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  1. Thank you so much for this part!! Excellent !
  2. Man, thanks! You know how to describe the male power! One of the best writter here
  3. Thanks a lot man! The story I was waiting: mix of superhero, spandex and muscle growth! Very well written, as usual!
  4. Hello, i am trying to find a story where a tennager found a singlet with the power of Hercules. Something like that... It was published here. if there are other similar stories involving spandex and muscle transformation please let me know. many thanks in advance
  5. I remember a story implying Superman and Jimmy Olsen where Superman becoming more beardy and Olsen growth. It was on a yahoo group. I would like to find it again
  6. I know you love but this is not often that we can see a new one on that. Unfortunately I am a bad writer, otherwise I would have inundated the forum...
  7. Love the pic I am glad some guys here are still interested in superhero transformation.
  8. Hi, Does it exist a story where a jock becomes a buff superhero when wearing a suit? Cheers
  9. Hey, thanks for this great story! What about for a next part, another guy managing to take the suit and be again more dominant (as a cop)? Cheers
  10. Cheers Hope someone with better writing skills will keep on writing or create an other super story
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