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    6'6 270 but aiming for 300 before Dec 9 2019
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    So many omg
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    extreme size and strength, bodyhair, musk, not going to lie even though I’m a big guy part of me wants to get crushed by a bigger guy

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  1. Finally we get to the super strong grandpa I’ve been anticipating since chapter 1. please continue.
  2. I’m finishing off 2018 with a series of bangs... which is the sound my crutches make when I go up and down stairs. (Broke my ankle November 28th and have been in a pink cast since then)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cutlerfan


      Get well soon!

    3. myfaceisitchy


      I appreciate the thoughts, getting a walking cast though would be my first step forward though.... that won’t happen TIL mid January ?

    4. Astromuscle


      Sorry to hear about the injury. Hope you get better soon man

  3. Latest date last night was with a guy who's a year younger than me, 11" shorter than me and densely muscled. It was kinda like snuggling a roided out teddy bear.
    Hope we get to do it again.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. arpeejay
    3. Hialmar


      @myfaceisitchy That sounds like a very nice experience. It also sounds like the look I (yet unsuccessfully) strive to attain, but I don't use gear. My something-more-than-a-friend is 6'2 and slim, so I can sort-of relate to your experience from another perspective. Have fun!

    4. myfaceisitchy


      @Hialmar well I’m not really slim, I have muscle.

       Gear is legal up here actually. Although if you don’t use it on moral grounds that’s fine too, but there’s nothing wrong imo with using it as long as you aren’t overdoing it. Be responsible and get blood work done and make sure you aren’t killing your self.

      I look at it that if I date someone who had used gear, he can help me pin my butt for me when I can’t reach anymore(which is already getting difficult because of my lats)

  4. Very funny, I’ve tried every type of search engine trick and no luck. but no worries because someone sent me a URL with all the stories in a PM this morning instead of mocking my searching skills.
  5. Hey sorry for asking but does anyone have the stories by LeadGuitarist that are mentioned there? I would very much like to read them but I can't seem to find them by searching anywhere... I'd appreciate any links.
  6. So gym owner is an older silver haired ex bodybuilder that still has some serious size..

    i must draw him.

    1. Astromuscle


      i want to see that drawing

      I am behind a lot slowly working through my notifications so we'll see what I find XD

  7. Follow my Instagram for more sweaty chest pics


    1. cutlerfan


      Chest is looking great!

  8. Actually went to a lifter gym with a friend yesterday. Did arms, decent workout 


    1. cutlerfan


      Looking great man!

    2. Astromuscle


      you're both very cute ❤️


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