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  1. Andyman, happy birthday to you! Keep up the hard work you do with your body, that become one of my inspirations to move to the gym and reconstructing my life!

  2. Looking good.  🙂

  3. Andyman686

    Weight Gainer

    Does anyone use a protein weight gainer, and if so is it worth it? Seems like it provides too much protein than can be absorbed in a serving. Still, saw one recently that has 800 calories and a relatively low fat content, etc. I struggle consuming the calories, and was curious what others thought of this method of consumption? I’m a bit Paranoid about the dirty side of bulking. I was way obese before getting into my current shape, and do t want to just pack on fat.
  4. Thanks for the follow.

  5. Andyman686

    Uncle Story

    It was the dad story. Thanks!
  6. Andyman686

    Uncle Story

    Searching for a really old story where a nephew visits his uncle who has gotten massive and is lifting a forklift as a workout in the back yard.
  7. Andyman686

    If the Shoe Fits.

    I hope not. His partner has been so supportive. I don't think he will be that shallow.
  8. Andyman686

    Shane: Complete (pts 1-3)

    This was one of the best stories I have read in quite some time. I like the romantic bond incorporated into this. Bravo my friend!
  9. Andyman686

    My Contest Winner: And Then There Were Two. Part Ii

    Awesome story! Can't wait for the post show session!

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