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    I love muscle man, bigger the better ;) Muscle growth are my fantasy.

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  1. Keep growing, you look really amazing!

  2. Keep growing man :) You look amazing!

  3. Je te salue, d'un Québécois à un autre :)

    1. klern


      hehe Salutation Québécois! ;)

  4. You are very hot and sexy! Like how big your get! Keep growing!

  5. You are very handsome and have a amazing body! Keep getting bigger!

  6. Thanks for following.

  7. klern

    Altered Realities

    I want more stories hehe other ideas? ^^
  8. Wow you look very amazing! You're hot!

  9. klern

    snapchat muscles

    You could add me too lebibliophile.q ^^
  10. klern

    Muscle Cream

    Ron is my favorite character, I hope he would get bigger! And Bryan too! hehe
  11. I like your new profil pic ^^ Nice man on it ^^

  12. You should have access to the Unfiltered section now.

  13. Bonjour, ami francophone :-)

  14. klern

    Dear Diary - Chapter 1

    He could change is habits by writing it, like include a lot of hour in gym hehe But that a really good strory for now I can't wait to see your next chapiters^^

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