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  1. Considering what Eric did at the end there, can't wait to see what he does with the load he kept from spilling. Maybe selfsuck himself to more size? lol
  2. Looking solid man, keep on growin! :)

  3. Hella solid build man! Keep goin! :)

  4. Looking thick man. Keep it up!

  5. Looking hella solid and ripped dude! :)

  6. Very good, keep it up! My only critique is that Rogers' middle initial is G for Grant, not J.
  7. Like I said, my stuff is more mainstream so it's not MG related. It's located here though: http://archiveofourown.org/users/ArvisTaljik/works
  8. I 1000% totally ship Stucky. I'm a Stucky author myself but more mainstream. Keep on keepin on!
  9. Thanks for the follow man :)

  10. Welcome to Tampa. I'm in Orlando. Would be nice to workout together sometime

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