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  1. Great arm workout today. guy challenged me to see how many reps I could do with each arm using 50 pound dumbells. 22 reps with each arm!

    1. bostonmike


      Can barely bend my arms, but that's OK!

    2. NerdJock


      Damn dude! That's awesome!

    3. worshipper


      Would have loved to have seen you show the challenger who is the real king of the gym. What strength you have! You are Hercules.

  2. The father of the kid I have been training comes up to me tonight and asks me what I have been doing to his son. I was a bit stunned and then he explained. Said last night he was standing in the hallway and his son walked up behind him, put his hands under his arm pits, picks him up and moves him out of the way. Then walks away laughing.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. GrowingGeek


      Lol can you train me? XP

    3. bostonmike


      His father is thrilled with changes in his son. He was always a meek kid and was picked on a lot. That doesn't happen any more. Real nice family.

    4. ThickRick


      Mike, you stud.

  3. Very hard to read now. Too dark, so I switched back. Glad we have the option!
  4. My friend brought his son to the gym for me to train. Said the kid is too strong for him. Watched as this 15 year old kid did a 260 bench press. Interesting to watch the expressions on the faces of many guys in gym as they realized this kid was already stronger than them.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Redtiger56


      So is this the kid that beat his family in arm wrestling? What is his weight and height? Under your instructions he sounds like he can go far. Keep him on the right track and use his strength in a good way and not get cocky about it.

    3. NerdJock


      I knew a kid that was benching 345 for reps when he was 16. He was short powerhouse @ 5'3". It amazing how strong these kids are becoming...

  5. Watched my training partner bench 575 yesterday! The guy is an animal!

    1. NerdJock
    2. Buffaj
    3. NeedSize


      My shoulders hurt just visualizing that :)

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