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  1. Will you ever write us another hot story?

  2. Love those crush/snuff/power fetishes.  Can't ever get enough, man.  If you care to chat on Skype or Discord, pm me.  

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  3. hi sir i love ur story so much .i am really into mabhandling crushing.can we chat in skype?

  4. Masters Pup I walk through the door, lock it behind me and make my way to the living room. As I enter the room I glance at the clock on the wall. Ten o’ clock exactly, that’s good. I strip out of my clothes; jeans, t-shirt, jacket, socks and trainers, and lay them neatly folded on the sofa. Wearing only my boxers I walk into the middle of the room and kneel down facing the door. After a few minutes I hear his footsteps as he climbs the stairs from the basement and a shiver of anticipation runs through me. As he walks through the door into the room wearing only a pair of pale blue workout tights, it takes all of my self-control not to run over to him. To grab hold of his supremely powerful body and feel his hot, bulging muscles. To kiss his smooth, tanned skin. To savour his masculine scent. But I do not. I am a good pup and I know my place and what is expected of me. Instead I kneel before him, drinking in the sight of his physical perfection. His face is handsome and angular face, his chin darkened with a day’s stubble. His huge muscular chest rises and falls rhythmically with each breath he takes and leads down to his solid clearly defines abs. His small waist flares out into huge quads sheathed in blue spandex, the material so tight that his impressive cock is clearly outlined. He is the ultimate embodiment of masculinity. Strong, powerful, authoritive. “Good morning pup”, he smiles, his deep, dark brown eyes boring into mine, stripping my mind open and allowing him to see every aspect of me. My deepest needs and desires opened up to him. “G…good morning Master”, I croak, the mere sound of his deep commanding voice rendering me almost speechless with desire. My cock twitches in my boxers as he walks past me and I smell the musky scent from his body, a smell so potently masculine that it could be bottled as a testosterone substitute. I look over at him and take in the sight of his muscular bubble butt, flexing erotically beneath the spandex as he walks. He opens a cabinet and on a shelf sits several dog collars. I feel a pang of jealousy as I notice another collar has been added since last week. Another pup added to his ever growing litter. All of the collars are identical. Black leather, with a small ring on the back to attach a lead and a small metal plate on the front on which our names are engraved. Mine says, “laundry pup”, and I sometimes wonder if Master even remembers my birth name. I say birth as opposed to real name because my real name is whatever label my Master bestows upon me. He picks up my collar, stands behind me and gently fastens it around my neck. I feel a deep sense of peace come over me as we enact this symbol of his ownership of me. I have no cares of my own, no decisions to make. The only concern I now have is pleasing my Master. He will command and I will obey. I am liberated. “You have work to do pup”, he says, “I suggest you get started. “Yes Master”, I reply. On my hands and knees I crawl into the hall towards the laundry room. In my Masters presence I am not permitted to stand without his express permission. I am his pup and I am expected to crawl at his feet. Once in the laundry room I stand and walk over to the washing hamper. I start to lift out the dirty laundry when I notice a pair of black trunks. It is clear from the stains that my Master has at some point unloaded a torrent of cum into them and I lift them to my face. I inhale deeply, savouring the smell of my Master’s crotch, my dick hardening as I do so. I am tempted to place them in my mouth, to hungrily suck on them and taste my Master, but I refrain. It is enough that I am smelling his dirty underwear, to lick them without his permission would seem like a violation. I am here to serve him, not satisfy my own perverted urges. I start to load the washing machine and once that is done I empty the dryer in preparation for the ironing. I glance up at the flat screen TV mounted on the wall opposite the ironing board and stare. The screen is linked to a camera in my Master’s basement gym and he is there performing dumbbell flies with 2 massive looking barbells. I stare in awe as he performs rep after rep, his muscles flexing and contracting in beautiful symphony. My Master doesn’t always work out whilst I am performing my duties but when he does it is both a blessing and a curse. Watching him work out his superbly conditioned body makes me painfully hard. There is no TV in the basement, nor does my Master bother with music. He is completely focused, approaching his work outs with the same single minded focus he approaches everything else. His commitment to the task at hand is total. But I must not allow myself to be distracted by his physical perfection. I have a job to do and I am expected to do it well. My Master expects his clothes to be as perfect as the body they adorn, and if I do not perform to his standards I will be punished. Of course, no punishment hurts as much as the knowledge that I have disappointed him. I begin to iron his clothes, focussing on the task and not the screen, ensuring every article is perfect before moving onto the next. As I carefully place a shirt on a hanger I notice that he has moved onto barbell squats. I allow myself a few minutes to stop and watch, as he bends his knees and his perfectly defined muscle butt lowers towards the floor, the spandex threatening to rip apart from the pressure of his swollen glutes. I can feel myself leaking pre-cum as he straightens his legs and rises back up with agonising slowness before repeating the movement. I glance down at myself to see wet spots on the front of my boxers and look away from the screen, using all my will power to stop myself from erupting uncontrollably. I go back to my tasks, emptying the washing machine and loading the laundry into the dryer, finishing off the ironing and then taking the freshly ironed clothes into his room and putting them away exactly as he likes it, all the while fighting the urge not to get distracted by the absolute masculine perfection on the screen before me. Once all the laundry is completed I head back into the living room and resume my position in the middle of the room. Ten minutes or so pass before I hear his footsteps once more ascending the stairs. I hear him walk down the hallway towards his bedroom and know that he is checking I have completed my tasks to his satisfaction. When he finally comes back into the living room the expression on his face is unreadable and he is carrying a lead. Without a word he moves behind me and attaches the lead to my collar. He walks towards the full length mirror on the far wall and tugs at the lead so that I immediately crawl after him. He stops in front of the mirror and admires himself for a few moments. The contrast between us is stark. My pale, flabby body looks truly pitiful alongside his swollen tanned muscles. Every aspect of his physique dwarfs my own. He is bigger than me, harder stronger than me. Side by side like this there can be no doubt that he is superior to me in every way. It simply reinforces my understanding that he was born to rule and I was born to serve. He moves behind me and begins to wrap the lead around his wrist, taking up the slack until my head is pulled back against him. I feel his dick, rock hard against the back of my skull and feel a surge of pride in the knowledge that my servitude is the cause of his arousal. “Take out your dick”, he commands, and I immediately reach into my boxers and take out my engorged cock. My arousal is obvious but it is no way compares to the monster appendage pressing against my skull. “Stroke yourself”. Again I obey instantly and start to slowly pump my cock. He gives another tug on the lead causing it to press against my throat, making it difficult to breath. “What are you?” he asks. “I..I am a lowly submissive”, I gasp, “and I crave the authority of my Master”. He raises his free arm and flexes increasing my arousal as I watch the reflection of the muscle swelling in size and hardness. “Repeat your mantra”, he says flexing his chest. “I am a lowly submissive and I crave the authority of my Master”, I croak. The constriction against my throat and the sight of his powerful pecs bouncing up and down are making it hard to breathe, but I dutifully chant my mantra over and over again. These are the last words I hear myself say every night as I drift off to sleep. This is the first thought I have every morning when I awaken. My very existence summed up in 13 words. I increase the tempo of my stroking as I watch his powerful, Godlike body flex over me. My breathing becomes more ragged, my voice more shrill as I feel my orgasm approach. “Cum”, he commands, and my body obeys, shooting my thick milky fluid over the floor. He unclips the lead and I slump forward physically and mentally drained. “Clean up your mess”, he growls, walking out the room. I know what is expected of me. Whenever my Master allows me to cum in his presence I am expected to lick it up afterwards but it is a small price to pay for the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. I lean forward and begin to lap my cum off the floor and am almost finished when he returns holding a dog bowl. He watches wordlessly as I lick up the last of my cum and then places the bowl on the ground. “Thank you Master”, I say, touched by his thoughtfulness. My mouth is dry, gritty and foul tasting and I begin to lap thirstily from the bowl. The yellow liquid is warm and slightly salty and I am honoured at being allowed to ingest my Masters Godly nectar. As I slurp gratefully on his warm piss he picks up his phone and sits down on the large leather sofa. “Hey, it’s me”, he says when the other person answers. “Did you make a reservation? Good, I’ll pick you up from your place at 8, we can have a quick drink before we eat. See you then babe.” I cannot help but feel envious towards the lucky woman that will get the chance to sit across a table from this Supreme Being, knowing that at the end of the evening he will be fucking her into whimpering submission. He hangs up and immediately dials another number. This time his voice is more authoritative. “You pick me up from my house at quarter to eight and drive me into town. Don’t be late”. He ends the call without even waiting for a reply, knowing that whomever was on the other end is incapable of refusing him. When I finish drinking what is in the bowl he walks over to me, removes the collar and places back in the cabinet. “I have no further use for you today pup”, he says, “get dressed and leave. I will see you on Wednesday”. “Yes Master”, I reply, “thank you for allowing me the honour of serving you”. He smiles at my response and leaves the room. I once more gaze longingly at his broad, powerful back and incredible glutes as he walks away, and know that the next 3 days will seem like an eternity.


  6. One fantasy of mine.  Bring it!


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      Me too. LOve it! What strength!

  7. I thought I had marked it as a snuff story, but as Skumbum pointed out, I did mention it.
  8. Was feeling rather aggressive when i wrote this, so there is a fair bit of death and gore. You have been warned. Part 2 As the main lights went out, leaving the cell dimly lit by the auxiliary lighting I decided it was time. I swung out of the bed and stood in the middle of the cell looking over at the man I shared it with. Sensing my gaze he opened his eyes and looked up at me. “What ya doing man?” Without a word I began to peel off the prison regulation jumpsuit, exposing my powerful pecs followed by my rock hard midsection. By the time I had removed it from my shoulders and pulled my arms out of the sleeves my cell mate was sitting on the edge of his bed staring in awe at my muscular perfection. “Holy shit”, he gasped, “I didn’t realise you were so pumped. I kicked off my shoes and pulled the suit down, stepping out of it and tossing it aside, holding the man’s gaze with my own. Standing in just my briefs which could barely contain my huge cock I finally spoke my first words to the man since I had arrived in his cell that afternoon. “You like what you see, little man?” I asked. He could only nod as his eyes roved all over my body, unable to decide where to settle. I walked over to him, my crotch just inches from his face, a cruel smile on my lips. “Take out my dick”, I commanded. I could see the confusion in his eyes as he tried to reconcile the fact he was straight with his growing desire for me, wondering why the mere sight of my body had his dick twitching in his pants. “Now”, I said, my voice low and aggressive. Without a word he reached out and pulled down the front of my briefs freeing my stiffening cock, watching in awe as it began to expand to its full sixteen inches. “It…it’s huge” he stammered moving his head back to allow room for its expansion. “Then you’d better open wide”, I said, as I took his head in my hands and gently guided his mouth towards the tip. “That’s it faggot”, I said as he opened his mouth and began to lick and suck my shaft while running his hands over my massive quads and ass. “Oh yea”, I growled, as I began thrusting in and out, “That’s it, make me cum boy”. I didn’t take long and as I felt my orgasm build I pushed my dick further into his mouth as I began to cum, sending my thick hot cream down his throat. He tried to pull away as I emptied a torrent of cum into him, filling his airways, and suffocating him but I held him in place effortlessly as I continued my ejaculation, filling his lungs and literally drowning him with my seed. I gave a long sigh of satisfaction as I finished and I released my grip on him, letting his lifeless body fall back onto the bed , a thick trickle of cum leaking out the corner of his mouth. I pulled the black briefs back up and slowly ran my hands over my hard muscular ass, revelling in the feel of the silky smooth nylon which looked as though it has been painted onto my glutes. I walked over the cell door and grabbed two of the bars, one in each hand and began to pull. There was the slightest resistance and then with a soft squeal the bars began to bend away from each other as my muscles proved to be more than a match for the steel. I squeezed through the gap I had made and looked down the corridor to the guard’s desk. He sat facing me, his feet on his desk, but he was to engrossed in his newspaper to see me exit the cell. I began walking towards him, silently closing the distance until I was no more than ten feet from his desk, which was when he finally looked up. “What the…” he began as I tensed my legs and leapt into the air, the incredible power of my thigh muscles easily allowing me to cover the distance between us and clear his desk. I landed next to him with the grace of a professional gymnast and grabbed his throat pushing him backwards against the wall and cutting of any attempts to shout for help. I straddled his body and sat down on his lap, feeling his dick harden against my ass. I began to flex my glutes, massaging his dick through the thin material of his trousers as I leant forward trapping his head between the wall and my chest. He pushed against me, trying to free himself but I barely registered his pitiful attempts as I slowly inhaled, causing my chest to expand, increasing the pressure on his skull. He gave a muffled moan of pleasure as he came against my ass, but his pleasure was short lived and his moans of pleasure soon turned to moans of pain as I continued to expand my chest until I felt his nose break against my meaty pecs, quickly followed by a wet crunch as his skull cracked open against the wall from the unrelenting pressure. His body bucked beneath me as I crushed his skull to little more than a gory pulp and then finally he was still. I stood up, ripped his shirt off and used it to wipe the blood from my pecs before heading towards the door that led to the main office. There were three officers in the office, one was typing away at a computer, the second was flicking through a magazine and the third was standing next to the door I had just walked through. “Hey, how the hell did you get out”, he shouted as I strode into the room. He went for his gun, but his reflexes were truly pitiful. I grabbed his wrist in my left hand and began to squeeze, he immediately fell to his knees screaming as the bones began to crack and break in my grip. The second cop who had been reading the magazine came running towards me, drawing his nightstick, but without even giving him a second glance my leg shot out in a powerful side kick, my foot crashing into his chest. I was careful not to put too much power into the kick, I didn’t want my fun to end too soon, but it send him flying backwards into the chair he just vacated, dazed and clutching his chest in agony. The last cop had just jumped out of his chair but he froze the instant I turned my gaze on him. He was the youngest of the three, and looked like he was barely out of his teens. The look on his face betrayed his fear but the obvious bulge in his trousers betrayed his arousal. Fear and desire, the two most important emotions in controlling a man and this was no exception. “Don’t move boy”, I growled, turning back to the man kneeling before me, knowing that my command would be followed. “Time to die worm”, I smiled as I grabbed his head and pulled him between my legs, clamping my huge thighs around his neck and jaw. I turned back to my new thrall and smiled as I suddenly snap flexed my thighs around the man’s head. There was a sickening crack as my thighs instantly hardened and expanded, shattering his lower jaw and crushing everything in their path. His death was instantaneous. I opened my legs and his body flopped to the ground, his now shattered skull barely attached by the thin strip of skin that had once been his neck. The two remaining cops looked on in horror at the colleague’s brutal demise, their minds unable to process the sheer power I possessed. I walked towards them laughing as I saw the older of the two glance down at his gun, wondering if he would be quick enough to avoid the same fate as his friend, but knowing that it would be futile. “Wh…what are you?” he asked, staring at the dense musculature of my body”. Without a word I pushed the chair back against a wall and removed the gun from his holster. I laid the gun on a nearby desk and then positioned the chair so that I could lean back against the desk directly in front of the cop. I placed my foot on the man’s chest pinning him in place. “Come here”, I said to the young cop. He had remained rooted to the spot after my last command, but he now shuffled over to me, in an almost trance like state. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his head towards mine. He made no attempt to resist as I began to kiss him and within seconds his body stiffened as he came. I broke off the kiss, ripped open the front of his trousers and tore his now soaked boxers from him, freeing his surprisingly large dick. “Impressive”, I said, as I slowly ran a finger up his shaft from the base to the tip. My erotic touch combined with the stamina of youth was all that was required to have his dick hardening again. “Who are you? “He gasped as I continued to stroke him. “I am your Master”, I said, “and I am about to bring you so much pleasure. You however”, I said turning to the man I still held pinned to the chair “will experience only pain”. I began to extend my leg, increasing the pressure on his sternum. “Please”, he gasped, grabbing at my calf in a hopeless attempt to stop the crushing pressure. I turned back to the young cop, still stroking his dick with just one finger. “The minute you cum”, I said, I will end your partners life. I was hoping to see the anguish in his eyes as he realised that his partner’s survival depended on his self-control, but he was already too far gone. He didn’t care about the man, he didn’t care about anything except the incredible pleasure I was causing him. I increased the pressure on the other man’s chest even further, revelling in the sensation of his bone beginning to bend and crack under my foot. A trickle of blood ran from his mouth, but he was no longer struggling to move my leg, he was slowly caressing my calf, marvelling at the smoothness of my skin and the hardness of my muscle. Whilst his dick was not as impressive as his young partners his erection was still all too obvious. I had been hoping to drag this out a little longer, to watch the young cop attempt to prolong his impending orgasm, to revel in his mental anguish but as this wasn’t going to happen I saw no point in wasting any more time. I turned the young cop to face his colleague seconds before he came; smiling as he blasted a load all over the other man’s face. As he did so I fully extended my leg, crushing the man’s sternum as if it were made of polystyrene. There was a sickening crack as his chest collapsed and a torrent of blood began to pour from his mouth which was wide open in a silent scream. Moments later his deformed and lifeless body was slumped in the chair. I turned my attention back to my young thrall. “There was another prisoner brought in here early this morning. Where is he?” I asked. “He…he’s through there”, he stammered, pointing towards a door. He’s in the cells we use for the most dangerous criminals.” “Dangerous?” I laughed. “There were two bodies in the trunk of his car”, he said, “they were beaten and mutilated beyond recognition. We figured he was some crazy serial killer or something.” I looked up at the video cameras. “Where do the station’s cameras record to?” I asked him. “There’s a computer room through the back”, he said pointing at another door, all the video is saved onto a hard drive through there. “I want you to get the hard drives for me and then wait here”, I commanded, “Can you do that?” “Yes Master, of course Master, anything”. “Good”, I said, “I won’t be long”. And with that I turned and headed towards the door he had pointed to in search of the prisoner I was looking for. As I walked through the door I could see another desk with a rather overweight cop sitting behind it. The cop looked round as he heard the door close behind me. “How did you get here through here?” he asked. Without a word I continued walking towards him, subtly flexing my chest and abs as I walked, treating him to little taste of my hypnotic muscle control. He climbed out of his chair, his hand resting on the butt of his gun. “You’re not going to shoot an unarmed man, are you?” I asked as i continued walking towards him. “And it’s obvious I’m not carrying a concealed weapon. Unless you count this”, I laughed, indicating the large bulge in my briefs. The poor overweight slob was already sweating. Fear, arousal, confusion, so many thoughts and emotions vying for supremacy within him. I was only a few feet away from him now, and he suddenly took his hand from the butt of his pistol and drew his nightstick. “Don’t come any closer”, he said, his voice quivering. “Or what?” I asked. “What’s a fat, useless, overweight slob like you going to do to against someone like me?” I soon got my answer as he thrust out his arm, driving the end of the nightstick into my midsection with all his might. Of course all his might was never going to have any effect on my solid abs, and he looked shocked as the nightstick simply bounced of me. “Want another try?” I asked, stopping in front of him, hands on my hips, radiating power and control. He pulled his arm back and swung the nightstick at my face, only to look on in amazement as my left arm moved faster than he could track and I caught hold of the stick inches from my face. Before he could speak I thrust the palm of my right hand into his chest with enough force to send him crashing back into his desk, leaving me holding the night stick. I took the stick in both hands and began to slowly bend the ends upwards, my biceps and pecs swelling and expanding with the effort as he watched in amazement, until the his nightstick yielded to my immense power and snapped in two. “My God”, he gasped, “What are you”. “I am everything you are not”, I said. “And the reason I don’t need a concealed weapon is because my body is a weapon, a weapon more powerful than your nightstick or even your gun.” At the mention of the word gun he reached for his, but again he was so pitifully slow. I took a step forward, spun him around and wrapped one powerful arm around his neck, whilst I pulled his gun from his holster and tossed it aside with my free hand. As I held him tightly against me, my bicep digging into his throat, my pecs pressing against his back i felt my manhood expand and press against his ass. “Can you feel that?” I asked as he clawed feebly at my arm. “That’s what a real man feels like”. “Please”, he gasped, “Please, don’t do this”. “Why not”, I grinned, my breath hot in his ear. “Who’s going to stop me? Anyway” I continued, ”I don’t think you want me to stop do you?” My free hand was now tearing open the front of his trousers, to reveal his rapidly expanding dick. “Now that doesn’t feel so bad does it?” I asked as I began to gently stroke his shaft and lowered my lips to his neck to give him a soft sensual kiss. “No”, he gasped, but his gasp was one of arousal as he succumbed to my irresistible sexuality. “Take off your trousers”, I told him, planting more sensual kisses down the side of his neck, and he frantically began pulling them down until they were around his ankles. I released my hold on his dick and pulled down the front of my briefs, freeing my own erection, which nestles against the crack of his ass. “I your master”, I whispered softly in his ear as I resumed stroking his dick, feeling his precum leaking over my fingers. “Say it”. “You are my Master”, he replied. “That’s right”, I smiled, as I relaxed my grip around his throat. I could feel his body tense and I tightened my grip on the base of his cock, forcefully stopping his release. Then I once more demonstrated my superiority over him as I used my grip on his cock to lift him into the air. “Oh God”, he gasped, as his feet left the ground and I positioned my dick against his anus. “Tell me what you want?” I whispered throatily. “I want to feel you Master, he whimpered, “I want to feel you inside of me”. He was forcing his hips back as he spoke, involuntarily trying to force me inside him, but I teased him for a moment longer, moving him around the head of my cock without actually penetrating him. “Please”, he begged, “Please take me”. My complete domination of him had me so hard that I couldn’t hold back any longer and I began to slowly push my monster cock into his ass. I resumed my sensual stroking of his dick, heightening his pleasure so that he wouldn’t notice the pain of being impaled on my shaft. I was careful with him, and I fucked his ass almost tenderly whilst playing with his cock. Whenever I sensed he was about to come I would clamp down on the base of his dick until he was begging me to let him cum, tears of pleasure and frustration rolling down his cheeks. After several minutes I felt my own orgasm approaching, and I tightened my grip once again on his cock. Now his begging took on a more panicked tone, as I began to crush his puny cock in my grip. He screamed in unimaginable agony as his swollen member burst apart in my hand, crushed like a ripe tomato between my fingers, and as I felt his dick rupture I cried out in pleasure as I came, filling him with my cum. I released my hold on him and he fell to his knees, staring at the gory pulp that had been his manhood. He was clearly in state of shock as he knelt there whimpering as I ripped the shirt from his back and used it wipe myself clean before pulling up my briefs. I left him kneeling there, whimpering as I turned the corner that led to the cells. There were three cells and they were all empty bar one. “Master”, the sole occupant cried out when he saw me, “I knew you would come”. “In more ways than one”, I said, laughing at my own joke. “What happened boy?” I asked. “I was getting rid of the bodies like you told me Master, when the police pulled me over for a random check. I don’t know why the decided to check the trunk but they did and…” his voice tailed off and a worried expression crossed his face. “But I didn’t tell them anything, I swear Master, I didn’t even tell them my own name”. “It’s okay boy”, I said reassuringly, “I know you would never betray me”. As I spoke I grabbed the bars of his cell and once more began to slowly pull them apart. I saw my slave’s dick twitch as he watched my chest expand and my biceps harden into two huge balls of immense power and I knew that my display of superhuman strength caused him to cum without even touching himself. “Let’s get out of here”, I said. The fat cop looked up at me as walked back towards him. He was a truly pathetic sight as he knelt in a pool of his own blood. “Please Master”, he whimpered. Taking pity on him I stood behind him and gently cupped his chin in one hand. “It’s over now”, I said, as I quickly twisted his head, snapping his spine and ending his misery. The young cop was waiting in the office as I had told him and when we walked through the door he indicated two hard drives sitting on a desk. “You have served me well”, I said as I approached him. “Thank you Master”, he replied gratefully. I once again took his head in my hands and kissed him, slowly and sensually, until I felt him cum, but his pleasure was short lived. As i felt his body tense I took a deep breath in, sucking all the air from his lungs with enough force, that they both collapsed with a soft squeak. I released him and he fell to the ground trying to draw a breath, unable to understand what had just happened. I gave a cruel smile as I watched him slowly suffocate, revelling in the fact that I could kill a man with nothing more than a kiss. “Let’s go” I said as I turned and picked the hard drives off the desk and headed towards the door. “I’ll drive”, I said as we headed towards my car that I had left outside the police station before I had allowed myself to get arrested. As we drove off I pulled my dick out and turned to my slave. “Now you know why I wanted to drive”, I smiled as I guided his head down to my stiffening cock, and prepared for a pleasant trip home.
  9. Edit - Just a warning that this story contains violence, snuff and gore. You have been warned The man was standing with his girlfriend so he clearly wasn’t gay, but it made little difference to me. I wanted him so I would have him and neither his girlfriend nor his sexuality would offer any impediment. I waited till he looked my way once again and then I caught him in my gaze, my beautiful brown eyes boring into his, holding him captive. I walked towards him, keeping my eyes focused on his as I did. “Hi”, I said holding out my hand, “I’m Michael”. I took a deep breath, pushing out my rock hard pecs and tightening my washboard abs, the sight of my perfectly sculpted, muscular body caused him to stammer as he reached for my outstretched hand. “H…hi”, he said, I’m Frank”. I gripped his hand tightly causing him to wince in discomfort. I was using only a fraction of my power and he could tell immediately that my strength was so much greater than his own, as he registered my subtle display of dominance. I turned to the woman next to him and flashed her a dazzling smile, watching as she tried to fight back the lustful feelings my remarkable body was engendering within her. “Are you his girlfriend?” I asked bluntly, although it was clear that they were a couple. She hesitated, taking in the dense musculature of my torso before lowering her gaze to the large, obvious bulge in the tiny trunks I was wearing. If the poor sap hadn’t been standing right next to her she would have denied it, hoping that her availability would give her more of a chance with me, but she eventually nodded her head in acknowledgement. “Yes”, she whispered her voice full of regret. “Not any more”, I said, and her face lit up only to turn to shock as I finished. “Frank’s my girlfriend now”. I turned back, an evil grin on my face. “Isn’t that right little man.” “B..but”, he stammered, “I…I’m not gay”, “You’re dick’s been rock hard since I walked through that door”, I growled, “so don’t give me that shit. You want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your miserable little life, don’t you. Look at me, look at my muscles, feel my power, my strength. I’m everything you’ve ever dreamed of being. You want to kneel at my feet and worship me with every fibre of your being, don’t you?” It was too much for the man, for any man, my presence was simply to strong, my body to incredible, my dominance to absolute. He was inferior to me in every way and he knew it. He nodded his head. “Yes”, he said eventually, no longer able to resist the inevitable. “Then drop to your knees and worship me”, I said. Without another word he fell to his knees, he reached out and began to rub his hands over the vast expanse of my muscle packed thighs. “My God”, he gasped “you’re muscles are like steel” “Kiss them weakling”, worship my body with your lips, your tongue. His ministrations soon had my dick hardening, and it began to push obscenely against my trunks as it grew. “Remove my trunks”, I commanded and he immediately began to peel them off me, freeing my spectacular cock and balls. His girlfriend almost fainted as she watched my dick expand to its full length of sixteen inches. Frank could only stare in awe. He would never have believed that any man’s dick could be so long, so wide, so incredibly hard. He looked down at his own erect dick tenting the front of his shorts, harder than it had ever been and oozing precum, yet its eight inches was insignificant next to my supreme appendage. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward, forcing my dick into his mouth. “Suck it”, I commanded, and again he obeyed instantly, cowed into subservience by his now obvious inferiority. The girl watched her straight boyfriend kneel at my feet and suck hungrily on my monster shaft with a mixture of disgust and arousal. She was a beautiful woman with an impressive body and was used to being the centre of male attention, but now she was entirely superfluous. I turned to her, a look of contempt on my face. “You can go now”, I sneered, “I have no use for you”. Without another word I turned back to my new slave. I had already forgotten her and she knew it. Tears welled in her eyes from the pain of my rejection and the betrayal of her boyfriend. She had met me only moments ago, but my body was so perfect my eroticism so all-consuming that I knew my rejection hurt her far more than the loss of her boyfriend. “Frank”, she whimpered, but he completely ignored her. He was in a sexual stupor, completely unaware of anything but my absolute perfection. She called his name one more time before realising that he was lost to her and then she fled. Franks hands roamed up and down my thighs and over my hard muscular ass. His fingers slipped into the crack as he cupped my buttocks and with a cruel sneer I flexed my glutes trapping them in place. He attempted to pull them free but the strength of my glutes was more than a match for his arms. I continued to squeeze, crushing the digits between the hard slabs of my sculpted ass cheeks. His eyes widened in pain as he felt the bones of his fingers grind together but he was unable to scream as my cock effectively gagged him. I increased my thrusting, enjoying his discomfort as I raped his mouth and moments later I exploded in a powerful orgasm, pumping streams of thick hot cum down his throat. He began to gag and I released the vice like grip on his fingers and pushed him away, covering his face with juice from my still pumping cock as he fell to the ground coughing and spluttering. The taste and scent of my cum drove his lust to previously unimagined levels and i watched as his cock twitched involuntary as he released his own load without any physical stimulation. "Is that it", i sneered, "Is that all the sperm your pathetic balls can generate?" Frank had never had such a powerful orgasm, and by the standards of any other man it would have been an impressive amount, but then I'm not any other man. He looked at the wet stain on his shorts and realised that it was a miniscule quantity compared to my prodigious release. I stood over his prone body, droplets of cum dripping onto his stomach from my now limp cock. I raised my arms and flexed in a double bicep pose, causing him to groan in ecstasy as he watched my biceps expand and harden into two balls of unimaginable strength. I began to flex my legs, causing the muscles to swell and recede in a symphony of power. Within seconds my muscle display brought his dick back to life and i reached down and tore his shorts from him as if they were no more substantial than wet tissue paper. I resumed my display, flexing my legs, my abs, my chest, forcing him deeper under my spell with the hypnotic demonstration of my power and control. He lay beneath me moaning softly, so completely in my thrall that he was unable to speak. “From now on you will address me as Master, do you understand?” He nodded at my command his eyes were glazed and a thin trail of drool ran down his chin. "Hey, what the hell's going on here", a voice called out behind me. I continued the erosion of Frank’s free will with my muscle display; my only response was to flex my glutes and back, giving the interloper behind me their own muscle show. The voice walked towards me, "I said what's goi....". As soon as he drew level with me i reached out with one hand and grabbed him by the throat, lifting his entire body off the ground with ease. I turned and locked eyes with the suicidal non entity that had dared to disturb me. It was the receptionist, a skinny teenager that had just recently started the late shift. His six foot, hundred and thirty pound frame looked truly pitiful next to my own, as he hung suspended in mid-air gasping for breath. "You dare to interrupt me, you puny worm", i hissed, tightening my grip on his throat, completing blocking his airway. Within seconds his eyes rolled back, his body went limp and i let him fall to the ground. "Oh shit", Frank said, finally finding his voice. "Is he dead?" "Not yet", i grinned. "Take his clothes off, while i make sure no-one else dares to disturb me". Frank looked as if he was about to question me, until i narrowed my eyes at him. He immediately crawled over to the unconscious body and began to unfasten the boys belt, his dissent completely crushed by my gaze. I walked through the reception and locked the door, it was unlikely anyone would come in now but i wanted to make sure. When i got back Frank had stripped the boy and he was beginning to come round. I stood before him, hands on my hips, my strong, muscular body radiating power and authority. Slowly he stood up and looked at me, trembling in fear. "Please", he begged "Please don't hurt me". He was clearly terrified but my mere presence controlled his body more than his feeble mind could, and i smiled as his cock rose in obeisance to me. "Is that the best you can do?" i asked staring at his now rock hard cock which was barely six inches. "I...I'm sorry", he stammered, "this is as big and as hard as it's ever been". "And yet even limp my shaft dwarfs your pitiful erection", i said, walking towards him and grabbing him under the arms. I lifted him into the air and pinned him against the wall, stepping forward so that he was held in place by my vastly superior body. Anyone standing behind me wouldn't have even known that i held another person pinned to the wall as he was completely eclipsed by my muscular bulk. I took a breath, expanding my pecs and forcing them into his own inferior chest. I could feel his ribs bending against my abs and his sternum make a creaking noise as the thick slabs of my chest muscles crushed against it. I gave the slightest flex of my pecs and he groaned in pain as the pressure increased. No words were needed, he knew i could kill him in the most brutal way with nothing more than the slightest twitch of my mighty pecs. "Please", he whimpered fearfully, although his dick was still rock hard against my abs. I looked down at him my gaze boring through his very soul. I saw his fear and arousal, the only two emotions left to him as i dominated his mind, his spirit bending to my implacable will as easily as his body had bent to my unyielding muscles. I lowered my head and kissed him, my full, pouting lips engulfing his own. I felt his body relax as his fear yielded to his arousal and within moments i felt him tremble as he came all over my stomach. I broke off the kiss and looked at him. The look in his eyes was of absolute adoration. "Did you enjoy that?" i asked softly. He could only nod, to spent from the immense pleasure of the orgasm to speak. "Good", i growled, because now it's my turn. I stepped back and turned him round so that he now faced the wall, handling him as easily as a normal man would handle a doll. I turned to Frank who was watching in an almost trance like state. "Kneel behind me and worship my legs and ass with your lips", i commanded, “i expect to feel them on every inch of skin". I stepped forward again, once more trapping the teenager against the wall. "Please don't" he pleaded, as he felt the tip of my erection against his ass, but it was time to take my pleasure now, so i ignored his pleas and began to push my massive shaft into him. He screamed in pain as i forced my way inside him, slowly stretching his virgin ass to breaking point and then beyond. I clamped a hand around his mouth to stifle his screams, all the better to hear Franks groans of pleasure as he licked and kissed his way up my bulging, muscular calves to my oak like thighs. I noticed that he kept his fingers away from my ass crack, after the last time, but he was diligently covering every inch of my muscle packed legs and glutes with his tongue. I began to pump harder, each thrust driving my immense cock slightly further into the violated teenager’s ass. I also felt a warm spray against the back of my thighs as Frank lost control, and started to cum. Ironically the more damage i did to the teenager the more the blood lubricated the passage, easing his pain a little. The slight reprieve didn't last long of course. A few savage thrusts and i felt his ribs begin to snap as his lower body was crushed against the wall. A few more and my cock was buried deep inside him, destroying everything in its path, his frail body unable to withstand the its sheer size and power. I felt a familiar churning in my balls as my nut sac tightened, and i flexed my pecs, crushing the boy against the wall so tightly that his entire sternum shattered, his body flattening to a fraction of its thickness between the hard concrete wall and the even harder muscles of my body. At that moment i gave a roar of pleasure as i emptied my seed into the now mutilated corpse, my thick creamy sperm mingling with the blood and gore that leaked from his body. I felt another hot spray, over my ass this time as Frank once again succumbed to my immense sexuality, and i was impressed with his ability to keep cuming so often. "Enough", i said to Frank, stepping back from the wall and peeling the remains of the boy from my dick, dropping the shattered almost unrecognisable ruins to the ground. "Go find a mop and bucket, and clean this place up", i ordered, "while i dispose of this". I found a large canvas bag, which was just a little too short to fit the body in, but i soon remedied that by folding him in half, snapping his spine as easily as a dry twig. I also grabbed a couple of fifty pound plates and dropped them into the bag. "Do you have a car here?" i asked Frank when he returned with a mop and bucket. "Yes, it's parked right outside". "Give me the keys", i commanded. He picked up the shorts I had torn apart earlier, found the keys and handed them to me. I hefted the large bag onto my shoulder barely noticing the weight and went out to the car. I noticed there were no other cars parked nearby which meant that the receptionist didn't have one which was good. I dumped the bag in the boot of Frank’s car and headed back inside. It was only then that i realised i had gone out completely naked, covered in blood and cum, luckily no-one had been around. While Frank cleaned up the mess I had made in the gym I took a long hot shower, cleaning the blood and cum from my spectacular body. Once finished a pulled on a pair of black leggings that were stretched so tightly over my bulging musculature that they were practically see through. I often wear leggings in public, I love the way the skin tight material clings to my swollen muscles, hiding nothing of their power and beauty. I usually wear a pair of trunks under them to cover my manhood as the leggings are stretched to transparency, but it was late and I didn’t expect anybody to be around, so I didn’t bother. I covered my upper body with a white compression shirt, my abs, pecs and nipples clearly displayed through the material. I admired myself in the mirror for a few moments, flexing various muscles, threatening to rip my outfit apart with their size. I admired my long thick cock, covered by the leggings, but clearly visible through the material, and then headed back to the gym. Frank had finished cleaning up the mess and had returned the mop and bucket wherever he had found them. I had ordered him to get dressed once he finished and now he stood awaiting my return in a t-shirt and jeans. “Let’s go” I commanded, smirking as I saw his dick press against the material of his jeans at the sight of me. I locked the door of the gym as we left with a set off keys I had found on the reception desk and climbed into the passenger seat of Frank’s car. “Where are we going master?” he asked as he started the car. “The docks”, I said, “just drive, I will direct you”. Ten minutes later we parked outside the gate of the deep-water dock. The gate was secured with a thick chain and a large padlock, but it wasn’t thick enough to prevent my entry, or even test my muscles. “Wait here”, I said getting out of the car and walking to the gate. I grabbed the chain with both hands and began to pull, my biceps bulged, and there was a few moments of resistance before the steel links succumbed to my strength and snapped apart. I dropped the heavy chain to the ground and pushed open the gates, waving Frank through. I climbed back into the car and we drove to the edge of the dock, where I proceeded to remove the bag from the boot and drop it into the deep water. The weights I had added ensured that the bag and its contents immediately sunk to the bottom. I climbed back into the car and Frank had just turned around about to head back through the gates when a police car came driving in. “Shit”, I thought as they flashed us down. They had obviously seen the opened gate on their way past and decided to investigate. I briefly toyed with the idea of killing them; even armed they wouldn’t stand a chance against me, but I knew they would have already radioed back to the station with the car details and license plate. I would have to take an alternative approach, but it would be no less enjoyable. “Stay here”, I commanded Frank and quickly climbed out of the car. I flexed my upper body to the max as I walked towards their now stationary vehicle. My biceps shredded the already overstretched sleeves, my shoulders split through the top of the compression shirt, as rips appeared down the sides and front from my rapidly spreading lats and expanding pecs. The shirt was hanging in tatters from my spectacularly pumped upper body and I simply tore the remains of it from me. The two cops got out of their car and approached me warily, hands on the butt of their pistols. “What’s up officers?” I asked innocently, watching their eyes rove all over my body, trying to take in its absolute perfection. “Jesus Christ”, the older of the two men exclaimed, “you’re fucking huge. Jesus Jack, he’s bigger than you”, he said to his partner, who was obviously no stranger to the gym. “What are you doing here?” the buff cop asked. “I had some rubbish to dump, thought it would be easiest just to dump it in the dock. I know it’s illegal but just saves me the hassle of driving all the way to the dump”. I fixed my gaze on the older cop as I spoke, subtly flexing the muscles in my legs. I could sense he was the weaker of the two, mentally as well as physically. I noticed his eyes glaze over as he stared transfixed at the hypnotic display of pulsing muscle before him. “You cut the chain?” the other cop continued. “Yea, sorry about that”, I replied. “Must have been some heavy duty cutters you used”. “I didn’t use cutters”, I replied. He looked at me quizzically and I raised my arms into a double bicep pose. “I used these”, I continued. “No way” he said, gulping audibly, “that’s not possible”. “Look at me” I smiled, flexing harder, turning my body into a wall of living steel. “Look at my muscles, their size, their hardness. Do you think there is anything my body cannot do?” “I…I..”, he stammered, barely able to think in the face of such extreme strength and power, knowing that no matter how many hours he spent in the gym he could never come close to my size, my density. I turned back to the older cop, who was visibly trembling with desire. “Go to your car and radio the station back. Tell them you have checked me out and everything’s fine, nothing to report.” Without a word the cop turned back to his car to carry out my commands. The bigger cop may not have been as deeply under my spell as his partner, but he was too far gone to question the fact that I was now the one giving orders. I stepped towards the other cop and flexed my bicep in his face. “Feel it”, I ordered. He wrapped his fingers around the rock hard ball of muscle and began to squeeze. I could tell he was putting everything he had into it in an attempt to reclaim some of his masculinity, but he couldn’t make the slightest dent. “My God”, he gasped, “it’s like warm steel”. “Flex”, I commanded him. His body responded before his brain had even registered the command and he raised his arm and flexed it in front of me. I wrapped my fingers around the hard mound and began to squeeze. Almost immediately he gasped in pain as my strong fingers effortlessly overpowered his muscle, crushing into it with childish ease. “Please stop”, he gasped, “Please, you’re hurting me”. “Do I look like I am even trying?” I asked him. “No”, he cried out,” aahh….please…..no more”. “Do you understand just how inferior your body is to mine I asked”. “Yes”, he gasped, “you’re so strong, so unimaginably strong”. I released the man’s arm and turned to his partner who had just come back. “Well?” I asked. “It’s done”, he replied, “I told them we had sent you on your way and we were resuming our patrol”. “Good”, I responded, “now strip”. Both men immediately began to remove their clothes and in less than a minute they were standing naked before me, their dicks erect. “Kneel”, I commanded. Again both men obeyed me without hesitation dropping to their knees before me. My domination of their puny bodies and feeble minds was turning me on and my dick began to stiffen. I placed my hands on my hips and flared my lats, causing both men to moan with desire as they bathed in the glow of my magnificence. With my hands holding the waist band of my leggings in place, my dick began to press insistently against the black material until it simply tore through it with a loud ripping. The sight of my huge, powerful dick bursting through its nylon prison was all it took to crush the any last vestige of the men’s free will. Unable to control himself the smaller of the two reached out and began to stroke my calves, gasping with pleasure as he felt the hard nylon sheathed muscle beneath his fingers. “Did I give you permission to touch me weakling” I roared. The anger in my voice caused him to instantly pull his hand away, but my reflexes were so much faster. I took hold of his wrist and squeezed it painfully. “Aarrgg”, he cried out in pain “Please, i…I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you…you’re just so strong, so powerful, so…so irresistible. “You need to learn your place little man”, I said, “you are nothing in my presence, do you understand?” “Yes”, he groaned. I turned to his partner, savouring the fear in his eyes, and raised an eyebrow questioningly. He nodded his head, confirming that he knew his place. “I am your Master”, I continued, “and you exist only to serve me, you have no will but mine, no desires but mine. You are nothing more than an extension of my consciousness, and as such you are mine to do with as I please. Do you understand your place now?” Both men nodded, “Yes Master”, they said in unison. My huge, beautiful cock was bobbing inches from their faces, the head glistening with precum, and both men stared at it as though in a trance. “Have you ever seen such a large, powerful cock before?” I asked them. The older of the two could only shake his head, unable to speak as my presence overwhelmed his puny mind. “No”, his partner whispered, “it’s incredible”. “You want to worship it don’t you?” I asked. “To pay homage to my incomparable masculinity with your lips. You want to taste my seed, my divine nectar, isn’t that right?” Both men again nodded their assent, groaning in pleasure at the thought of being given such an honour. I released the older cops wrist and began to stroke my member, looking down at the two men. “But I do not deem you worthy of such an honour”, I sneered. I watched impassively as whatever remained of their spirits shattered as I refused them the only thing they now desired. “Please”, the younger of the two men begged, while his partner groaned in despair. “You dare to question me?” I asked threateningly. “No Master”, he whimpered. I was still stroking myself and I could feel my orgasm build. “Despite your insolence and inferiority I will allow you to taste of my magnificence”, I said as I began to cum, spurting thick gobs of creamy sperm over the two men, coating their faces with my virulent seed. The two thralls unconsciously began to lick their lips, tasting my seed, the smell and taste of my powerful ejaculate causing them to respond in kind, coating my lower legs with their own inferior release. I looked down at the creamy goo that now covered my magnificent calves with disdain. “Lick me clean”, I commanded, and both men immediately leant forward and began lapping at my calves, their spent dicks hardening again as the feel of my powerful muscles against their lips enflamed their arousal. I stood before these insignificant whelps like the dominant God I was for a few moments as they greedily swallowed their own cum. “Enough”, I commanded, once they had cleaned off their mess and they immediately pulled away, their bodies instantly responding to my command. They looked up at me, fear, desire, and adoration in their eyes. They would do whatever I asked of them, without question or hesitation. They belonged to me now, their devotion to their Master absolute. “I am finished with you now”, I said, “You may resume your work”. With that I walked back to the car and climbed in. “Let’s go”, I said and Frank immediately drove off leaving the two policemen still kneeling on the ground, covered in my cum. Free from my presence the two men would begin to regain control of their senses. They would get dressed and resume their patrol, but they would never mention what had just happened to anyone. They wouldn’t even discuss it between themselves, shame and confusion over what had happened would make sure of that. Although a degree of self-control would return to them, their lives would be irrevocably altered. Sexual arousal would be impossible unless they were thinking of me, but they would think of me often. I would haunt their dreams, they would wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat their pathetic dicks twitching as they involuntary orgasmed. Forced to live with the knowledge of just how truly inferior they were they would grow increasingly depressed, unable to take pleasure from anyone or anything, the memory of tonight the only thing that would bring them any respite from their despair. Eventually the thought of living like this, in misery and without my presence to console them would prove too much and they would take their own lives. If they were particularly strong willed their will to live might prevail but they would be a shadow of their former selves, barely capable of functioning as a useful member of society, rendered clinically insane. I gave Frank directions and ten minutes later we pulled up outside my house, on the outskirts of the city. “Take out your dick”, I ordered. Frank immediately complied, and pulled out his throbbing erection, which was dripping with precum. I turned his head so that he was facing me and leant forward. “You have done well tonight little man”. Before he could respond I pressed my lips to his, I felt his body immediately relax as he surrendered to my kiss. For several minutes I kissed him, expertly probing his mouth with my tongue. After thirty seconds I felt his body tense as he ejaculated all over steering wheel, but the overwhelming eroticism of my kiss kept him hard and he came two more times before I released his lips. “Will I see you again Master?” he asked breathlessly, his eyes pleading with me to say yes. “If I wish it”, I replied, “Now go home and dream of me slave”. “Yes Master”, he said as I climbed out of the car. By [email protected]
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