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  1. Looking good mate!! Wishing you well on your growing journey.

  2. i eat pretty well, i dont eat soy and no junk food, along with gym 5 days a week with my trainer, just got updated test result today and even lower at 10.1 booked in with the endocrinologist now to see if they can help
  3. Hi Guys, Just got a test back from the docs showing my testosterone level at 12.4 nmol/L the healthy range on the sheet said 10-32 and doc said it was fine just wondering since it is near the bottom of the healthy range would this be inhibiting my gains in the gym? and what would be a good level to be at to be making better progress? ive been working out 2 years so far (5 days a week) and have made little progress, or at least not enough for my liking. thanks
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