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  1. Looking huge! Would love to worship you/ see a progres shot 

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      Welcome big guy. You look massive 

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  6. Thanks for the positive feed back. Really interested in turning this into a 50 shades type novel XD may start planning one out. Found it incredibly easy to write. 1 1/2 hours and 3000 words later I'd finished. If only I could write my university assignments that fast
  7. Any other feedback? Possibly interested in writing this as a full novel
  8. *Contains sex* Sorry about the title, I couldn't help my self. Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think. ____________________________________________________ Jay answers the door and greets me, welcoming me into his house. He looks bigger since the last time we met up. There is a masculine and musky smell in his house; and by the look of him he’s just been working out. He’s a little red in the face and has beads of sweat running down his neck and following the shape of his pecs. I’m stunned and amazed at how much he has grown since we last met up. He’s turning into a huge muscle God. I can’t help but stare at the definition in his back as he leads me upstairs into his room. I can see all the individual muscles in his back contracting and expand as he makes his way up the stairs and shows me into his room. His dumbbells are out and it looks like he was just on his bench judging from the imprint he’s left on it. ‘I’ll be with you in a minute,’ he says. ‘Just gotta finish drinking my protein shake.’ He’s so pumped. I can tell by the bulging vein running down his bicep. I watch him gulp down the shake; I don’t know how he can drink so many, they smell foul to me, I think to myself. ‘Done,’ he said. ‘And now for you babe,’ he says looking into my eyes. He’s so handsome with his styled hair and clean-shaven face. Arousing. ‘I was just finishing working out when you called. I don’t mind though, I’d rather have a work out with you,’ he says, smirking as he walks up to me. I can tell he’s horny, he always is after a work out. ‘The baby oil’s in my top drawer, could you get it please whilst I get ready?’ He asks. I walk over and open his drawer and reach in, grabbing the half used bottle of baby oil. I can see him removing his jogging bottoms in the corner of my eye. He loves having his muscles worshipped. I love worshipping them; though I do prefer the part that comes after. I pass him the bottle. ‘Thanks babe,’ he responds, flicking the cap off with his thumb. Even his hands are big and defined. They’re so big in comparison to my hands. So much more masculine too. ‘Come here then’, he says reaching his arm out. I walk up to him with butterflies in my stomach. I don’t know where to look. His smile, the vein running down his pumped biceps, his pecs or the bulge down there. ‘I’ve been waiting for this for so long,’ I say to him, rubbing his pec as he folds his arm around me, hugging me before guiding his hand down my back and squeezing my ass. He squeezes it tight and I feel a tingling sensation in me. He starts breathing a little heavier than usual. ‘Your pecs are getting so big now’, I say squeezing them with one of my hands. They feel rock hard. He’s so pumped I can feel them almost spasming as I trace the vein that’s bulging slightly with my finger. ‘I’m big all over,’ he replies, bringing his arm up and flexing his bicep. It bulges as though he’s got boulders in his arms. He makes his bicep bounce several times before I try to wrap my hands around it. I can’t it’s too big. But I love it like that. I can feel the blood pumping around his arms as I try to squeeze it. I move my head closer to it and kiss the huge muscle, licking it slightly. It tastes so good. Jay lets out a groan as I begin to make out with his bicep. I can’t stop myself as I work my way across it and down to his armpit. It’s sweaty but that doesn’t stop me. Even his sweat tastes good. He’s a true muscle God. He pulls me against him tighter and I can feel his dick pressing against mine. It only makes them harder. I continue to work my way down him, squeezing the right pec with my hand as I move onto his pecs, kissing them and then sucking the left nipple. He bounces them gently as I carry on worshipping his big, pumped pecs with my mouth; before gently pushing me away from them so he can pour the baby oil across his chest. ‘You like my muscles so much don’t you?’ He asks. ‘I love them,’ I reply in a seductive voice as we start rubbing the baby oil over his torso. He looks down at me as I start to rub the oil over his abs tensing them as I do so. He’s so defined. It’s like running my hand across a keyboard; you can feel exactly where each one starts and finishes. He reaches down and grabs his bulge, pulling at it, making it bigger. I get on my knees and look up at him, making eye contact as I run my hands up his body from his stomach, squeezing his pecs when I reach the top of the towering muscle mountain. I’ve squeezed them so much I’m starting to leave red handprints on them. I can’t get over how big they are looking at them from above. He slowly closes his eyes and groans a little as I do so, stroking my hand. He brings both his arms up into a double bicep pose, asking me if I like them. Of course I do, why wouldn’t I? I look back down to his stomach; his well-groomed treasure trail is like an arrow pointing down to his dick. I run my hands down his hairy calves and legs but I know what he’s more interested in now, so I grab the top of his Calvin Klein boxers and proceed to pull them down with my teeth, his dick bouncing as I pull the boxers over the tip of it. It’s so big, even his dick looks muscly. He grabs it with one of his veiny hands and stretches it slightly before playfully tapping it against my cheek. It’s his way of telling me what he wants and I’m going to give him what he wants. I open my mouth and he guides his dick into it, before I firmly place my lips round it and begin to suck up and down it, my tongue running up and down its shaft. ‘Oh God…’ he groans as I do so. He places his hands on my head to keep it steady whilst he thrusts slowly in my mouth and down my throat a little. It’s almost too big for me to fit in my mouth. He withdraws his dick from my mouth and winks at me asking, ‘you want more?’ ‘You know I do,’ I reply. ‘And I know you want some of my ass.’ He chuckles to himself as I get up and start getting undressed; I’m so hard now. I love when he’s this horny. He walks over to his desk and I can’t help but notice the way he walks. He’s getting so wide now he struggles to put his arms by his side. He’s got one of those bodybuilder type walks. The type where he knows how big he is and he’s flaunting it. I walk over and bounce onto his king size bed. Of course such a big guy would have such a big bed. Jay comes over, with a huge grin on his face, a condom packet and lube in each hand. Climbing onto his bed, he gets on top of me, flexing both his arms for me to feel and squeeze. Every time I feel them I get harder and by the looks of it, so does he. He tears open the packet with his hands, not that it would be difficult with arms the size of his and takes out the condom, rolling it down his big dick before massaging some lube down it too. He places the bottle of lube onto his bedside table and discards the empty wrapper on the floor, before moving down me as I lie on my back, opening my legs for him to guide his dick into me. He pushes his monster firmly into me, guiding it in with his hand. ‘Oohhhhh,’ he groans softly as he does so. Our bodies are united together and I can feel his dick start to throb in my tight ass. It feels so good, the coolness of the lube inside by warm ass. My ass tingles with excitement. I love the feel of his big muscle dick in me; it’s like a drug, the feeling I get when I’m having my brains power topped out by the muscle God. He’s a specimen of what a real man is. He playfully slaps my ass and I want to tell him to do it again harder, but I know he knows what he’s doing. He always does. ‘You’re so big,’ I respond to him, groaning as I do so, rubbing my hand up his abs, his dick still continuing to throb slightly in my ass. He starts to thrust slowly into my ass. It feels so good. But I’m getting laid by a muscle god, why wouldn’t it? Jay’s so sweet. He always makes sure I’m comfortable before giving me a good time. All I can feel is his dick sliding in and out of me. Words cannot describe the pleasure I feel as his fat dick starts to massage the inside of my ass. He’s so good, I can’t help but already let out a loud cry of pleasure that seems to wake the animal inside of him. He holds onto my waist as he starts to pick up speed, thrusting a little harder. Going deeper too as I feel him applying more of his body weight onto me. He has a huge amount of concentration on his face as he keeps thrusting into my ass, breathing heavier. You can see a couple veins starting to appear on his temple. I hold onto both his biceps as he fucks me harder, squeezing them as I do. I can feel them getting more pumped just from the sex and it feels incredible. He begins to grunt a little. He removes one of my hands from his arm and guides it above my head, pinning it down and then the other before slowing down his thrusting pace as he follows my arms and links hands me with, leaning over me more. I can almost feel the heat from his muscles. He picks up his pace again, going at a good pace, grunting as he does so. ‘Ohh… ohh… ohh… fuck… you’re so good…’ I groan to him as he begins to make the bed shake due to his size and pace. ‘Your ass is so good,’ he says, squeezing it as he continues to fuck me, the muscles in his pecs twitching as he lets go of my hands and brings himself back up. Holding my waist he continues to fuck me. All you can hear is our groans accompanied by the sound of his crotch slamming into my ass cheeks. ‘Ugh… ugh… ugh God.’ He rubs his hands up my body, leaning over me as he does so, before wrapping his arms around me and under my back. I can feel his pecs against my chest and they feel so solid and powerful. The bed continues to shake as I move up and down the mattress and he fucks me hard. He starts kissing me on my lips and then my neck, breathing heavy as he does. I can smell his aftershave on his neck and it only intensifies the experience and pleasure. I wrap my arms around him, hugging him, tightly holding onto his huge vascular back, digging my fingers in a little as I start to breathe faster and let out lots of groans. ‘Oh, oh, ohhhh, oh, oh.’ I’m slowly puling my fingers down his back, leaving faint scratch marks in it as I do so, along with hand prints from holding onto him so tight. It’s like I’m getting fucked by the hulk and it feels so good. He slows down again and I feel his hoist me up with his strength, as he kneels on his bed and starts bouncing me up and down on his dick. I put one of my arms round his neck, resting it on his big pumped traps, as I take deep breathes and passionately make out with him, our eyes closed. I guide my other hand down from his back and across onto his bicep. I can feel them flexed as he continues to support my weight with just his arms. I squeeze them hard, feeling the vein bulging from them as I do. He picks me up and gets off his bed, continuing to make out with me and my neck. He stands tall and as he moves my entire body up and down on his dick. I can feel it going so deep in me. I let out a loud groan as he does. I’m not scared he’ll drop me in the bodybuilder position because I trust him. He continues to fuck me like this for a few minutes, sweat beginning to run down his pecs from holding me up for so long. Only a real muscle god would be able to do this. He sits us back down his bed before I take control and use my weight to try and push him onto his back. He’s too big and strong and I’m too small for me to do that but he plays along and falls back onto the mattress, letting me ride his dick. He continues to thrust hard and deep into me. I can feel the two of us fighting for control at first, as we’re out of sync with each other. We soon get it right and it feels so good for both of us. He’s sprawled out on his bed as I carry on riding his big dick. He keeps groaning loud and saying ‘fuckkkk’ a lot, so I know I’m doing something right. His arms are above his head and I get him to flex them both as I ride his dick. I squeeze and worship his huge biceps. ‘They’re so fucking huge,’ I declare before rubbing his armpits and then holding firmly tight onto his pecs, digging my fingers into them as I ride him harder and faster. He sits up and we change position again to me being on my back and him power topping me, leaning over hugging me. Our favourite. ‘Jay, Jay… Jay… ohhhh… fuckkkk… oh god,’ I groan to him as I feel the sweat from his muscles transfer onto my body. ‘Oh god babe… fuck… I’m gonna cum in a minute…’ he says in his deep voice as starts pounding my ass, deeply. He finds my sweet spot and I let out a huge groan of pleasure. ‘FUCKKKKK,’ he responds before taking his dick out my ass and quickly removing the condom. He kneels on his bed holding his huge hard dick up towards his chest, jerking it off before it explodes over his pecs and runs slowly down his chest. It’s so thick. His breathing slows down and you can see his chest move up and down with each deep breath he takes. He wipes a small amount of cum off his pecs with his finger and tastes it. ‘C’mon babe’ he tells me. I lean over and suck the excess cum off his dick and then his fingers. I kneel in front of him, as I start to slurp and suck the thick cum off his pecs and abs. it tastes so good, even if it is mixed with sweat now. He holds my head with one hand, guiding it over his ripped body and works his other hand down my body and then onto my ass before massaging two of his big muscular fingers into my lubricated ass, fingering me deeply as I suck the cum from his body. He’s already close to cumming for a second time just from fingering me. I fall back onto my back after I’ve licked every last drop of cum from his abs and he gets closer to me, fingering me deeper and harder. I keep letting out loud groans as he finds and stimulates my sweet spot. ‘OHHHHH… OHHHHH… OHHHH…’ I groan passionately to him as I worship his bicep whilst he fingers me. His bicep even more pumped now he’s going deeper, faster and harder. The vein is bulging in it as though it’ll explode out his arm. ‘Fuck I love you,’ he says to me as he continues to pleasure me. He tenses all his muscles in his body, making him look even bigger and I start squeezing them more, his pecs covered in two red marks from where my hands have been and then I can feel it coming. Before I can say anything I squirt my load over his stomach, his abs tensing as my warm cum makes contact with his defined abs. He looks down at his stomach saying nothing as he slowly wipes the substance with his free fingers and sucks it off his hand. He leans over and pushes his fingers into my mouth, letting slurp the excess cum of them. ‘My turn,’ he chuckles to himself as he takes his two thick fingers out of my ass and wipes them across his mouth, seductively staring into my eyes, almost hypnotizing me. He reaches down to grab his dick as I open my mouth wide and begin to consume it. I start sucking it, the same way we started earlier, making him groan with pleasure as he slowly spins his head around. I deep throat it. It feels incredible, his fat dick brushing past my tonsils and rubbing my throat. I’ve sucked it too many times to gag on it and he likes that. I continue to make eye contact with him as I suck it, his groans getting louder and longer. ‘Ohhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhh…’ He exhales. I’ve done this with him enough to know he’s about to cum. I brace myself ready. He brings both his arms up into a double bicep pose as he cums in my mouth and I try to swallow the thick nectar in one. There’s so much of it, I can’t swallow it fast enough without some of it escaping my mouth and slowly trickling down my chin. ‘You were so good,’ I compliment him, as he admires the hands prints left on his back in his mirror, opposite his bed, with a giant smirk on his face. He lies down beside me, cuddling me in his big muscly arms before we fall asleep together. My head on his pec right pec and my hand on his other pec. His big, heavy arm around me and his other arm holding my ass.
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