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  1. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Here's hoping the formatting carries over! This is the first muscle growth story that I've written to completion in a long time and it combines quite a few of my kinks: college guys, muscle growth, macro... I hope that you enjoy it. ----- "Chug! CHUG! CHUUUG!!" Amit cheered on his roommate, a lanky 19 year-old by the name of Chris. Chris was gulping down a can of a new energy that the two college freshman had discovered a few weeks ago. Gamer Goop was an electric green substance, a slightly viscous liquid that was marketed to the gamer crowd as an alternative to Red Bull and the like. For Amit and Chris, Gamer Goop was Ambrosia - a literal godsend that helped them through class and competitive PvP sessions on Final Fantasy XIV. Drinking the stuff left both of them charged for hours, helping their focus and giving them a general feeling of euphoria. Their bodies felt swollen, alert, and prepared for whatever came at them. At the start, both of the teenagers thought how they felt after ingesting the drink was odd - but the amazing effects quickly disabused any notion of stopping consumption. After about two weeks of drinking Gamer Goop, Amit and Chris had largely stopped eating other food. While they might head to the on-campus dining hall, food just wasn't a necessity anymore. The Goop gave them the same feeling of fullness as a regular meal. It wasn't too long after losing their appetite for food that Chris and Amit noticed that their veins had changed colors. Normally, veins are a blue-ish color beneath the skin. Chris and Amit's began to change, slowly turning into a vibrant green. Chris, who was white, started to look as if neon lines criss-crossed his body; for darker skinned Amit, the color was more olive than neon. This change may have shocked and alarmed other people; not Chris and Amit. In their mind, the Goop was a godsend and it was making them better. After a while, Chris and Amit stopped going to class, instead falling into a routine that only accelerated whatever was going on with them. As their veins turned Goop green, both normally not-so-fit gamers noticed they were becoming fit. Their green veins began to prominently stand out across their bodies, long, thick tunnels of green blood pumping nutrition into every cell of their bodies. Their physiques became leaner and harder, giving both teenagers a fit and healthy look. And all without even stepping inside a gym. Going to a gym would have been difficult, however, because not long after the physical transformations began to manifest that they began to accelerate. Chris woke up one morning to find his bare feet rather cold on the account that they - along with his ankles and part of his calf - were now sticking out over the end of his bed. Groggily rising, Chris tripped as if unused to his body. Crashing to the floor woke up Amit, and shortly after helping up his roommate, Amit noticed that he was now nearly eye level with Chris. After trying to slip on his size 10 slippers and finding his heels sticking out of them, they both realized they had grown overnight - a few inches, but enough to make the sudden change feel slightly awkward. Awkwardness slowly turned into joy, and joy immediately turned into a Gamer Goop gorge session. Having bought an actual pallet of the product, Chris and Amit chugged and downed can after can of the Gamer Goop, eager to grow, eager to change. With this realization came days of little more than sleep, gaming, and growth. Three days later, their guts brimming with Gamer Goop, Amit and Chris did not look like the Chris and Amit that had started school. Thick, veiney, and pushing 6'6'', the two teens sat only in tight, white undershirts and roomy underwear. The fast changes to their physiques in both height and mass had left most of their wardrobe unwearable, though one night Chris had a fun idea. After each chugging a six-pack of the Goop, their guts slightly distended and slowly revealing a wall of abdominal muscles, they went through their clothing - shirts, socks, pants - and forcefully jammed themselves into it, ripping most things immediately. Thick quads burst pant legs, flexed bis ripped sleeves, and toes tore through too-small-socks. It was that night the two roommates first jerked off with one another, totally turned on by the ripping of clothes and show of strength neither had possessed the month before. Sitting on their shared futon, Amit and Chris furiously stroked each other's dicks, stopping now and again to tweak each other's nipples for an added thrill. Soon, both them shot massive loads of green-ish cream on to their soon-to-be six packs. Curious, Amit leaned over and gingerly licked up Chris' load, licking it up like whipped cream. Amit's eyes rolled back in pleasure, his tongue licking his lips in an effort to get any his throat had missed. "It tastes just like Goop," Amit said to Chris. He smiled and slowly licked the small crevices starting to emerge between Chris' abs. After a few moments, Amit laid back and let Chris lick up and relish his load. Smiling at each other, the thrill of sex still on their minds, they both embraced in a hug and quickly grabbed the nearest unopened can of Gamer Goop. Their transformation would not stop. After that first time, Amit and Chris' existence became a whirlwind of sex, gaming, and Goop. One night in particular was particularly creative. Amit had acquired a beer helmet, a contraption with hoses that let the wearer drink beer fixed into the helmet. Amit had other ideas, though - using two discarded 2-litre soda bottles. Filled to the brim with Goop, Amit placed the beer helmet on Chris' head and used some customized tops to seal the hoses inside the bottles. When turned upside down, the Goop with rush into the hoses and right into Chris' mouth. Both of the teens were excited for this next step in evolutionary creativity. While Goop poured into Chris' mouth and he greedily gulped it down, Amit worked Chris' dick with his mouth and tongue. The green tinge to Chris' veins had increased, and electric green veins swelled on his impressive member. Chris chugged and chugged, looking down at his friend with a look of mindless joy on his face. He could feel all of the Goop he was consuming fill his gut, bloating his mid-section. As his gut expanded, Chris could see more veins forming around his mid-section. Thick tunnels of green carrying Goop elsewhere in his body, feeding this wonderful evolution from nerd to titan. Then, a sudden but gentle shock - it felt like a push - coming from his mid-section. Then again, and then again. Along with the push, it felt as if something was being ejected from his stomach. Then it hit Chris. His body wasn't digesting the Goop anymore. It was injecting it into other parts of his body. Like a roids in a syringe, instead of Chris' body breaking down the Goop into smaller components to feed his muscles, his body had changed to directly transferring the Goop right into his musculature and skeleton, where it was dutifully absorbed. This process continually bathed Chris' body in fresh, undigested Goop and his body was assimilating it almost as quickly as he consumed it. This change wasn't lost on Amit, who could see his friend starting to visibly grow. It was much like watching a balloon inflate - Chris was simply getting bigger and bigger as time went on. If Amit didn't notice him growing, he would have noticed the increased groaning of the futon below Chris' growing ass. Amit dutifully remained on his knees, sucking and licking Chris' growing cock. It had started to leak a green precum, which Amit lapped up like water. Chris was getting closer and closer, his shaft rock hard, his mushroom-shaped head thick with Goop and blood. With one last push, his body showered his muscles in more Goop and that was it for Chris. With a load moan and a shudder, his blew a massive green load right into Amit's open and ready mouth. It was at that moment that Chris' body swelled larger, and finally the futon had also had it. With a loud CRUNCH, Chris' orgasm and increased weight broke the futon clear down the middle. The two roommates didn't even notice the damage until Amit got up and looked down at his friend, noticing the split wood and the mattress sinking down in the middle. They both laughed - it was a testament to their evolution. Amit carefully removed the beer helmet from Chris, and he suggestively wagged his thick, brown cock in front of Chris' face with a smile that said, "All right, your turn." After that night, things began to really change. After the futon broke, Chris and Amit shoved their two Twin XL beds together, providing at least a small amount of sleeping space to the growing titans. Cuddled together in a mass of skin, muscle, and cum they often awoke fairly early and without prompt ensnared each other and sucked one another's balls dry. It really wasn't even cum anymore, what was coming out of their swollen testicles. It was Goop-rich cream more potent than anything the canned product could offer. Feeding sessions lasted hours, and each others' thick cock heads were lovingly coerced into giving up more and more of the sweet, green-tinged seed. It was a pleasurable experience all around, as each warm jet of cum shot into the receiver's mouth accompanied a small orgasm for the shooter. Chris and Amit lay entwined in pleasure for hours, their bodies slowly and visibly growing and pushing the boundaries of their rapidly smaller dorm room. Eventually, the two teens' mass broke their beds but by then they were too huge for just about any furniture. Even the concrete floor had begun to shake whenever one of the behemoths moved his massive body around for comfort. Their growing mass had forced all the furniture into a cramped corner, but one night after a feeding, Chris just deftly shoved his massive foot into the desks and drawers, reducing them to scraps and giving the titans much needed room to expand. Sitting shoulder to shoulder against the wall of their room, Amit and Chris' muscular backs covered the entire width of the wall. Their tiny heads were mere inches from touching the ceiling and even with their legs bent their toes touched the opposite wall. They didn't care, though. Both titans had begun to see their transformation into an evolution into something far better than human. Amit had jokingly referred to the room as their egg, and they were almost ready to break out of it. The thought of busting through a concrete building had sent both of their dicks streaming with Goop-cum, which they gingerly licked up with their thick, strong fingers. Their cocks had become incredibly large, both shaft and balls swelling larger after each feeding. As big as they were now, Chris and Amit's personal Goop factories were still large relative to their body size. Each testicle was bigger than a large bean bag and the shaft ("Delivery Unit", as Amit liked to joke) was as thick as a tree trunk and covered in thick, green-ish veins. The titans were almost always hard. Like all days, the day of Chris and Amit's apotheosis came. It was a bit of struggle moving around. They were both now so huge that moving even an inch sent their muscle mass into a wall, floor, or ceiling. Massive, circular indentations in the floor indicated where their massive asses occupied space. Cracks had begun to form everywhere, with holes in the ceiling and the floor had also begun to noticeably sag. Finally moving into a position where they were both face-to-face, their cocks now so huge they rested firmly in between their pecs when upright, all Chris and Amit had to do was gently stroke and rub their cocks together and the Goop-Cum began to slow. They ate, and ate, and ate, never stopping, not wanting to stop ever, feeling their mass swell and consume more of the last available space. It didn't take long before Chris, in a fit of orgasm, stretched out his titanic legs and feet and simply pushed the outside-facing wall into oblivion. If the sound of a wall exploding didn't catch anyone's attention, the massive feet and musky stench did. People watched in curious horror as the teens' growing mass slowly devoured the side of the building. The floor gave way almost immediately after, sending Amit's huge ass tumbling down two stories. Laughing, orgasming, the pair continued to feed and grow until their huge, growing bodies were covered in the rubble of the destroyed dorm. Even then, they didn't stop their feeding frenzy. Goop-cum continued to pour from their cocks and they greedily sucked it all up, their bodies eventually growing larger so as to grow out of the rubble. On the site of what used to be a college dorm now lay two massive bodies, at least 50 feet in length and weighing in at several tons. Coming out of their reverie, Chris began to stand up for the first time in what felt like weeks, pushing himself up (only to feel the soft ground give way a bit as he did) and grinding more rubble under his thick, massive soles. He took in the sight of a world that was now a giant's playground - Amit's and his playground. As he stretched out an arm to help Amit up, Chris smiled and said, "Looks like our egg just burst. That kinda makes us newborns, right? Well, newborns have a lot of growing to do..."
  3. Tired of these 20-something beggars looking for a handout.

    1. ThickRick


      Gettin there myself. Film at 11.

  4. I'd like to read this story too... love me some cock vore!
  5. Hahahahah - bodybuilding.com for serious advice? Are you kidding me? Go post your pictures over there - no flame retardant suit on Earth would save you from the hounds that stalk those forums. And most of their articles are little more than vehicles for supplement companies to shill their products. Yes, this is a muscle/fetish site. That DOES NOT give anyone freedom to totally mis-represent themselves - especially the people who go to the extreme of co-opting other people's photos and pretending to be them. That's identity theft, not fantasy, and I do believe that this forum operates on the assumption that people are generally honest. If you want to play pretend that you're really some 6'4'' ripped muscle god when in reality you're a 5'2'' blob, I recommend coiledfist and f-list - those are websites dedicated to fiction.
  6. Totally agree with this. And frankly, a lot of CF people are just way too weird for me. And many of them are too "strict" with their RP requirements to the point of being ridiculous. Definitely look up giantworshipper's Graham and Justin stories. So much hot growth!
  7. Yeah, Coiledfist has some great macro stories. Highly recommend!
  8. *shrugs* I think this would be a good optional component for some forum members who feel the need to verify their identity. If you want to do it, do it - if not, no worries.
  9. Starting work on a story. Stay tuned!

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      All RIGHT, stud. Now you'll get me raging. GRRR

  10. Bi's are up to 17.5" flexed. Woo hoo!

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      My man! Fuck yeah!

  11. Loving all the friend love! Send me some sexy pics. I share back :)

  12. Forgot how ridiculously hot this story is. Curse me for reading it at work!
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