to walk out of here on my own.” As he walked up to Roger, Ben reached out his arm to shake hands. As Roger reached his arm out in return, Ben fund himself once again impressed with the mass and fullness of Roger’s arm - at his biceps they were at least 20 inches around. For the next hour, Roger led Ben through a grueling session of squats and extensions, pushing Ben to his limit. Ben did his best to focus on the weight and his form, but Roger’s physical closeness constantly pulled his attention. When he leaned back into a squat, he could see in the mirror in front of him that Roger was right behind him, moving in time with him and ready to grab the weight if it became more than Ben could handle. It gave Ben a feeling of security, at the same time it pushed him to not need the assistance. It mattered to him that he impressed Roger. Roger was impressed. Not so much by the weight that Ben managed to carry with good form - although that was impressive - but more by Ben’s attentiveness, and the way he he showed his respect for Roger by following his lead. It also helped that the more he sweat, the sexier Ben looked. After an hour and a half session, they were both drenched in sweat. After Ben completed a set of seated calf raises while Roger stood over him, Roger placed his hand on Ben’s shoulder. Ben’s pulse took a little jump feeling Roger’s touch. “Nice work out guy, want to finish with some cardio?” “What did you have in mind.” “How about we step outside for a race around the block?’ Ben immediately liked this idea. He was a sprinter in high school. Lifting weights he was clearly just following Roger, but he felt fairly confident he could out run this older guy who outweighed him by a good twenty to thirty pounds. His competitive side of his ego really wanted to show this guy up on something. “You’re on.” They left the workout room and walked past the front desk, out in front of the building. Ben lunged his leg forward to stretch a bit, and shouted to Roger over the noise of the traffic. “So what’s the wager?” Roger waited a second and responded. “Winner gets to pick what we work out next time.” Ben’s heart did a little jump at the words “next time.” “And when is that going to be?” “Let’s take a rest day. Friday evening?” “Great!” After doing some stretching himself, Roger pointed to the left. “Around the block this way, first guy back wins.” Ben took a deep breath. “Ready when you are.” “Go!” Ben got a good start, his legs propelling him forward, and he experienced the joy of a hit of adrenaline. However, as he reached the first corner, to his surprise, Roger was keeping pace right along side him. As they turned the corner, Roger gave him a little nudge with his shoulder. “Come on, kids, let’s go!” Ben pushed and for a moment moved past Roger, but only for a few seconds before he realized Roger was striding alongside him. It was now getting to him to have this guy who he should be leaving in the dust keeping pace with him. Ben forced his legs to propel him even faster, but it seemed to make no difference as Roger stayed alongside him around each corner. As they reached the final 20 yards, Ben realized Roger was starting to pull ahead of him. Ben pushed even hard, but in the final feet Roger was clearly ahead of him. As they came to a stop, both of them were panting hard. Roger reached over and put his hand on Ben’s shoulder. “Thanks . . . I run almost every day but haven’t had a challenge like that in awhile.” Ben, a bit humiliated by being beaten, stayed silent. “Come on up to the apartment, you can shower in the guest room. I have some ground beef, I can make us some burgers.” “Thanks, but I didn’t bring anything with me to change into, and I don’t want to hang around in sweaty gym clothes in your apartment.” “If you don’t mind a pair of old sweat pants, I am sure I can find something that will fit you that you can wear.” “You sure? I hadn’t intended to take your evening.” Roger smiled. “You can have as much of my evening as you want, buddy.” Ben followed Roger back into the building, into the elevator, and back into Roger’s apartment. As they walked in, Roger pointed to a door down a hall to the right. “That’s the guest bed room, and there is a bathroom with a shower connected to it. Go on in and I will find something in my drawers you can wear and I will bring it to you.” Ben was impressed to see that Roger’s guest room was larger than most apartment’s master suite. The bathroom had a walk in shower. Ben took off his sweaty t-shirt and placed it on the sink. As he reached into the shower to turn on water to warm it up, he heard Roger’s voice behind him. “These should do.” Ben turned around to find Roger standing in the doorway, wearing only a towel wrapped around his hips, holding some sweat pants and a t-shirt in his left hand. Both men stood silent for a second as they saw each other shirtless for the first time. Roger broke the silence. “Damn, Ben, those abs are incredible.” Ben blushed. “Thanks.” Roger reached out and slowly ran his fingers down Ben’s mid-section, feeling each indentation. “You don’t often get to see an actual eight pack.” Ben wondered for a second if the almost naked Hercules in front of him was teasing Ben, but he could tell by Roger’s stare at his midsection that Roger was genuinely impressed. Ben liked that Roger was impressed, but had Roger ever looked in a mirror? His muscles had muscles. Roger may not have had an eight pack, but the four visible abs he was showing were pretty impressive surrounded by all that beef. Ben wanted to return the compliment but wasn’t sure how. He reached out with his right arm and pressed a finger into Roger’s massive left pec. “Thanks . . . but I would gladly trade them for a chest like that.” Roger in response flexed his left pec, causing Ben to pull back his finger. “I’m glad you like, but you are well on your way to giving me some stiff competition.” “I doubt that will ever be the case.” “Guy, with a few months work and a little dialing in on your diet, you could be ready for a competition. You ever consider that?” “I really can’t see me doing that.” “Well if you wanted to, let me know and I can help. An adonis like you would certainly do well.” Ben was not sure what to make of the suggestion or this compliment, and he was doing his best not to stare at Roger and give away how much he wanted to look. “Well, ok, you would know. I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the clothes.” Roger handed the items over to Ben and left him to shower. After taking off his shorts, before stepping into the shower, Ben looked hard at himself in the mirror. Roger was right - he did have a really good set of abs, helped by the fact that his metabolism kept him extremely lean even when he wasn’t super strict about his diet. Ben also recognized that Roger was right that he had a build that showed he had been working hard on taking care of himself, it just seemed odd hearing it from Roger who looked like a statute of Atlas. Ben thought about Roger running a finger down his abs. Ben knew that when Roger’s finger made contact, Ben’s cock had jumped to attention. There was no kidding himself that his attraction to Roger was just asexual admiration. He did admire Roger - he epitomized to Ben everything a man could be - but his presence pulled Ben in a way he had never felt before, and he didn’t know what it meant. It certainly didn’t help that Roger was such a physical “hands on” guy with Ben. Ben considered whether he should tell Roger that it made him uncomfortable, but Ben knew he really didn’t want Roger to stop. Once he was in the shower, Ben gave himself a blast of cold water to cool himself down.
  8. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    So who is the hottest of the four, Roger, Ben, Tom or Roman?
  9. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    They definitely have unfinished business.
  10. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    ((Meanwhile in another city far away, another first meeting was about to take place) The twelve years since Tom had last seen Roger had been good to him. Tom was now CEO of a corporation that ran over forty gyms across the country. Tom’s gyms had a reputation for being able to demand top dollar from their customers because of the results they produced implementing Tom’s training techniques. That success had made Tom quite a wealthy man. In addition, he continued his own highly sought after personal training practice. He had developed a particular reputation as the “go to” trainer for actors seeking to muscle up for superhero and other “beefcake” movie roles. Although Tom had long given up competing himself for bodybuilding titles, he felt it was still important for his brand’s image that he maintain himself at near competition level condition. His weight remained pretty consistently around 240 lbs, but because he kept himself pumped up and his body fat in the low double digits, his six foot frame appeared even larger. He increased this impression by consistently wearing tight black t-shirts with a deep v-neck that drew attention to the separation in the mid-point of his expansive chest, and with high short-sleeves that showed off his twenty one-inch arms. His blonde hair had now gone white, and he kept it cut extremely short, resulting in an almost military appearance. Even though he was now in his early fifties, Tom had not lost his ability to attract the attention of men with any interest in other men - and in Tom’s case that turned out to be almost every man he met. If anything, the lines of age seemed to just add to his hyper-masculine appeal. Repeatedly men who had never previously felt any interest in their own gender found themselves unable to avoid staring and finding themselves uncomfortably aroused in his presence. Tom no longer made it his practice to “break in” the young hunks who came to work for him. Most of them were just too willing and submissive, hoping the boss would be calling them into the office to spread their legs and surrender. Tom simply had no patience for boys (or men) looking to be Daddy’s toy. What Tom looked for now was something he rarely found - a man who felt no intimidation, was looking to prove he was top dog, and ready to play rough. There had been few men who met that criteria. Briefly Tom had thought he had found him in a marine who showed up at the gym one day - a muscular wall of a man at 6’3” and almost 260. Tom first noticed him on a treadmill warming up - it seemed like the machine shook each time one of his feet pounded on its surface. Tom quickly began lifting from a bench near him, which led to an informal heaviest bench competition, and then shots of whiskey in Tom’s apartment, culminating in a tussle for top in Tom’s bed. Tom let the marine have his way that night, and every night for the following week. Then Tom stopped holding back, and the marine learned for the first time what it felt like to be conquered by an invading force. He learned that lesson many times in the following weeks, although he won their battles as often as he lost. Tom’s nightly hand to hand combat with the marine might have continued indefinitely, but the marine got notice of a deployment a month after their meeting. The following year when he returned, they met up again a few times, but something had changed. The effect of being at war had taken the pleasure out of struggling for top dog. The marine now often wanted to spend nights just holding Tom close. For Tom, that was just not enough and he soon cut it off. One afternoon at his gym, Tom had a 2 pm appointment with a new client, about whom he had no advance knowledge. The name on his schedule appeared as simply “ROMAN.” Tom wondered why his staff had felt the need to put the name in all caps. New clients started by meeting Tom in his office to discuss their goals. Most of Tom’s clients were men in their late thirties or forties, as Tom’s hefty rates requiered a man of means. Tom was surprised when a 23 year old walked into his office at 2pm. At 6 foot and 220 pounds this kid was quite a sight. A full- head of thick jet-black hair, tight along the sides but longer on top, with a jaw covered with a light scruff and an olive complexion over striking features framed by high cheekbones to match a roman nose corresponding to his name. He was wearing a red sleeveless muscle shirt that showed off very impressive guns with a thorn-pattern proceeding halfway down his left arm from a big round deltoid. The shirt was pulled tight what was obviously an impressive chest. He had on black basketball shorts that covered his thighs, but based on full calves Tom was confident the legs were equally impressive. “Hi, I’m Roman.” “Tom. Welcome. Come on sit down and let’s talk.” They sat across a small round wooden table. “So Roman, I understand you’re interested in training with me. I don’t get many clients as young as you. And you are obviously already in pretty remarkable condition. Are you looking for someone to prep you for a contest?” “Bodybuilding? No, that’s not really my thing. I was a state champion wrestler in high school and thought I would try auditioning for the pros. But to do that the way I want I think I need about another thirty pounds of muscle.” Tom pictured what a monster this kid would be with thirty more pounds. “You’re young so that could be accomplished in two or three months. But you know I’m very expensive. Six hundred an hour for training. You’re sure you don’t want to just go with one of my staff who uses my programs with clients.” “I can afford it. I was modeling for the past two years and made a lot of money which I saved up.” “If you made that much, why are you giving it up.” “The agency kept giving me a hard time about getting too big. They set a rule that I couldn’t get over two hundred pounds. I hated how that felt. And I knew I really wanted to be a wrestler.” “I have trained wrestlers before. Very few of them do it very long. There’s a lot of injuries.” “I know. But I like manhandling guys.” “Well, be prepared to get manhandled a bit yourself.” “I can take it. Looking forward to it.” Roman pointed to a framed ten year old picture on the wall of Tom doing a double bicep pose at a competition. “Is that you?” “Yeah, it’s quite a few years ago, but that’s me.” “That’s hot.” “Thanks. I haven’t competed in years, but I worked hard at it.” “You look like you could still do it.” “I try to keep in condition. It gives my client a sense that I know what I’m talking about.” “You ever wrestle?” “You mean competively? No.” “How about for fun?” Tom wondered whether wrestling in the sack counted. “A little rough housing now and then.” “You should get on the mats with me sometime. We could have a good time.” Tom noticed that Roman was staring at him right in the eyes as he made the invitation. “I take it you think you can manhandle me.” “I won’t be too rough. I promise.” Tom tried not to look surprised. What a cocky kid. Still, Tom had to admit he was damn hot, and Tom could feel his dick hardening. “Let’s see how tough you are after you start my routines. I can start you this time tomorrow afternoon.” “No time this evening?” “I have commitments pretty late tonight.” “How late?” “I am here until at least 10 pm.” “I can be here then.” “You want to working out 10 pm tonight?” “Yeah, . . . or whatever.” Tom, wondered what was included in that “whatever.” “Okay, you’re on. At the front desk, tell them you need to sign my usual client forms.” “Cool. See you tonight, coach.” Roman, got up and headed toward the door. Tom noted for the first time that the kid had an exceptionally hot ass.
  11. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    ((This finishes off the retelling of their first evening from Roger's perspective. This was just pretty much a writing exercise for me on viewpoint, so thanks for the patience.) Roger realized he wanted to avoid making his handsome guest feel uncomfortable if Roger was misreading him, but he also wanted to make clear the door was open if there was any interest. As the film’s opening scene started, Roger leaned back and spread his left arm out across the coach top. Roger saw Ben’s head tilt as he glanced quickly back at Roger. Without thinking, Roger flexed his chest and arm ever so slightly. He wondered if Ben had noticed. After the conclusion of the openng action sequence, as the film moved its opening credits, Ben leaned back against the couch, his head resting just under Roger’s stretched out arm. Roger tried to keep his eyes on the screen, but they kept drifting back to Ben, his thick brown hair and his chiseled face, the athletic shoulders and chest, and the pronounced biceps and triceps stretching out of his sleeves. Roger knew he was hard, and a little concerned that Ben would notice. The thought crossed Roger’s mind that perhaps Ben was waiting for him to make a move. Roger immediately told himself that was ridiculous, wishful thinking. Even if Ben was open to guys, there were surely truckloads of hot ones his own age that he would have to beat away with a stick. However, as Ben seemed to have no problem sitting this close to Roger - and he was soo damn hot - Roger finally decided he needed to see how he would react if Roger got a little “friendlier.” Roger picked up the remote, took a little breath to calm himself, then put the movie on hold and turned his head toward Ben, trying to look directly into those beautiful blue eyes. “I’d like to stretch out a little, Ben. Would you mind doing that with me.” For ten seconds that seemed like an hour, Ben was silent and Roger thought to himself he had pushed too far. To Roger’s relief, Ben pivoted toward and spoke. “Sure, what do you have in mind?” For a split second Roger considered suggesting they move to the screen in his bedroom. He thought that was a little too obvious, but there was no reason not to take full advantage of his man-sized couch. “Take your shoes off and get up for a minute.” As Ben sat up to take his shoes off, Roger reached behind him and pulled out the cushion, and propped it against the side arm of the couch. As Ben stood up, Roger slipped his legs up on the couch behind Ben, stretching himself out across the couch, his head resting against the propped up against the pillow. Ben turned, and saw Roger stretched out across the couch behind him. “Okay, come on back down here.” Roger could tell Ben was a bit confused by what Roger was asking him to do. Ben started to sit down as if Roger expected him to sit in front of Roger’s mid section stretch out behind him. Roger knew he had to make clear what he wanted, so he reached up and grabbed Roger by the shoulder, pulling his head down toward Roger’s head by the cushion on the couch arm. “Now bring your legs up to mine.” Roger had no idea how Ben was going to take this direction. His heart skipped a beat as Ben moved his legs up onto the couch and stretched out in front of him, both facing forward toward the television screen. Roger felt Ben’s shoulder press against Roger’s chest, and Roger reflexively gave it a little flex. He sucked in the scent of Ben’s thick brown hair, which he found intoxicating. Roger’s crotch briefly brushed against Ben’s solid round ass, causing Roger to push back to create a little space between them so Ben wouldn’t feel just how hard his presence was making Roger. Roger raised his left arm out over Ben’s back and then loweres his arm so that it draped down over Ben, Roger’s thick bicep stretched across the mound of Ben’s impressive left pec. Roger could actually feel Ben’s heart pounding. “This okay with you, Ben?” Roger was actually more than a little anxious about the answer. “Sure, it’s fine.” Thinking that the pounding he felt in Ben’s chest may be an indication of nervousness or discomfort. Roger felt some need to explain himself in a way that gave him some kind of way out. “Are you sure? I am a physical guy, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” After a second, Ben responded. “No, really, I like being with you.” With those words, Roger felt a shot of electricity shoot through him. “Feeling is mutual, buddy.” Roger reached down and lightly grabbed Ben’s thigh, giving it a squeeze. As Roger expected, there was plenty of solid meat there. Roger let his left arm drape down over Ben’s torso while his right arm reached under Ben to use the remote to hit play, and left his right arm resting underneath Ben. Roger leaned his body slightly into Ben’s so that Ben’s shoulders were resting on the pillows of Roger’s beefy pecs. At the same time, Roger pulled his pelvis back slightly away from Ben’s ass, as Roger was unsure whether he wanted Ben to press into the hard on in Roger’s pants. For the first five minutes as the movie proceeded, Roger noticed that Ben remained tense, not moving in the least, and Roger became concerned his positioning left Ben uncomfortable. Gradually, Roger could feel Ben relax and slowly lean his shoulders back into Roger. Roger couldn’t restrain his pleasure in feeling Ben nestle into him, and let out a quiet “mmmmm” in response. Roger paid little attention to the film as he enjoyed the feel of the young hunk whose back was lying him. Although Ben must have weighed at last twenty pounds less than Roger, he was nevertheless remarkably muscular and cut - and handsome enough for a magazine cover. Roger had a healthy ego about his own looks. He was used to getting double looks when he walked into a room. But seeing Ben stretched out next to him made him feel like a dirty old man - a very lucky dirty old man. Roger recognized the film was coming to the “beauty shot” scene of the movie. Roger pulled his left hand up to Bem’s shoulder and gave a little squeeze, “I love this part.” A beach scene appeared on the screen. James Bond emerged out of the water in a speedo, the camera slowly scanning his lean and muscular physique. Roger thought about just what Ben would look like in a speedo. Almost without thinking Roger slid his right arm a little further beneath Ben’s side and reached up with his right hand, stroking the contours of Ben’s abs. Just as Roger suspected, the indents were impressive. Abs like that didn’t just happen - you had to work for them. Roger wanted Ben to know he appreciated that work. “You know, Ben, I bet you have much better abs than he does.” “Yeah, well I wish I got paid as much for em.” “I guess you’re just not selling to the right market.” Roger again thought he might be pushing a little too hard, so he removed his hand from Ben’s abs and just watched the rest of the film, fighting the urge to roll Ben over and slide on top. After the film ended, Roger just continued in his position stretched out behind Ben, his big left arm hanging down over Ben’s side. Roger would have been content to stay like that the rest of the night. However, after a minute or two, Roger realized that was not a practical plan, so his left hand reached up and gave Ben’s shoulder a squeeze. “I wish we could stay like this all night but probably not a good idea. I have a flight for a business trip in the morning.” Roger started to move to get up. His hand let go of Ben’s shoulder, but as Roger started to push Ben up a little, he gave Ben’s pec a playfull squeeze - something he had wanted to do all evening. Roger immediately a bit of a grimace in Ben’s face. “Buddy, are you sore there from this morning’s workout?” “Yeah, a bit.” Roger was not going to let the opportunity pass him by. “I know what to do about that. Take off your shirt.” Roger quickly moved himself out from behind Ben, got up, and shot across the floor headed to his bathroom’s medicine cabinet where he knew he had a full bottle of massage lotion. He heard Ben calling out from the couch. “What? No. . . “ Walking back into the living room, Roger responded. “No reason for a guy built like you to hesitate taking off his shirt. Go on.” To Roger’s immense pleasure, Ben complied, raising himself off the couch just enough to pull his shirt off up over head, and then toss it to the side of the couch, finally giving Roger a full look at Ben’s sculptured torso - round delts, full cut pecs, and deeply indented abdominals. Roger moved back onto the couch, standing on his knees straddling either side of Ben just below his hips. As Roger squeezed a small amount of lotion into his hands, he looked down taking in the shirtless young hunk in front of him, who looked up at him without saying a word. Roger thought he needed to let Ben know just how good he looked. “Damn, that’s one well built chest. I wish I had looked like that at your age” Roger could tell Ben’s eyes focused on Roger’s own chest. “You more than caught up.” Roger smiled at the compliment. Then he leaned over and looked into Ben’s eyes as started massaging the lotion into Ben’s pecs, moving out in each direction from the pronounced crevice in the middle. “That’s just some warming massage cream. As I work it in, you’ll feel a little heat.” Roger enjoyed working his fingers into the layers of muscle across Ben’s chest, moving from the top to the middle, down into the sternum, and then slowly back out again. “You feel the warming.” “Yeah, a bit.” Roger was feeling pretty warm himself. “Am I pressing too hard?” “No, just right.” Roger suspected from wincing in Ben’s face and the pressure he knew he was applying that Ben was probably denying how sore he was to impress Roger, and Roger was pleased Ben wanted to impress him. Roger also enjoyed working his fingers deep into Ben’s meaty pecs. However, he wasn’t a sadist. “Let me work it a different way.” Roger began more gently up from the bottom of Ben’s pecs with his palms. “That feels good.” “Great, cause that’s how I want you to feel.” For the next ten minutes, Roger continued to work his palms into Ben’s chest. Given Ben’s clear enjoyment of the attention, Roger began to wonder just how Ben would react if Roger tossed off his own shirt and started massaging Ben’s pecs with his own. Given how aroused he was getting, Roger began to think that and more was inevitable. Ben, however, brought him back to reality. “Roger, thanks, but I better get going. You have a flight in the morning, remember.” “I was just about to have you turn over so I could work your shoulders.” “Another time, perhaps.” Roger wasn’t sure whether to take that as a good sign, or just a way for Ben to get out. Roger reached his fingers out and gave Ben’s pecs a final squeeze. “Okay, you’re right. I do need to grab a few hours sleep before the morning.” Roger stepped off the couch, and stood aside watching Ben get up and put on his shirt and shoes. He decided he might as well make an offer to see if Ben really had any interest. “By the way, they are finally ready to open the building’s weight room this week. I get back from my trip Tuesday evening. Any interest in doing a leg work out with me Wednesday after work?” Ben slowly stood up, and looked at Roger. “Sure, what time?’ “Can you meet me in the lobby at 6:30?” “You got it.” “Great. Bring a weight belt. We’re doing squats.” Roger led Ben through the apartment to the door. He opened the door and turned to Ben. “Thanks for spending your Saturday evening with the old guy who’s new to town.” Ben looked at Roger for a few seconds before responding. “You’re hardly an ‘old guy’ Roger. Thanks for everything. Your place is incredible.” “I’m glad you like it, and hope you’ll be spending some more time here.” “I’ll see you Wednesday.” “Take care, Buddy.” Roger put his hand up to high-five Ben as he walked out. As their hands met, Roger couldn’t help but notice the nice peak in Ben’s bicep. Ben walked out, and Roger closed the door behind him. He waited a few second for Ben to walk toward the elevator, then pumped his fist and spoke quietly to himself: “Yes!”
  12. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    okay, I have some time over the next week, and as I'm not succeeding in getting myself laid I might as well take it out in some more writing.
  13. Lexfan

    Ben and Roger

    (Continuing with the "first date" from Roger's perspective. I was going to finish this part before posting but it is clearly taking time so I will do it in two parts.) Roger led Ben through his apartment. He could tell the young man was impressed. He just hoped that Ben was impressed by more than just the expensive furniture. Ben followed Roger outside onto the balcony. Roger could see his guest was taken back by the stunning view of the skyline. They walked over to the bannister at the ledge. As Ben grabbed ahold of the bannister and looked out across the city, Roger’s eyes were busy enjoying a view of the young adonis next to him. Roger decided it was official: he was in lust. Roger saw that Ben had not simply thrown on an old t-shirt and a pair of jeans, but instead had worn off clothes that showed off his assets - blue shor tight enough around the chest to highlight the impressive pecs and shoulders with short sleeves , and pants snug around the gym-sculpted ass. This was how you dressed for a hot date you wanted to impress, not to waste a few hours with a charity visit to some lonely old guy you met. However, maybe Ben was planning on meeting some girl later on. Roger decided to hope that wasn’t the case. "Ben, I wanted you to know I really appreciate your coming over tonight." "Thanks for asking me. I appreciated the work out you gave me this morning." "My pleasure. I have been lifting weights about as long as you've been alive." "If you don't mind me asking, Roger, just how old are you?" Roger hesitated for a second. A quick google search on Roger’s name would provide the information given the press coverage of the sale of his company, so not much point in lying, even though Roger knew he could get away with shaving off five years. “51” Roger momentariy winced as he could tell Ben was a bit taken back by the number and realizing that Ben actually was more than old enough to be his father. "Damn, Roger, you look good …” "For an old man? Thanks a lot, Ben." There was a moment of silence, and Roger could tell Ben’s eyes were looking him up and down. Roger couldn’t help himself and flexed his pecs ever so slightly. "No, Roger . . . you look real good . . . period." Roger just couldn’t turn down an invitation like that. "Thanks, Ben, you're pretty hot yourself." A moment of awkward silence followed. Roger was a bit startled himself that he had been so direct, and he thought for a second that Ben might head for the door. However, although obviously a bit flustered, the young adonis held his ground. "Yeah, well glad you noticed." Roger was impressed that Ben though obviously uncomfortable found the guts to respond. He couldn’t help himself from being even a bit more leading. "Trust me, I did." Roger could see that this was new territory for Ben and he was struggling to find something to say. “Well. . . good.” Roger thought it best to move the conversation into a safer terrain. And maybe this was a chance to find out just what was this kid’s story. “Yeah. I wondered what a good looking guy like you was doing free on a Saturday night. No one special in your life right now?” Roger noticed that Ben moved his gaze off Roger for a minute and took in the view of the city from the penthouse balcony. “Not really. Since I got out of college I’ve dated but no one special. How about you, how long have you been divorced?” Roger forgot he had mentioned to Ben at the gym that he was divorced. He really did not want to discuss the subject at length. “Three years now.” “Anyone since then?” Roger decided to make his response a bit of a challenge. “I’ve tried but no one I meet seems to have the stamina to keep up with me.” Roger hoped his response was heard as a challenge, even though it was likely Ben was a guy with plenty of stamina. "So, Roger, what sports did you play in school?” "Actually none. I was a fat nerd all the way through college." Roger could tell Ben was genuinely surprised. "You're kidding. What happened?" "When I made my first million, I got a trainer and started taking care of myself seriously." "He must have been damn good." Roger’s mind drifted for a second to Tom, who would probably have already carried Ben off to his bedroom. "He was. And I was highly motivated." “You must have been to get where you are now.” Roger took it as a good sign that Ben kept bringing the conversation back to how impressed he was with Roger’s body. Roger knew he needed to make clear Ben could inspect it as closely as he wanted. “I learned early in life if you know you want something, you should go after it completely without apology.” “Good approach if you know what it is you want.” “For me that has never been a problem. Right now I have a hankering for some beef. How about you, Ben?” Roger wondered what was registering behind Ben’s beautiful blue eyes. Could he tell Roger was hitting on him? He brought out some steaks and beers, and they sat and chatted about sports teams. Roger did his very best not to stare and drool. He noticed that occasionally he and Ben would lock eyes for a second and then Ben would look down, and Roger thought he noticed a bit of a blush on Ben’s face. Roger wanted an excuse to get closer to Ben, so he suggested they watch a movie on his new oversized television. Roger looked over his pile of films on disk, and immediately zeroed in on Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s first Bond movie. His mind flashed to the scene in the middle of the film where Craig emerges from the ocean in a Speedo, the camera slowly panning down his lean, muscular torso. It always got a rise out of Roger. Maybe it would have the same effect on Ben. Roger could hope so, anyway. As Roger loaded the movie in the player, he saw Ben sitting down in the middle of the coach in the reflection on the tv screen. Even in distorted reflection, Ben was strikingly handsome. Roger noticed his own pulse was starting to pound a bit, and he quietly took a deep breath to relax. Roger wondered if any of Tom’s boy toys made him this nervous. Probably not, but then Tom’s flings were always pretty but empty - nothing like the impressive young man waiting for him across the room. Roger knew he needed another beer - he could work off the carbs tomorrow - so went out to the kitchen and got two more. He handed Ben on of the beers as he sat himself down on the couch, so that their legs were touching. Roger noted that Ben didn’t pull away. Roger used the remote to dim the room lights and start the movie. As the film started, he raised his beer bottle to Ben to clink. As their bottles knocked against each other, his eyes met Ben’s, and they locked for about five seconds. Roger managed to resist the urge to attempt to lock lips. Ben lifted his bottle to his mouth to take a swig, but Roger could tell Ben’s eyes were still directed at Roger.
  14. No opponent had ever intimidated the hero before, and he told himself he was not about to let one start now - least of all Lex - even in this pumped-up new package. The hero tensed his legendary frame and faced his adversary. "I’ve had enough playing games, Lex." Lex almost laughed but restrained the urge. The hero with clenched fists stood before him like a living marble statute of a threatening Greek god. Lex, however, was confident his newly powerful hands could crumble that marble into dust. Lex was feeling it was getting to time to rub his costumed adversary’s nose in the shit. “No one’s forcing you to do anything, old pal. Fly away if you want. But let me remind you, I’m a wanted escaped convict. Isn’t it your job to return me to Metropolis Penitentiary where I belong?” Lex started walked toward the hero, lifting his mountainous arms as is he were raising his hands in the air in surrender. The hero silently stared at the approaching behemoth, realizing that Lex was calling his bluff. Did he really think he could force the mountain of super-powered muscle moving toward him to go anywhere? “Come on, old buddy, apprehend me. Maybe I won’t resist. But I wouldn’t bet on it.” Grinning, Lex moved in closer, staring directly into the hero’s blue eyes, until he was directly in front of the hero, less than a foot apart, his raised arms hovering over the hero’s shoulders, their size placing the hero in shade. The hero did his best to keep from letting Lex see that he was unnerved, and unsure of his next step would be as he looked at what were easily the largest biceps he seen on any man. Of course, the size of any normal man’s arms would never concern him in the least. But he was now well aware that his extra-terrestial origin provided him no advantage against this recreated version of Lex. “What’s the matter, law man? Not sure you’re up to the job? Maybe your wondering about what kind of guns I’m packing.” Lex moved his right arm down and placed it between them slightly below his shoulders, clenching his fist and twisting his forearm up so that his bicep peaked like a volleyball in the hero’s face. Lex stared straight into the hero’s eyes with a slight grin on his face and rotated his arm slowly so the hero could take in the jaw-dropping girth and size of the mound of muscle in front of him. Lex then gradually moved his right arm to his side and lowered his left and place it between them, repeating the performance with its equally hypertrophied peak, then moving it also to his side. “As you can see, plenty of fire power here. This should be quite a shoot out. Who goes first? ” The hero found himself speechless as he stared at the girth of Lex’s massive chest in front of him. He felt like David facing Goliath without a slingshot. “Come on. Take your best shot. I’m ready for it. Don’t worry. When it’s my turn I’m not gonna harm that pretty face.” “Lex, there is nothing to be gained from you and me fighting.” “Sure there is. Stop being a pussy and hit me!” Faster than a normal man’s eye could see, the hero immediately pulled back his right arm and then with force that would have split a steel wall, plunged his fist into the layers of Lex’s abdominal muscles. Even though the hero was no longer holding back from using all of his heretofore unmatched strength, it felt like his fist was slamming into an unmoveable object, and jolting pain traveled up his arm. The blow, however, succeeded in causing Lex to double-over, bent at the hips with his massive chest out over his legs, his arms reached in to his midesction as the hero stepped slightly back. After about thirty seconds silently in that position, Lex looked up at the hero, a grin slowly returning to his face. “Nice one.” Lex gradually straightened himself back up and faced the hero. “My turn.” In a fraction of a second, Lex sent his own huge fist hurtling into the hero’s midsection. The hero felt his guts explode in pain as forcefully expelled all the air in his lungs. The hero stumbled backward several steps from the force of the blow, before falling backwards onto the ground. Lex walked up and loamed over the hero who sat on the ground, his chest leaning over his hips, his hands clutching his mid section, still reverberating in pain from Lex’s jackhammer. “Let me help you up.” Lex’s huge arms reached down and his hands reached under the hero’s arms right at the shoulder. Lex then gradually lifted the hero up, making sure that he bounced against the ridges of Lex’s torso along the way. The hero struggled to stand, as his midsection struggled to recover from the blast that Lex had landed. “Having fun yet?” With a satisfied smirk on his face, Lex released his grip under the hero’s shoulders and lowered his immense arms down the hero’s side. “I didn’t think so. I feel like I’m making you uncomfortable. Let’s get closer.” With that Lex moved his huge arms around the hero’s wide back and locked his hands together behind the hero’s lower lats. Lex yanked the hero forward in a bear hug, causing their herculean chests to forcefully slam into each other. It felt to the hero like he crashed into a steel wall, except steel walls always gave way to him. As he attempted to steady himself and step away, he felt Lex swelling biceps painfully press into his sides as Lex tightened the diamond-hard vise around his back. It felt like Lex was cutting him in two. The hero grabbed hold of Lex’s shoulders and tried to push them apart. In response, Lex clenched his arms even tighter around the hero’s back and flexed his chest so that his pectoral muscles tauntingly ground into those of the hero pressed against them. The Man of Steel adjusted his stance in order to push back with his own massive pectorals and make clear he was not about to retreat. Feeling the hero’s resistance, Lex flexed and pushed harder into his nemesis. The hero tensed his own expansive chest in response to let Lex know that he was not backing down. Pleased that his opponent was taking the challenge, Lex pumped his gargantuan torso even more forcefully into the hero, who continued to respond in kind. Feeling his long-time enemy’s muscled torso plastered against his own was the most arousing sensation Lex had ever known. As augmented testosterone flooded his system, Lex could feel himself getting larger and stronger. Lex became fueled with an animal drive to dominate the man-god struggling in his arms. He was not going to merely crush the hero, he was going to own him. The hero attempted to push up with his legs into flight, but Lex kept him solidly anchored in place. The pain in the hero’s back as Lex increased the pressure became excrutiating. He fought back panic as best he could. “What’s a matter, old pal, you don’t like a real man’s hug? Maybe if you stopped resisting you could learn to enjoy it.” The hero could feel Lex start to shove his groin into the hero, causing Lex’s hard cock to push against his own. The hero did his best to pull his hips backward to avoid Lex’s humping. In response, Lex pivoted his own weight backward, and lifted the hero’s feet off the ground. Before the hero recognized what was happening, Lex was also off the ground, hurtling across the sky with the struggling hero encased in his arms like a rag doll.
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