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    Bodybuilding! meeting like minded people to talk about lifting, nutrition and so on. Discussions on how to get as big as possible. Wouldn't turn down sponsors if the interest is there :)

    I'm out the on the web, FB, Scruff, hunt me down and say hi, i wont bite !

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    195lbs & working on it
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    Friends is always a good start ! an then who knows after that. A lifting buddy and/or Ideally a date turning into a bf would be awesome :)

    Meeting new like-minded in general is always a plus ! a Sponsor would be amazing as well.
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    Massive in every way possible

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    Muscle & Cock growth, Growth from Cum, Alpha muscle growing his smaller partner
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    RJ Ritchie
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    Muscle growth / cock growth / Underwear - Posers / Underwear and Gear swapping!

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  1. Isn't it past your bedtime, cowboy?  And how's the old crotch feeling today?  I've put my experience pretty much out of my mind, but I think by now it was feeling better, or maybe I was just really getting into the pain-killers.  Either way, hope you are feeling either better or high.  And thanks for your thumbs up on the pic...I can never tell if they suck or not, so good to hear that one was ok.  Something was wrong with the hotel lighting, and I look really skinny.  I am going to ask for that room again next time I'm in Las Vegas. The other two I was just drinking  a great cup of coffee, so all was good.  Late, gotta hit it bro, take care! tom

    1. mikecanuck13


      the old crotch is doing good :)  no more pain at all really.  just a little bit of tugging sensation here and there,  and  tad bit of swelling left,  but it looks and feels great !  Very happy with it, seems to be working fine too!  LOL


      Your pics always look great handsome ;)  And always the best smile too :D Always a pleasure seeing your new stuff.

    2. tomofutah


      Glad to hear your private parts are doing just fine.  And Dude...I'd pay big bucks for  "  just a little bit of tugging sensation here and there,  and  tad bit of swelling "...just saying.....tom

    3. mikecanuck13


      Hhhmmm,  i wish i was able to help in the tugging and swelling department ;) 

      I'm stuck solo with my tugging and swelling....not as fun alone, but i guess it'll do hehe.

      Now if only it would swell to gynormous size, now THAT i would love ;)

  2. Hey Bro!  How's your crotch this evening?  

  3. Surgery looks like it was a success, no pain as of yet, so thats good.  cant lift for 6 weeks which is a real bummer, no sexytime for a while either, which is another bummer !  but its all for the better good of it all.   i'm just glad i look normal again 'down there'

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mikecanuck13


      Thanks for the icing tip, will do !  thats one thing they didnt tell me to do, but i'll keep the ice packs handy !   They gave me pain meds with morphine in it, so i'll make sure to not be afraid to use them.  I can already walk around and do stairs with no prob.  he're hoping my junk doesnt swell to the size of a football, hehehe.   then again i've had fantasies about that,  but having it happen from pain and surgery... not so much !   LOL

    3. tomofutah


      Hmmm...I've always wanted my junk to swell to the size of a football,...but hell, if I had pain meds with morphine, that would always be my first option!

    4. mikecanuck13


      i would love for my junk so swell way beyond that if it was humanly possible, hehehe.   then again i did pump for many years.   i need to get back to that i think :)

  4. Well, today starts the beginning of 6 weeks of imposed rest. i am NOT happy about it because i was doing so good with my fitness and working out.  I'll be out of commission for roughly 6 weeks, all depending on what state i am after my hernia surgery.  All i can think of is this being all over so i can start up again.  i dunno what i'll do all this time, not being able to lift ANYTHING for all this time.  HELP!!!   lol  i'll go mentally and physically insane, lol

    1. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      I'm sure you will find enough to do, mon ami. :)


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