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  1. *BUURRRRRPPPP* Thanks Guys, that was a great stream! Enjoy the rest of your night!” Jason turned off the webcam and sat back in his chair. He could finally relax and was glad for that. It was a hard day at work and then had to come do a stream that he promised that he would do some time ago. However, Jason wasn’t streaming games, no…Jason was streaming food, or more specifically, him eating food. He had taken the idea from the Korean form of entertainment called “mukbangs” (lit. food room) and thought that he could use that to capitalize on the gainer community that he was a part of. He was not a terribly attractive man, quite overweight, but like many men of his size, he was jovial and had a good personality. He was also a good entertainer, which made him very popular for his streams because he could entertain the crowd by providing more than just a show of him eating large amounts of food. As evidenced by his large following, he saw an opportunity and did something that no one else was doing and managed to capitalize on it. He set up a funding method and people (mostly men) would donate money, either when they felt like it, or sometimes even a monthly subscription. This provided Jason the ability to purchase the large amounts of food he would eat on camera but also provided him with an extra income that allowed him to live more comfortably than his salary from work would normally allow. Sitting on the sofa away from his computer desk, which was now buried in food serving dishes and other such paraphernalia, he sighed. He knew that although he loved doing these streams, it was taking a toll on his health. He was overweight when he started streaming but his weight ballooned up and he was practically obese. He dreaded going to the doctor because he knew that it wouldn’t be good news. He also wasn’t very lucky in the romance department; he had gone on a few dates with some from the gainer community but there was no magic, no spark, and he didn’t know where that would come from. He was alone, and sometimes felt doomed to be that way. Getting up, he adjusted the very large UnderArmor shirt that he was wearing to accentuate the bloating from all the food. Shambling over to the computer area, he started picking up the food containers and utensils. He discovered this little box tied up very beautifully with ribbon. Carefully pulling on the ribbon, the bow came loose and fluttered to the floor. Opening the box, Jason saw four elegant little chocolate truffles, and thought “why not, a little dessert won’t hurt” and ate all of them, one by one. At the bottom of the box was a note: “Jason, Hope you enjoyed the truffles! Now watch this video at the URL below to see what happens next! - Jace” Jason smiled. Jace was one of his younger fans, only 20 and lean, but an enthusiastic supporter. The two of them interacted outside of the stream, sometimes chatting or via email, just talking like two friends would. This note however, was a little strange although not something that would be completely out of the ordinary for Jace. Jason walked over to the computer, fired up a web browser and went to the URL given on the note. It took him to a private video with no title or indication of what was the subject of the video. After loading for a bit, the screen showed the back wall of a room and Jace walked into the room, dressed up in a dress shirt w/ tie, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. Jason knew that Jace was a cute kid, but now he looked downright handsome. Jace took a deep breath and started to speak. “Hi Jason! Glad to see that you enjoyed the chocolates that I sent you. I have a confession to make. You are a great and funny guy and watching you eat food is just part of the entertainment, but the only gaining I want to do is muscle. I’ve loved muscle for years, and I finally get the chance to experience it. My brother found this formula that is supposed to pack on a lot of muscle on you in a short amount of time and tried a tiny bit of it so I know it works. You’re such a great friend so I want you to be the first to see the new me after I take a full dose! Here goes nothing!” Jace drank a clear glass vial. Nothing much happened for a few seconds, but then some sort of rumbling was heard. As Jason looked closer to the screen, he could see parts of Jace’s clothing moving outward. The muscles looked to be getting bigger and broader, Jace was in ecstasy as the feeling moved throughout his body. “Oh yes! This feels so damn good!” Jace’s pants started to rip as his quads and hamstrings overcame his dress pants, causing the seams to split farther and farther with every second. You could clearly see the teardrop taking shape as his quads grew bigger and bigger. His calves were next, ballooning out the back of his legs into huge diamond shaped footballs. Just as his calves were almost done growing, Jace’s chest burst the front of his shirt, causing buttons to fly at the camera. allowing the chest to grow bigger, thicker, wider, forming a huge shelf on his upper body. Arms soon followed suit, as Jace flexed one arm and then the other, causing the seams to just explode open with the sheer mass of the biceps. The growth crept up to his shoulders, causing them to grow like bowling balls of mass, before his neck and traps caused the collar to pop open and forcing the tie off his bullish neck. Finally, the growth reached his back where it flourished and blew up Jace’s lats in both width and thickness, causing Jace to have a vicious v-taper from his super wide shoulders and lats down to his tiny, shredded waist. Jace started posing like a bodybuilder on the posing dias and then spoke with a rumbling voice that sounded like it had dropped an octave during the growth. “Aw fuck…that felt so damn good…wish I could have more of it! Now, on to my note…uh..I think something more is going to happen” The rumbling started again, but this time, Jace grew six inches and along with it, his feet shredded his dress shoes. While Jace was still figuring out how to properly stand at his new height, his cock added another 4 inches in both length and girth, with huge balls to match, bursting out of his crotch and tearing the remaining parts of his dress pants. “Shit, what the fuck?! Wow, ok, that didn’t happen with my brother. It all feels so good. Wish you could be here to feel all of this muscle, because I think you’d enjoy it *wink*. But, you’ll find out soon enough, because I couldn’t leave my best buddy out of this, so I added a half dose of the formula to each chocolate, accounting for your larger size. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Oh, you better get the door” As soon as the video ended, there was a knock on the door. Jason went to go answer it and there was Jace, standing there in nothing but some workout shorts, a smile, and a bouquet of roses in his hands. Jason let Jace in, who put the roses down on a side table and, with his massively increased strength, pinned Jason to the wall and gave him a big kiss. Jason started worshipping Jason’s big muscles, squeezing and licking them, finally realizing that he found the spark he’d been looking for. “Oh yeah man, feel those big muscles, feel their power…fuck man I can’t wait to see what this formula does to you” Jace didn’t have to wait long, because soon there was a rumbling that emanated from Jason, signalling that his growth was about to begin. What Jace didn’t know, though, was how it was going to take place on a man of Jason’s composition. Similar to Jace, Jason’s legs started growing bigger and bigger, causing the jeans to rip at the seams, and same with the calves, but what was different was that it didn’t look like Jason was losing any fat, but just gaining muscle underneath his fat, making him look even more massive. His calves blew up, becoming more like bowling balls shoved underneath his skin. Jason’s chest started to expand, changing the shape of his chest somewhat, making it look a bit more like his had pecs. Growing further and further, his chest finally defeated and spilt the UnderArmor shirt that he was wearing. Same for his arms, gaining a little more shape, but mainly just looking absolutely massive and finally splitting the seams. Shoulder, traps and neck followed suit, making Jason look like a freaky huge offensive lineman. His back grew thicker and wider, just accentuating his look. Jason, for his part, looked down at himself and tried to move, but found his movements restricted due to his extreme bulk. He frowned a bit and looked dejected as he looked like he was monstrous in a bad way. A lot of muscle maybe, but all covered in fat. “What the hell! Jason, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen” Jason said as he looked and felt guilty for what he had done to his friend. “It’s ok Jace. Maybe in time, the extra muscle will burn off the fat. I can see if I can join a gym” “Yeah, but…” Suddenly, Jason felt something…something different. He felt hot, REALLY hot. “Hey Jace, I think something’s happening” Jace looked at the perspiring Jason, and then down at his legs. His legs looked to be shrinking, but only the fat…the fat was being burnt off and you could start to see the definition in the muscle, faintly at first, but then in full, shredded glory. This made Jason smile a mile wide. Slowly but surely, all the extra fat on Jason’s body, all of which he had carried for a good portion of his life, was being burnt up. His chest went from being man-tits to a set of pecs worthy of a statue with their huge shelf. His back shredded up and was like a cobra hood, with many nooks, crannies,and veins. His arms went from being indistinguishable balls of muscle to being ripped enough that you could tell each individual muscle that gave them a wicked peaked bicep, complimented with a vicious horseshoe tricep. His shoulders similarly got lean enough that you could easily see all the striations. His waist shrunk to almost nothing, with some of the most amazing 8-pack you would ever see, completely shredded and striated. As Jason’s body temperature returned to normal, he breathed a sigh of relief. Jace walked over and felt Jason’s huge muscles, even bigger than his own…much bigger in some cases, like Jason’s legs were already well-developed from years of walking around with a large body and the extra muscle made them monstrous and powerful. Just as Jason had worshipped Jace’s muscles, now Jace was worshipping Jason’s muscles. Just as Jace was about to kneel down to go fishing for Jason’s cock, they heard the rumbling that signified the final phase of growth for Jason. Jason stepped back, and felt himself be torn apart. His body was growing in all directions..height, width, thickness.. He slowly grew another two feet, topping out at around eight feet tall. His muscles grew as well to compensate for the increased height, but then grew even more on top of that. His legs, freaky before, grew even freakier, with massive quads, boulder sized calves, and monstrous hamstrings. His pecs, arms, back, shoulders, all of them just blew up in size, becoming almost cartoonish in their size. He looked like someone had done a morph of his previous self after all the fat had melted off. Finally his cock burst out, growing another 10 inches and adding 6 inches of girth, balls so big that they could only belong to a cock so big. Jason felt the growth subside, breathed out a sigh of relief, and looked down at Jace with his mouth still gaping wide open. Jason picked him up, closed Jason’s mouth, saying in a basso profoundo rumble “You’re letting flies in sweetheart, how about we head to bed and talk about this in the morning?” With that, the two of them went off to Jason’s bedroom to retire for the night. Jason knew he wouldn't be part of the gainer community anymore.
  2. Ok, so I haven't written a story in a LONG time and I don't know how good this will be. I think you'll have to use your imagination on this one, but it'll be worth it. -------------------------------------------- “So tired, but I have to do some studying!” Jason had just come back from work at his office job. He was working on a Masters in Classical Studies and needed to study some material about Greek Mythology. He got out a book that he found in some dark corner of the library and sat down at his desk to read in peace. After about ten minutes, he heard keys rattling in the door. His roommate Justin had come home. He was a nice enough guy, a film major at the university, and had moved in about two weeks ago. He would probably give you the shirt off his back, although truth be told, it probably wouldn’t take much coaxing for that. Justin was 6’ and 230 lbs, with little apparent bodyfat. His muscles stood out in bold relief and you generally could tell when he had just worked out because whatever was the focus would be hugely pumped up. It was no surprise that he was bisexual because with a body like that, who could resist? The two of them started working out together as soon as Justin had gotten settled in. Jason wasn’t in bad shape, he was about 5’7” and had a swimmer’s build. He’d been trying to put on a bit more mass but it was hard to do between working and going to classes. Justin was a good workout partner, pushing when he needed it and offering the support necessary when Jason was feeling a bit down about his size. “Yo Jay, you comin’ to work out today?” “Nah, got too much to work on tonight. I’ll try to make it tomorrow night. You go ahead” “Ok man, see you later” Jason sighed as he went back to his reading. He was already tired to begin with and combined with some very dry material, his head started to droop. As he turned the page to a new chapter, he was unable to keep it up any longer and his head hit the book as he drifted off to sleep. As chance would have it, his head rested on the start of a chapter on Heracles and the tome that he was reading started to reach into his mind and work its magic. He found himself in the gym, with one other person. It wasn’t Justin, but a man with gigantic muscles that was sitting on a bench with his head down. As he felt Jason’s presence, he lifted his head up slowly to reveal an extremely handsome face with chiseled features to match the pure granite of his muscles. The massive man got up and Jason could see that he was wearing a string tank with very short shorts that left nothing to the imagination with regards to the treasure that bulged from within. The man hit a double bicep flex, showing biceps that surged upward to his ears, covered in veins and a definite split between the two heads. A most-muscular pose followed, presenting his enormous pecs, shoulders that were beyond boulders and traps that made him look like he had no neck. Jason stood there astounded. He was frozen with a feeling that he wasn’t quite sure what it was. He didn’t consider himself to be gay or even attracted to men but this man made him question everything. He was in lust with this enormous man and would do anything for him. As the man approached him, he reached out and felt the rock-hard muscles on the man who appeared to be nothing less of a god. The muscleman bent over and gave Jason a passionate kiss. “Do you like what you see?” rumbled the man in a deep, sexy voice. All Jason could do was nod sheepishly. He wasn’t sure how this would play out but he didn’t feel scared, just uncertain. “You will have your fill later on, after we work out. Just relax, everything will be made clear” The two of them started to work out every muscle group. Every exercise was very heavy and intense. Jason could see the huge muscleman get even bigger as blood was forced into those huge muscles. Sweat began to drip from the god’s chest, rendering his tank so sopping wet that he eventually disposed of it completely, giving Jason full view of every ab muscle chiseled on his powerful midsection. Although Jason was focused on the changes in the physique of the man before him, he was oblivious to the changes happening in his own body. Every rep he performed forced his muscles bigger and bigger. Soon, his arms were bigger than his thighs used to be, his thighs were tree trunks, his chest was huge and his lats were so thick and wide that he couldn’t hold his arms straight down his sides. His shoulders were like boulders and his traps were starting to swallow his neck. All over his body, thick veins swirled across his body and deep muscle striations were clearly visible even from a couple of feet away. His strength had reached levels that Jason could have only dreamed of before. When they were finished, the muscular god gave Jason another passionate kiss, cleared his throat and started to speak… “You have been a worthy workout partner and had a great time during that session. There is still something that is troubling you though” “I….don’t know what you mean” “It’s not clear to you right now, but there is something in your heart that your mind has not reconciled, so you do not know in your mind what the problem is, but the heart knows all. For now, come worship me as you wish” Jason lept towards the huge man, feeling every single inch of his body. His massive pecs, his barndoor wide and impossibly thick lats, calves that were like a bowling ball shoved underneath his skin. Everything was just so impossibly huge. Eventually, Jason got to the huge package that was trapped behind the short shorts. He grabbed it and started to suckle on it like a baby would suck on a pacifier. The god started to moan and groan with the attention that his cock was receiving. The more the moans, the more effort Jason put into pleasuring the handsome muscleman. “Oh god, don’t stop…yes, you are definitely worthy of this gift. This will make everything clear and give you everything that you desire” Jason performed some final tricks that sent the god into orgasm, causing a huge roar to be emitted and a huge load blasted down Jason’s throat. Jason made sure to catch every last drop of the precious load. The god finally stopped and started to relax. Jason was so exhausted that he laid down to rest. The god walked over to Jason, bent over and pecked him on the cheek as he whispered in his ear before walking away: “You will not know your true potential until you find what you desire” Jason awoke with a start, looking around and not quite sure what was going on. His cock was rock hard though. He went over to his bed, laid down and started to masturbate. Every stroke of his cock was amazing and made it seem to Jason like it was growing longer and thicker. More and more Jason beat himself into a frenzy, when he could not deny that his cock was bigger and thicker, more than he thought possible. When he finally orgasmed, it was a huge load of thick cream that fountained from his bloated cock. He slowly got up and cleaned things up, unaware of the process that he had set in motion. As he sat down at his desk again, he felt very warm, almost hot. He felt a breeze on his ankles and calves and looked down to see that his pants were starting to ride up his legs. As he was looking at lower legs, he could see his calves growing and swelling, filling up the bottom of his pants. He then felt his quads and hamstrings grow, getting stronger and harder, his legs almost bursting out, every muscle clearly defined. His torso was next to make an appearance. His chest ballooned out, forming mighty pecs that strained the front of his short sleeve dress shirt. Abs, hidden from view, formed into cobblestone abs that were strong enough to take a boulder. His back and shoulders grew wide and thick, almost tearing the shirt apart and his arms started to grow in earnest to fill up his shirt sleeves. When everything was finished, Jason walked over to the full-length mirror and looked at himself. “Holy shit! Oh fuck!” He tried to flex but when he heard the tearing noise of the fabric, realized that he didn’t want to ruin the shirt. Just then, he heard keys in the door and Justin came in the door “Man Jason, you missed an awesome workout!” “Oh really?” Justin came running into Jason’s room to talk about it but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Jason. In front of him was a gorgeous, muscular version of Jason that made Justin weak in the knees. Seeing Jason nearly exploding out of the shirt made Justin so hard that he was having trouble controlling it. “You ok man?” Jason asked “Oh fuck man, you are so damn hot. What happened to you?!” “I’m not sure, but I think I like it” Justin ran over to Jason and started feeling his muscles like Jason had done to the god, even though Justin was still more muscular than Jason was. Had Jason done a comparison, he would have seen that he was an inch taller than Justin was at this point. After several minutes, Justin finally pulled out Jason’s much improved cock. Having a lot of experience, Justin was able to make Jason moan and groan within a minute. Jason was getting his cock blown in a very masterful way and it didn’t take long before he let out a loud roar and blasted cum down Justin’s throat. When Jason came, it fulfilled the promise made by the mysterious god in the dream. It unlocked everything and things set into motion a change that would provide everything promised and then some. His body started to grow taller and taller, reaching 7 foot by the time he stopped. Due to his size, he looked like a taller version of what he had before, but then there was a rumbling that was audible to both him and Justin. His muscles started to grow bigger and stronger, much more than what they had previously. In a short time, his clothes started ripping from his body, buttons flying across the room as his chest exploded in size, back blowing out as his lats grew bigger and thicker, sleeves busting open as the arms grew more and more mountainous. Chest, arms, back, shoulders, legs…everything was growing more and more muscular and powerful. Soon he started to look like the god before in his dream. Even his cock grew even longer and thicker. When it all finished, he looked equal to or better than his dream. Jason dragged Justin into his bed and they had sex for several hours after that. During the post-coital bliss, Jason told Justin about the dream and Justin asked who the man was… “I don’t know, but he must have been a god or something….”
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