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    Going to the gym as much as I can to get a more muscular physique.
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    5ft 8inches 200 lbs
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    Friends, people who are interested in muscle.
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    Massive and muscular
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  1. Early bird gets the worm! Can't wait to get to the gym early in the morning to have the place to myself! It's always so empty! Haha. Go in fast and get it done! The plan is to do legs! Hope it goes well! Happy Friday to everybody! :-)

  2. Great back workout today. Hope by the end of the year to have the lats I need to fly!

    1. Jocaflo


      Like Icarus? Just don't fly too near to the sun.

    2. Rigel126


      Good on you! Keep working on that killer V-shape body!

  3. Today is biceps/triceps for me in the gym! Gotta grow these pythons!

  4. Easter was a success!

    1. SeaMusc


      Yes, it was for me as well. Glad you had a good one, bud.

  5. Flex Friday! Time to show off what you worked for!

    1. roboprobo


      Let's all get shirtless n' FLEX.

    2. SeaMusc


      Yes, lets! :-)

    3. ShortMusclStud


      roboprobo, great idea!

  6. You know what time it is.....time to grow!!!

  7. Must grow!!

    1. AlexDrake


      Check your selfies. You friggin' are!

    2. flexyourpecs
  8. What's on your mind? MUSCLE.....

  9. Getting muscular

  10. Need more muscle...

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