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    Science Fiction/Fantasy, Manga/Anime, the very Idea and Concept of Magic.
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    I'm looking for stories that involve Superheros getting super huge with muscular power, and who slowly become corrupted by it becoming narcissistic egomaniacs who constantly seek their own pleasure!
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    When a Superhero gets freaky huge and becomes absolutely infatuated with himself.
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    Male Superheroes and Supervillains with Huge Muscles and Huge Egos! The same goes for my favorite Male Anime/Manga characters! <br />
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    Also, Females from fiction having Huge Breasts and Asses!

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  1. I'm so glad that you're alive! While I do miss your writing, your artwork certainly has great promise! Can't wait to see how you'll develop it!

    Out of curiosity, considering your interests, what are thoughts on Batman and his "sons" Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Jason Todd/Red Hood?

    Like, what if Jason had cleverly experimented with something like the TITAN/Venom chemical, (like Terry and Tracy Trask from the Arkham games tie-in comic), before "Under The Hood" or "Battle For The Cowl", and either Bruce and/or Dick are at the receiving end of numerous RAILINGS from a super buffed-up and possessive Jason "GOD"?

  2. Tzeentch

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Agreed! Sad to see it end WITHOUT an EPIC, GRAPHIC and very detailed masturbation/sex scene!
  3. Tzeentch

    Krishna at the Pool (SNUFF)

    I don't really care for messy snuff, but a narcissistic muscle-god always gets my attention! Though, I wish that he could have at least spared Lisa and Carmen! If Krishna was, or will become, anything like his divine namesake, those girls might have been lucky enough to wind up part of his future harem of 16,000 or 16,100! Though if they had been REALLY fortunate, and survived the possible future augmentations that would them to more easily survive Lord Krishna'a libido, they could have become members of his own "Ashtabharya", eight of his most favored consorts!
  4. Tzeentch

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Fair enough! Though I will say that you could DEFINITELY put the PERFECT muscle-growth spin on any already existing fictional character, if you ever decided put your mind to it! You're THAT good a writer! Better even!
  5. Tzeentch

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Fantastic! Also, I wish to apologize if you found my fanfic question irritating.
  6. Tzeentch

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    As his ego grows with his libido, should we expect Chad to become even MORE narcissistically uninhibited in last several updates to come? Seeing how he basically humped a lounger in his sleep, I can just imagine the big guy grinding against anything that would aid him in his maturbatory pursuits. Like a flagpole!
  7. Tzeentch

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Aside from what will sure be FANTASTIC original work, any chance you might do some EPIC fanfics too in the future? Considering how well you've done with Chad and Jed, I'd LOVE to see how you would handle the dynamic between a growing Batman (Bruce Wayne), Nightwing (Dick Grayson), and Red Hood (Jason Todd)! Anyways, WONDERFUL chapter! I can't wait to see how it all ends!
  8. Tzeentch

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    I wonder what would happen if Dad decided to help push Jed in turn...
  9. Tzeentch

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Here's hoping Jed will have his own EPIC growth-spurt/JO moment!
  10. If Conner Kent, Superboy, gets involved, I hope rather than killing him, New-Superman elevates the half-kryptonian to his level as an equal, and in the future merges with him, and both become one as the TRUE Supergod! After being constantly compared to Supes for most of his clone-life, I think Conner would certainly appreciate the upgrade to godhood, once he's brought around, seduced, to New-Superman's way of thinking! "With Great Power, comes GREAT Pleasure!" I mean look at his Young Justice version of him! That brooding face and chiseled features! He just as much deserves the divinity that Superman oh so constantly flaunted in front of him!
  11. Tzeentch

    Expansion: A Story Inspired by 'Expandingmuscle'

    I'm rooting for Ian!
  12. Tzeentch

    Expansion: A Story Inspired by 'Expandingmuscle'

    A macro muscle-growth story by THE goremeridian? YES! You know over-the-top narcissism and delusions of godhood are in the works! Just the way I like it!
  13. Nothing yet, and it's been a LONG while since the last update. It's a pity because Doc Samson clearly deserves more fics of him becoming a muscle-god!
  14. Tzeentch

    Decent Laptop

  15. Tzeentch

    The Jocks Rule

    Well, the sheer mind-breaking sensations that absolute power brings, as well as the inner emotions invoked in each character as they receive POWER OVERWHELMING! Another would be the depth of reaction from receiving muscular omnipotence! Whimpering in pleasure, sobbing with bliss, SCREAMING obscenities and blasphemies into the air! That sort of thing! And finally, absolutely EXQUISITE detail must given to growing/grown parts of their now divine bodies! I personally find 3rd person best.