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    The Wrestler And The Bet

    I'm interested in this story, since it reminds me of a fantasy scenario between two guys, one a bit bigger than the other (but of course, that changes here and there in the story). They bet a certain amount of mass/size, say 10 lbs. To prove it works, the bigger guy makes the bet, and loses (on purpose). He shrinks a bit and the other, now a believer in this, grows, becoming the same size as his opponent or a bit bigger. Thinking he'll win easily with the new size, he makes a larger bet, say 30lbs. The other guy wins, and wins, and wins, as one guy gets smaller and smaller until he's just being toyed with. Finally, the now huge guy says "I know how to get the last bit now! Smiles and then...*gulp*" Anyway, anyone have an idea of how to obtain a copy of the "Absorbing Junior" story? The link posted requires registration, which I don't have, and registration appears closed.

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