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    Growing the muscle biggest/strongest as possible,
    all about bodybuilding and roids,
    brotherhood, physical activities, computers, cooking, sex
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    5'10", 228lbs, ~13% bf
    177cm, 103kg
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    Zoltán Vörös, Béla Kökény, Béla Kathi, Péter Molnár, Lorenzo Becker, Alfonso del Rio, Zsuzsanna Toldi

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  1. On holiday for long days but I'll return

    1. outdoorsman21us


      Enjoy your vacation :)

    2. ThickRick


      Damn, Frankie! We miss you. Hit me up when you get back.

  2. Had a great legs workout today, soo sweet painful one

  3. Thx bros! I worked on ground today and spent the furter day with family. It was a beautiful day.!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. IWantSteroids


      THNX for just coming on my page and giving me a 1 star user rating bro! Keep up the good work!! xoxo

    3. Bbass


      Take it easy, you started

    4. JohnoUK


      And before this carries on. I'll finish it. Xoxo

  4. I'll never flame again, it was unmanly and stupid acting

    1. ThickRick


      In my humble opinion, there is no need for your penitence, my friend. Our dear moderators may disagree, but I have to say that this was a very mellow flare-up. Jesus, the kind of arguments that get going on most bodybuilding forums make this seem like friendly banter.

    2. Bbass


      Thx pal! Agree, at least we skipped to mention each others good old moms haha. I just swallow the bitter pill and step further.

  5. Here is the king of gear. The master of chemistry. The wizard of roids.

    1. Bbass


      Thanks bud, I appreciate your good words! I believe juicin well is art, gear is the real dark matter with powerful magics. I love and respect it and love to be a wizard of it and give hints to bros how to touch to it for utilize its maximal strenght without hurt themselfs. One lifespan is fuck not enough to learn everything but I'm researching, experimenting, thinking, learning constantly.

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