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  1. Something weird has been going on near my parent’s place. I guess this Muscuthropy thing is more widespread than I first thought. England is too small for this kind of thing to be contained forever, I guess. I didn’t think anything of what happened in the earlier stages until I read your observations. I don’t see my parents all that often, I moved away for a reason, y’know? But growing up I’d always had a thing for our neighbour’s kid. I say kid, but he had a couple of years on me so he must be in his mid twenties by now. Still living at home, though he’s on his own there now. He always seemed nice enough, shy of six feet with messy black hair and a permanent smile on his face. I don’t think he was all that good at anything, but he was friendly enough and we got a Christmas card every year so… they don’t make neighbours like they used to, dad used to say. His name’s Sam and, well, I don’t know the best way to put this without sounding kind of gay, but… I think he’s been getting real hot these last couple of visits. I didn’t take any real notice of him last Christmas when I visited the ‘rents. I was getting the presents out the car when he was coming home from work or something, carrying a couple of bags of shopping. It was cold, that sort of cold where snow is just threatening to happen but not quite making it yet, and I couldn’t help noticing his tshirt. Mostly because he wasn’t wearing any more layers than just that. In December! He fiddled around with his keys a few minutes as I hauled my way up to my ‘rents place, and he must have seen me looking because he nodded his head and gave me that smile. “Hey Liam,” he said. That was when I saw how his pecs were just a bit outlined in the shirt he had one, and his nipples were hard as rocks. I’m surprised they didn’t cut their way out. I’ve never seen him wear anything so fitting before, normally it’s all hoodies and jeans, so it was kind of weird to see in winter. I played it cool, gave him a “’sup,” and headed on in. Presents ain’t cheap and they’re not light either. There’s 9 of us for Christmas dinner, that’s a lot of people to impress. I saw him a few more times, usually when I was closing the curtains and he was in his house, just… walking around shirtless as you do. He had a pretty toned body, I’d never realised how his shoulders were at a great ratio with his waist, or how his abs were so neat and, er, I dunno, they were just there and I didn’t mean to keep looking, but each night I got into a habit of shutting my curtains and having a quick peek to see if he was strutting around shirtless. Then I drove home for New Year’s and forgot about Sam most of the time, at least until I went back to see the family over Easter weekend. That was a good 4 months since I last visited, at that point my mum starts to give me the guilt trip speeches, ugh. So I drove on down to see them and took all the easter eggs along too, made sure to get them inside before they melted. It was a pretty warm day, I remember it because the back door to the garden was wide open to let the dog come and go as he pleased. “Finn is spending all day outside!” Mum tutted at me, like I’m some kind of dog whisperer. “He keeps prowling the yard and marking everything.” “That’s what dogs do Mum,” I told her, rolling my eyes and grinning. “He’s getting kind of old anyway, let him enjoy himself.” I went to the back door to see what Finn was up to and that was when I saw Sam again, and for a minute I had to remind myself I wasn’t asleep or drunk or something. It was definitely Sam, he was in his back yard mowing the grass, but it was like I’d walked into a porn parody or something. His hair had grown, he was wearing it in a ponytail that came to his shoulders, and boy were those shoulders meaty. I could see the sweat on them as Sam worked, pushing the lawnmower around like it weighed nothing. I thought, he looked like he had been seriously hitting the gym. Living there, even. As he turned I could see the overhang of his pecs, broad and meaty and all these weird things I’ve never thought about a man’s chest before. Damn, but it looked like I could use it as a bed. Those abs as well… they were a heaving 6 pack, rivets of sweat trickling down them to the waistband of the pair of shorts he was wearing. This is where it gets a bit weirder too, because I couldn’t help myself. I’m pretty straight and I know it, but as he mowed to the side I couldn’t help but see how these blue shorts were absolutely jam packed. At the back it was all ass and thighs, so meaty I could see why the shorts rode up as they did. And then at the front, Jesus Christ! I’d never checked Sam out before but he was hauling a healthy piece of meat there too. It was ponderous and heavy, shifting side to side as he walked and knocked it with his thighs. He put a big hand down to adjust himself a few times, and I guess I must have been there for a while because at some point he saw me. “Liam,” he said, putting a hand up in a wave. His lats flared and his biceps bulged from that simple movement, and they were as intoxicating as his smile right then. Even his voice had this siren’s song quality to it, low and deep and smooth… I’m totally not gay. I’m glad this is a Muscuthropy thing. I thought I was going crazy! “Sam! Hey, looking, er, looking good!” I replied, not sure what else to say. Finn was prowling by the fence connected to his garden at this point, sniffing away, but then suddenly he wriggled through one of the larger holes to the other side! “Finn! Get back here!” I said as I hopped over the fence and into his garden. “Sorry Liam, I thought he was too fat to get through the fence.” Finn was sniffing around Sam’s feet and as I leaned down to pick him up, I got this overwhelming smell of what I can only describe as pure man. It was this masculine, dominating scent and it had to be from Sam. I straightened up with Finn in my arms and realised that holy shit, Sam was even taller than me too. Like, six foot three maybe? Everything about him was bigger. I swear I saw his shorts shift as something was going on down there, but I made myself stare up past his bulging pecs and rounded shoulders to his manly, handsome face. “Don’t worry about it Liam, these things happen.” Sam put a heavy hand on my shoulder and I realised not only was I hard, but I was as hard as I had ever been, now. “Take care of Finn. And if you want to come over later, that would be good too. I bet there’s a lot to talk about.” I can’t really remember what I said, but I was back home with Finn and the first thing I did minus the dog was run upstairs to the bathroom and tug one out. I didn’t care why I was so hard, I just knew I had to do something about it before I burst. It was like I was a teenager all over again, only that sensation was quadrupled. All because of Sam? Reading what you wrote about Muscuthropy, it all fits! I wasn’t going crazy, turning gay for a growing beefcake! But at the time I thought I was going nuts! And although I was only there for the weekend, it was tough to not take Sam up on his invite. I wanted to go round but away from seeing him, I was more nervous than anything else. He was a big guy now, even my dad commented on it a few times, and what would happen if I went round to his actual house? I didn’t want to think about it. Only, I sorta did, and it was a daydream of mine for a while. I was glad to get out of there, as well as disappointed. I put him out of my head and got back into my work. Met a girl called Macy, had a good time, confirmed that I’m definitely straight. It must have been because I was tired, or... not sleeping with enough women or something, I don't know. That's what I told myself at the time. The alternative was a bit too weird to think about so I just ignored it. Much easier that way, besides I didn't know then what I do now. It came round to early September, my Dad’s 50th birthday, and I couldn’t not visit for that. I wanted to stay away but I’d not been to visit all summer, told them it was work being busy, but I know Dad would have been disappointed. And honestly? I wanted to see what Sam was up to. So I drove on over, got my things out the car and took them in. I went through the motions of being polite to my parents and actually, I noticed something a bit weird. My Dad was looking kind of, well, kind of good actually. I mean, this isn’t one of those stories, but I could see he’d been taking care of himself and he seemed a bit more confident too. It looked good on him. I was kind of impressed, but Dad just shrugged off my questions, nothing had changed, he wasn't going to the gym or anything like that. Maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to him. I tried not to think about Sam exclusively when I was there but all day he was on my mind. By the time I headed upstairs for bed, I was positively gagging to open the window and look for him. That’s exactly what I did too, I pushed it wide open and leaned on it, taking in Sam’s house. My upstairs window, his upstairs window. A private show, if he turned up. I almost fancied that I could smell him on the air and now, I think that maybe I did? The height of summer, a hot day, it lent itself towards it. I made no show of hiding what I was up to. I didn’t want to. I sat there, watching and waiting, until the light came on over the way and a wall of muscle and fur ducked into the bedroom. It was Sam. Sam times twelve. He looked like he not only lived in the gym, but ate every protein shake and weight supplement in there too. How tall was he now? He looked like he might be brushing the doorframe, is that normal for someone with muscuthropy? I didn’t care right then but damn, he was a tall glass of water. He moved over to the window, steely eyes locked onto mine, and he pushed his own open. He said nothing, standing there for me, showing me what I wanted to see. His hair was longer, not tied back right then. It fell around him and past his shoulders, untamed and wild. He had heavy stubble, just the way I liked it is what I thought when I saw it. His chest was absolutely huge! It had a layer of dark hair over it that hadn’t been there before, but I could still see how massive he was. How did he even get through the door, looking like that? Those shoulders alone had to be as wide as a normal man, and his arms were freaking enormous too. Even from my window I could see the thick veins snaked across them, bulging muscles leading down to giant forearms and equally meaty hands that looked like they could palm a basketball. The heavy six pack had a treasure trail leading down to his shorts, but it was at this point I took a deep breath and inhaled his scent. It hit me like a truck and when Sam gestured for me to go over, I didn’t even think twice. I just went for it. Down the stairs, out the door, hard as a fucking rod and ready to see Sam. I didn’t knock, I let myself in and went up the stairs of his house which was a mirror of my parent’s. He was there in the bedroom still, and up close the smell of him was even more powerful. I wanted to stick my head under his armpit, trail my tongue along his sweat, so many things I’d never thought of doing with a man before. Because I’m straight. Damn. He turned to look at me with that killer smile, and I got to finish my assessment of his appearance. The shorts might have been the same ones he wore last time, it was hard to say, but regardless they were skin tight over his gigantic muscled thighs, pulled taut over his ass. The front was quickly fighting a losing battle to his baseball bat of a dick, which even as I stood there watching was growing bigger and thicker until Sam tugged the material down and let it stand up proudly. The thick, veiny shaft throbbed with each beat of his powerful heart, and two heaving balls hung low between those immense leg muscles, the size of grapefruits. He was taller, definitely of a height with the door. It was impossible for a man to grow so much, to turn from an average guy to this hairy, muscled, massively hung beast of a man, but it had happened. Sam had changed since I last saw him and being in the same room as this specimen was incredible. Better than being with any woman. I knew something weird was going on with Sam, and also with me, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to climb Sam like a tree and do whatever the hell he wanted me to do. And… I think that’s what happened next. To be honest, I don’t really remember. I wish I did because man, it must have been epic, but when I came to I was lying in my back yard, Finn was sniffing at my clothes, and I was sore all over. I was still hard but my dick felt raw as well, even my underwear hurt to rub against it. That was just last week and I'm still feeling weird about the whole thing even though I haven't seen Sam since. I can’t tell if anything was, er, catching. I hightailed it back to my place while I could think straight and now I’m straight up confused. What do I do now?
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