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    Going to the gym as much as I can to get a more muscular physique.
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    5ft 8inches 200 lbs
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    Friends, people who are interested in muscle.
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    Massive and muscular
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  1. Jmz1


    Lol, that game has so much muscles in it. It's funny to me to think about it now. It's so random to have muscular dudes running around in a video game. Haha
  2. Jmz1


    Anyone remember this game? Altered Beast? It's on sale for 3ds. Love the muscles! http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/inoYV2ZMri0phR_1NRHu_Ld7xoRY-ImR
  3. Most of the articles now say it's illegal for a state to ban same sex marriage and I believe there were only 14 states that had it banned and 36 where it was already legal. Before, if you got married somewhere else and moved to a state where it was banned then the state wouldn't count it, but now they have to recognize it. States won't be able to undo it unless they remove themselves from the country, lol.
  4. Jmz1


    Just got fire emblem awakening. Not a bad game
  5. Very sad. I was hoping for the best.
  6. Early bird gets the worm! Can't wait to get to the gym early in the morning to have the place to myself! It's always so empty! Haha. Go in fast and get it done! The plan is to do legs! Hope it goes well! Happy Friday to everybody! :-)

  7. Jmz1


    it's a fun game but I haven't gotten to play it much. I enjoy it so far.
  8. Jmz1

    When should I be hungry?

    Once you build more muscle and do intense workouts you will become hungrier.
  9. Jmz1

    When should I be hungry?

    You should always be hungry.... Hehehe
  10. Jmz1

    Looking to Become a Freak

    Good luck! Lots of great advice here.
  11. Jmz1

    Hulk prank

    That's hilarious
  12. Great back workout today. Hope by the end of the year to have the lats I need to fly!

    1. Jocaflo


      Like Icarus? Just don't fly too near to the sun.

    2. Rigel126


      Good on you! Keep working on that killer V-shape body!

  13. Jmz1

    Shame at the Gym

    I agree. I hate being the small one at the gym but I'm working on it as best as I can.
  14. Today is biceps/triceps for me in the gym! Gotta grow these pythons!


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