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  1. abilene310

    Am I too sexually addicted to muscle?

    This is exactly how I feel. It's weird because I like the fantasy of being around a huge guy or being the huge guy, but once sex becomes involved I actually get turned off. I was terrible at being single because I would flirt and be really into a guy, then he would talk about wanting to have sex or what he'd like to do to me, and it'd be like all that attraction would go right out the window. I also have a boyfriend. He's a runner so he's a lot leaner than I am. One of the things I loved about him though was that he never sent me a dirty picture or started talking to me about sex or anything. We have great sex, but it's always develops from cuddling or taking a shower rather than talking dirty. He doesn't get the macro thing. He tries, and he's getting better at tapping into it in a pinch if needed, but he thinks it's kind of strange... lol.
  2. Thanks for following me.

  3. Mine is supportive of the fitness aspect of it, but doesn't like the idea of getting huge. We recently did a triathlon together, which took a lot of prep, and I have to say he eats a lot better than I do. He's also taught me a lot on meal prep. As far as getting size though, I've got 25 pounds on him, so when I tell him I want to get bigger, he calls me a "meathead" and rolls his eyes.
  4. abilene310

    Dating Tips

    Listen, as somebody who was once in a relationship with somebody that was stunning, I can tell you that in the end what will mean the most is how somebody treats you and takes care of you. You need to be in a relationship with somebody whom you feel is your equal because the moment you feel that somebody is overall more desirable, you run the risk creating a co-dependent relationship in which you cater to that person and that person makes demands of you. I went through that and in the end, after five and a half years, the relationship ended, and I was left feeling devastated, not because I lost him, but because in five and a half years, I had lost myself by constantly giving into his demands rather than realizing that my happiness was also important. Coming out of that, I became a new person. I started eating right, lifting, and started really exploring what made me happy in life. i was very fortunate to find somebody else who also makes my happiness a priority. This second person is also handsome, but honestly, the way he makes me feel and the person that he is are really what makes him to desirable to me. I guess what I say is this. A beautiful body is overrated when it comes to relationships. Honestly, a beautiful body is also overrated when it comes to sex to; I mean, it helps, but it doesn't guarantee the sex will be good. You can be happy in a relationship and have good sex without it. My suggestion? Focus on finding somebody that finds you as equally remarkable as you find them. The body can be a reason, but just make sure that there's more to it than that...
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