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  1. Thanks for following.

  2. Finals are done, gym membership renewed, time to make more gains this summer ?

  3. Hey buddy it's me Matt. You used to be an old friend of mine on here. I used to be Growthjisz16.

  4. Hey bud Kik me anytime I'm fireAries017

  5. Going to the gym only to find out its closed cause of a power outage. Ugh. 

    1. SMASHOR


      need to be huge enough to just be able to  smash your way in,....

  6. Wow you're cute

    1. Growing23


      Haha thanks man.


  7. Hey bro what are your Skype and Kik ID so I can add you.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Moosehulkx10


      Matty2fresh86 on Kik, and waamoc on Skype.

    3. Growing23


      Added you on kik bro

    4. Moosehulkx10


      Thanks buddy

  8. After two long week break, it's finally time to shock these muscles back into growing!

  9. Chest feeling nice and pumped tonight

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