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    Looking for muscle studs for good times. Into all scenes no limits. Just as long as you've got the bod. The bigger, the better. Also please make sure that you know how to have a CONVERSATION! Not just "Hey, you're hot, let's fuck" Because all that shows me you have a very low attention span, no depth and that once you get your rocks off, there will be no reply from you afterwords.

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  1. BGryphon18

    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    I'll take my same date again: April 30th please. Now... to find my muse... where did I put her again...
  2. Looking for a coach just like you to help me dial in training, diet and especially posing to make me look even more spectacular than I do now.  Check out my profile and feed to see progress shots and my current status.  Message me here and we can talk more/discuss what the next steps will be.

  3. Glad to see you jumping into this with both feet and two big biceps man...you are making great progress, thanks for posting the pics!


  4. BGryphon18

    Enjoy your workout

    I will readily admit to scoffing when I first started working out seriously at the idea that I would ever "enjoy" it. It was work, it was grueling, it was... not fun. But it was a means to an end. I was taking enjoyment out of pushing myself and finally being in the place I had dreamed of (though admittedly I dreamed of the results, not the hard work to get there) and I could take enjoyment from that. For months I never really enjoyed it. I never looked forward to my workouts because it just meant making myself tired and then sore for the next few days after. However, as of one year ago, I was put through the worst trauma of my life. Something that shattered me and broke me so completely that even now, I'm still not "over it", still not back to anywhere near what or who I was. I was lost, still am to a certain degree, but finding my way out of the woods. After that point, I struggled DEEPLY with the idea of working out again. What was the point? What was the reason? I would never get to where I wanted to be so why spend all that time and effort on something that would never give me any sense of fulfillment or joy? Truth is, it has. But in such an astonishingly different way that I am forever grateful. For the last year, my mind has been in a near constant state of overdrive. Racing thoughts, planning, ruminating, just thinking, thinking THINKING all the time. No rest, no breaks, can't sleep, can't focus on anything for more than 10 minutes at a time... just hell. But when I workout, I'm putting EVERYTHING I have into it. It is the one hour of the day where for almost the whole time, I'm 100% in that moment. Not feeling bad about things that happened, not worrying about things that will happen, just THERE. I'm focusing on my form, on making the muscle group I'm working WORK, of feeling myself perform each rep, to the point where sometimes, I lose track of the number of reps I've done because I just don't have the brain power to spare for something that simple. My workouts free my mind for just a bit and allow me to "rest". My body is at full power but my mind is off. I cannot even begin to express how much I enjoy that feeling because of the overwhelming relief it brings. Sure I am working on getting bigger which is something I've wanted for years and years now, but the fact that it is sometimes a secondary effect makes me truly enjoy my workouts now. Because even through the pain and fatigue of pushing myself physically, I'm actually the most relaxed I will be that whole day. I can't say I ever really notice or feel the endorphin release after, but maybe that's because I'm waiting for something else, some other sensation. But for now, the fact that I can have that brief reprieve is enough for me to enjoy lifting 10x more than I had been for the idea of it turning me into a hulking beast, and that it also allows me to actually be calm and centered, which sounds so contradictory that it's almost laughable. Ironically you will always find me at my best in the gym when I'm grunting and growling through a set, pushing myself to the limit, whereas meeting me outside the gym will be at greater odds of me ripping your head off
  5. Here is my contribution to close out the April section for Storiversary! It's still a lot more rough than I wanted it to be but given other things going on, it is really surprising that I even finished let alone polished it a bit. I will do some more edits to it and add things here and there later. Apologies if it doesn't "flow" due to writing it at multiple times in batches in various states of mind. I hope you all enjoy my newest creation! ***** It was a non-descript store on an almost forgotten street. Yet something about it drew my attention and eventually my footsteps. Inside was a shop that seemed both foreign yet familiar, ancient but new which was filled with more types of candies and novelty gifts than I ever thought could exist. Vintage ones that I thought were long discontinued, imports from other countries and trick/weird ones that both made me laugh, and made me slightly nauseous. “Welcome! How may I help you? Anything you’re looking for in particular today?” A kindly young woman asked from behind a counter that was piled so high with various goods, she was not readily seen. “Oh, um… not really. Just thought I’d take a look around if that’s alright.” I replied and saw her grin sweetly in return. “Of course! Let me know if you have any questions or are looking for something.” She turned her back and went back to doing some sort of restocking or inventory. I returned my gaze to the various colorful wrappers and packages all around the shop. In many ways, it reminded me a lot of Honeydukes from the Harry Potter series. So many diverse types of candies went from floor to ceiling in some places. Candies and novelties that I’ve never heard of or seen before, but which sounded interesting enough to try. Gummi scrambled eggs? Bacon flavored soda? Each made me chuckle and wonder no end of things. Suddenly a small package caught my attention: Grow a Boyfriend. Those simple words elicited a powerful reaction in me just then. Amusement, desire, sadness, wonder… each within split seconds of each other. Reading the package, it seemed to be some sort of spongy type material that as you soaked it in water, it expanded in size. A faceless model but with etchings showing a decently muscular body which only fueled my fantasies more. I’ve always been attracted to muscular men, the bigger, the better, and ultimately to be with a massive bodybuilder and help him keep growing. I’m a decent cook and would highly encourage sessions in the gym rather than whine about why he spends all his time there. The problem though is that because I’m not a ripped Adonis myself, no one really takes notice of me. I’m just a shade under 5’11 and 160 lbs. No longer classified as a “twink” thanks to my time at the gym but not quite “muscular” either. I’m caught in some sort of limbo that makes me too much for some guys and not enough for others. Sure, I’m a “nice guy” and can get along with people, but I’m still very introverted/shy and caught in a mix of intimidation and lust for most of the guys I’m attracted to. One guy in particular at my gym elicits this mix the strongest… “Ah I see you’ve found one of our more interesting novelties.” The woman had come from behind the counter and was eyeing me as I starred at the instructions on the back of the package without really taking in their meaning. Breaking me from my reverie I put the package back on its place on the shelf. “Oh, yeah. I’m guessing it’s got to be some sort of sponge type material?” I tried to play off my obvious fascination with a child’s toy by making it sound more scientific, but I had doubts that I had succeeded. There was something, knowing, in her gaze at me just then. “Some type yeah. I don’t really know how it’s made, we just stock them.” The tiniest smirk on her face made me question whether she was being entirely truthful, but it wasn’t a big deal. Not every sales person knows everything about the merchandise they stock, right? Plus, a lot of those people tend to flood you with more information that you could ever want to try and “talk it up” for the sale, but for a $2.99 novelty, I doubted that that was the case here. Something told me that she didn’t work on commission and if so, would aim for something a bit more… well, more! I continued to wander around in the store and found a selection of taffy in so many flavors that it reminded me even more so of Harry Potter in a real life though different take on Every Flavor Beans. When I found Chicken and Waffles flavored taffy, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and decide to get a selection of some of the more “exotic” flavors to bring to work and share with co-workers. I kept eyeing the area where the Grow a Boyfriend was stocked and my mind kept playing with the fantasy it had created. If only it were as easy as growing one. A quick mental image of me watering the feet of some huge guy that was “planted” in my back yard as leaves grew out of his head made me smile again. I made my way to the counter with my selections and after a minute or so as she finished counting and marked her place in the inventory log to scan my items. As I was finished being rung up for the various taffy’s, the woman said that she would be right back as she needed to go grab something. Not thinking much of it as I was having a leisurely afternoon and not in any particular hurry, I told her that was fine and turned my gaze to some of the other areas of the store to see if any other new treasure would present itself to my wandering eyes. After a couple of minutes, she had returned and had one of the Grow a Boyfriend packets in her hand. I had a quick feeling of unease and embarrassment seeing what it was she was holding. “Special promotion today that every customer is getting a free gift.” She put the package in the bag with the rest of my treats and I am sure that for one of the few times in my life, I blushed. Oh who am I kidding, I turned red. Noticeably, vividly red. Sunburns were taking notes in awe. “O-oh! Well guess it’s my lucky day then!” I gave a very nervous grin but was indeed very pleased. She finished ringing me up and after paying wished me a good day and to come back soon before waving me from the shop. After getting back in my car, I pulled the package from the bag. Turning it over, I read the instructions, this time actually comprehending their meaning rather than simply seeing a series of squiggles on cardboard: - Place your grow a Boyfriend into a glass of water and watch as it grows to 6 times its original size. - Boyfriend will begin to grow after 2 hours and will reach full size in 24 hours. - Boyfriend will slowly shrink when removed from water. Then you can grow it again and again. I chuckled again and put it back in the bag. One of those things that will probably get lost in a junk drawer somewhere eventually if it avoids the garbage after the first use but for now, I wanted to give it a try. ***** “Hey man! Been a while since I’ve seen you in here! How have you been?” It was Ryan who asked this coming from behind the cable machines as I made my way through the gym to the locker room. “Oh, hey! Didn’t see you there” Not entirely true as he was already one of the hardest to miss guys in the gym. Not the largest, but he had some sort of presence about him that made him easy to find in a crowd. Around 5’11” or 6’ and easily 200 lbs. of ripped muscle. He had just finished a contest the week before and was still looking a few shades darker than usual from the liberal amount of liquid tanning he had applied. He had close cropped hair and features that I associated with a Central European country like Romania. Something about that heritage showcases authority, a commanding look they can give which is only enhanced by his imposing physique. “I’ve been good thanks. Busy with work unfortunately and a few other things but finally finding time to get back here regularly. How was your show?” “I placed third.” He looked slightly dejected but recovered quickly and I could tell that he was still very proud of his placing. “That’s great! Congratulations man! If you looked this good, either the other guys were in superhuman shape, or they paid off the judges!” I smiled back to him trying to feel like an equal, someone who knew what they were talking about, but having never competed, I really didn’t know how it all worked. My general sentiment seemed to have come across well enough though and he smiled back at me. “Yeah… you know I think they might have because they definitely didn’t look this good!” He immediately went into a double bicep pose that at this close of range initiated my Fight/Flight/Freeze response… which 99% of the time for me is freeze. He held the pose for a few seconds, looked right at me for my reaction and then, for some reason, smiled before relaxing the pose. His relaxing allowed me to do the same and let my brain re-engage so I could form words and compound actions. “Well I won’t keep you from your workout man, just wanted to say hello and see how you were. What are you working today by the way?” “Um… w-working? Oh! Right, sorry. Brain is a bit burned out from work today I guess. I was thinking arms probably. My legs are still sore from that leg workout you helped me with a few days ago, and my back has been bothering me because of the temporary chair I have at work while they get me a new ergonomic one. Plus, with what you just showed as inspiration, how could I not?” Huh… that was… bold. It took weeks for me to even get the courage to say hello to this guy and even that was in the form of asking him about a variation I saw him doing on the cables. “Sounds good man! Have a great workout and let me know if you want a couple of pointers. As you just saw, I know my way around arm exercises!” He clapped my shoulder and started to walk away when I had a sudden thought: “Well I don’t want to interrupt you if you’re getting started too, but maybe if I bribe you it would help! I just stopped at this cool little candy shop and they had a few different novelty things there. I know you’re post show so you’re not really as huge with your diet… or at least I assume you’re not… so…” Well that started off strong, but you sort of lost it at the end there. “Actually, that would be great! You’re right that I can indulge a bit now and would be interested to see what sort of stuff they have. I like to get novelty stuff for my nieces and nephews so maybe it will be a good place to check out. What have you got?” He walked back towards me and again I was seized by that freeze response at such a powerful alpha guy coming towards me. Intimidation is easily what I was feeling, but not out of fear… well not mostly fear, but of lust. I recovered much quicker this time however I’m sure he still noticed my hesitation. “There is quite the grab bag in here. I found all sorts of salt water taffys, some assorted hard candies, even a few different gummies, so just take a look and have whatever you’d like!” I held open my bag to him and had the oddest desire to laugh at the feeling like I was offering him some candy for Halloween. “Wow. There’s so much variety! I think I’ll take this one.” He withdrew his hand with his fist closed around something so I couldn’t tell what it was and immediately popped it into his mouth. “Huh… interesting flavor. Salty but still good. Gonna need some extra water to get this all down! Thanks man. Talk to you later?” “Oh… s-sure. You have a good workout too!” He turned and walked back towards the machines and I headed off to the locker room to change. Having come straight from work I was still in my work clothes which aren’t exactly designed for working out as I work at a desk all day. ***** And last rep! Finally done with my workout and holy crap are my arms fried! It’s taken months for me to get over the idea of making myself sore/tired as an undesirable thing, but I’m finally starting to transition to where I enjoy it, and almost look forward to making my muscles fail. Plus, my arms seem to respond very well so far and I noticed them getting the “pump” more so than any other muscle group. I glanced up at the clock and saw that it had been about 45 minutes since I started which was about what I had expected now that I’m more comfortable with what I’m doing. My first few months I worked with a trainer who helped show me all the various exercises you can do and helped me learn the proper form as well as how to use compound exercises. The first time he had me do a super-set I thought I was going to die, but now, I do them on all my different body parts. I’m to the point where I know what I’m lifting, and in what order so I can maximize my time. Without a lifting partner and being the anti-socialite I am, it allows me to focus and streamline my gym time so what could take some people an hour or more, I can do in about 40 minutes. Because my legs were still sore, I decided that I could double up on reasons for doing some cardio and could walk/run on the treadmill for 30 minutes or so to keep my heart-rate up from the workout and maybe keep burning some of the bodyfat I have. If you want to look like Ryan, you’ve got to sweat! Speaking of, I made a quick scan of the gym to see if he was still around and found him over by the dumbbell rack doing curls. Figures! The one big qualm I have about my gym is that the cardio equipment faces away from the rest of the gym so I can’t watch the other people working out. Sure, they have TV’s up on the wall as something for people to watch while doing their best hamster impression running in place, but the better show is on the floor. I entered in all my settings on the treadmill and started the belt. Glancing up at the TV in front of me I found it to be set to CNN which seems like the worst thing to have on when trying to do cardio. Shouldn’t they be trying to keep our minds occupied and distracted from what we are doing, not intentionally trying to shut them off and make us fall asleep? I looked over to a neighboring TV a few feet away and found it was set to the local news station which seemed like a lateral move to me. Wait! I finally remembered to bring my headphones today so I can listen to my own music while doing this. Fishing them out of my pocket along with my phone, I set up my playlist and allowed the various beats to distract me from the creeping feeling of death approaching while I walked/ran in place. God, I hate cardio! ***** BEEP BEEP BEEP Oh, thank God! Finally done with this torture! I doubt I will ever enjoy that. Sure, I’m enjoying my workouts more and even looking forward to the feeling they give, but cardio? Never. “Whoever came up with the concept of cardio was the spawn of Satan…” I mumbled to myself and must have been a bit louder than I expected because the guy a couple machines down chuckled and agreed with me. I grinned sheepishly and made my way to the locker room to “towel” off and grab my bag to head home, shower, eat and pass out. I pushed myself a little harder/longer today on cardio and ended up doing a full hour. After about 20 minutes of it I noticed that the TV had been changed and one of my favorite episodes of a show was on so I got lost in it, and even the commercials so that by the time it was done I realized that I had gone for an hour and barely felt it. Feeling supremely proud of pushing myself that little bit more than last time I made my way to the locker room with the tiniest of struts. However, it only lasted until I entered the locker room because the sight that met my eyes made me stop dead. Ryan was in front of the wall length mirror flexing his arms in a double bicep that showed off the pump to end all pumps! “Fuck yeah! Look at that pump!” I heard Ryan mutter as he squeezed and forced his biceps to their fullest and hardest while starring at himself in the mirror. “Fucking HUGE! Still shredded to! Look at those veins!” He transitioned the pose down to where he was flexing his forearms now. Clenching and unclenching his fist to encourage more blood flow. Somewhere in another corner of my mind, I thought how easy it would be for him to donate blood now as even a blind person could stick him and hit a vein. Speaking of blood, all mine seemed to be pooling down in my groin causing a thoroughly involuntary reaction that was clearly noticeable even to that same blind person. Not even as a teenager could I recall ever going from “normal” to this hard in such a short span of time. This was truly a reaction as there was no build up or crescendo. Given the lack of blood flow, I suddenly felt light headed and reached out to stabilize myself on the wall. The movement must have caught his attention because suddenly Ryan looked over and saw me standing there supporting myself on the wall breathing deeply. “Hey man! Good cardio session huh?” He grinned at me but there was the slightest something that told me he knew full well that my lack of breath and light headedness had next to nothing to do with my rigorous cardio session. “I had a fucking AMAZING workout! Though I guess you just saw that huh?” He winked at me and whether conscious or not, was tensing his arms over and over. “Y-yeah. You… um. You really do look pumped.” I managed to say before pushing off from the wall and staggering into the locker room. “Fuck I’ve NEVER felt this pumped before! I swear my arms are an inch bigger than before I started! And these veins! This definition! I don’t think I was this cut for my show last week! Weird thing though, I’ve been drinking a ton more water than I usually do, but it doesn’t seem like I’m sweating as much. Must be that new pre-workout I tried, or maybe that candy you gave me! Ha!” He laughed as he too turned around and grabbed his bag to pack up and head out. “Maybe it was! Guess I should try some myself to see if it will do the same for me! Though I’m sure it probably just enhances the studliness you already have and with you being ahead of the curve it was more pronounced.” What did I just… why would I… oh shit! At this point, I imagine I had a look of frozen terror and wide eyed panic that a deer has in those seconds preceding death by an oncoming semi-truck. I was almost comically frozen in mid-action of pulling my bag out of the locker and the only visible movement was the arteries and veins in my neck pulsing and a slight trembling. I had even stopped breathing out of pure shock and apprehension as to what was going to happen next. Unable to move even my eyeballs to see if he was about to charge at me, I waited for what seemed an hour before there was finally enough moment out of the corner of my eye and I blurted out “I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me!” in a blast with the breath I had been holding before cowering back and onto the ground with my arms up over my head. “You want to grab a drink with me now? Or some food? I think we both need something to refuel with after those workouts.” It took an age for those words to penetrate my shock and for me to decipher their meaning. I lifted my head up, but kept my arms raised just in case and when no further flash of movement happened I managed to turn my head towards him to see him standing there, bag on his shoulder and hands in his pockets. No threatening gesture, no look of malice but one of curiosity and… hope? “What?” I asked timidly as I slowly lowered my arms. “Are you busy now or can we go grab some grub? I don’t really drink as it’s not good for you but that’s the usual line, right? My place isn’t too far from here and I’ve got some extra food, plus I could show you some more about meal prep since you asked about it before…” He sounded like he was trying to set up a business meeting almost, or make it sound less like… “Not really a typical date I guess but, I really would like to see you in a more secluded setting.” “Uh… I… well…” I gulped and before I really could think it through replied with “Sure. That sounds good.” He grinned and reached down to grab my hand to help me up. The amount of force he used nearly brought me off my feet again as I regained a vertical position. He held onto my hand for another few seconds, gave it a squeeze before letting go. “I’ll meet you out front. Did you want to just ride with me or take your own car?” The air of confidence he was giving off was making me weak in the knees again. “I… I think I’ll just follow you in mine, uh, if… if that’s alright with you.” I almost added a “sir” to the end of that though not entirely sure why. He grinned at me in that way that almost had me kissing tile again. “Sure. Just in case I turn out to be a mad axe murderer and you need a quick get-away?” I hadn’t thought of that… “No, more that I don’t want to inconvenience you to bring me back after… everything.” This was true though given the fact that he could overpower me twelve ways from Sunday, this was the more diplomatic answer. “Wouldn’t be an inconvenience at all, but no problem. See you out front.” It wasn’t a question like some other people would tone it, this was a statement, almost a command. One that I was very eager to accept. “Sure. Shouldn’t be more than a couple minutes.” He grinned again before turning to leave the locker room. After he left I suddenly became aware of the sounds coming from the gym floor and that there were people mere feet away during this whole exchange. The fact that no one seemed to hear or be bothered by my outburst before told me that either it wasn’t as loud as I thought, or maybe they just didn’t care? Shaking my head, I grabbed my bag, headed to the sink quick to wash up and do a bit of primping. Well this is stupid and redundant, isn’t it? He did just see you 30 seconds ago after all. Laughing nervously, I tossed out the paper towel and headed towards the front doors. “You ready?” Ryan asked as I approached and he finished up his conversation with the woman at the front desk. Not even a little… ***** “Last chance to bolt.” Ryan said as we approached the door to his place. “No sudden text messages? No ‘Oh I forgot I have plans with someone’?” He grinned at me again as he held his hand on the door knob. “Once you pass through this threshold, you have passed the point of no return. So, is this your final answer?” I couldn’t help but grin back and chuckle. “The number of clichés you used just there is impressive enough that even if I DID want to ‘bolt’, your way with words has swayed me back. Plus, you offered food and there is next to no way that I can refuse an offer of food.” “I’ll have to remember that. Well, welcome to my humble abode!” He turned the knob and opened the door. Inside was what I had guessed his apartment would look like. The kitchen was the highest traffic area due to the number of dishes scattered about, and every shelve was covered with some sort of supplement for his muscle building. Tupperware was almost overflowing in the sink and at least a half dozen shakers were easily viewable at strategic places. The living room was spartan for the most part outside of a slightly larger than average TV, a PS4 on one side and a bookshelf filled with various books and several trophies. “Sorry about the mess, to be honest, I really don’t have company much and this was really spur of the moment.” “Don’t worry about it. To be honest, people that have those always-neat-as-a-pin type places sort of freak me out a bit. Not to mention, I read somewhere that that type of personality was a bit too controlling and hard to get along with.” Says the guy with hardly an item out of place in his own apartment… “Lived in is great, slob is a different level and you are far from that. Though from the looks of that sink, you might have things growing in it soon.” I smiled at him to show that I was only joking and he paused for a moment looking at me a little more intensely than I was expecting. Feeling very self-conscious suddenly I asked “What? Do I have something in my teeth?” “Actually, I think you might.” He replied. Immediately my tongue started taking inventory of my teeth while I am wondering what on Earth it could be and how long it must have been there. “Why don’t you let me get it out for you.” And in the span of a breath, he was pressing me up against the door, hand on the side of my head kissing me. Due to the speed of his advance, I couldn’t raise my hands in defense so instead they shot down to my sides and against the door. The intensity of his kiss was somewhere between slow yet gentle and ravenous. I would call it commanding. His lips and tongue went wherever they wanted and I was merely a passenger along for the ride. After several seconds… minutes? Days? I was still unable to move anything below my neck, and even that above it wasn’t working at full capacity. When he broke the kiss I realized quite suddenly that I was looking up at him a bit more than I have in the past. Odd. Must have slid down the door a bit during that… wow… “I’ve wanted to do that for a while now. And I sincerely hope to get to do more later, but for now, I think we both need food. I’ve got a bunch of chicken and veggies for me to have. I’ll give you some too but that is just your appetizer. You’ve got a full course meal of beef to have later.” When he said “beef” I felt him tense his chest against me to emphasize his point. “And maybe even a little sausage too.” I felt him flex his cock against mine and for the first time realized that he had been not only pressed that close to me, but that he was just as hard as I was. “Though I’m sure you’ll agree that ‘little’ doesn’t really apply to me.” I let out a quick laugh before he gave me another quick kiss and turned into the kitchen to start cooking. I spent the next minute or two catching my breath, again, before following after him. “Anything I can do to help?” I asked, ever the polite guest my mom raised. “Nope. As this only requires me to put something into the microwave and press a few buttons, not much work to delegate. Unless you think a big ol’ meathead like me can’t figure out how to operate a microwave.” “Hmm” I mused showing a look of pained concentration. “Well as there are buttons involved and it’s not just slabs of iron to pick up and put down, I think I have cause for concern. After all, I’ve never seen you use anything more complex than a dumbbell before.” How am I this relaxed around him? I barely talk to my friends like this, let alone a guy I barely know and who I am in serious lust over. “Hey!” He exclaimed in mock outrage. “I’ve used cable machines and those are REALLY complex!” He set the timer on the microwave for 5 minutes and turned back with his hands on his hips. I was again treated to the sight of just how pumped they were after his workout. Even mostly relaxed, they exuded power. I blinked a couple times and smiled back at him. “You’re right. My mistake. You are much more advanced than simply ‘dumb jock, want lift’” He had stepped around the island in the kitchen and was (un)comfortably close to me now. “Only one part of that I can’t agree with: I’m not dumb, and I think you will agree to that. But I do agree to fact that I am a jock and yes I do…” I just noticed that it still seemed like I was looking at him differently… well yes, I was looking at him differently, but in terms of eye level. Right as I was about to mention this, he squatted down about a foot or so, wrapped his arms around my thighs and lifted me off the floor. “Want lift!” he concluded as my hands shot down in reflex to grab onto his shoulders with the sudden change in altitude. “Whoa!” I cried out as my brain shifted from its newest shock. Fear was replaced by awe and lust at light speed. As the realization hit me of being as surrounded by him as possible was sinking in, there was the transition of feeling all that hard, flexed, pumped muscle on multiple sides of me, almost immediately into the fact that the reaction to all that hard, flexed, pumped muscle on multiple sides of me had caused my semi-hard cock to regain its full hard state and it was currently securely lodged between his pecs. “Whoa indeed.” He smiled up at me. “You know, the way I got all this muscle you seem to be admiring so much was by putting in countless hours at the gym moving weight in endless repetition. Like this.” And with that, he started lowing me a few inches before pulling me back up again so that I was, for all intents and purposes, pec fucking him. He performed the motion a few times before continuing “But the movement is only part of it. You have to really squeeze at the top of the motion.” And as he reached the top of the moment, he did indeed squeeze. His pecs, which I was sure couldn’t get any harder, not only got harder but seemed to swallow even more of my cock between them. Upon later reflection, I was sure that had I not been as steel hard as I was by this display, he would have crushed it flat. “P-please.” I gasped clenching my hands against his shoulders. I would say I tried to squeeze them, but that act was not something I was sure I could do even if he was at his most relaxed. Given that at the moment he was using everything from his neck down to move me through the air, his shoulders were in similar states of varying hardness. It was taking every ounce of willpower I had to not erupt onto him right there in the kitchen. “Please, what?” I held the flex and to add insult to injury, started performing subtle, partial contractions of his pecs then. Oh, my God… he’s jacking me off with his pecs! “Please… stop” I gasped again. I can’t take this much longer! “Please stop…” He said it as a question leaving the silence at the end to be filled in by me. “Sir.” I said between a gasp, moan and shout. “Please stop sir!” And with similar lightning reflexes, he relaxed, set me down and turned to the microwave. It had just beeped alerting us to the fact the food was ready. Less than 5 minutes! I suddenly realized. He brought me to the brink of orgasm from next to nothing in less than 5 minutes! Hell, that display of muscle power and alpha attitude would have had the Pope in the same position. “Good boy.” He said to me as he grabbed the food from the microwave, a couple forks from the dish drain and went to the table. “Now, sit and eat.” All throughout dinner I kept thinking that Ryan looked bigger than before, even moments before. It wasn't until his 3rd or 4th trip to the sink to get more water that there were sounds that added to that thought. His chair was making new squeaks and straining sounds and on the 5th trip, as he sat down there was an audible ripping sound. "What was that?" I asked and the faintest tinge of red was forming on Ryan's face. "I think" he started and made a strange squirming motion. "Yep. My shorts just ripped." I couldn't help it; I started to laugh. This made the red in his face just a bit more pronounced but he recovered quickly. "You think that's funny do you?" "A bit yeah." I replied after a moment. "Mostly the oddity that you would have this happen after being such a macho, alpha, don't-give-a-fuck earlier and this made you blush in embarrassment." "Well since you think it's so funny to laugh at me, maybe you should be punished. After all, it's not nice to laugh at people. Especially people that are bigger and stronger than you are." The look he gave me was devoid of humor and all traces of embarrassment. For the first time, I really couldn't tell if he was playing a role and messing with me, or actually serious. Had I crossed a line? Some of that sincere panic must have showed because he went on. "Ah, now you're sorry huh? Realize that you were wrong but you still need to be punished. Since you had a moment of fun just now, you don't get to have a moment of fun later. You need to have something taken away for a while... I wonder what that should be..." I gulped again more so to continue with the "game" though still ever so slightly concerned at this not being a game anymore. "I-I am sorry... sir. I didn't mean to laugh at you. I just couldn't help it." Ryan looked at me for a moment before getting up from the table and putting his dishes in the sink. Once that was done, he started pacing the floor a bit in apparent thought. "'Couldn't help it' huh? Didn't have any control over it? Hmm. Then I guess an appropriate punishment would be that you should be forced to control yourself." I had an inkling as to where he was going with this and if I was right, it would be torture for sure. "What do you mean?" I asked. He stopped pacing and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. Realizing my mistake I added "Sir." He gave me the slightest smirk at this which only enhanced his domination over me. He was in control. Even though he had said that he was going to force me to control myself, it was still because of his will. "What I mean, is this. We're going to clean up in here and then go into the other room. You are going to sit in that chair with your hands on your legs. Then, I am going to give you the most erotic strip tease and posing show you've ever had but you are not to move a muscle or say a word. You are going to control yourself 100% no matter what stimulus you have. And after I feel you have learned your lesson, then your punishment will be over and we can continue with our evening." I think it was around the word "erotic" that my mouth opened. Not to speak, but in surprise. It continued to open in shock as he spoke but not a word came out. Admittedly a few moans or guttural sounds probably did, I can't say for sure. He smirked even more broadly at my expression and seemed satisfied that he had come up with an effective, though some might say cruel and unusual punishment. Once again, I found myself frozen in place. This time however, it wasn't out of fear but disbelief. The fact that this sounded both terrible and thrilling were at odds in my brain and I was having trouble reconciling between them. "I'm going to go take a shower now and change clothes. You will clean up your plate, go sit in that chair and wait for me to finish and come back out. Is that understood?" He crossed his arms at this and looked down at me over the swollen masses of his arms and pecs. I marveled at the fact that it seemed like he had a bit of trouble performing that action, almost like it was different than when he usually did it. "Understood" I replied simply, though meekly. Ryan nodded, unfolded his arms and walked away towards the other side of his home. For a moment, I considered quickly jerking off to relieve the tension before this "punishment" could be enacted. However, somehow, I knew that Ryan would notice the change in my demeanor not to mention he would probably be able to smell it. All I could do was try to calm myself down and not think too much about what was about to happen. ***** It was at least 15 minutes later before I heard the water of the shower turn off. During that time, I had been scanning Ryan’s living room trying to find things to distract me and calm down but most of what I saw only served to maintain or enhance my erection. No matter how I tried, my eyes kept being drawn back to the shelves with his various bodybuilding trophies in proud display. There were also several medals and while these did not have the immediate effect of seeing a small figurine bodybuilder in some sort of pose atop it, they never the less caused me to imagine the state of Ryan at the time he won it. All ripped up similar to what he is now, bronzed, oiled, pumped and showing off proudly in a pair of tiny trunks. Imagining his routine then did not help distract me from what I was about to see in extreme close up within moments. “What have you gotten yourself info” I muttered to myself as I turned my attention back to the inside of my eyelids. Just breathe. Don’t think about it and just calm yourself down. Inhale… hold… exhale. There, isn’t that better? I heard the banging and scraping sounds of either a dresser drawer or closet door being moved and immediately started thinking of what he could be putting on to then strip off. The last several minutes’ worth of calming techniques all for naught as I resumed my state of crazed horniness. “From here on out, you will not speak” came Ryan’s voice from the darkened hallway. I gulped when I heard him speak. Was his voice lower? Even if it was, it must be part of the scene. He's intentionally sounding lower and gruffer because he knows it will drive me crazy. "No matter what I say to you, even if it is a question, you will not say one word. Do you understand?" Out of reflex I opened my mouth to reply but caught it just in time and closed it remaining silent. "Very good. Smart boy you are." I visibly shivered after he said that and hoped that it wasn't a violation of his order to "not move a muscle". After another minute or so of anticipation, I saw him move from the hallway and make his way over to me. When he hit the light coming from the kitchen, I gasped. Again, hoping that I wasn't in violation of his rules by not forming a word just a rapid intake of air, I held my breath as he stopped behind the couch. "Man, I wish I could tell you just how pumped and huge I feel right now." He said as he made general movements and looked down upon his own magnificence. "Not just in my arms, though those feel like they've grown inches in the last hour or so." At these words, he started to flex them in various methods. First just half flexes back and forth between biceps and triceps with forearms at random moments during. Then full contractions of his biceps bringing his fists to his chest over and over again. The shirt he was wearing was a short sleeve white V-neck t that was clung to him so tightly in every place but at his waist. "Yeah. I think they are at least an inch bigger don't you?" He asked from where he stood eyeing me for a response or reaction. "Maybe you can't tell from way over there. Here, let me come closer." I let out a small moan in response. Barely audible but still unrestrainable. He walked, well waddled from the looks of it, around the side of the couch and then stopped again. "How is this? Close enough for you to tell me if this python has grown?" He performed a single bicep flex leaning over and bring his fist to his pec. The surge of size and tightening of skin over his arm was without a doubt the most beautiful sight I had ever seen... so far. "Maybe I should try from another angle. How is this?" He twisted slightly and lowered his arm into a triceps pose. I gaped in awe as he rotated his waist and his forearm to highlight the horseshoe from every physical angle. I saw the deep cuts and striations of the triceps twitch and flare with each movement. Veins would become more prominent and shift out of the way of the hard mass as it fought against the containment of skin. Very dimly I registered out of my peripheral vision that Ryan was looking at me as I looked at him and that same smirk crept across his face. "Hmm. Good but still not QUITE right I see. Well, only thing left to try is this." He relaxed his pose and his arm fell limply to his side. He took one step towards me and in an instant I registered what he was about to do. Mouth still hanging open I made no words, but some sorts of basal noises were issuing from my mouth. It seemed I had lost the power of speech which, given his rule was a good thing however the thrill and terror of him having so much power over me was still raging in my mind. He walked up to the side of the chair I was in and from that angle, looked monstrous. I kept staring straight ahead because I didn't think I could handle looking at him directly as that was like looking at the sun by this point. He must have picked up on this and decided it just wouldn't do. "I think this is going to be the best position and angle for you to really tell me if my arms have grown." He then leaned over putting his right hand on the armrest and extending his left arm out to be in my direct field of vision. My eyes couldn't stop moving and deciding on what to look at. His forearm was so vascular it looked like a roadmap. The bunches of muscle twitching and dancing as he made slight movements of his hand. Clenching and unclenching his fist to make it bounce in a way I never thought a forearm could. These same movements caused his upper arm to tense and swell more than my full flexing would. He really did seem bigger from before. Must be the lighting... or maybe the clothes. He put on tighter clothes to appear bigger that's all. "What do you think? Is it bigger?" He's baiting me... he wants to test my resolve. I didn't answer but that only meant that the "torture" was about to be kicked up a notch, or twelve. "Hmm... you're right... this still isn't quite right. It's close enough but it doesn't really show if I'm bigger does it. How about-" He brought his arm up into a full single bicep and seemed to be flexing for all he was worth. "now?" he completed the sentence and my willpower faltered just a crack and I felt a whole-body shudder pass through me. I've never experienced a Lust Shiver anywhere near that powerful before. He held the pose for several more seconds. His arm was shaking with exertion and I swear I could almost see the blood surging through his veins pumping more and more blood into the demanding muscle. Finally, he relaxed the pose and stood up. "Well? What do you think? Is it bigger?" I was again fixated to a spot on the opposite wall too afraid to look at him, directly or indirectly. Breathing so hard that you would have thought I had just run a marathon I forced myself to regain my composure and control my breathing. "Still no answer huh? Oh! How could I not realize it sooner! You don't have any way to really compare to what they were before to know if they are bigger!" He slapped his hand to his forehead in an exaggerated way before turning around and walking back to the bedroom. Oh God! I thought. What now? Feeling that my spot on the wall was still my safest bet, when he came back I knew he was carrying something, but could not tell you what that something was. He continued past the chair and over to the coffee table and picked up a remote. Oh, what fresh hell is this? Deciding to take the chance after I knew the TV was on and he was pressing several buttons, I looked at the screen and saw he was on a DVD screen. "A friend of mine made this for me for my last show." He explained without looking at me. "It was a chronicle of my journey from contest prep, all the way through the night of the show. We did pictures, video, and most importantly, measurements." At this last word, I instinctively looked down to his hand and, sure enough, there was a tape measure in his hand dangling a few inches at his side. "Ah there it is! This clip is in the hotel back stage right before I put the tanning spray on. We figured it was better for us to measure before I got all sticky." He hit the play button and on a 60" 4K TV I saw a duplicate of him, albeit a pastier version. Almost immediately I tuned out the audio from the TV because my attention was drawn to the present where he was walking back over to my chair. Upon reaching it he stood to the side again but this time put his hand on my shoulder. "Now we will have a baseline from a week ago to see if I'm any bigger today." Most of my brain agreed that he couldn't be any significantly bigger after just a week. Even with my limited self-education on the sport and knowing how he could be fuller now that he is eating more and not carb depleted it couldn't be really noticeable... right? Barely finishing this thought, I became aware of his hand on my shoulder and how it was acting. He was squeezing and rubbing my shoulder in an almost one-handed massage sort of way. A new paradox flared in my mind at the conflict of it doing as designed and helping release the tension in my shoulders, but also causing me to want to tense up more at the thrill of how close he really was, how much power he had in just his hand and that this was yet another ploy to see if I would break his rules. After a few minutes, he said "Ah, there." and paused the video on a close up of his arm showing the number on the tape measure. Seeing a three or so foot picture of his arm in 4K resolution was nothing compared to the real-life version mere inches from me, but it was still breathtaking. "What does that number on the screen say?" Nice try Ryan, but no dice. "Still speechless huh? You know, I'm going to start taking offense to that soon. Is it that you can't read that number? No? Hmm well you should still get the idea now that it's up there. Oh! I almost forgot! I had done some curls to start getting pumped up earlier in the video. For this to be an accurate comparison, I need to replicate as much of it as possible, right?" He didn't... he couldn't... he wouldn't... Turning back around again he set the tape measure down on the coffee table and went towards a different door which seemingly down into a basement. Less than a minute later, he was back carrying two dumbbells. I didn't have to know exactly how much each weighed to know that each was more than I could do with both arms together. This time, when he came back to the chair, he stood directly in front of me, straddled my legs and pressed right up to the edge of the chair. "I'm going to need you to count for me. I tend to stop counting when I do these because I just get so mesmerized watching them swell bigger and bigger each time." And with only a moment pause, he started doing one arm alternating curls. Unable to really look elsewhere, I watched him, slowly and with strict form, perform curls mere inches from me. This was the moment that tested my resolve the most in that I so desperately wanted to reach out and feel his arm swell and harden with each rep, but I still held myself in place. He got to 12 reps before there was a noticeable change in his tempo and an audible change in his breathing. Knowing that he had just finished with an arm workout an hour or so ago, I couldn't expect him to just keep going endlessly, especially not with weights this size, but he seemed to be engaged in a battle of wills with me to see if either I would crack and break the rules or he would tire. Sorry Turbo, you're gonna lose this battle... though you might just win the war. He finished out with 15 reps before letting the weights hang from his side for a moment. Then he leaned down placing them on either side of me giving me my closest yet view in surround... sight of his re-pumped and swollen arms. "Fuck that feels SO good! Like Arnold said, the pump is like cumming and I'm about to blow one hell of a load... or at least, one of us is." He leaned down a bit more and winked at me when he was eye level. He stood up straight and started shaking out his arms before doing a few more quick flexes of them. "Hmm... feels good, but not quite to the same level of pump I had in the video. Guess I better do another set." Leaning back down he gripped the weights but as he picked them up, he pressed them and rolled them over my thighs. Given the visual stimuli I had when he placed them down, I didn't notice how much they were pressing against me when they were at rest. Doing this emphasized to me that these were indeed heavy weights and against my better judgement, glanced down to see the number "60" on each. Another Lust Shiver traveled through me and caused several new guttural noises to escape my mouth. He let them rest on the top of my legs for a few seconds to allow me to really absorb how much weight he had, and was again going to lift before picking them up. "I think maybe hammer curls this time. What do you think?" Still refusing to speak he put a mock indignant look on his face. "You know you're being very rude. I'm asking you all these questions and you're not saying anything. Well if you won't engage in conversation with me, I have no choice but to get on with lifting." He started doing single arm hammer curls and this view gave me a much better appreciation for how much the muscle would swell each time. Seeing it from a head-on perspective was great, don't get me wrong, but this really showcased how much the bicep would swell and grow at the top of the movement. This set he started grunting much earlier than the last. After the first couple, I think he realized the effect it was having on me and making my Lust Shivers happen on almost each rep. Hearing him grunt and growl like an animal as he made himself bigger and even more powerful was the most potent auditory aphrodisiac I could imagine. And given his determination to keep upping the ante, he started teasing me even more by commenting on each rep. "Yeah... bigger... harder... growing... huge... for... you..." Oh by all the saints and angels in heaven! One stroke, hell just thrusting my hips against my jeans would cause me to erupt now. Somehow, I kept myself stationary except for my eyes which started to roll around uncontrollably in my skull. "One more rep I think... a really slow one to make sure EVERY fiber gets worked. And I need you to watch closely to make sure it does." At these words, he stepped back and around my legs to the side of the chair again and leaning over me started the slowest and most controlled rep I have ever seen. Part of that was for the pleasure of teasing me but part of it was because his arms were really fried and it was a struggle to lift the weight now. He started grunting almost immediately now. The weight started on the armrest on the opposite side of him so it forced him to curl at a preacher curl angle, without the support of the equipment to keep his arm in the right position. The effect was that all the other stabilizer muscles were kicking in to help with the movement making his whole arm swell up in effort. "C'mon... this is what will make me grow. Full failure and maximum contraction. Grr... gotta grow!" My eyes were locked on the sight in front of me. Watching his arm twitch and swell against the force of gravity was becoming a religious experience. Even at what was close to his weakest, he was still so much stronger than I am. The idea of this caused the biggest lust shiver yet. "Yeah... you like that, don't you? No, you fucking LOVE that! The sight of all that massive muscle right in your face is making you leak, isn't it? So huge, so STRONG! And only getting bigger... gonna keep growing until there is no room left. Gonna be a fucking monstrous BEAST! GAAAAAAAH!" His own psych up allowed him to get the last few inches to complete the rep... which he held... and held... and held... Gasping a bit he then asked "So you think that's good? Think I got every fiber swollen and pumped to its max now?" Gasping almost as much as he was the only response I could muster. He finally lowered the weight in such a slow and controlled manner that I was even more amazed. Having done only a couple of workouts to that level of full failure I tend to let gravity take over but he was far too disciplined for that. Not to mention, dropping it even from the two or so feet it was at onto my lap would have hurt, a lot. However, he brought it down and then placed it directly onto my lap. Thankfully, or possibly intentionally, he didn't place it on or next to my cock which was begging to unload. Hell, at this point, it was screaming in a way that I couldn't even fathom before now. "Hold onto that for me, would you? Now, where is that tape measure? I'm as pumped as I've ever felt and time to show you just how much bigger I am." He turned around and picked up the tape measure from the coffee table. "This is always so hard to do on your own. Would you lend a hand? Get the most accurate measurement?" God yes! But no... I can't... My face must have been showing the torturous battle that my brain was fighting. Impulse vs control. That was the "lesson" he was trying to teach me and I was determined to pass. He frowned at me in that same exaggerated way that said he was pleased but needed to keep up pretense. "Still no huh? Shame because I really could use the help but if you would rather just sit there in silence, I'll have to make do." Jesus, Mary and Joseph! How much more could I endure? He smoothed out the tape and draped it across the back of his arm. With much less difficulty than he made it out to be, he got the tape into position and made a couple quick flexes to ensure it was lined up to give maximum and accurate measure. When he seemed ready he turned his back to me though. "No... fucking... way..." I heard him mumble while his head was down examining the results. Something in his tone told me that he was legitimately surprised and that this wasn't part of his plan. "That can't be... but it is!" He lifted his head up and looked at the TV for several long seconds before turning back around. "Take a good look at that number on the screen. Make sure you really see it, you really know what it is. Got it?" I glanced back at the TV, gulped a couple of times and then he started moving back towards me. As he approached my chair, he knelt pressing his lower torso and upper legs against my legs. Immediately I could feel how hard he was, everywhere. He was turned on at least as much as I was by now. "Now... look at THIS!" He brought his arm up in a mimicry of the sight on the TV. This alone was enough to give me enough visual material to satisfy my masturbatory needs for the next decade but when I finally could focus on the tape measure I gasped. 23" But that... I looked up at the TV with a shock and confirmed that it did indeed show that a week ago, he was just over 20". I had already known this based on a conversation we had a couple weeks back at the gym but now, irrefutably in front of me was proof that his arms were now over 3 inches larger in the span of a week! "What the fuck was in that candy man?" he asked and this caused my head to snap back down to look at him directly and verified that he wasn't kidding now. This had shocked him and this was the first time since we began that he seemed to really want me to answer him. I couldn't do anything more than gape at him though because this was simply too much surreal for me to cope with tonight. "I will be right back. You. Don't. Move." His commanding presence was back again and I was too dumbfounded to disagree. He turned and went back to the bathroom closing the door behind him. With him out of the room, I finally felt like I could think more clearly. WAS it the candy? No, that was impossible... but so was gaining 3" to a single body part in the span of a week... or if it was the candy, within a few hours! What was it that he had even eaten? I never say it but if I had more of it and it would cause the same results, I was eager to not only try it myself, but for him to have seconds! "HOLY FUCK!" I heard from the bathroom which broke me from my thoughts. That was easy to understand and empathize with given my desire to do the same for the last several minutes. That shout was one of mingled disbelief and satisfaction. I heard him laugh for a few more seconds before the sound of running water met my ears. Was he taking another shower? No, this sounded more like the sink. Well I guess after that mini workout he probably is a bit dehydrated. Added to the fact that he was glistening a bit by the end of that second set... and just like that, all the blood seeped from my brain and back to my cock filling it to full power again. The door opened and Ryan came back into the living room looking even more freakish than when he left. For the first time since dinner I took in more than just his arms. Everything on him looked pumped now. The shirt was now packed to capacity and was certainly not that tight mere moments ago. Traps were almost to his ears, his arms were swinging wider than before due to his lats, and his pecs... no way were they protruding that far before. One good deep breath and he looked like he would Hulk out of it which is what I was praying for. "I'm 240 lbs." He said this while leaning against the wall to the hallway. "I thought it was just my arms, but I definitely felt bigger everywhere and given what the scale just told me it's not just my ego talking." He walked over to me and resumed his kneeling position at the foot of my chair. "I don't know what you did, and I'm not sure it's over yet as I'm still so thirsty but I think it's time for me to get a different sort of drink." He raised an eyebrow as he cocked a smile at me before picking up the weight from my lap and putting it on the floor. My rapid shallow breathing resumed with gusto now. He wasn't... he couldn't mean... but he did. With a surgeon’s precision, he reached up and started undoing my belt. Using precisely enough force to do so but not enough to be felt in the area that was dying for physical contact. Once the belt was done, he undid the button. Moving with care and deftness he separated the two parts far enough away to grab the zipper. "Whatever you do, you will not shoot. Do you understand?" Still locked in the rules of this twisted game I could do or say nothing to acknowledge or protest. Just breathe. Focus on something else. Don't think about what is about to happen. He started moving the zipper down so slowly I could hear the individual "pings" of each tooth as it was released. So slowly that it wouldn't break the threshold of stimulation my poor cock needed to finally release its burden. When the zipper was about halfway down, I shuddered as a spark of pleasure was felt and he immediately stopped. Clenching my fists so hard they were cramping I took a few ragged breaths to calm down and he resumed. Once fully open, he pulled the two sides of fabric apart to their maximum allowing some of the pressure to be relieved after so long. "Now comes the tricky part. You are doing well but your punishment is not yet over. You will not move. You will not say a word. You will have the most mind-blowing orgasm you have ever had but you must remain still and silent. Once it is completed you are allowed to move and speak. Do you understand?" Staring straight ahead and chest heaving was the only answer I could give, which is exactly what he wanted. "Maintain control. It is almost over and then you will be rewarded." His fingers moved up to the edge of the band to my boxers and slipped them behind it. His hands were so warm that it was enough to distract me for a microsecond to what he was going to try to do. If we can both pull this off without me flopping like a fish on land while bellowing and emptying my nuts it would be a miracle on the order of loaves and fishes. He moved with that same level of surgical precision. Slow, controlled, sadistic. Pulling more out first than down was the general goal. Remove the cloth from touching me before pulling it down so it didn't rub... caress... NO! Think of something else... anything else! Suddenly I felt him shake slightly with laughter. "I think I may have just come up with a dirty version of Operation. Working this slow and careful to remove the boner without touching the sides." I made one tiny laugh that transitioned to a moan by the end at this. We'll see how funny he thinks it is when I do the same to him! Though to be honest, I doubt I could come anywhere close to this level of seduction. When I finally felt the majority of the fabric part ways with my throbbing cock, I glanced down to see it harder than ever, an angry red and wet with pre. There was a sizable wet stain on my boxers too which I had only a second to appreciate before the fabric was pulled up, folded back and Ryan ran his tongue across it to lick it up. "Mmm. Not as salty as that candy, but still delicious. Will take a lot of this to satisfy my thirst though. Luckily it looks like you have a good supply stored here. He pulled down a bit more to make the elastic band reach to under my balls before letting it go. I wish I could say by this point it was a relief to have my cock free and in the open air but now there wasn't even the slightest bit of stimulation which made me even more desperate for relief. Ryan reached back up and grasped the band of my boxers at my hips to pull them down a bit more until he slid them down to about my mid-thigh. That small act had caused his delts to bunch and dance for me and made the sleeves of his shirt to roll up more even though rolling away from his massive upper arms to the similar enormous delts seemed like a lateral move. The edge of the shirt was so tight in that space between delts and upper arms now. Suddenly I felt a stream of warm air across the head of my cock and reflexively I seized up and moaned deeply. Looking down I saw Ryan lick his lips and felt his torso shudder as he moaned in satisfaction at the taste of my pre. "You taste really good. But that was an appetizer. Not even enough to register in a body as massive as mine. I'm going to need more than a sampling, I'm going to need your whole supply. I know it will help make me even bigger. Your cum will make me grow and you want to both cum and see me grow, don't you?" Gasping... gulping down air now... Sweet Jesus did I want that. He leaned in closer now, pressing more of his body against my legs. Feeling his pecs against my legs for the second time tonight was enough to make me spurt another drop of pre. Ryan noticed this and leaned in even more licking his lips. I felt the "mmm" more than I heard it now as the last bit of blood that wasn't in my cock seemed to be thundering in my ears. "Time to get REALLY big!" He said before grabbing the base of my cock, aiming it for his mouth and swallowing almost all of it. Somehow, miraculously, I didn't immediately unload into him. He was frozen on me not moving a single muscle... though that wouldn't last long. With the barest of movements, the tip of his tongue found the tip of my cock and pulled that drop of pre off of it. "Hnnnnn" was forced from my throat but as that wasn't a word, I think I was still okay. Damn he was good... After another couple of tongue laps, he started the main event. So slowly it was almost imperceptible, he started moving up my cock. As he did so, I felt his pecs start to harden against me. Good Lord did he have good muscle control! Then suddenly it dawned on me, he was moving up my cock because his pecs were swelling up forcing his head to rise as well! When he reached the top of my cock with only the head in his mouth, he started relaxing his pecs causing him to go back down. "HHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNN" I repeated during his decent. When he reached the bottom, I gulped another few lungfuls of air to replenish the lack of oxygen to my brain. I was getting lightheaded now and if I didn't shoot soon I was going to pass out. I felt his mouth form, well as much of a smile as it was possible for him at the present when he reached the bottom. Then he reached out, grabbed my wrists and brought my arms up and placed them on his rear delts and back. You evil bastard! Once there, he lowered his arms and put his palms under my hamstrings. All this while barely moving his head at all to stimulate me too much. When his hands were in place, he started tensing his pecs again. As he did so, the shirt got tighter and tighter. I could feel the fabric being stretched across his back as his front filled with more mass. As he was contracting his pecs, he started moving his hands together just like you would do for a pec fly motion. The result was that his forearms started to travel under me so I could feel them on my hamstrings with his pecs on my quads. Just like before when he held me in the kitchen, he was surrounding me with muscle... seemingly growing muscle. Harder and harder his pecs got. Every time I thought he must be at full contraction, he kept going. Forearms were now fully under my legs and his biceps were now touching my legs. Those insanely huge, pumped up mounds of muscle were pressing against me and now also started their transition into granite. Right as Ryan reached my cock head again I felt and heard the shirt start to rip. Quick, seemingly small, but undeniable. I looked down and there was indeed a 3-4-inch tear right along his spine where the fabric had given up. Too many sights, too many sounds, too many feelings were enough to cause the wave to peak. Ryan seemed to sense it because he then doubled the pressure around me in the bear hug/most muscular pose he was doing. He sucked hard against my cock and pushed himself down on me to the hilt right as I finally unleashed the tsunami into him. I saw colors I didn't know existed in that moment. I contracted every muscle in my body to a degree rarely seen outside of people being electrocuted. I opened my mouth to howl like the baddest, beastiest of animals but not a sound escaped me. Eyes rolled back so far, I'm sure I could have seen my own brain. Shot after shot I emptied into him. The irony of him performing this maneuver is that even if I had wanted to thrash about, he had me pinned so well I couldn't have. Somewhere around the forth volley, I felt his shirt rip more. The tear expanding both up and down his back as more of his bronze godlike form emerged. Somewhere around the sixth volley, my neck regained some flexibility to allow me to look down and see that the sleeves of his shirt had also torn in their own failed attempt to contain him. He was still growing. Almost before my eyes if I had any ability at the moment to control them. Somewhere around the tenth volley, I realized that I heard creaking coming from the chair I was in and found that his arms had swollen so much they were pushing the chair arms apart. It seemed that a round dozen was my limit for this particular orgasm as after that one I finally felt my body relax and sink into the chair now truly and completely unable to move a muscle or to speak a word. Ryan was still latched onto my cock and licking all around it seemingly to get every particle of my cum as possible. When he finally was satisfied, he detached, took a deep breath and I heard even more ripping sounds coming from him. Standing up and chest heaving he looked down at me in a way that didn't immediately register. Struggling to keep my eyes open, I looked up at him and saw that this time, his growth was truly noticeable. He was easily over 300 now and quite a bit taller than he was. So, it's not just muscle that is growing? Once enough blood had returned to my brain to remove the post orgasm haze, I really saw him and my eyes must have been practically bulging. "That. Was. Amazing." He said between his own gasps. "I can actually feel myself swelling right now. Getting bigger, stronger, taking up more space." He grinned at me as the effect of these words caused my cock to stir once again. How can you even move after what you just did, let alone get hard? He reached his hands up and grabbed his collar before pulling on it slowly and causing it to now rip in the front as well as the back. Still sadistic in his showmanship, I held my breath as he slowly revealed his torso. While his pecs were truly spectacular, it was his abs that shocked and impressed me more. Cuts and grooves so deep I'm sure my fingers could get lost in them. Separation of his oblique’s that I've never seen anyone have outside of an anatomy book. There didn’t look to be an ounce of fat on him anywhere. Once the tear had reached the bottom of the shirt, he stripped out of its remains, tossed them to the floor and assumed the "relaxed" pose I've seen guys take on stage. Arms up and out, lats flared, and chest high. "Time for your hands on, detailed inspection" he said. I sat there, gasping and still shaking slightly from the force of my orgasm as I tried to process what he had just said. “I-inspection?” I stammered at him looking distinctly puzzled. He grinned down at me in response. “Oh good! You CAN still talk and knew that you didn’t have to stick to that rule anymore. To be honest, I’m really surprised and even more really impressed that you managed to do that. I would say you must not have found me all that attractive to hold out so long, but that explosion was anything but. You’ve got some amazing willpower and stamina man! Can’t wait to test it more in the future.” He was grinning at me again and I could tell he was genuinely serious about this comment. He didn’t want this to just be a one-time thing? “Come on now. Time for you to enjoy yourself. Time for you to touch and kiss and lick every inch of me you want to, and I know you want to!” I stared at him, by this point truly unable to move a muscle due to the force and energy required by my orgasm. “God yes.” I finally managed to croak out. “Just. Need a minute. Or 20.” I managed to sit myself up in the chair and grinned a bit as he still stood there in the “relaxed” pose. “Need some water.” I said as I attempted to get up from the chair. “No.” He said and finally relaxed to a more traditional relaxed pose. “You sit there and I’ll get it.” He turned and started towards the kitchen which afforded me a great view of his backside which I had only the briefest glimpse of during the demolition of his shirt moments ago. His back was so cut and full of valleys that I could spend an hour and still not find them all. The sink was turned on and I heard the glass being filled. A few seconds pause and I heard another glass being filled. Then another… and another. I finally looked over and saw him standing at the sink draining a glass before putting it back under the tap, then gulping it down before repeating again. He did this about 5 times in total before filling the glass and walking it over to me. I gasped and moaned at the sight. He was truly breathtaking now. He walked up to the chair and I shakily raised my hand up to accept the glass only to have him pull it back. Instead, he took a swig of it before setting it down on the coffee table, turned back to me and knelt down again as he had just done to suck me off, leaned down over my body and in for a kiss. Slowly he opened his mouth to allow the water in and let me drink it. When enough of it had passed from his mouth, he continued the kiss using his tongue to lick my lips, and travel across nearly every surface of my mouth to make sure it was adequately hydrated now. After several seconds of his kissing me, I managed to regain enough strength to raise my one hand to the back of his head and pull him into me. I played with the back of his neck as we kissed and to my delight heard him moan and give a slight shudder. Perfect! I thought. Found a spot that I can use in my own version of your torture! I let my hand travel down to his trap and gave it a squeeze before it continued to his shoulder. My hand wasn’t even close to encompass it. I kept tracing down his arm and felt the gigantic horseshoe triceps as it was playfully flexed and un-flexed for my eager hands. Now it was my turn to moan. In one swift movement, Ryan had wrapped his arms around me, pulled me out of the chair and stood up, never breaking lip lock. Reflexively, my other hand went up to his arm to hold on. Finally he broke away from me and laughed slightly. “Sorry. Couldn’t help it. I really like holding you, and even more so, like carrying you. Best way for us both to appreciate how much bigger and stronger I am now.” On the words “bigger” and “stronger” he emphasized again by flexing his pecs into me pushing a couple breaths of air from my lungs. “Well I certainly won’t be complaining about it!” I replied. I leaned down to kiss him again grabbing both sides of his head. “In fact, I swear you’re getting bigger as we speak… feels like it’s getting… harder to breathe…” I was taking shorter and quicker breaths now due to my lungs being unable to expand to their fullest with all this bulk surrounding me. “I think I am.” He grinned back at me at the first part of my statement before realization sunk in that I was indeed having trouble breathing. “Oh!” he released me mostly and I felt my feet regain contact with the ground yet still wrapped within his python’s embrace. “Sorry. But you are right, I swear I’m swelling up every minute.” At this point I looked up at him in the eyes… a lot of up. Too much up. “You’re taller.” I said looking at him directly and saw his look of satisfaction at being bigger and seemingly growing bigger shift to the realization that he wasn’t just more muscular, but was indeed several inches taller now. “You’re right!” He said in surprise that changed quickly into more satisfaction. “Which means I’ll be able to get even MORE massive! Fuck! How tall do you think I am now?” “Well I’m just over 6” and you look to be at least 5-6 inches taller than that based on this angle.” He grinned more broadly as he heard this and looked at me realizing that he could see the top of my head now. “Fuck…” he moaned and I felt his cock swell and flex against me as he let this sink in. “Well, time for a change of venue.” He said and picked me back up before heading towards the bedroom. As we entered, I noticed that one of the walls had a couple of full length mirrors with overhead lighting to allow him a place to pose. Before I could even voice my desire to see that, we went right in front of it and Ryan reached out to turn on a light switch that caused the overhead lights to turn on. The rest of the room was in semi-darkness given the lateness of the hour but it only allowed a greater play on shadows to make Ryan look even more mountainous. Letting me go while standing in front of him, I was immediately struck with just how much bigger he was than me. It was one thing to see it from my own personal point of view, it was quite another to see it staring back at me. If anyone were standing behind Ryan, they would not be able to see me. His height difference was even more noticeable now as I saw his eyes peak over the top of my head in the mirror. I saw them crinkle up into a smile as he adjusted his stance slightly before inflating himself as much as he could. The sight of him swelling up around me caused me to go weak in the knees and almost collapse. “Whoa there sexy.” Ryan growled at me as I felt his left arm encircle me to keep me upright. “Guess I don’t have to ask if you approve of this location huh?” I laughed meekly before falling back into him a bit more. Now it was more for comfort and desire than out of necessity to keep gravity from overtaking me. I leaned my head back and up to try and look into his face, but his pecs were so swollen and pressing against me that I wasn’t able to rotate enough to see him. “Not just yet.” He said to me before continuing “Keep looking in the mirror. I want you to see what you’ve done to me. How much bigger you’ve made me.” Leaning down to my ear he whispered, “And knowing that you will make me even more massive.” I moaned as a Lust Shiver passed through me again and my cock started to harden again at those words. I returned my gaze to the mirror and saw him resume the stance he had before. Swelling up behind me causing me to shake slightly but at least remain upright this time. This time however, I noticed just how small I was. The comparison before was how huge he was and marveling at it, now I just felt so small… inferior… disgusting… “Hey, what’s wrong?” Ryan must have seen the change in my facial expression from awe and lust to shame and self-loathing. “I look… pathetic.” I managed to croak out before turning my head from the mirror. Looking down however didn’t improve things as I was met with my physical body, not merely its reflection. I closed my eyes to get away from anything that would remind me of it. “Hey” Ryan said as he grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face him, or at least as close as I could with his pecs in the way. “Look at me.” I took a breath before opening my eyes. They were open for only a second or two before he continued “My eyes are up here stud” I couldn’t help but chuckle for a few seconds before looking up at him. My God I thought, even his face is getting better. He’s beyond good looking now. “You are not pathetic.” I turned away not wanting to believe him. He’s just saying that but he doesn’t really mean it. “Hey” he said before reaching up with his hand, grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at him. “You. Are. Not. Pathetic.” He said again with extra emphasis on each word. “I want you. I want you here, I want to spend time with you, I want to make you shiver, shake and shoot just like you did out there over and over again. I want you to do the same to me.” I couldn’t do that. No matter how hard I tried I could never give you that kind of pleasure. “I choose you. I want YOU to be here with me right now because I’ve wanted you far before this whole growing thing started. I didn’t say or do anything because you seemed so intimidated by me despite the looks you gave and how much I could tell you wanted me. I like how you always treated me with respect even though I could tell you wanted to take me right on the gym floor most days. You asked about my life, my interests, hell just how my day was. If anything was off, you offered help and it was because you genuinely wanted to, not just to try and get something out of it. I’ve talked to other people at the gym and they all say you’re a good guy and have helped some of them with their problems.” I was starting to cry now. “I have wanted you.” I croaked out finally. “I spent days trying to talk to you, but how does one talk to an idol? I kept going over what I would say and start over to you before losing my nerve and continuing to the locker room, or to another piece of equipment to explain my movement. I was never worried that you wouldn’t talk to me as I saw you talking to a lot of other people in the gym from new guys to the regulars. I was more worried that my fantasy would shatter. That I would talk to you and either confirm that you were straight or worse, gay but not into me. That we would exchange pleasantries but never anything more. That we wouldn’t have anything in common to talk about and just be awkward silence. You are SO far out of my league that I need the Hubble to see it.” “Why do you say that?” He asked me, looking genuinely concerned now. “LOOK AT YOU!” I cried before backing up and gesturing my hands up and down at his body. “You’re… you…” I took a deep breath and considered his face again. “You were breathtaking before, but now…” I trailed off again. “I’m only like this because of YOU though.” He said before taking another step towards me. “Well not ALL of this, but the more recent changes.” He grinned at me in that sweet disarming way to help put me at ease a bit. “And you’re not the ONLY one who thought the other was out of his league you know.” “W-what?” I asked looking alarmed. “You? No way. Compared to you I’m- “ “Smarter, more caring, more observant.” He interrupted me. “Do you realize that hearing you talk to some of the other people at the gym I felt intimidated by your mind? That you were so much smarter than I was really made me think the same thing as you: ‘What would we talk about?’” He looked directly into my eyes and I knew this was sincere. “I knew you weren’t one of those kinds of guys for a one night stand, or NSA so I didn’t know how to break the ice either. No matter how much I knew both of us would enjoy it, I knew I wanted more and was sure you did too, but what if I couldn’t offer you more? What if all I was to you was the dumb slab of beef for a quick fuck?” “Wow” I said at a loss for anything better to say at the moment. “Guess we have a lot to talk about, don’t we?” I smiled at him and this time, took his head in my hands to bring him in for a kiss. “You’re not dumb, though you are at least two slabs of beef now, and I never, EVER want a ‘quick’ fuck, got it?” He wrapped his colossal pythons around me and lifted me up. “Suppose so.” He replied and kissed me again while taking me over to the bed. He laid down on his back with me laying on top of him. Once down, he relaxed his grip but kept his arms around me. “Alright then.” He said with the air of a reporter about to get the story of the century. “What is your favorite type of ice cream?” ***** We ended up talking for the next couple of hours before we both started to nod off. I was so comfortable with him, and on him, that I dozed off faster than I can remember. I woke up not sure what time it was, or even what day it was. I had a feeling of panic for a moment or two as the sounds of the room met my ears and my sleepy brain slowly ground into gear to realize they weren’t the ones I was used to. I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a wall that I didn’t immediately recognize but then remembered and felt calm wash over me. Followed closely by the unbearable need to pee. Groaning slightly, I rolled out of bed and to where I remembered the bathroom being. As I “voided” myself, I looked around to see the contents of the bathroom. A few hair care products, but not an overabundance of them, some disposable razors and shaving cream (this took a moment to register as to “why more than one?” when it made sense that he shaved everywhere for his contest.) Would I prefer him hairy or smooth? I liked smooth as it showed off his size more and made for better worshiping (less rug burn). Toothbrush, paste and mouth wash, so good oral hygiene skills. Like you would really turn him away if he had a bit of bad breath. Speaking of… I finished up at the toilet and moved over to the sink to wash my hands and then to take a quick swig of mouthwash to get rid of my own morning breath. While swishing, I ventured back towards the bedroom and upon catching sight of Ryan sleeping in the bed, did a classic spit take all over the place. “HOLY FUCK!” I cried out making the mountain of muscle stir ever so slightly, but I would bet caused tremors. Ryan was FREAKISH! I wasn’t sure I could hazard a guess to his weight or dimensions right now but in all honesty, I didn’t really want to. Walking like a zombie back to the bed, I stood there taking in the sight of his enormity. He was unmistakably taller as evidenced by his head being bent against the headboard and his legs being at least a foot beyond the foot-board. His entire body was now proportioned to the true mass monsters of the sport of bodybuilding. Before he was around a middleweight I would say, closing in on heavyweight but now he was the bulbous size and shape of the truest, freakiest super-heavyweights in the sport. Traps were at his ears and were larger than a handful… well mine or any other mortal’s handful. Transitioning into the roundest and most defined set of shoulders I’d ever seen. I could see bands of fibers, almost individual ones along each of the distinct heads of each deltoid. His shoulders were easily larger than my head now. I continued my gaze to his pecs that I remember sleeping on last night and they were now true pillows of muscle. King sized at that. Even laying on his back, the amount of muscle in each pec still caused the nipples to be pushed “down” and they looked hard. I think at this point I even licked my lips with the desire to lick, kiss and suck on them. I picked up his left arm, marveling at the weight of it and maneuvered my way to sit on the edge of the bed placing his arm across my lap. I leaned over and placed my left arm across his chest and lay my head down onto his torso. I closed my eyes for a second and reveled in how safe I felt right now. That even though part of my brain was freaking out at this literal giant next to me and how on Earth he could possibly gotten to this size, I still felt calm. Content even. And now, fucking horny. I opened my eyes and shifted slightly to get my mouth into position to begin sucking on his nipple. With my other hand in place, I leaned in and began to tease the one with my tongue while my fingers mirrored the action on the other. It was only a few seconds before the sensations caused quite a stir. By which I mean Ryan stirred and moved so I slid off the bed. Laughing a bit at the absurdity of it, I slid my way back up and onto the bed and resumed my ministrations. Soon moans started to issue from Ryan’s throat and the vibrations of them could be felt along most of my body. “Hhhhhhnnnnnnng” Ryan moaned and arched his back causing my hand to be dislodged from his right pec and almost from his right. As compensation, his arm that was along my lap tensed and pulled me in tighter to him. Once again, I was being surrounded by muscle and was in absolute heaven about it. When he relaxed a bit, and brought his back down onto the mattress, I looked over the fields of pec muscle to see him grinning at me sleepily. “Well good morning to you too.” He grumbled and began to stretch a bit more now that he had started. Midway through however, he stopped and his eyes bugged out. “What the…” “Yeah.” I said almost bored but smiling none the less. “Wondered if you would notice that.” I saw him take a quick inventory of himself before looking over at me. Still twisted at the waist to sit comfortably on the bed yet play with his nipples, I felt his arm raise up from my lap and could tell he was casually testing its weight. Then, based on the look on his face and the movement of his delts, I knew he was curling his arm to see how much it had grown. His eyes got wider and I am guessing that, given the angle, my head was “in the way” yet he could still see it rise and surround my head on all sides. “HOLY- “ “Yeah, that was my reaction a bit ago too.” I smirked after I interrupted him. “I’m- “ “Yep” “How- “ “No idea” “What- “ “Not sure” “I’m- “ “We’ve established that” “How- “ “We’ve been here before, I recognize that tree.” I grinned this time and climbed up onto him, leaned over his titanic pecs and gave him a kiss. “How about we just enjoy it huh?” Ryan brought his arm down and joined it with the other one on top of me. “I think that is most definitely going to happen. But how big do you think I’m going to get!?” “Couldn’t tell you as we still don’t know what’s causing it.” I replied but it did bring that question back to the front of my mind. What was causing this? It was clearly not natural which only meant supernatural. Was it the candy? “Do you remember what piece of candy you had Ryan? Was it one of the taffy’s, or a hard candy? I didn’t see when you pulled it out of the bag.” “No, it was some sort of gummi I think. Though really salty.” He replied. “Gummi? I didn’t buy any gummi’s… and since when are they salty? Sour sure but…” I trailed off now even more confused. “Well it was chewy at least so maybe not a gummi. It was in the shape of a little man.” I gasped. I know what it was now! “Grow A Boyfriend” I said, more to myself as I was now lost in thought. The free gift she gave me did this? But it wasn’t supposed to be eaten… was it? I thought it was a novelty not a consumable. Maybe this was some sort of reaction to it and we should call poison control? “Sorry?” Ryan asked looking at me even more confused. “Did you say ‘boyfriend’?” “Hmm?” I looked at him for a moment realizing he had spoken but not knowing what it was he had said. “Did you say ‘boyfriend’?” He asked again looking a bit flushed. “Yeah. I got a free gift with my purchase of a Grow A Boyfriend toy. Or at least, I thought it was a toy. Said you put it in water and it grows to six times its size. Figured it was some kind of sponge that you give to kids.” “Well that at least explains something.” He said, now with his own distant expression of being lost in thought. “What does it explain? Just raises further questions for me.” I replied. “Why I’ve been so damned thirsty since. And why I look more dried out and cut than I was last week for my contest. Looks like it’s absorbing water and making me expand from it.” He looked satisfied with this information. “How does that explain it? Well not ALL of it. How is it doing that? How is it not causing you to shrivel up from dehydration and mummifying you? And unless you’ve truly ingested a couple hundred pounds of water, you shouldn’t be this big.” “So, you’re getting hung up on the science of magic?” He asked me with a look like he was about to laugh at the absurdity of it. I looked at him for several seconds before I burst out laughing and he quickly joined in. The effect was to have me bouncing and shaking at what I would estimate the same amount as a mild earthquake. “Well, I say we DO test the science of that theory, and I have an idea on how to do it.” I gave him one last kiss and pushed myself up and off him. “Alrighty then professor.” He said while sitting up and propping himself on his elbows. “What sort of evil experiment are you going to perform?” “I’m going to run out and get a few things and be back in about an hour.” I said while searching for and putting on my clothes. As I pulled on my shirt I stopped with one arm in and stood stock still having caught sight of him in his nearly sitting position. Heaven help me! “What?” He looked a bit shocked by my sudden stop. “What’s wrong?” “You are simply stunning.” I said and then continued dressing. Grabbing my shoes, I went back to the bed and sat on the edge by him to put them on. “Well aren’t you just the sweetest boyfriend ever.” He said before leaning in to give me a kiss. “W-what?” I asked, stunned again to motionlessness. “Did you just…” “Yeah I did. But you started it.” He grinned at me in my befuddlement. “How? When?” I could feel my face heating up rapidly and was sure I my voice was inching up in octaves too just like a boiling kettle. “Easy Turbo” He said as he put a hand on my shoulder. At his touch, I felt most of my tension evaporate and could exhale fully. “You only said it when you figured out it was the Grow A Boyfriend thing I ate. I liked hearing you say it and wanted to say it back to you. If you’d rather I didn’t- “ “NO!” I shouted and jerked my body towards him. “I-I like it too. Just… didn’t expect… I mean we only had the one… date?” I put the last word as a question not knowing if it was true. “The first of many I hope!” He replied smiling and leaning in to kiss me again. “I don’t care if it was the first, it felt right just like saying boyfriend to you felt right.” I grinned back and nodded before finishing my task of tying my shoes. “Right.” I said trying to regain my business-like tone. “Here’s what we’re gonna do: I’m going to run get a few things and be back in an hour. In the meantime, you will go and start the faucet in the kitchen and start filling water glasses, pitchers, bowls, hell anything you can find with water and start drinking. Rotate out so that you have a constant supply of water and don’t stop drinking until I get back.” “Aye aye sir!” Ryan replied going poker stiff and giving me a salute. FUCK! ”FUCK!” Sometimes there isn’t much of a delay or filter from brain to mouth… He grinned knowing how turned on that made me and started to get out of bed. “NO!” I shouted again. “Not yet. I’m not going to be able to take you all in just now. Plus, if I’m going to leave, I can’t be tempted, and Lord have mercy would you tempt me!” He grinned again but settled back onto the bed. “Soon as you hear the door close, get up, and start chugging like a whole army of frat boys on spring break!” I gave him one last look-over, bit my lip and moaned before turning around and heading out of the bedroom. Lord give me strength to actually leave now! ***** “I’m sorry you want HOW many?” The cashier was looking at me like I was either insane or this was some sort of joke. “As many as you have please.” I stated again with what I hoped was a serious look in my face to actually get her to move. “I’m hoping for at least a dozen but more if you have them. Also, at least the same amount of the 5lb bags of ice too. I can pull my truck around to make loading them easier.” “Ummmm.” She looked around to find someone to help her. “George, can you go count how many of the 5-gallon water jugs we have please?” He blinked a couple times but then went off to finish the task. “I’ll go pull my truck around.” ***** “This was a great idea in theory, but the execution is proving troublesome.” I panted slightly as I stopped on the landing. Somehow in my excitement I hadn’t considered that there were two flights of stairs to get to Ryan’s apartment. Carrying two 5-gallon jugs of water up them was proving more taxing than I anticipated. “Okay. Almost there.” I told myself as I picked up the jugs again and made the last few steps to the hallway. Thankfully he was only one door down so the walk now was quick. I set the jugs down again and listened at the door. I could hear the water running in the sink. “Good boy” I grinned. Alright, moment of truth time. I turned the knob, pushed open the door and bent down to pick up the two jugs. I made it two paces into the apartment before I looked up. I promptly dropped both jugs which bounced slightly. One tipped over and started rolling away from me. Ryan had jumped slightly at the noise and was midway through chugging a gallon of milk. He winked at me and kept chugging while his free hand groped for the handle of the faucet. “JESUS H CHRIST!” I blurted out and once again had to lean against the wall for support. Ryan was truly a giant now. Easily 8 ft. tall and at least 5 ft. wide. If I had to guess, I would put him at around 700 lbs. now, maybe even 800. He walked around the island finishing the last of the milk and tossing the empty container aside. “Milk. It does a body good.” He said grinning down at me. My shock wore off for a second to start laughing. Not only was it such an appropriate thing to say, but he even had the classic milk mustache to boot! “You’re such a dork” I said before slapping his chest. I leaned down to move the remaining water jug but was stopped part way down by a massive and immensely powerful hand on my upper arm. “I know you are, but what am I?” He said in a sing-song type voice like a child. I grinned again and with no further encouragement leaned up and in to kiss him. Taking some time to lick off the milk still clinging to his upper lip. “Mmm” I said smacking my lips together. “Milk and beef. Does that make you a cow now?” His mouth twitched into a smile but changed quickly. “More like BULL!” He leaned down into a half most muscular pose to emphasize his point. Message received! “Well then” I said trying to regain my composure from the shock I just got and trying to remain focused on the task at hand. “Like any good beast of burden, you will have no problem coming back down to my truck and helping me unload, will you?” “Bull help.” He grunted in mockery of the Hulk, or maybe a caveman. Depends on your preference. “Bull like lift heavy things.” To prove this point he hoisted up the water jug between his thumb and forefinger and moved it to the side like it weighed nothing. This simple action and the seemingly nonexistent resistance it caused still made his arm muscles dance and pop much to my enjoyment. “Well Bull need pants.” I said nodding my head down at his nakedness. “Otherwise Bull get arrested.” Please! What cop car could hold him? “Bull hate pants. Bull want be naked for boyfriend all the time!” He grunted some more not wanting to let this bit go. “Well Bull need pants for other puny humans. Plus” I said acting coyly and leaning in close to him before continuing “If you get them on now, when you’re done bringing in everything you will be able to burst out of them and boyfriend will LOVE that.” Checkmate. “Fine” he grinned finally giving up the rouse. “I’ll see if something still fits… but I don’t hold out much hope!” “I think your posers might… just be gentle. I’m going to go down and get the next batch.” “How many trips will it take?” He asked with genuine concern in his voice now. “With Bull, just the one.” I winked back at him and returned to the hallway outside his apartment. Leaning up against the wall for a moment to take a deep breath before shaking my head and starting back down the stairs. I was just finishing up moving the jugs to the edge of the truck bed when I heard a “Psst” from somewhere. Looking up, I saw Ryan cowering in the shadows of the entrance to his complex. I waved him over and saw him glance back and forth around the lot to make sure no one else was around. Now he’s bashful of showing off? After he started moving out of the entry way, I realized why. The sweatpants he had on were already ripped at the thickest part of his leg and the strain above that was noticeable even from this distance. He wouldn’t be arrested on public indecency charges but that wasn’t going to last long! “Geeze!” He remarked as he got to the tailgate. “Did you buy enough?” I had pushed the other 8 jugs to the edge and was moving the packs of ice down to that end as well. “Not as many as I had hoped but the store didn’t have any more. So, I got some bags of ice as well that we can either melt down or use in some other capacity.” I gave him a sidelong look that was fully of mischief. “Ungh” Ryan moaned as he caught onto my meaning. “Well let’s get all this inside quickly, shall we?” In one sweeping movement, Ryan had encircled 4 of the jugs in his arms and picked them up off the truck bed. Turning quickly, he made for the apartment complex entrance and up the stairs. “Woof!” I said out loud before grabbing as many of the bags of ice as I could carry and followed. Turned out he didn’t manage all in one trip but that wasn’t because he couldn’t lift the weight, but more because of the size and awkwardness of the jugs. He set them down next to the other one by the door and turned back out almost crashing into me at the threshold. “Whoa!” I called out as I was nearly steamrollered by him. “Easy speed racer! They’re not going anywhere!” “I know but the faster they get in here, the faster we can start, and the less chance there is that someone will see me.” “Why are you worried about that?” I asked because this seemed out of character for him. Not a constant show off, but enough self-confidence at the gym to be posing and flexing a lot of the time to make this sort of reserved behavior off-putting. “Well firstly, I only want YOU to enjoy all my massiveness for the time being.” He said before leaning in to kiss me again. Such a romantic! “And secondly, I’d rather not have a neighbor calling the cops, the CDC or Ripley’s right now until we figure out for sure what’s going on and, though I hate to admit it, if it’s reversible.” I was stunned for a minute before I realized that he was right. He really was a freak now and if he was still growing, it would prove highly problematic soon. “Alright you big lug. Go get the last of it.” He gave me one last quick peck on the cheek and was off down the hallway again. Hauling my load into the living room and returning for the first couple of jugs, it wasn’t until I was in the living room with the second trip that I heard him return. “Bring them over here.” I called out to him and moments later, he was there with the last 4 jugs and setting them on the couch. “Go grab the last of them from over there and we’ll set up in here.” Giving me another quick salute, he turned to get the last of the jugs from the entryway. “Now what?” He asked though I’m sure he knew what was next. “Now, you get chugging.” I said as though it was obvious. “Are you still thirsty?” “Surprisingly yes. Not the overwhelmingly so that I have been, but still enough of a desire to drink something.” He replied and it wasn’t until he finished that I think he realized just how odd that was. “Okay so here is my thinking: there is over 400 lbs. of water here.” His eyes got round and he scanned over the jugs of water. “Well technically over 500 lbs. with the ice included.” His eyes got even rounder at this. “Given that you seem to be growing disproportionately to how much you are drinking, and that we don’t know exactly how big you will get, though I have a guess, this should be more than sufficient.” “You have a guess? Based on what?” he asked me looking surprised. “Based on this.” I said and pulled out the packaging from the Grow A Boyfriend. Turning it over I showed him the line that said, “watch as it grows to 6 times its original size”. “Six times? SIX TIMES!?” Ryan gaped at the package and I saw the look in his eyes as he took in what that could possibly mean. “But I’ll be something like 36 feet tall then!” He actually looked scared for a moment before looking up at the ceiling as if he was about to shoot up through it any moment. “Not quite.” I replied looking at him. “If it only affected your height, yes, but it says size. I think it more likely that you’ll be 6 times heavier which is much better.” “Better?” He looked at me like I was a crazy person now. “That’s over 1200 lbs.! How is that better?” “Well for one thing, you’ll still be able to fit inside this room given that at 1200 lbs. you should be just a bit under 11 feet tall if my math is right. You won’t be able to stand fully upright but you will still fit overall.” Ryan was still looking at me like I was a madman. Which, given how calmly I was saying all this and how I was feeling at the idea of him growing another 50% bigger did make me wonder why I wasn’t heading for the hills in terror. “Do you really think I’ll stop then?” He was looking at me almost pleadingly now as though I was handing him a death sentence, or some terrible diagnosis. “I hope so.” I said sincerely. “Look, I’m still making guesses about this like you are, but so far there DOES seem to be some sort of weird logic behind it. Plus, I have one more thing to do later if things get out of hand… well MORE out of hand that is.” “You’re not going to call the army on me, are you? Am I going to have to go all King Kong and climb the side of a building carrying you as planes attempt to shoot me down?” He grinned a bit at this and it caused me to chuckle a bit as well. “Do I look like Fay Wray to you?” This made him really laugh now and the result of which made his massive muscles bounce and tense. He then started to pound his chest like King Kong then and the sight was pure alpha animal overdrive. “Alright. So how do we do this then? I just start chugging again?” He asked me but I wasn’t really paying attention again. Stunned at what I had just seen it took him snapping his fingers in my face to break me out of my thoughts. “Sorry, what?” I blinked a few times to recover myself. “I asked what is your plan. Should I just start drinking until we are out of water?” He asked but was grinning at the end in a way that made me sure he knew what I was thinking about him. “Um, not quite.” I said and began to undo the top of the first container. “Go until you don’t feel thirsty anymore. I have a hunch that means you’re done.” “You’re the boss, boss” He said before taking the first jug out of my hands, lifted it up like you would a bottle of beer and started drinking. Given my previous reference to him I resisted the urge to start chanting “Chug, chug, chug!” but only barely. A few minutes later he was finished. Pulling the container from his lips he turned it so the bottom was facing him and proceeded to slam it against his skull like it was an aluminum beer can. The effect was similar in that it decimated the bottle causing it to bend, warp and crack in several places as it was condensed down into a third or so of its previous size. Ryan dropped it to his side and let out a belch that was impressive though due to the lack of carbonation, I wasn’t surprised it wasn’t louder. “Well guess I won’t be getting money back for that one when I return it.” I said feigning annoyance with him at his display of macho bravado. “Oh shit!” He said quickly. “I’m sorry, I can-“ I laughed now at the sight of hands down the largest man on the planet looking ashamed at his actions. Like a little kid caught in wrong doing. “It’s fine!” I said after several moments of laughter. “It’s only around $6 or so, I think I’ll live without it. Besides” I said bending down to pick it up. “I think it will make a great souvenir and modern art piece, don’t you?” “I’ve seen worse mementos of a first date so this will definitely be unique!” He replied and grabbed the next jug. After a minute or two on the second jug, he waved at me and then pointed to the coffee table and gestured it to the side. Picking up on the hint, I moved the table over to the side of the room to allow him to sit down on the floor with his back to the couch. I grabbed two of the unopened jugs and moved them to within arm’s reach of him before climbing onto the couch and kneeling behind him. I wrapped my arms around his neck (from this angle the only part of him I could reach and wrap my arms around) and started nibbling on his ear. I felt him moan in response and pause in his gulping as the sensation washed over him. “Keep drinking. Every gulp you take makes you bigger. Every mouthful makes that much more of a mouthful for me to worship. I want to see you at 1200 lbs. Ryan. Can you just picture it? Twelve. Hundred. Pounds. Over a half ton of man and muscle. 4 times bigger than any other bodybuilder in history!” My words were having a profound impact on Ryan as I looked down to see his cock pushing his already strained and broken sweat pants to their final test. I moved my hands down to his pecs and started to squeeze and grope them. “God, I can FEEL you swelling up now. Getting even more massive by the second! Do you know how hot that is? To literally feel you inflate next to me? You’re already more than twice the size of anyone else in the WORLD! Almost three times! Soon it will be four. A true.” I paused for a breath. “Muscle” I paused again. “GOD!” I timed this speech to be done right as he finished with the jug and pulled away taking in long, deep lungs full of air before moaning deeply as his cock finally burst free of his pants and smacked him in the abdomen. “FUCK!” He bellowed and tossed the now empty container to the side of the room. He immediately went into a double bicep pose from his seated position and I felt him growling as he held the pose. “I DO feel like I’m swelling up right now. Feel so much bigger, stronger, fucking BEASTLY!” He roared and I put my hands onto each of his arms feeling them swell and harden beneath me. “Yes!” I called to him through his flexing. “Show me that size, show me that power!” I felt him tighten the flex even more and the mounds of his biceps pushed me even higher. I started to push down on them putting more and more of my body weight into it, but this simply made Ryan flex harder. I think he barely noticed the pressure and it was far from hurting him, but it did encourage him to put everything he had into the flex. After a minute or two I relaxed and again draped my arms over his shoulders and grabbed onto his pecs. “Now these. Made these pecs grow for me Ryan. I want to feel them inflate so much they hit your chin! Show me what a real muscle god’s chest looks like!” He lowered his arms and brought them together in front of his abs and hard cock to fully flex his pecs. God, he damn near did make them reach his chin! My hands looked so small compared to them but once again I focused on how huge he was instead of how small I was. By this point, anyone could have put their hands on his chest and have them look puny. “Grrrr” I felt Ryan growl as he held the flex as deep and hard as he could. The rumbling under my hands was equal to that of a diesel engine and he probably had just as much power. “Fuck I am huge. Beyond huge. I’m gigantic! Yeah feel all that pec meat stud. Fuck that feels good. Love the feeling of you worshiping me. Want to get so huge for you. Would grow forever if you wanted me to just to make you happy. Want to get even more massive for you. Show off for you, fulfill your every muscle dream and desire. Any strength feat, any act of muscle glory you want until you blow your load and pass out in pure bliss.” He finally relaxed the pose and grabbed the next jug while I pressed against him panting in response to that declaration. Was he serious? Or was this just what he knew I wanted to hear? At halfway through the third jug I finally regained my faculties enough to lean down and whisper “Flex your legs for me. I want to see you fully destroy those sweatpants with your pure muscle power.” He groaned again and I saw him point his toes towards the entertainment center and his calves swell up several inches on either side of his legs. After about 10 seconds of holding it, he relaxed them and then repeated the motion. This time, I heard a couple tears. “That’s it. Hulk out of them for me Bull. FORCE your muscles to grow and shame that flimsy cloth that dared try to contain you!” He grunted again and this time he really bore down on them and the rips were louder and more pronounced. I could see the veiny diamonds showing from the sides of both his legs now. “Now your quads. Show me those redwoods. Make them grow and spread your stance wider. Imagine how much you will be waddling soon with the mass of an entire person on each leg!” This may have been an exaggeration, but it got the job done. I saw Ryan’s cock surge harder and press even more into his abs. The one leg had already been torn well enough when his cock burst free of it but that wasn’t enough for either of us. I saw him tense the quad muscle and could make out the tear drop through the now skin tight fabric of his pants. There was ripping on the right side from where his cock burst through giving it a head start but the left was soon in hot pursuit. Each gulp he made seemed to make the pants leg get tighter *gulp* tighter *gulp* TIGHTER! “Flex your ass for me too. Want you to get the most massive and perfect bubble butt around. Do you want me to fuck you Ryan?” I heard him moan “Mmhmm” as he continued to chug the water, now reaching its end. “Yeah? Bit powerful muscle god wants to be fucked by little ol’ me?” I teased him and felt him shudder as well. “Then give me an ass worthy of it. I will only fuck the most perfect bubble butt there is on the most massive bodybuilder alive. Is that you?” “Mmhmm” He moaned between gulps. I felt him start to rise up then. The slow contraction of his ass was raising him several inches off the floor. He held it for a while before releasing. “Again” I commanded and felt him rise up again, hold, then release. “Again” He obeyed. “Faster now. Imagine me fucking you. Use your ass to milk my cock. Use those powerful glutes to massage my steel hard pole as it enters you.” He picked up the tempo but paused in his drinking to moan as he did. “Faster” I said and he picked up the speed of his glute contractions. “Faster” He was really working now. I heard the fabric tear up the side of his legs to meet the waistband of his pants. His legs were as free of the flimsy cloth as much as they could be no matter how much he grew now. Tattered and slightly damp from his sweating and the amount of pre he had been leaking meant that these were another souvenir of this date. I saw that he had only a few more gulps to go now so I reached down and grabbed onto his cock. Now over a foot in length and reaching to the bottom of his pecs. The moment I made contact he moaned so deep I felt my spleen vibrate. I started to stroke as much of him as I could reach from this angle and kissed his neck at the same time. “Faster… oh I’m pile-driving your ass now. Such a fucking BEAST! Grow for me Ryan. Grow bigger… and bigger… and BIGGER!” He finished the last gulp of water, dropped it down to his side, let out a roar of pure satisfaction as his whole body tensed up into its most massive as he began to unload his sperm all over himself. “FUUUUUUUUCK!!” He roared and tensed down on every muscle with every ounce of strength he could muster. Veins exploded all over him as his skin seemed to shrink wrap around them. Definition like I have never seen was now on display for me mere inches from my face. Not an ounce of fat to be seen anywhere and his skin was so tight across each bulbous mound that I was afraid that any more pressure would rip the skin just like his pants. Shot after shot kept pouring out of him as his moans started to subside and he relaxed a bit. Shuddering and convulsing as I kept working the cock which was now supremely sensitive. Wanting to get every drop out of him so that he would hopefully feel as good as I did last night from his ministrations. Finally he relaxed and slumped back into me a bit with his head rolling back to stare at the ceiling. “Not bad Bull.” I winked at him before leaning over to kiss him upside down. He kissed me back with more passion and energy than I expected after that performance but I wasn’t going to complain. We made out for another minute or two before I broke apart, gave his right nipple a good twist making him gasp, shudder then moan before getting up from the couch. “I’ll be right back with a towel for you.” With only several gasps in acknowledgement, I turned to the bathroom to find a towel, or two, to clean up the behemoth in the other room. I took a minute or two after finding them to clean up myself a bit given how his load had covered not only himself, but substantial portions of my hands, forearms, upper arms, and even a bit of my face on the first volley. When I was done, and drying my hands, I looked at myself in the mirror. “I don’t know what I did to deserve this” I said out loud to the universe at large “But thank you. Even if it was only tonight, even if this never happens again and we only see each other at the gym from time to time, thank you for at least this one day.” Setting my towel down and grabbing the other two, I smiled one more time to myself and turned off the light. Returning to the living room, I found Ryan standing in the middle of the floor with his head bowed and unbelievably in a pair of navy blue posers. Walking over to him I began to towel him down as best I could reach until he was mostly clean. Once complete, I put the towels down, put my hands in my pockets and took a deep breath. Standing less than two feet in front of me was the nearly 11 ft. tall, 1200+ lb. bodybuilder of my wildest dreams. There, was my ultimate and perfect boyfriend, grown just for me. After a minute or two of standing there simply admiring Ryan’s sheer size and magnificence, he coughed a couple of times and brought his hand up to his mouth. He pulled it away and after looking at it, lowered his hand to show me what was there. It was the Grow A Boyfriend! “I’m not thirsty anymore” Ryan said with a sly grin on his face. ***** Over the next several hours and overnight, Ryan slowly shrank back down to his former size. “How is it I can be both relieved and upset by that?” He asked me the following morning when we woke up and were lying in his bed together. “Because you are a dumb jock that can’t make up his mind?” I suggested playfully as my hand traced along the contours of his abdomen. “That must be it” He agreed before kissing the top of my head. “Well I wouldn’t be upset TOO much by it to be honest.” I said as I sat up and rummaged around for my bag next to the bed. “Oh?” He asked, “Why is that?” “Because you clearly don’t seem to remember what the last line of the instructions were.” I said as I lay back down with my head on his chest and handed him the Grow A Boyfriend packaging. “Read it.” I felt him sigh in exasperation of me which then turned into a moderate laugh. “Then you can grow it again and again.” The End
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    Alchemist - Part 5

    I could hardly sleep the night before I was to leave for Chicago. Every time I was just about to sleep, my mind would start to wander about what would happen the following day. Thoughts of me worshipping every inch of Chase’s huge body worked their way into my mind. Thoughts of making his already huge muscles grow even bigger and stronger. Suddenly I would find my self jacking off, on the verge of cumming and needing to stop myself. “I can’t cum now” I kept telling myself. I promised I would wait so that when we met I would be primed and ready to blow and shower him in the offering that was my load. After a few hours of tossing and turning I decided to do some more reading in Atlas’ tome to determine what else I could do with it. As with the legend of Atlas, most of the spells in his tome were centered around physical enhancement. Mostly strength and size augmentation spells, however there were a few that he admits to have “borrowed” from the other deities of his time. It seems that before he was punished to “hold up the sky”, Atlas was quite the Titan. Just like in the “normal” Greek mythology, the Titans predated the Gods and Goddesses of the Pantheon. Their power was great and they were the rulers of their time. Each seemed to have a desire for certain powers that manifested in their respective myths. In the case of Atlas, he desired size and strength above all else. He felt that sheer size and physical power were the most important and could overcome anything in the universe. I was inclined to agree with him after the spectacle I had seen only a few days earlier. Not to mention the best night of my life that I would have the following night. The thought of all that huge hard muscle flexing for me to touch, lick, caress… No! I can’t think about it. Once again without my realizing it, I had drifted off to sleep as the next thing I knew I was being awoken by my alarm clock. Still half asleep I stumbled into the shower and proceeded to clean up. Once done and toweled off, I made my way for my dresser to get my work clothes when I stumbled on the packed suitcase on the floor. “Ouch! Damnit what the hell did I…” Of course! I wasn’t working today, I was leaving for Chicago! I started laughing at my own stupidity as I looked for a pair of regular clothes to wear for the day. I went about my daily routine: getting breakfast, flipping through the newspaper, watching a little TV, then at last checked my emails and messages. I had a couple of messages from fellow muscle enthusiasts who were both wishing me well and cursing my fortune of meeting Chase in person, not to mention spending the night with him worshiping his glorious body (and making him grow, but I didn’t tell them that!). I printed out the copy of the email that Chase had sent to me with the hotel name and address and where the contest was taking place. There was also what he called a “head shot” so I would recognize him at the airport. I laughed at not only the absurdity of needing a photo to recognize him, but the fact that his “head shot” was from about the waist up with him shirtless giving me a most muscular pose and grinning mischievously at me. Well I was both laughing and hard as fucking steel when I saw that pic. He looked FANTASTIC! If he didn’t win this contest I would storm the stage and knock the judge’s heads together a few times! I chuckled at the picture a few more times and then started nervously pacing the room. I had been in debate with myself for the past half-hour as to whether or not I wanted to bring the tome with me on the trip. I had memorized the muscle growth spell so I didn’t really need it, but it could prove to have some other spells we could play around with. I had just packed the book in my carry on bag when I noticed that I had to leave then or I would be late arriving at the airport. I must have broken about a half dozen laws by the time I pulled into the parking lot of the airport. I was so excited that I kept speeding up and had almost gone flying past a police officer doing somewhere around 90. I went into the airport and did the normal check in procedure. I got my one extra bag checked, my tickets printed and pointed towards my terminal (which was pointless since this airport only had 6 of them!) I still had about a half-hour before my flight was to begin boarding so I got the tome out and began reading it again. “That’s a very impressive book sir. Might I ask where you acquired it?” I looked up with a start and saw a very well dressed (not to mention handsome) man looking down at me. “Oh this? I bought it from a seller online about a week ago. Just something I’ve been searching for. I’m kind of a collector of ancient books and manuscripts. Though my collection only spans one bookshelf!” The guy laughed softly and nodded his head. “I’m actually a collector as well, though my collection spans much more then one book shelf. From the look of that book it’s from Ancient Greece, am I right?” “Yes it is. It’s missing quite a few pages and is reportedly part of a set though the other ones have never been found.” "I though so. I'd like to give you my card. As I said, I'm a collector and if you are ever interested in selling that book, give me a call. I assure you I will pay top dollar for it." I reached out and took the card from him. "Alright. I don't think I will, but I'll keep it in mind" "That's all I ask for. Well if you'll excuse me, I need to catch my flight. Have a safe trip." He smiled at me as he grabbed his bag and left the terminal. "You too" I called to him. I looked back to my book for a moment then back up to ask him another question, but he was gone. "Attention all passengers, we will now begin boarding for Flight 2589 to Chicago. Please have your boarding pass ready” My heart leapt. That was me. That was my flight. I'm one step closer to meeting Chase in person. One step closer to worshiping his huge body in real life. I repacked the book into my carry-on and walked to the attendant. After a few minutes to find my seat, stow my luggage and strap in, the excitement flooded my brain again. I was going to meet Chase! I was going to see in live, in person. I was going to get to feel his huge body under my hands, and not just with my imagination. I was... getting a massive hardon while in my seat! Glancing around I tried to quickly, though covertly adjust myself and take my mind off of what was going to happen in just a few hours. Thankfully all of the other passengers were preoccupied putting their luggage away and getting into their seats as well to notice me. I have to take my mind off of this. I need to think of something, ANYTHING else. I plugged in my airline headset and changed the “station” to the tower so that I could listen to the radio chatter. After a few moments I was able to get a basic grasp of the lingo and determined we were next in line for take off. Sure enough we began accelerating and soon were airborne. “Excuse me ma’am, where is the luggage claim for our flight?” I asked the attendant once we had departed the terminal in Chicago. “Down the stairs and to the left. Yours should be on turnstile 4.” She smiled as she gave me the reply. “Thank you very much” I then grabbed my carry-on and headed for baggage claim. It only took a few minutes before the belts started moving and the bags made there way down from wherever they were and people started to pick them up. Mine was of course one of the last few to appear, but I simply grabbed it and made my way towards my rental car. Thankfully this process took far less time since I am a VIP member. From here on out it was simply picking my car and navigating my way to the hotel. “Room 280. The elevator is just down the hall and your room should be just past it. Here is a map to detail all our emergency exits as well as the location of the pool and restaurant. Enjoy your stay!” “I’m sure I will. Thank you very much” Damn. If I weren’t here to meet a total stud, the guy behind the register would be hard to pass up. Especially with a few “modifications”. I smiled politely but also a bit suggestively as I made my way over to the elevator. I had gotten to the hotel a bit ahead of schedule so I decided to go for a quick swim to pass the time. Chase’s flight wouldn’t be in for at least another hour or so and maybe a swim would calm me down so I didn’t jump him the second he walked in the door! I changed into my trunks, grabbed a towel and made my way down to the pool. The water felt so good on my skin and was just what I needed. I swam a few laps and took a quick soak in the hot tub to really get relaxed then made my way to the front desk. “I’m suppose to be meeting a friend here, has he stopped by or left a message for me? Room 280.” “Let me check for you.” Brief pause “No messages I’m afraid. I will let you know when there is though.” “Okay. Thank you again.” As I was about to turn away I swear I caught a hint of a smirk on his face. Did he know? I’m sure he has this kind of thing happen all the time in a big city like this. I shrugged it off and went back to my room. I opened the door and went into the bathroom to change back into my regular clothes and dry my hair. After some mild primping I decided I’d go and watch some TV until I got a call from the front desk. When I opened up the door and turned the corner I almost screamed. There, sitting like he owned the place was Chase! “Well it’s about damn time. Where have you been?” He gave me that sexy ass smirk and I thought I would melt. “I… I… what the hell are you doing here?” I couldn’t hold back my shock as I was near jaw dropping. He gave me another smirk and a light laugh and I thought I would shoot right then. “Got an earlier flight. Figured I’d surprise you.” He started to get up from the bed and walk over to me. “Well I am definitely surprised. But how did you get in? I’ve got the key and the guy at the front desk said no one had checked in yet.” Another laugh. “I gave him $20 and a quick flex to not tell you that I was here and he gave me a key.” Now it was my turn to laugh. “I thought I saw him smirk at me when I was leaving. Looks like you’ve charmed yet another poor soul with your amazing body.” He was now almost upon me. Mere inches away. I could smell his musk mixed with cologne to make a nearly intoxicating blend. “Maybe. He did seem receptive to the idea. However for now, he’s just a fan. You, my dear sweet worshiper, are my sole focus right now. I can sense your desire. How much you are dying to feel me. But more so, make me grow. You want to give me more muscle, more size, more strength. You want to make me a living God of muscle.” His voice got lower and lower with each passing word till it was barely above a whisper. He also was getting even closer too. Until he was a mere hairs breath away from me. “I do.” I couldn’t say any more. That was all that needed to be said. My heart was pounding so loudly I’m sure that even he could hear it. I felt both energized and immobile. I couldn’t move though I was desperate to. My whole body tingled with desire to feel every inch of this man and to use every ounce of know how at my disposal to make him even more of a God then he was now. “Well? What are you waiting for? An invitation?” He smirked again and I lunged. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with the passion of a thousand men. For a few seconds he seemed stunned, but soon I felt his arms start to wrap around my back and returning the kiss back with equal enthusiasm. Seconds turned into minutes as we stood there simply making out. This felt better then I could have ever dreamed of. Here I was, making out with quite possibly the hottest guy I have ever seen and this was only the start. I felt his arms around me. Pulling me closer, making sure that I could feel his muscle even through the clothes. He was so massive already I was almost unsure about making him bigger. “God you’re amazing” I said in between breaths. By now I was trying to get his shirt off so I could see and feel his rippling body without any interference. When I finally got it over his head I gasped which made him smile. Immediately I leaned back in and started to kiss his pecs. Big slabs of pure muscle lay beneath a thin layer of skin that were hard to the touch. I made my way down to his right nipple and started to kiss and bite on it. I heard him gasp and looked up to see his head roll back. When it came back he was smiling broadly. “You’re not so bad yourself man. Now, what do you say we liven things up? Make me grow man. Make me a fucking monster of muscle.” “Your wish is my command my soon-to-be Muscle God.” Again he smiled like a kid on Christmas and licked his lips. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into another deep kiss. I obliged for a few moments before pulling away. “If you want to grow, I need to breathe, not to mention speak. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride” I gently pushed him back to the bed and made him sit down. He looked up at me with such yearning and desire that it was hard to keep focused, but eventually I automatically started to say the spell. I could feel his muscles beneath my hands start to expand and grow. He moaned deeply and started to flex for me. First a glorious double biceps pose. My hands traced his across his shoulders, feeling the lines and ridges of muscle until they found the mountains in the distance. I took a sharp breath when I felt them. They were so hard under my hands. He pumped them again and again for me making the mounds swell more and more with each completion of the pose. He would flex hard at the top making sure that I could really feel the muscle as it expanded and grew. He stopped and grabbed my hands to place them on his pecs. Such power could be felt under my hands as I concentrated on making them grow. Chase flexed them over and over for me. First together, then each on its own to show me the control he had over his expanding body. Bigger and bigger he grew all over, but his pecs were just a bit larger then the rest of him at this point. I slowly knelt down letting my hands flow down his body across his ripped abs. Even relaxed they were hard as stone but then he flexed them. His stomach rippled like liquid steel before forming into eight perfect blocks of muscle. I traced each bulge with my fingers. The grooves and mounds of his midsection then out to his ripped obliques. His waist shrunk a bit during the process but it only helped to make him look that much bigger. While totally engrossed with his torso, I suddenly heard a slight rip. I glanced down to see that I hadn’t removed his pants and his legs were now bursting through them. I went to undo his pants so we could remove them when I felt his hands on mine. “No don’t. Let me hulk out of them. I’ve always wanted to and now I can.” I wasn’t about to argue with him and the fact that the act of him stopping me put his torso into a semi most muscular pose made me forget all about his lower half. His pecs were absolutely huge now! Bigger then I had ever seen and they were still growing. His arms were massive as they fought with his pecs for the space to continue to grow. The ripping was now more frequent and louder as I started to see his thighs from where the seam of his pants used to exist. Larger and larger his legs grew and so did the tears in his pants. I felt the fabric straining to contain the mass that was his thighs. They were pressing against each other harder and harder now and he had to readjust his legs to make room. Soon the seams were completely torn and the pants were hanging from his waist. Finally he allowed me to take them off so I could see his legs in all their pumped up muscle glory. His legs were perfect. I mean in the truest sense of the word: PERFECT! Huge, hard, defined, ripped. The epitome of what bodybuilder’s legs should look like were now his and they kept growing with every breath. So much muscle was crammed onto his frame now that he almost looked cartoonish. But to me he just looked like perfection. My every dream and fantasy made flesh and right here for me to touch. With my hands still on his titanic thighs, I leaned in again to kiss him. The last of his growth slowed once I stopped chanting and I was now able to see the beauty and majesty that I had created. He stood up, now at least 6’4” and packed to the hilt with bulging muscle. He walked (well waddled once he got aquatinted with is new size) to the mirror to see just how huge he was. He gasped, making his chest swell with size. Then he moaned. A deep lustful moan of appreciation for what I had given him. His hands started to travel his body. From his gigantic biceps, to his mammoth chest. Ripped abs to his redwood thighs. I saw his cock start to swell in his shorts. Bigger it rose as he felt (well more like gropped) his now super heavyweight body. Just when I thought the underwear could take no more he suddenly stopped and turned to me. Grinning that Cheshire cat way he did he started towards me. A mountain of muscle slowly coming at me taking up more and more of my field of vision. When he was again mere inches away from me he leaned down, as he was now taller then I, and with the volume just above a whisper said: “Now let’s have some REAL fun”
  14. BGryphon18

    Alchemist - Part 4

    I couldn't move. Time seemed to have stopped dead in its tracks. My brain would not send the signals to my body to allow me to leave my chair. I sat there, staring at my screen waiting to see if he would log back in so I could try and explain, and if necessary, reverse what had happened to him. Minutes ticked by as I stared at my screen while straining my ears to hear that familiar sound when a friend logs on but it was all in vain. I sat there for about an hour before I was finally able to get up. “How could this have happened? How?” I kept repeating that outloud hoping it would trigger something in my brain to help explain all this. The only thing I knew is that during my orgasm his growth practically doubled. He had gained a couple inches of pure muscle all over his body and apparently so had I. After I had tried to figure out what had happened with my own knowledge, I grabbed the tome and began searching through it for an answer. I’m not sure when, but I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was being awoken by the sounds of my computer dinging over and over again. Still half asleep I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus at the screen. Suddenly the realization of last night took hold, adrenaline flooded my system and I was wide awake. I moved the mouse to bring the computer back to life and thankfully saw several messages from Chase on my desktop. The first few were “Hello”’s and “Are you there?”’s, but after a few he left a few messages explaining that he was indeed freaked out last night and wanted some time to sort it all out. He also said that after a couple hours of cool down time, he got very excited about the whole idea much to my relief. As the messages went on I could sense his growing excitement at the possibility of growing massively huge. His last message was that he was going to the gym to test his newly acquired mass and that he would be back in a couple of hours. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He wasn’t mad, he wasn’t scared, he was happy, actually thrilled with what had happened. This was not only a huge relief on my conscience, but a huge turn on as well. This already huge guy wanted to be even bigger. He wanted to push the limits as to what his body could contain and I was more then willing to comply. The only problem is I really wanted to do it in person. I wanted to have him in front of me flexing his muscles over and over while I felt them grow under my hands. I wanted to lick and kiss every massive bulge as I made it grow bigger and bigger. Pure and simple, I wanted to worship him. I wanted to worship every fiber as it pulsed and throbbed with more and more size and strength. The minutes seemed to fly by as I kept replaying this fantasy over and over again in my mind. I was in the middle of my third jack off session when I saw him come back online. I was too caught up in my fantasies and was too close to cumming again to say hello right away. Without warning I had the cam request pop up on my screen. My hand left my cock for just enough time to click accept and return to it’s job. The connection was made and I was greeted by the most phenomenal double biceps shot I have ever seen. That was all it took for me and I shot my load all over my chest and stomach. Since this was my third time today, it wasn’t as long or impressive as the others and I was able to recover faster. “Hey! How did you know that was exactly what I needed at that moment? It was a GREAT hello too by the way.” I saw him laugh and start to reply. “Something told me that you would still be jacking off to what happened so I thought I’d give you a little help.” “Well you hit the nail on the head and the head responded by exploding all over my chest and abs.” Another laugh. “After what you gave me, it’s the least I can do to repay you. You should have seen the looks I got in the gym today! Every eye was on me whether they wanted to be or not! I made one guy shoot right in the middle of his workout and had three guys follow me into the showers for some fun. I haven’t felt this energized in a LONG time!” “Yeah that was probably a residual from the energy spell I cast as a test. Wasn’t sure if it would work with you not being physically in the room with me, but thankfully I was wrong. Glad to hear you had a good workout.” “No man, I had a fuckin GREAT workout! I was an animal in the gym! Blew my old max lifts clear out of the water and got the most intense pump of my life. I feel like a million bucks!” “Well glad I could help. I just wish it would have been here in person so I could have reaped the benefits too.” “Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” I was intrigued. “Okay… I’m listening” “I did some looking around and there’s suppose to be a bodybuilding contest in Chicago in about a week. I’ve got the time cleared from work and am working on my entry form right now. I wanted to find out if you were able to meet up with me there for the weekend and we could have some real fun instead of just cyber fun.” Okay… I was VERY intrigued… to the point of exploding with excitement. “Hmm… I think I might be able to work something out…it will take some effort… need to get my work schedule rearranged first, then if I can go I’ll need to pack, and then drive down there… not to mention finding a hotel…” If this works like I’m hoping it too… “How about a little persuasion?” JACKPOT! I saw him back up from the desk and start to pose for me again. The shirt he was wearing must have been elastic as it adhered to every curve on his body and looked like it was going to explode. Again I cursed the poor quality of the video feed, but I could still see that he was amazing. Huge mounds of muscle flexed in and out of my view as he hit pose after pose. He still had his pump from the gym as his veins were plump and criss-crossing all over his body. After about a minute of flexing he rolled back to the desk and said: “So, how bout it? Think that provided a good enough reason to do all that work?” “Yeah… I suppose…it better be worth it though.” “Oh it will be. I’ll give you more details in a day or so. In the mean time, how about we have a little cyber fun?” "Now that's something that doesn't take any persuading It's all you stud. Whenever you're ready." Another one of those coy smiles and he backed away from the desk again till his entire torso was in the frame. Without taking his eyes off of the camera he started to flex. First just quick bi flexes to tease the camera and warm up, but then without warning he hit a most muscular that almost knocked me out of my chair. How the shirt was still attached to him was a bonafide miracle. The muscle was bulging from his body. Side chest, triceps, biceps, pose after pose all the while his eyes never broke contact with the camera. He was just about to take off his shirt when I had an idea. "Wait... don't take off your shirt yet. I have an idea. How would you like me to grow you again till you burst out of it? Make your muscles so big that the shirt can't take it anymore." He looked like a kid at Christmas. "Hell yeah! Do it man. Make me hulk out of this shirt." He backed up and again started to hit pose after pose. I focused all my energy on him and started to say the spell. After a minute or so he stopped and typed "It's working. I can feel my muscles burning" He kept flexing over and over again... fast but always held it for a few seconds to make sure I could see. He mainly concentrated on his arms which was good since I was too. Over and over he would flex his biceps and each time they were filled with more and more of my magic. I could see the strain in the both the fabric and his face. His face was contorted into a look of concentration and lust. He looked like he was growling and teasing his arms to grow more. I could see the miniscule tears in the fabric when he brought his arm close to the cam and with one final full on flex his biceps ripped through the shirt to reveal their huge and pumped glory. I stopped chanting for a moment to take a few seconds to catch my breath. “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life!” He stopped flexing in response to my message and that he could no longer feel the growth burn. “You should be in my place! If you think it looked hot, you should feel what it was like for me! I’ve wanted to do that all my life!” “Well I’ve wanted to see that all my life so we both got something out of it. God you look awesome! Pumped beyond the max and so huge that your shirt just exploded trying to contain your massive muscles.” “You bet, and I’m not done yet! I want to keep growing till this shirt is ripped from my body and falls to the ground. Not a fiber of fabric to be covering my torso.” His chest was heaving as he typed this. It was hard to tell who was more excited right now, him or me! “You got it stud. Get ready cause here you grow!” Once again I resumed my chanting, this time focused on his chest. He seemed to instinctively know that his burgeoning chest was the next object of my attention as he started to do most muscular poses with an occasional side chest. The most muscular is probably my favorite pose as it highlights almost every muscle in the torso and now that his arms were free from his sleeves, I could see them flex as well. Since my growth spell affects the entire body, his chest didn’t take as long to rip from the shirt as his arms did, but it was no less spectacular. A tear formed at the top of his shirt and every time he flexed, it travelled further and further down his shirt revealing more and more of his growing slabs of pec meat. Every time he would flex his pecs together, the more of them I saw as they pushed against the shirt and against each other. I was dying to feel those pecs under my hands as he did just this. To feel their power and strength as he caused them to harden against my hand. I wanted to feel them so badly that I felt that my soul was being torn apart as it yearned to touch them, if only for a moment. After a few more contractions he stopped and was starting to type so I stopped my chanting. “God I feel so fucking huge right now man! My pecs feel so full and so strong, like I could do anything. I feel invincible!” He was grinning all the while he typed this and once he was done, I saw him do a couple of quick twitches making his pecs bounce against his shirt. “Glad you like. I only wish I could be there to experience it hands on. You look awesome man, you really do. You looked great before, but now you look 100% better.” “Thanks man, and not just for the compliment, but for actually making me grow. I feel so pumped, so strong, so… HUGE! I can’t wait to grow more, but I don’t want to do too much right now. Otherwise people will notice and be suspicious. Plus, if I grow to my max now, what fun will we have when we get together in Chicago?” “Mmm… I still haven’t said that I would go yet… I’m leaning that way after your fantastic performance, but still not convinced.” “Hmm. I wonder what I could do to help convince you. What could I possibly do to convince you to join me for an all night muscle worship and fuck frenzy while you make me grow into the biggest muscle stud the world has ever seen?” “Oh you’re throwing in sex too? Well that’s one more point in your favor.” “Of course! After what you’ve just given me, and will give me in Chicago, letting you worship me and having sex seems like a small payment. I only wish I could do more.” “Well you can, right now. Show me those killer legs and let’s get them matching the rest of your body.” “You got it man. Whatever you want to see, let me know.” He gave me another of those killer smiles and backed up from the computer. His t-shirt still hung around his shoulders though it was only by the act of God that it did. It was almost completely destroyed by his muscles growing and bursting forth from it. However I was drawn to his legs now. They too had grown during the last two recitations of the spell, but not as much. Now it was time for them to give new meaning to the term “tree trunk thighs”! He was wearing a pair of elastic shorts that hugged them beautifully and also showed me the lower half of his quads and all of his calves. I started to say the spell almost at once and he responded by starting to flex those massive legs. I love it when a bodybuilder shakes his legs making the muscle shake then have it flexed and every fiber burst from under the skin. Chase did this like it was an art form. The striations and cuts of his legs were simply beautiful and were only going to improve. He would flex them over and over again holding the contraction for several seconds as he relished in the feeling of his muscles growing. The quads expanding more and more while pressing his legs closer together. He adjusted his stance to accommodate the newly grown muscle but never stopped flexing them. He would shake the quads, though with my limited cam connection I was getting a broken feed. I got the idea though and used my imagination to fill in the blanks. After he got done he would flex them hard and the muscle would explode in every direction. The tear drop looked to have grown by at least 25% and he had to adjust his stance again as his thighs were pressing into each other yet again. Bigger and bigger, more and more muscle kept cramming itself into his legs. Not to be outdone by his tights, he started to flex his calves for me. Dear Lord these things were gigantic! They had to stick out a good 6 inches from his leg! Diamonds in shape, but much stronger in density. He did calf raises to really make them flex and each time it looked like they were bigger. Each time he rose up they got stronger. Finally I could take no more and stopped saying the spell as my cock exploded with more cum then I thought I could possibly produce, especially after I had already shot twice that day! Chase noticed that I had stopped and returned to the computer. “So… convinced yet?” “You bet I am! I’ll be counting down the seconds till I can see you in person and get to feel all that huge hard beef for myself first hand! Make sure you take new measurements for me. Shit man you look borderline FREAKISH!” “It’s all because of you man. And just think, soon you‘ll be with me in person getting to feel all this hard muscle for real, not just in your head. Just think, in less then 48 hours, you’ll have a real live muscle stud all to yourself to feel, grope, lick, kiss and make GROW into the biggest mother fucker on the planet! Not to mention have the best sex you have ever had, and will probably ever have again!” “I can’t wait stud. I can’t wait to have your huge body tower over me as I show you just how amazing you are. Make sure to eat a lot so that I have enough material to reshape into muscle for you. Eat until you feel like you’re going to puke. Protein is best, but I can use anything.” “You got it. Hope you’re ready for the time of your life man, cause if you thought I was good on cam, just wait until you experience me in real life! I’ll set up the hotel accommodations and send you the info tomorrow. Now I need to go and eat and get to the gym.” “I thought you were already at the gym today?” “I was, but I need to go again and work these muscles again. They’re just begging to be worked to total exhaustion. Not to mention I can’t wait to see just how much stronger I am thanks to you. I’ll be back later man. Take care!” Then, without another word, he signed off and I was left to myself replaying the events again in my head. Enjoying it more and more each time.
  15. BGryphon18

    Alchemist - Part 3

    It took an immense amount of will to not have my tongue flop out of my mouth and start panting like a dog. My jaw did drop despite my best efforts as the shirt cleared his body and his torso was revealed. The first thing I noticed were his traps. The triangles of muscle connected to his neck just an inch or so below his ears. They were impressive, but they weren’t able to hold my gaze for long. As fast as I was able to drink them in my eyes moved on their own down to his chest. Huge slabs of muscle hung off of his ribcage. Again I found myself salivating at the sight of these mounds of beef as I began fantasizing about licking and kissing each and every inch of them. To suck and bite on those nipples while he flexed them hard under my face. He must have known what I was thinking by the look on my face as he started to flex his pecs over and over again. Every possible way to flex them was done. First together, then separate, bouncing, rolling, every way I could think of to contract those muscles he did and all the while I was reciting the spell to make them grow. Every once in a while I could see his face as he flexed. His brow would be furrowed and his teeth bared like he was growling at me. I was quickly loosing the fight to keep my load the more he flexed. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he suddenly stopped, gave his pecs a quick rub with his hand and started typing. “Man I am so pumped today! I swear it feels like my pecs are bigger then when I started. Guess it must be the audience!” If he only knew… “Well you definitely look bigger that’s for sure. Your pecs look amazing! So huge and hard… I would give anything to bury my face in them and lick every square inch of their magnificence.” “You and everyone else in the world. It’s just weird though. I feel bigger each time I flex for you. More then just a pump. It was like your watching me was making me bigger. Your desire to touch me and worship me was fueling me to grow more. Lol of course if that were possible I’d be huge! Wouldn’t let you do anything but make me grow bigger. Too bad something like that couldn't ever happen.” The fact that I hadn’t passed out from hyperventilating is a sheer miracle. My heart and cock were pounding so hard in my chest you could hear it from ten feet away. Time to test the waters a bit… “Yeah you would be huge. I’d make you a superheavy no problem. But you wouldn’t want to get bigger then that would you?” “Hell yeah I would! I want to be freakishly massive. Bigger then two superheavies combined! What’s the point of bodybuilding if not to become the biggest most massive muscular monster on the planet?” Dear God! This guy is too perfect! Everything I could have ever wanted in a man rolled up into living flesh… and with my help, ever growing flesh. “Wow. That’s awesome! Not many guys I know want to get so huge! Most want to be around 280 or so at the most. You would look so hot with all that muscle crammed onto your frame. Almost completely musclebound.” “Yeah. But still able to move. Granted it wouldn’t be as much, but just enough so that I could pose and flex for you as you make me grow more!” “Mmmm… that sounds like heaven to me. Keep flexing for me. I’ve only got a few minutes of time left and I’m about to shoot the biggest load of my life!” “Alright man, but I want to see how much you want me. See the lust and desire in your face for my body. I want to feel your need to make me grow.” Oh you will! “Oh you will!” Okay, so I couldn’t think of anything witty, sue me! I was in the process of morphing this guy into a total muscle stud beyond what he could do with weights alone. He gave me one more of those megawatt smiles as he backed away from the desk to resume his posing routine. Side chest, double bi, lat spread, all the poses you could think of were done with a fluidity that was shocking considering his size. I kept chanting as I was stroking myself closer and closer to orgasm. Sweat was dripping off of my body and my breaths came in short gasps. I stopped long enough to type “I’m going to shoot” before I felt my balls constrict and the flood of sensation pass through me. I started moaning to the point of yelling at the intensity of my orgasm. My eyes were closed and I was seeing little stars as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over me. There was no part of my body that was immune from the intense pleasure that was rocketing through my body. I knew that I had shot at least 5 distinct shots but lost count as my brain was too lost in the sensations. After what could easily have been 15 minutes I was able to open my eyes and try to focus on the world around me. My first realization was that my body felt different, yet familiar. I looked and was simultaneously horrified and elated. My body had grown to almost the same state as it was before. I felt my shirt being pulled in every direction by my pecs, shoulders, lats and arms. I was so absorbed by my own body that I forgot that I was not only on cam, but I still had a few minutes of cam time left with Chase. I looked back at my screen and nearly passed out. Chase was HUGE! It looked like he had gained almost double the muscle I had already given him. Everything looked swollen and pumped beyond belief. His arms had to be close to 26 inches as that was the muscle he was currently flexing with a look of total disbelief on his face. Apparently the admiration for his arms wasn’t strong enough to keep his attention from his chest. His pecs were gigantic. Hard mounds of flesh pressing into one another to create a canyon that would have to be at least 2 inches deep. He started flexing his chest and if I hadn’t have just orgasmed, I would have at that moment. His pecs practically hit him in the face. The muscle bunched up into steel plates so dense he looked practically bulletproof. Even through the poor quality of the cam I was able to see the fibers of muscle as they constricted and hardened. His lats pushed his arms out another few degrees then they used to be and made him look as wide as a door, which he could easily be now coupled with his bowling ball sized shoulders. Huge balls of muscle tensed and flexed with even the slightest movement of his arms. My brain seemed to be torn by what I was seeing. How is this possible? Who cares!? He’s huge! But how? Surely he doesn’t have that much mass to be converted? Again.. who cares!? He’s HUGE! That’s not the point. There’s no way my magic was able to cause this kind of growth. I’m not advanced enough. How many times do I have to say it? WHO CARES!? HE’S HUGE! This is what you wanted and now you’ve got it! You made him grow into a huge muscle stud and he seems to be enjoying it. He…he’s… Actually he does seem to like it. “Are you okay?” Okay… so that classifies as the dumbest possible thing that I could have said at this moment, but what do you expect? My brain was on overload! “Okay? OKAY? Are you KIDDING me? I’m awesome! Look at me! I’m HUGE! What happened? Did you do this to me?” “Well… sort of.” “What do you mean ‘sort of’?” I probably don’t want to make him mad so I think it would be best to just come clean. “Okay, here’s the thing: I’m sort of an alchemist. I’m able to do magic in a particular sort of way. You remember that book I got that I was telling you about? It’s a spellbook from an ancient alchemist. It has spells and potions to alter the human body in all kinds of ways including muscle growth. You weren’t suppose to find out though. I was growing you a little bit throughout the show. You probably felt it but though it was just a pump from all the flexing you were doing.” I watched his face while he read my message go from pure disbelief, to a possible acceptance. “But it’s not possible though. Magic isn’t real.” Like I said, possible acceptance. “Really? Then how do you explain this? How do you explain your sudden burst of growth or mine for that matter? Don’t tell me you can’t see the difference? You think it’s a dream? Or some kind of allergic reaction? Test it out. You’ve got weights there, test your strength and see that it’s not some kind of swelling but pure muscle.” Again I saw the look of disbelief on his face, but then after a moment of contemplation he got up, went over to the weight set and loaded up the bar for a bench press. I couldn’t tell how much weight there was on it, but when he was positioned and lifted the bar it looked like he was trying to lift about 10 pounds. The bar almost flew out of his hands when he pushed it up from his chest. He racked the weight and just sat there for a minute. I waited with baited breath to see what he would do next. My face was mere inches from the screen as I cursed the fuzzy picture. I saw my blurry hulk get up from the bench, walk over to the computer and suddenly I had a black screen. A quick goodbye and he was offline. I sat there in complete shock for about 10 minutes trying to figure this all out. Why did he just suddenly leave? Was he mad? How could he be mad? You made him bigger then most people on Earth! Then why did he turn everything off? Why just leave? Maybe he wants some personal time to enjoy what you gave him? I still think he was mad, or at least scared and confused. I think he was horny and wanted to jack off to his new hulked out body. Maybe. Guess I’ll just have to wait until he logs in again.